The most important thing that I can offer existence is to show that its possible to live and exist without thought, emotion and feeling. To show what its like to no longer feel insulted, intimidated, scared, worried, love, hope, sadness, excitement. To show what it is like to smile for real, laugh real, spontaneously in the moment, unplanned.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Day 21 Proactive Mental Health and Superior Self

Much of the Mental Health system is about the Reactive side of things. So like you won't be going to a mental health counselor to get the pointers to maintaining a good mental health. Some synonyms here in this context for good mental health could be: greater self-understanding, more directive in your life, a more stronger self, more perseverance, more courageous, not letting emotions/feelings take over your life, not falling into addictions, being more physical, enjoying the simple joys of life more, enjoying your body more, being more here and attentive to your life, have a deeper more intimate relationship with yourself.

So in general, how we define mental health counselors, psychiatrists, and psychologists is that we go to them when we are really sick or really messed up in the head. We don't go to them for advice for proactive ideas for improving ourselves, but for reactive solutions to problems that took years upon years to create, or problems that arose from a traumatic event.

So this blog is about, you guessed it, the PROACTIVE Mental Health, which is basically what Desteni has all been about, and what I have written on for a long time. But not just writing about it, actually doing it. Actually describing what I have been looking at within myself, what changes I have been making, describing my experience of myself etc... going into the details.

Now, to be fair, their are some general proactive advice that exists in society, like eat well, exercise regularly for example. But that's not enough. Because it just isn't it. It definitely helps though.

Now here the wording is important. I chose to mix around good mental health with things like being self-aware of what is going on within you, being here with your body, because well I don't know. Because they aren't the same. Good mental health would mean that as long as you feel good and nothing is seriously feeling bad or like off or different, you are good. But being here with you body is more than just that. It is like a great deep satisfaction and connection with your body. Its a much deeper and expansive awareness than just being in your mind, where you can have good mental health. So there's a difference, and its difficult to explain that difference and transmit that awareness through words, because you can't! you need to live it and see it for yourself.

I could go on and on, but to cut to the chase here, proactive mental health needs to be continuously growing, meaning not just shooting for good or okay, but continuously getting stronger. Maybe we should just get rid of the word mental health. And like use Self-awareness, because lack of self-awareness does lead to mental dysfunction, but the goal isn't to just avoid mental dysfunctional, the goal is self-awareness, and to take self-responsibility. Something that can be deepened continuously and strengthened.

How about Superior Self! or the best version of self possible! That should be the aim, the goal to shoot for.

So the reason why I'm looking at this, is because research in psychology in science, tends to be limited by what we think is possible or what our goals are. So if the goals is to help really sick people, then we are too much focused on that, and we missed out on questions like how to help myself to become the best version possible. Because such goals actually prevent the major sickness in the first place! no? Because its about the proactive, the positive, the discipline, the constructive, the promotive, the better, the more of life.

This then requires focusing on the smallest of moments and smallest of problems, because to be better means to resolve even the smallest of moments/problems because that makes you better!So instead of focusing on the big problems of others, focus on your/our everyday small ones. How to stop anger in the moment? How to resolve an emotion/feeling? How to really release something within you? How to really change for 'good'?

So focusing on real everyday life moments of people and what goes on within us.

I mean its commonsense that if you focus on what happens in the moments, and making those changes, those betterment in the moment, then over time, eventually, those moments accumulate into some very noticeable and great! Thus preventing problems in mental health! Psychology though hasn't really done that as a discipline as a focus. Though it works! Cause that what I have been doing and Desteni has been doing! And it takes a long time, years to get some pretty amazing results that are noticeable, but it takes time and dedication, consistency. Which works the exact same way for mental health problems, it all occurs through the moment, through a long period of time. So focusing on the moment is the key.

The tool Destonians use is Self-forgiveness in the moment. Self-forgiveness is done with emotions, where it stops it. It is done with feelings which stop it. It is done with thoughts which stops it. It stops it through understanding and through taking self-responsibility. It stops it because self-forgiveness is saying that I am creating this and I am accepting and allowing it.

See for yourself! 

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