Monday, January 13, 2020

Day 789 If its me against the world

I just saw the Movie "She's out of my League" on Netflix, and it speaks to the point I wrote in my last blog about Relationships since essentially it would require two people to be honest, like genuine and pure, and real people. Not perfect people, but that quality of real honesty. So of course you can write that and show that in a movie because its all scripted and acted.

So at the end of the Movie I remembered when I was 18 and I had my girlfriend and I wanted to take her out to the woods to so we can watch the stars together. And that was it. Just to spend time together out in nature, and that would be a present for her. I remembered when I was in another relationship when I was 19 and I made gluten-free pancakes and so breakfast in bed for her, since she was gluten intolerant and so something like that was real special. I remember when I would massage my partner cause she had pains, and she did have some serious knots in her shoulders, to my surprise. I remember being sweet, kind, considerate, and really wanting to do special things together.

And not only that, I also remember I wanted to get together with all of my friends that I made in the first week at school at 18 years old. I wanted us all go out and eat together, just hangout and be together. I wanted to call everyone and coordinate something. I remember being so excited, and smiling literally from ear to ear. How I would also rush to say hi to my partner, and want to jump up and down, just because. Bernard said that at the beginning of Relationship, that is when its most Pure and Real, and he was right. And it is that level of expression that we need to strive for and live into reality= what is Real and Pure. And all of that is not of Energy or Mind, when we actually live it as choice and as our body and as ourselves.

I let of all that get suppressed, I let all of that end. I hid it away in my memories. I hid those parts away from myself. And I got scared. After each breakup its like I cut away all of my relationships, in order to start over or I don't know. I felt scared.

I want to know, and I want to correct this point. I want to be myself again, I want to bring back to the surface what I suppressed and so remember who I was when I was 18. Because that was Real and it was Me.

I don't think I have ever met a person who has said what I said or has said these same aspiration exactly how I have. Maybe because my process is unique, but I know that everything I am talking about is universal and applies to all of us. So I will make it happen and bring this gift to everyone, by me living this point and correcting this point. So you don't have to go through it, or at least make it easier/faster/better.

i am alive and I am 29. Its been about 10 years. But also the last 10 years has been about that moment of React, that time period, and becoming and Reaching into my past, into was is real, into what is suppressed, and bringing everything to light, so that I can live as Life and be what is best for everyone, including me. Life is a movie or can be a movie, if we script it, which I have been writing and cataloging my Journey. I have been guiding myself and making strides. I have been leading myself to this point.

Because we are all me. We all have this same purity and innocence of Friendships, and Partnership, and Expression, and Joy and Excitement that is boundless and supportive, and caring. This is our true nature, and I am going to bring it out Here for all to see, in the flesh. Honesty is real and is possible.

If its me against the world, I will do it. If its me fending myself off from 100 hungry wolves, I'll do it. Whatever it takes, I will get it done.

Day 788 The Age of Self

The documentary called Century of Self had very aptly call this current time period: the Age of Self. If you watch the whole documentary you will see how it approaches this point of the "The Age of Self" as a form of a conclusion that says we have been a product of mass manipulation through corporation, advertisements, and essentially the free market. Where we have become consumers self-obsessed with ourselves and our wants, needs and desires- and how this all started at the turn of the 20th century or the 1900s, because previously we weren't like that at all.

So here is a twist of that coin: that this is indeed the Age of Self, and all that the documentary is pointing is quite true, but the 2nd meaning of the Age of Self is that this is the time period where Self as the Solution and as the one responsible for reality becomes Necessary and Prevalent. It is the Desteni message, that through Self is the Key. Because you have all the tools such as Self-forgiveness, Self-responsibility, Self-honesty, and these tools only work or move if Self moves. That connection point and understanding that Self is the Key.... well that's the Key.

And as you can see in mainstream reality, this is not a common talking point: nor is it a point of supportive or advice that is readily given. So its a missing Key. Imagine if how we speak about things and approach things: we approach it through Self having the power and responsibility for it. I mean that would be drastically different than what we have today. Take the Australian fires: the common mainstream response is that this is a tragedy and to feel powerless about it. Yet from the lens of self as the solution, this is obviously a ploy to negate self-responsibility and dedication. The Australian fires is everyone's responsibility because everything that happens on Earth is your Responsibility. Imagine if we acted like this.

And more so, the point that is missed is every single thought, emotion and feeling within you. The anger within you is the same point that other people use in the name of Justice for their people's suffering, or out of Retribution, or whatever word you want. The bottom line is that Every Emotion is Adding to the Destruction of this Reality. Every Feeling is adding to the Destruction of this Reality. Its adding to the Delay. Its adding to the Suppression. Its adding to the Distraction. Its adding to the avoiding of the inevitable that you are responsible for this World.

So you see, you are responsible for this World. Given that you Fear it to be true, there must a be reason why you Fear it? And one of the hardest truth that I personally have had to accept is that every relationship I ever had was essentially fake and meaningless since it couldn't compare to the honesty that I am speaking here today, it couldn't stand in the face of being genuine or trustworthy or responsible. Yet the one relationship I have is myself. So I have to accept that so far I haven't had a real relationship with any person so far: not my family, friends, everyone I ever met. Because they weren't real, and only now that I am getting real and standing within the truth can I even see this.

Because a relationship is two people, it doesn't only depend on me. And one of the hallmarks of a relationship is Honesty. And if two people cannot stand together in the Honesty of Themselves, the Honesty of this World, and the Honest of all that I spoke here today/above, then its not a real relationship. And if one person alone stands in that Honesty then that is one person standing alone. We each of that primary relationship with ourselves, and that is our first relationship.

You can live in the shadows, or you can live in the Light. You can live with falsehoods, or you can live with the truth. Desteni said this above message long ago, but I forgot it. Because I had to walk that process.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that relationship can be real or intimate if we cannot even be honest as two people seeing the responsibility we have for this world as individuals.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that relationships with people are possible, when those people cannot stand within the truth that we must take responsibility for ourselves.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe relationships can be real when people are just systems right now: a collection of Energy, that is systematized and cannot be trusted with Life.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear standing alone without a relationship with any person but myself.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that through my truth and honesty that I can bring forth a real relationship with a person who is dishonest.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fail to see and to accept that people are just systems right now, and until they can be honest and take responsibility = they are just systems still.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe I am responsible for the ultimate choices that people as systems make, and to feel guilty if they make the wrong choices while receiving my support.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fail to see that all i can do is to give people the opportunity to hear, read, see the truth of who they are and what they need to walk and that the rest is up to them.

I realize the one thing I can do for others is to stand, to be consistent, repetitive, and simply remain as an example, even if I stand alone, even if no one ever joins me or listens. Because that is the most I can do, and so that is best for all. And its a lie to myself to pretend that people are okay as they are and that the kind of relationship with them can reflect the kind of relationship I have with myself within stand as the complete Truth/Honesty of ourselves, this world, our responsibility, and who we ALL are actually.

We're all still systems in the process of birthing ourselves as Life.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Day 787 The Truth is Sweet

I won't accept and allow being Kind and being Fake about it, so Smiling at someone, being courteous, yet when it comes to actually being supportive: the support isn't there.

Because what really matters is being Real, and so really supportive of each one. No matter their situation or who they are: we can support them within their position.

Because we can push for the best from each one. To give more, to be more, live more, apply more, create more.

Because the point is to bring all points here, all people here, all application here so that we may grow and create more, and stand as one and equal.

But Kindness, Positivity, Friendliness, and Smiling means nothing if its not backed by real supportive actions by the person, or real supportive and practical words.

The following must end: Hypocrisy, Being Fake, Anger, Fear, Jealousy, Comparison, Ego, Hiding, Pretending, Lying, and so basically any other point that is not aligned with standing in Everyone's shoes as equal: Where we must live in a way such that with every breath we take and every step we make that we are breathing in and walking as this entire existence: all people, all of reality as Us, as One and as Equal.

For how can you fear yourself? How can you feel Anger at yourself? How can you be jealous of or compare yourself with yourself? How can you Hide from yourself, or lie to yourself or pretend or be fake with yourself? How can that be when you are standing as all as one and equal. So there is no choice or debate. There is only one right answer. And how can you possibly fight and resist this message of oneness and equality, that is one, that is the same and will always be repeated and stay the same for eternity?

We are in Plato's cave where yes, only a few will realize these points actually and then they have to back into the cave and pull people out, just like in the Matrix Movies: you simply cannot just live your own happy life while leaving others stay stooped in ignorance. Because lies are lies, and at death its too late.

And this moment is always a new moment, a new opportunity to stand and change. It will never end this journey, its just that at your death, its too late to actually give to the physical change of Humanity, at least to the degree that is possible here. And you will still have to face yourself and walk the change you would have made. And the regret is immense.

So understand, its normal to resist this message, its normal to hate this message, to combat the statements that Anger must end, that Emotions must end, that We have to walk in every moment standing in the shoes of everyone. That is where all of us are at as all of humanity, we resist the truth. But this is the truth, and you're welcome for giving you the opportunity to hear it and have a chance to do more, apply more, and really change and reach the potential of Life on Earth. Because your life will be meaningless otherwise if you simply live and die like everyone else: never realizing the potential of being a One and Equal Creator of themselves, being aware of every part of yourself, of your body and of your environment and of people around you and THIS is only done through stopping your mind consciousness system and seeing directly here with physical eyes.

And if you resist this truth, may you suffer enough and face consequences fast enough so you may be forced to face the truth. Cause nothing is sweeter than the truth.

Friday, January 10, 2020

Day 786 The Importance of my relationship with myself

So my relationship with myself is one of the most purest of things that can exist because with myself there is the clarity of knowing exactly what I mean, and so not have miscommunication with me, and complete honesty is possible. No need to worry about bias or the right words, or considering/interpreting another.

With me that is the one relationship that I can be really honest, and really get me, and really communicate without all that bias, interpretation, judgment, reaction or distraction.

I can have a realationship with myself where simply by saying 'myself', that I have comfort and I see myself here and I hold myself, where I stand with me, I support me until the end of eternity. This is the one relationship in my life that I can depend on that won't have the judgment or misinterpretation, or leave me.

Where when I speak with myself or as myself I am not thinking about how other people are going to interpret it, I don't have to wash it out or change what I say, because I know that I mean.

And for that realationship is what I am greatful for.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Day 785 Can you stand in the shoes of someone you Feel Anger towards?

Standing in everyone's shoes would necessitate that all fear and anger end. Because how can you be angry at yourself? Or how can you possibly fear yourself? Doing so would be absurd.

The statement: I stand as all as one and equal, is specific. Imagine a person saying that they stand as everyone: All the people across the world, all the people you know or have heard of or encountered and of all the countries, and places, and parts in the world. To stand absolutely with all that exists: there can only be one meaning or one interpretation.

Standing as everyone challenges your own point of separation: it challenges your anger, and your fear and your judgment and blame. Because you will resist standing as someone who you judge, blame, fear, or feel anger which you direct at them.

Standing as everyone would support peace, harmony, and simply being supportive, constructive, present, warm, and gracious.

I am working with Fear and Anger when it comes to what I see on the News and Facebook. What I need to do is to correct myself by being able to say and stand as all of the Abuse, and the Manifested Consequence of the World. All of the slavery, all of the Pornography, all of the Exploitation, all of the Violence, all of the Lies, All of the Con jobs and Deceptions, All of the Mining and Destruction of the Human Body.

The Fight of Good versus Evil is not real. It only perpetuates what is already here- because Good will use Anger and will Use Fear, and so that point never stops or changes. And that is the one point that needs to change and the one point that hasn't been done. No one has been taking responsibility for themselves and taking the steps to truly end the abuse.

People have accepted and allowed this reality to be what it is, and they have accepted and allowed themselves to be who they are. And there is a consequence that has been manifesting that will bring people down to their knees, so that they it will end one way or another. Because who people are is standing in separation from this reality, from other people, from the world, from everything. They are like pure Egos in their own Bubble reality. They live in Fear and Anger and will resist any point that threatens their bubble.

The Solution is to Stop: the Fear and Anger and other emotions/reactions. And how you Stop is by taking Responsibility for accepting and allowing those Fears, Anger, emotions/reactions. Take responsibility for you Manifested Consequence. This is a minimum 7 year process of constant application to truly change. See DIP and