Friday, November 29, 2013

using Here in practice- How to and Why

The practicality of working with what is here, being here, creating while being here.

The practicality of here.

So one dimension to look at where Here can be utilized is stopping thoughts. Because when your thinking and involved and being one and equal to your thoughts, you are not one and equal to what is here. Now this is troubling because here includes everything, including thoughts. The problem with thinking is we become so involved with and as our thoughts, that that is all that we become, and in fact our thoughts is not all that is. Everything is here. So to get access to everything you must be here, simple, no?

So with working with what is here, you are essentially working with the physical. The physical has always been here, but we haven't, so that is why we must stress working with the physical because we don't know how to work with the physical. We mostly learn as we grow up how to deal with humans, at least those of us that become what we dub Successful. However, none of us, except a minority really get to work with the physical. Strangely enough, as children we are curious and willing and enjoy working with the physical, however we purposefully, here is the strange part, educate our children or fail to educate or support them into the product that reflects the exact opposite of what this reality consists of: the mind, which itself has become a disease that is obsessed with the ownership and destruction of the physical for imaginary and fictitious thoughts the play out in forms of desire and hope and love, whereby we accept and allow the exact opposite of hate, death and violence onto all that we touch and thereby permeates throughout all of existence, since we are all in fact interconnected, in a one and equal fashion.  We are the creators of this World, no one else. There is no God to blame, or aliens, or Christs, or anyone. We are to blame, because we are responsible. And blaming won't solve shit. We need to stand up and actually take that responsibility, which we know how that must be because, we understand that people that are responsible will actually find a way to fix or correct the points which are misaligned within us, to a point of balance/perfection/equilibrium, which can be called oneness and equality. So that path is laid ahead of us, crystal clear, of who we must be and how we must act, in ways that consider everything, that consider all effects, that consider all consequences, that consider life, which must be through you. This existence will change through you as you change, because we are one and equal, we know this already, yet we have failed to live and apply this fully and what this would mean.

And it takes one moment to be here, one moment. Of course it lasts as long as you insist in it to last. Because to live is like an insistence or rather persistence. You must persist to become who you are. Strange no? That we must insist in who we are, that just shows the extent of our separation. Are you here? Only you can know that, and you know. Are you thinking, are you divulged in Thought? Can you see your nose? These questions are for you, as well as the answers you give are for you. Its a giving to yourself. And no one can take that away except you.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Math- memory

I was helping out a friend with math, and I was using a scientific calculator. When I was making certain quick movements with my fingers I saw a picture of my math classroom where I had I used a scientific calculator before. I felt energetic: nervous and excited. I didn't question the energy. For me it was something normal, something I had felt many times over again within my math classes and various other classes. Now that I can look back on the point I see how the energy is overwhelming for me, and is very heavy.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to generate energy within me of exctiement and nervousness while using the graphing calculator, with specific movements of my fingers.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing melf to access the image of my statistics classroom where I used the graphing calculator when I had used the graphing calculator this night.
And so I forgive myself for accepting and allownig myself to charge this image within me of the statistics classroom with positive energy as excitement and negative energy as nervousness.

When and as I am in a setting where i am working with math or math related ideas or subjects- I stop and breather and check with myself if there is any energy, positive or negative, and I remove them, and remain here- I realize already many times over how energy of any kind, positive and negative always leads to me being less than what I am capable of which, is full self-direction and movement of myself, in the most intricate and intimate ways, that I do not require energy whatsoever, and energy is like the middle man- completely not necessary, which only leads to waste and inefficiency, and lack of vision, clarity and insights to what is here.
I commit myself to move myself within teaching math, instructing math, using math, and other various scenarios that deal with math.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Valuing Writing more than Application

So one thing that I have been doing is valuing the part of process of writing more than the part of application. So I write about something, and then I forget about what I wrote and also ignore my application within my daily living. And I feel guilty when I don't write as if what I write is the point of my process of self-change, which it isn't, it is in fact only a part, one stepping stone within process. Its just as important to apply what I write and to actually change.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel guilty when I don't write.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to value writing more than the application of my writing.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to ignore moments where I can apply what I wrote in my daily living.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to forget what I write about, especially points where I can change in my daily living and practical application.
I commit myself to everytime that I write a self-forgiveness statement, that I actually take that statement into my daily living and change to reflect the self-forgiveness in totality.
 I commit myself to everytime that I write a self-commitment statement to actually take that statement into my practical living and change my practical living to reflect the self-commitment statement, completely. 

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not live the principles that I am standing as when i apply a self-forgiveness statment, when standing here, in my body, considering all points of this existence.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Being honest when its safe.

Being honest when its safe.
So one practical approach that I am implementing is just this. Being honest when I can, when I am with people with whom I can be honest about with certain things. So when meeting new people recently I notice how certain things I say that they react to. Its basically seeing whether they agree or disagree or are reacting to certain words I am using which don’t fit some of their beliefs system so they feel they have to speak about that. I of course cannot place myself in their minds or thoughts. I can only know based on what I see and hear. However, people let you know whether they are reacting negatively or positively. It is just a subtle thing that is done on purpose. Of course they don’t have to, but I can see how this may have developed as a way to influence in each other and keep each other in check, to remain as systems. There are some people which are sort of like police whose job is to keep the system in check. These can be spiritual people, which recently I have had a lot of encounters with. And because I am dependent on some of these people I cannot be openly honest with them, at least not about everything. This is a difficult thing for me to do, since I realize that their chance of waking up will have to involve hearing difficult things like the truth, which is ugly, which I can give them. However at the same time I could potentially harm myself since I am dependent in part on their support. Which is why I am incredibly grateful for my parents because they have accepted me completely, at least to support me unconditionally it seems. But that still doesn’t mean I will always be openly honest with them, since some things will not make sense to them. So that is why writing here, being honest with myself is so important. Because that is always one person I can be honest with: MYSELF. It will vary with each person how honest I can be with them. And sometimes I will be honest with others even when being honest can lead to them disliking and potentially harming me in some way that I am dependent on them. This I have done with my parents- and the principle I stood as when doing this was what was best for all- what I would want for myself if I was in their shoes. There are some people I had give up on for now, since the way there are- their systems are too much to allow for change atm. And that also has been for practical reasons such as focusing on people that are ready for change. And self-change in incrediably important because when one changes the world does too. So assisting and supporting others to change is definitely a top priority for me. This can be done through money and if you have money you should considering helping by financing the change of humanity- because working for money is a distraction and waste of time- though necessary atm. With money we can change money- simple no??? Self-change as Money- LOL

Friday, November 1, 2013

Lessons From Statistics D110

So one thing I observed while taking my statistics class as part of my graduation requirement for my degree in psychology is that the questions you ask and what options you give for a person to answer in, will limit and define the responses that people will give you. There is a whole history of science and reseaarch behind this point, where they were supposedly looking for the way to ask objective questions. There is a popular video out there however, of a man who asks college women whether they would vote against women's suffrage. Most of them did vote to end women's suffrage. What they didn't know was that suffrage stands for the right to vote. So this also shows how the basic vocabulary of a person, or in other words the words that they know of, will influence and effect how this person will perceive reality. I mean its just a basic point of communication, but in a world that is full or deception, that is full of advertisements, that is full of business trying to sell more than their competitors, one has to prepare for deception, and this requires a strong vocabulary. Now vocabulary, I notice, is kind of like a view point as well. And if no one really shared that viewpoint to you, or you did see it at one point but a long time passed and you forgot for some reason, then you will act like you have never seen the point. However, you have seen the point, but its just a secret one keeps to oneself. The point is, that everyone around you has all come into like a secret agreement with you to not stir up the secrets within each other, to protect our hidden mind created realities by not questioning it, by not considering the points of view that are within you that is known, but often feared by many. What is there to fear, really? And end to delusion, an end to lies, an end to secrecy? So you will notice that the very speech that we participate with dances around points so as to provide the excuse or the "window" to avoid the secrets. Strangely enough the secrets are right here, in front of your nose. So that is why we are completely responsible for this, and the consequences that follow. So in the end, nothing you can say will limit another person, they will limit themselves. So you choose your own limitations. How far will you go?
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to limit myself by blaming another for what another said to me in the form of a question or statement- where I proceeded to place blame on him/her for how I felt, which (ab)used the trigger of their words, and so abused the words that were spoken which is part of me, of my vocabulary.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing any separation between any parts within me, any word, any thought, any movement- thus I forgive myself for accepting and allowing suppression through allowing blame.