Saturday, November 29, 2014

A BIG secret: why we have sex.

So this blog will be from a guys perspective. So hi, I'm male, haha. Even though this topic will cover girls, as seen from my perspectives, I invite readers to switch girls with guys, to see if the same patterns exist within you, even if you may be female, or homosexual/gay.

So I am 24 years old, a male, and I identify as a male, and as heterosexual. So that's really like THE word that defines and has defined much of relationship to females/girls in general, "SEX." One thing I can identify right away, is that it is about my beliefs and ideas, not about the actual physical act of sex. I have only had sex a few times, and only had sex when I was 18. So from about the time in elementary school when I first saw GIRLS as something special, unique, interesting to the time I was 18, there was no SEX. So its not really at all about sex. Instead, during that time period, I would think, fantasize, imagine conversation with some specific girls, and would have desires and fears as it pertains to girls liking me. So I identify within all this, the main driving force or engine, the fuel that fed the fire, the thing that had me keep coming back, was.... Energy/emotions/feelings. When I would fanatisize, imagine or think about girls in anyway I would feel something. And it really became a form of entertainment or preoccupation. It is something I did regularly, and sometimes daily. Actually, now that I am going back into my memories, this was the main thing I thought about during my years, girls, and specific girls, like crushes, and about how I felt and the future.

Suffice to say this is a very emotional/energetic topic. It's funny, because, you know what? When I go back into memories from before I was in elementary school, younger than 6 years, I didn't think about girls that way. I didn't see girls as any different, at least not in that special way. I didn't have love interest. I didn't have crushes. I didn't think about having a relationship with some girl I did or didn't know. So the point I want to make is how things change, and why? So one important detail I left out about my time before 6 years old, is that I still felt energy/emotions/feelings, but it involved other things. I spent time mostly with family members, and in games. I will jump the gun now and say my relationship with girls was actually defined in that period of my first 6 years of life. How I related with my family members defined how I related to everyone else from 7 years onward, including girls.

I remember seeing and being exposed to the ideas of relationships Male/Female during those first six years. I remember movies, and tv shows, and seeing how my aunts, mom, dad, and grandparents interacted. I remember how my adult family members spoke to me about MOM and DAD, and how that is defined to your identity as a MALE and FEMALE. For example, a MOM has to be FEMALE, and a DAD has to be MALE. So within that I saw myself as a MALE, by having a Penis, and so I would be a DAD. I saw how there was a distinction between male and female, that was seen as common, accepted, and normal. And I was just a child, and my parents gave me all these emotions and feelings when they hugged me and kissed me. So I had what I felt I needed, and the rest I just accepted.

So to me this idea was set in stone. So when I later entered the schooling system, I was then surrounded by hundreds of people I never met before. Children my age I never met before. Teachers who were adults I never met before. And I was expected to act and follow their rules, which I didn't know. I also was basically suppose to do everything they say, and learn and remember whatever they wanted me to. So you can imagine, how being an environment of family members, to complete strangers might be. So naturally I sought out what was familiar. I tried to make a family. So that in essence is what I did, and what I saw girls as the MOMS for me, as the DAD. And I only needed one. That also explains why we change so much when we enter a relationship, and we treat others differently. It is because we are accessing that dimension with ourselves, of creating a family. And family is regarded as the most important thing. Your friends come second.

Ok, so that's basically it. The energy is what motivates you to act. This is also why I have for most of my life, and even now, feel an energy when meeting girls. By girls I mean girls my age, suitable for marriage. I notice this doesn't occur with older women, like my mom's age. So then the question is what are girls/guys really? When we are first conceived, we have the equal potential of being a male/female as a human body. When that decision is made, then the body creates itself as a male or female. Later on only ages 10-14 do other changes start. Primarily, the only REASON why these changes occur is to allow for reproduction or the creation/formation of a Baby/Being as a new form. Women's breast produce the milk for the babies, and the men's penis is for seeding the eggs that are deep inside the woman. Simple. So it is only the women's breast and ovaries and vagina that are used for reproduction purposes as what her body is specialized as. The rest of her body is identical to the male. I don't know about you, but I sure as hell don't want to change who I am and make decisions based on how I feel emotionally or energetically because I am speaking to someone who has a female body that is around my age. Ultimately the energy has only one goal, to create a baby. It is very single minded and rudimentary. Especially because it doesn't see or consider all the other factors, reasons, and potential consequences. And also perhaps the biggest question of all, why to make a baby. To even lack a reason for that, yet still create a baby, is consequential. So to settle this matter once and for all: the only reason good enough for creating a baby/being is because it is best for everyone. We have to really be honest and see, should we be bringing more babies/beings into this world that already has 7 billion that are not properly educated. Because that's the only difference, whether you are bringing a new being into this world, or you are working with one that is already here. They are still both beings, just in different situations or places. There are some practical differences, like having full control of the environment of the environment of the new being/baby and having more control, but also at the same time more responsibility. A being that is already here, is either the responsibility of another being, or is already old enough to take responsibility for him/herself. So there are practical differences, with their unique situations that require different things from you. Anyway, so the most important to take away from this right now is that all of this about babies has NOTHING to do with females my age. Babies, and creating a being is a whole nother topic than the fact that someone is a female and close to my age. There are about a million different circumstances that could involve creating a baby that doesn't involve a female around my age. So the two having a connection like they do within me is a distortion of reality, and a attempt of controlling me through what I feel emotionally/energetically.

So the last connection, Family and babies. So it is a mistake to see having a family requires creating babies. Family is a word, albeit a word I have lived energetically. But it has the potential to simply refer to the level of intimacy and relationship between a certain number of people. To limit the word family to just baby making is a limitation, and a lie. Really, when you look at it, we are just babies of different ages. Some of us are 40 year old babies. A baby is just a being right? So what's so special about a new baby/being with you have so many older babies around you? We're all just babies! So the new doesn't mean its more. New is just new. Old is just old. Nothing special, less or more.

So one last dimension within this is age, and how I have specifically defined females around my AGE, as being this energetic trigger for baby making. So socially in society, we tend to view dating someone our age as what is normal. I remember in school, the idea of dating someone a year older or younger than me as just plain unacceptable. Also being friends or knowing someone older or younger than you was also either really bad or good. So there is a lot of emphasis placed on age, especially as it concerns relative to your age. So within that specifically for me to let go any specialness, more than or less than in relation to age, so young, old, younger, older, or my age, because age is just a number, a reference to how many spins around the sun you have existed. Can a number really say anything substantial about who you are? No, of course not. Anything that resembles it could would be an assumption, not knowledge. So its time to step outside that box. 

If you would like assistance stepping outside the box, and you would like to have tools that will enable you to walk through the process of stepping outside the box, I suggest this free online course that has helped me immensely: DIP Lite,

You are what you eat OR You eat what you are Day 198


So this will be a series of blog on my relationship to food, and eating food. This will be a revision of my past relationship with food, as well as lessons I have learned from mistakes or life experience. It will also be about where I am right now, and where I am going in terms of eating food. So enjoy!

So like with any story, we start in the beginning. So in the past, well... I have been alive for around 24 years, and remember only some of that time. One dominant memory I have about eating food is how I would interpret, believe, and think something about food, and by doing so I made it real and really believed it. For example, eating tomatoes were disgusting, I didn't want to eat it. So I had an idea about what it was and didn't allow myself to unconditionally bite, chew, and taste the tomatoe. Only later on when I ate tomatoes on a pizza, (which I had positive beliefs about!), did I enjoy tomatoes. Its funny what happens by simply removing your beliefs, and how much that changes you.

I remember having many different views about what I should eat. I grew up with a mother that told me what was good to eat, and I believed her. So I really believed that these certain foods were good to eat. This is important to bring up because this situation is no different that the previous story. If you only live within a belief, instead of unconditionally embracing the moment and seeing for yourself with your own eyes, then you could be being screwed over, for all you know. I say this first because many people would believe that eating vegetables and being a vegetarian is healthy, which is what I grew up as. You see when you are a child, you will believe whatever your parents tell you, if you trust them, and if you don't trust them, then perhaps you do the opposite of what they say. So I trusted my mother. I see now how it was wrong to do that, to place that burden and responsibility on her, when really she can't know everything. And for some reason, children develop a kind of relationship with their parents, where they see their parents as almost a kind of super hero that knows everything. And when we grow up we get disappointed to find out that our parents are no always right and they make mistakes like everyone else, like you. And I would say that that resentment that develops is due to how our parents sometimes made us feel, like how we should have known, or should not have made some mistakes, because we gave them an authority as if they never made any mistakes. So without getting too sidetracked let's get back on topic.

So beliefs and food. Beliefs will not only effect your relationship to food, but to your relationship to everything else as well! What is the cure, remedy, or panacea to this you ask? How can you live without your beliefs fucking things up? If you want the quick answer I suggest clicking on DIP Lite: If you want a longer answer keep reading my blogs. Also SPOILER ALERT, you will have to modify and delete some of your beliefs.

Ok, so that was the past, where am I now? Ok, now, after many trials and mistakes, I am eating to support the body. This sounds simple, yet our minds have a tendency to fight for complexity to secretly win out its agenda. Can you guess what that agenda is? (hint hint, beliefs). So whatever you believe your mind will use against you. All of your fears and desires, your mind will use against you, to have full domination of you. Its quite intelligently designed the mind. It is quite the perfect tool of enslavement, as you can observe the world today. To break out of this will take some sort of super human will. That is why so few ever do.

So personally for me, it has been a roller coaster, or a storm, where I am trying to keep my balance. If I had a dollar for every time I had a mistake, I would have like a million dollars. But from each mistake, which is contradictory from what your mind would have you see, I was able to learn, or I had the opportunity to learn something. I may not have learned it in that moment that I had the mistake, but as I looked back into the past I can see my mistakes and I could learn from them at that point, when I was willing/ready to face them. That is why if I am anything less than grateful towards my mistakes, towards my past, towards my mind, then I would simply be an Ass.

So that describes where I am at now. So where am I headed? So food... Food is the nutritional, substantial, sustenance for our physical human bodies. Observe all the bodies that exist, both animal and plant, as well as microscopic. All living things have forms, have bodies. By definition, they require physical forms or material to make up their bodies. Because our bodies lose material, and wear out and waste material, we need to replenish. For example we lose/sweat water. We burn up food in our stomach to create Energy or Heat. To produce more Heat or Energy we consume more food/material. So that is what are bodies exist as currently. So in the near future I will continue to support my body, and so my existence to the best of my abilities. This means whatever physical foods, liquids that best supports my existence, I will consume it as my body requires it. In the far future, maybe, we can find a way for our bodies to not lose material or burn up or wear out material. But for right now I am very grateful for even having a chance of being alive now where I am right now.


Thursday, November 27, 2014


In a previous blog post I said that I watched a documentary recently about women's current inequality. Since watching that documentary I saw a movie. I looked for the things mentioned in the documentary, like how all the women are in a very limited number of roles. Mainly women are there just to be a love interest for the man. Who she is is not someone independent of the man. Her definition is depended on being in love with the main character. Also the main character is a man. The man's role is also to be a provider. The man feels pressure to make money and provide. That is the man's role. So I notice this in the movie I watched.

The women are also sex objects. The way they dress, how much they weigh, their makeup, how they talk, what they do, all relates to appear sexually, and desirable for the man. I'm not a woman, and I never really bought into the movies being real or representing what it means to live. I have seen movies, for the most part being dumb, and revealing how very stupid we have been for a long time. I see movies revealing our mistakes. Movies show the worst side of us. A movie reveals everything we need to improve upon. I don't honestly believe the movie industry made us the way we are today. Who we really are, all the shit inside of us, simply manifested in the movies. All the shit we see in the movies, already existed inside of us before the movie was created. The only reason why we are living out the same plots shown in movies, is because we accepted and allowed that to be our character and personality, which is revealed in what we desire and fear. Both men and women desire acceptance and fear not being accepted. Both men and women wish to feel good about themselves, and fear feeling crappy. Both men and women try to find meaning within possessing or owning things, and fear losing those possessions. So everyone is really the same. We're all fucked, and we can unfuck ourselves, through forgiving our individual self, for creating these emotional messterpieces.

So is there separation all around us, as far as the eye can see? yes. But when you look in/at yourself, you have the solution, the remedy. In each one we will unify this existence, and stand one and equal to the mess, to create the existence that has been waiting.

Learning 197

Learning, coincidentally, is the name of a class I took in college, which is about the fundamental form of learning that occurs in many animals, including humans. And it in some way relates to what I wished to talk about today. So I had an interesting internal experience in the last 24 hours. Who I am, my demeanor, and my general experience of myself and my surroundings changed. There are many components of experiences. Some of them include: guilt, depression, sad, and hopeless. To spoil the ending now: I saw how learning about what is here, that action/movement, especially at a level of who I am, so it is natural and automatic, is important to assimilate and become/live. So I see the best way to explain this is by example.

So in my real life experiences, someone said something to me, and I reacted/judge/assumed that to mean something indirect. So I took those thoughts/beliefs as real. Why? When that moment occurred, there was like a shift where I felt deep within me these experiences of sadness and depression, as if he really is saying/thinking what I am interpreting or believing. I accepted and allowed that, and I was able to recognize this as something that occurred many times. I remember times in elementary school where I felt like this. So it is something that I have participated and accepted and allowed many times, and so that explains why it occurred so naturally this time.

So how is learning a solution. Well for one, I learned how I created this through a long period of time. I also learned through commonsense that I don't really know what my friend is saying indirectly, it could only be assumption, and maybe even just imagination. And so I started applying learning when I felt guilt, sadness, depression, and other components. The content of my thoughts included: "I don't know," which is actually how I identified learning as a solution, because commensensically, if you don't know, then you have to learn. So to learn means also seeing and identifying what is here. So I looked and saw that my thoughts have no backing. Questions that my mind bring up, don't have anyone backing that question with an interest. If there had to be someone, then it has to be me. Similarly the mind has no investment in me learning or knowing, so when it brings up a thought like I don't know, its really meaningless, because there is no interest in me knowing/learning. I have to be the one with interest in learning or knowing. When I scan my memory, my mind has never had that kind of investment, in me, and in the content of thoughts. Really thoughts are empty, like money that has no backing, haha. And thus far, I have been the only source of backing for the mind, and thoughts. So its not even real, just a ruse and deception. Things are not what they appear to be.

Also if the mind ever had any vested interested in me, then every time it would have brought up the statement/question "I don't know" then it would have immediately, and equally bring up a thought like "learn." Not once. I had to do that. And I did do that, and I will have to continue to do that, if I want that to happen: to learn. 

So how does this relate to my class on Learning? Well, like I said, they have found many animals learn with a fundamental system that occurs at a cell level. But when you look at this kind of learning that occurs through the universe, it is limited and dependent on the environment. So in other words, what you learn requires something outside of you to act on you, to learn/respond. Do you know what I realize? Well, this change I did, to apply learning with commonsense, didn't come from the environment, somewhere outside of me. It actually came from me.

The essential principle I was applying in that moment was self-forgiveness. I actually spoke self-forgiveness aloud. And self-forgiveness is an act of learning that is not created by the environment. Instead, it is actually created by You/Me. That's pretty cool and unique, especially because no where else is this really found in daily life, except in my life, because I am doing that.

Another cool dimension is how the content of my learning class, about the kind of learning that is universal that requires the environment to inform you what to learn, is exactly what I created earlier in my life. Many times in elementary school I feel this sad/depressed experience that I was describing, which is how I felt when seeing what my friend said to me. So I "learned" a way to respond to my environment in the exact same way that my Learning described is happening everywhere. So my Learning class did describe something that is happening, right now, and has happened for a long long time. Though its not the only way. There is another way to live/learn, where I determine who I am, and what I learn. So I would actually say that taking the Learning class was very beneficial, as well as learning how to self-forgive and this whole other way of living.
The above link is a free class to learn the how to apply self-forgiveness in a guided format with the help of another person that has been applying-self-forgiveness for themselves for many years. I recommend everyone to take this free online class, and to share the link so that others may benefit. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Cover to Cover - Day 196

 So I listened to an interview. I was able to relate to the exact words shared in the interview, and I would like to share my experience

So because of the interview, I have made the decision to be myself. Be myself meaning that I will contact everyone I have ever met, and anyone else that I can meet, and test out who really sees me, and understands me, as I express me who I really am. With those people I can build a relationship with. I already know that I am a really great person, I enjoy myself immensely, haha. And I learning/doing by being myself, and seeing how people respond. I am learning that what I called friends was something shallow. There are particular people that see me, its not about friendship, its just about how someone sees you. Its strange, but its also clear, and perhaps easy, now that I see it. So I know what I need to do know. Just be myself and meet as many people as I can. Out of that just see how they respond and work with that. That's all I can do.

So this is how the words I listened to in this interview relates to me. It is certainly saddening to see how you lived a life where you were only ever a cover. 

Don't be a cover.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Removing Victimization, Opposites Series Part 2 Day 195

So in one of my previous blogs : How to remove specialness by removing opposites, I asked the question whether opposites exist. I had the answer that no, they don't really exist, but in our minds as a creation. And another I discovered was that by removing opposites you also remove specialness. Now I wish to look at a deeper dimension, that by removing opposites you will also remove the "opposite" of specialness. So what is the opposite of specialness? I identify that as victimization.
How to remove specialness: by removing opposites. Day 191 - See more at:
How to remove specialness: by removing opposites. Day 191 - See more at:
How to remove specialness: by removing opposites. Day 191 - See more at:
How to remove specialness: by removing opposites. Day 191 - See more at:

So in the mind, special is something positive. Being a victim is something negative. And both points, when lived, are lived as real. When I look in the dimensions of myself I see that being a victim is something more accepted. To me it seems natural and acceptable to view people who are wronged or hurt by someone else as victims. It doesn't seem even questionable that victims exist. Perhaps others can relate the same way to being special and that specialness as existing. Well, I am here to burst the bubble. Practically, physically, neither specialness nor victims exist.

A common reason/justification for victimization is moments where someone lacks power and is helpless. When you lack power, and when you are harmed, it is seen as you being a victim. What does that mean victim? I mean really, look at it and define it. If you are in a situation where you lack power, then simply you are in a situation where you lack power. If you are helpless than you cannot be helped. Simple. But when we look at the word victim what is it that we feel? It is an energetic experience, more than anything.

If you were really a victim, wouldn't you be asking, how can I gain more power? But is this really ever asked? What do people typically do instead? They complain, cry shout and scream, which won't give you power because you are looking for others to save you. It is asking for help, true. Like when we were babies. But are you a baby? No. A baby wouldn't have the ability to even read this, yet. So is this really real? Do you actually have no power? Are you really exercising at your fullest capacity?

So when ever our emotions get involved, this spells trouble. Within victimization or specialness, it is trouble. Within Gender differences, it spells trouble. Within taking a test, it spells trouble. Within playing a video game, it spells trouble. In any situation in your life, feeling an emotion, spells trouble. So if you actually lack physical power, feeling emotional won't help, it will actually harm. If people resist you or fight you, feeling emotional will spell trouble. Whatever are considered typical circumstances for a victim, feeling emotional spells trouble. You never want to feel emotional. Whatever situation you can imagine, no matter how extreme, feeling emotional spells trouble. Words such as victim, are carriers of emotions. These words spell trouble, unless we remove the emotions from the words. The key is the emotions. And that unlocks your expression, who you really are.

That's when creation can start.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Women Inequality Day 194

So I watched this documentary called, Miss Representarion. So in my life, I didnit really perceive or see women as having a greater obstacle than men. Partly because it seems everyone has something fucked with them, and there is something each can do. I don't see there being a greater obstacle for men or women in this life. It seems the obstacles that face everyone is big already. If however, women, or men, view themselves as a victim I would say you're wasting your time. So I would like to speak from the point of me having made myself a victim, to provide perspective on this women inequality.

So bullying. If you are absolutely sure of who you are, 100%, can anyone say anything to you, telling you who you are, and convince you of anything? No. So really, whenever anyone makes you feel or think a certain way about you, they are giving you a gift, because they are revealing to you a fault in who you are that you accepted and allowed. All you have to do is fix that fault. If you complain, shout, get angry at or blame someone for making you feel or think a certain way about yourself, then you are playing the victim and are just wasting your time.

On a practical realm, yes, women earn less money. Yes there are actresses and commercials that depict women sexually, and that's about it. Yes there are men that say to women they are fat, or stupid. There are all these words, and symbols that are sent out, and surround us that are lies. Taking things back to self, how often do you speak the truth? Are your symbols, your words that you are creating and placing out in your environment, when you speak and write, not a lie, and express the truth, who you are?

There are no such things as victims. There are only liars and pretenders. We create this reality exactly how it is, men and women. All-inclusive, non-exclusive. Each of us have to learn what we have individually done to create and perpetuate the reality how it is. We do it in our thoughts, in how we feel, and our imaginations. So you see, you're not a victim, but actually an active participant in your own abuse. That's why I don't see women's struggles as unique, but the same struggle we all face, and that struggle is with ourselves. Until we realize that and take responsibility for that, women's gender struggle will be like a war, and in war there are no winners. Our oneness and equality is with our struggle with ourselves. There is no point in struggling against each other.

I see it as a trap to fight for women's rights, instead of simply ensuring universal rights, for example. I see it as a trap to fight for women's income, instead of simply ensuring everyone has a living income. I see it as a trap to fight against television and media that protray women sexually, instead of ensuring oneself doesn't choose a partner based on sexuality or sex, or respond to these sexual images, or think about or fantasy about sexual situations. That change, starts with you. From there, and only there, can a new life be born. And the potential for others to follow is created.

Thank you

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What's the deal with science today? Can we trust science or not? Day 193

So I watched a Ted talk the other say, though this one is unique. This one was banned. You might ask yourself, what kind of video would it have to be for Ted to ban it? Violence? Horror? Promoting hatred? Nope, it actually is about how limited science is, and how many scientists, and people of the modern world have a belief system when it comes to science. The presenter presents these beliefs or dogmas that people have. One of them being that everything is mechanical and dead, and we humans are the only conscious living things. For me personally, everything this man said is something I observed early on in my life. Science has become a religion. How people talk about scientific facts, they talk in a sense of being absolutely right and not even a chance of being wrong, and to question them would make you seem stupid in their eyes. When really, when you study the principles of what science stands on, you can't have 100% facts or statements. Every statement is a true statement, as far as the evidence you have thus far attained. This means that every statement can be false if new information or input is introduced. But for some reason, people either don't know this or refuse to see this. This is the world we live in, everyone is a religious fanatic, and we are all defending our beliefs, whatever our beliefs may be. Who here in this world today, is actually questioning every belief, every statement, who is actually open to all possibilities. Who? Very few indeed, and you would be lucky to know even one. Why this is, is an interesting topic, which is vast, yet simple. People act or react on an instinct that is to move according what they feel and think, which is all based in memory or the past. People are not actually present living here working with all information multidimensionally with full awareness. Right now people are like simple calculators compared to what our potential is, a quantum computer, calculating information in multiple directions simultaneously. Ironically, people have become what they believe this universe to be, dead, mechanical, like a machine. When the potential and reality is much more alive. In essence, we have become our thoughts, our beliefs. We have become a living belief which is like a shadow cast from something real. We are stuck and trapped in that position, until we free ourselves, through getting to know and understanding, by applying and becoming our potential, to work with information in awareness. Interestingly enough all the keys are here, and have always been here. In the physical structure and relationships there have been examples that have stood since the beginning of our potential. They are right in front of our noses. A seed, something so small, becomes something very big, a tree, how? If you study how, how it gathers sunlight, water, and air, and slowly but surely, grows using those substances, you gain insight in how you grow. To grow takes time, and a constant movement. If you give up, you would die and have to start from the beginning. You must keep moving until you reach your full potential. Its something real, that's built cell by cell. There is no other way to walk a real process of self-creation. You need to start cell by cell, point by point, moment by moment, and make that cell, point, or moment count. That's all, and that's all you have: this moment. A tree doesn't think about growing, it just does it, whatever it takes, in the moment. If the sun is out it gathers sunlight. If there is no water, it needs to balance and reserve its water accordingly. It can only do so much and it does everything it can. Within its limited design, it finds a way. We are no different from a seed or plant. Both structurally/biologically as the principles of our designs, as well as how we humans must change who we are, into something real, physical, not a thought/belief.

So I liked this Ted talk because it is something I would have said or done in this man's position. He is one of the very few people that see the big problem. We place our trust and belief in something untrustworthy. So its our mistake, and something to rectify or correct.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Social Relationships Day 192

Social Relationships.

So the title, social relationships, is redundant, isn't it? well, actually, you can have relationships that aren't social. Meaning that socializing doesn't occur, at all, in your relationships. So perhaps socializing did occur to a small extent in my past relationships, but I would say for the most part I haven't really created a full social relationship before, at all. So this is my Achilles heel. So it seems appropriate to write blogs regarding my process and what I realize, as I walk creating social relationships.

So the idea of "creating" relationships, is already strange for me. So those words "create" "relationship" doesn't seem to fit together, naturally within me. I had existed most of my life where the relationships I had with people, sort of, fell into place. They just happened. There was no creation process involved. No real effort. It was the right place, at the right time. So I basically waited. So you can imagine how those words might feel strange or unnatural for me, because I have never created a relationship before.

So I have already tried out the point of creating relationship, today even. I notice how a lot of the past would come up, and thoughts about what the other person is saying or thinking, which was more negative than positive. I had tried a technique of creating a blank slate. So I picture a blank sheet of paper, and I write out, speak, within me, what is going on, what is really here. So giving myself that space helps me sort things out, and lets me breathe easier. Though it doesn't remove completely the energies. Its enough for me to act in the moment. So the control over me is gone.

So why a blank sheet? Well creating a relationship is something new. And even if I am contacting old friends, I am still creating something new. So a blank sheet represents, what is new, or the potential of what is here. Thoughts that are based on the past, and making statements that are based on the past, is not about what is here. They are about what happened in the past. Though I make it practical by simply stating what is here, whatever it may be, even how the past is here.

Its a bit of a challenge. I can easily run away. And I was in the wavering stage where I did spend time, sort of freaking out. Though I did stop, and dropped the energies so I can act. It seems to me, I always have to act now, especially when it comes to creating social relationships. Because relationships are something active or alive it seems. You can't leave it hanging. It needs constant nurture and attention. At least that is what I am getting right now. I could be dead wrong, so we'll see. Because when someone agrees to hangout with you, you need to let them know right away, right? Its not the kind of thing you wait or sit a few days on. So that's one thing that's different. I am being more active now in regards to relationships than before, where I would really just wait, and not act, at all.

Because this is something brand new, I am trying different approaches. One thing I am doing different, is that I am keeping things more simple. Before I would bog a person down with information. Now I am trying to be concise. I am also trying to express myself, my being, in my words. I also have had some fears in speaking a certain way or saying some things. I notice too how I am making decisions, and placing myself in a position of creating the outcomes. So I am creating the relationships how I want them to be. 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

How to remove specialness: by removing opposites. Day 191

So opposites exist, right?

Would you agree that day and night are opposite? Would you agree that hot and cold are opposite?

My goal is this, by the end of this blog you will see that day and night, and hot and cold, are not opposites. So you can let me know whether I was successful in accomplishing my goal.

 Day and Night
So what we call day and night is a result of the earth spinning, while orbiting the sun. While we may call day and night opposites, the reality is that day is the presence of light from the sun, and night is the absence of light. So how can we call the presence of something or the absence of something to indicate that two things are opposites? For example, consider calling your friend's presence as the opposite to your friends absence because he left the room. The reality is that your friend simply moved. The same is occurring with the earth and sun. The earth is moving around the sun, and the sun's light moves to the earth. Did you know that light moves? Its not instant meaning that even light takes time to travel from one point to another point. Albeit light moves very quickly, and is the fastest thing that we are aware of.

Consider also how some places on the earth, such as the very north part, has continuous sunlight for 6 months, and is in continuous darkness for the rest of the year (6 months). So day and night is relative to whether you are standing relative to the sun light. So the word opposite is a convention or invention, not a real physical phenomena, but something imagined or created in our minds. Its like the same thing as saying that you are your name. So if someone were to tell you were stupid, that that means you're stupid, when really they are just speaking words.

Hot and Cold

So what is really happening when something is hot and when its cold?

So take an example of a frozen and a hot beverage. So many people drink coffee. So if you were to place coffee in a freezer it would freeze. Why?

So to begin to understand why, consider that all molecules are vibrating. So a molecule of a water droplet vibrates. The molecules of your furniture vibrates. So all molecules everywhere are vibrating.

So how does this relate to hot and cold? Things that are more hot, are vibrating more quickly. That is to say they have more heat. When things are more cold they are vibrating less, that is to say they have less heat.

So when you take a beverage such as coffee and placing it in a freezer, you are actually placing the substance coffee in an environment where the air molecules are vibrating much more slowly. One natural physical phenomena is that molecules in the same environment will reach a equilibrium point, meaning that they will exchange heat until they all have the same heat. So placing a coffee in a freezer will actually warm up the freezer slightly, however because there is such an absence of heat, that the coffee will freeze, and adjust more than the freezer. If you placed something hot enough in the freezer, it would theoretically heat up the freezer where it would be noticeable. Imagine placing lava as an extreme example.

When it comes to what we call hot and cold, it is actually a result of our own body's temperature in relation to what we are perceiving with our skin, as one example. If our bodies temperature is very hot, we may perceive the air temperature as cold. If our bodies temperature is very cold, we may perceive the air as hot. So hot and cold, like day and night is relative to the presence or absence of heat: the heat the exists in our bodies relative to the heat in our environment.

Waves are a movement
 So a practical way to experience this yourself, (because you can't really see molecules) is to take your two hands, and place them together and slide them against one and another with force. This will create heat between your hands. This is in essence the principle. This is also how microwaves work, where a wave is created that vibrates the molecules of the substance placed in the microwave. The sun light is also a wave, and that is why the light produces a heat when you touch it with your skin. It is also like a microwave, where it penetrates through your skin and into your bones. In a way, heating you on the inside as well as on your surface of your skin. It is also cool to note that each substance does have an absolute freezing point where the molecules do stop vibrating completely, which essentially is what is meant where their is a complete absence of heat. So heat simply means the act or movement of vibration. Thus an absolute freezing point would mean that the substance has stopped moving/vibrating completely (no heat).

So really, when you look at it. The only thing that ever happens in our existence/reality is movement. The earth moves, light moves, molecules move back and forth (vibration), etc... And sometimes they don't move. So things are either moving or not moving, and that creates all the observable phenomena we know of today. So do opposites exist, when all that really exists, is movement?

So is day better than night? Is anything better? Or is it just the way it is. Day is just day, the presence of the sun's light, and night being the absence of light. Hot is just the presence of heat, and cold being less heat. That's it. Nothing special, just the way it is. 

So one last note, as a warning, don't think know you are superior because you can say to someone else, opposites don't exist. Because that's just stupid. Differences do exist. Things exists on a spectrum, not just a limited two points, which we call polarities, which are opposites. That's it. So the lesson is really, much more things exist than what we are aware of. We even only perceive a small fraction of all the wavelengths that exist, which we call visible light, because its what is visible to our eyes. So already a human physical instruments, are eyes, are already limited. So we don't know what we don't know, so be ready for surprises.

Friday, November 14, 2014

The lies my thoughts tell me Day 190

I listened to the Eqafe interview The world is what I say it is - Life Review, and I was reminded of something I did earlier this week. So if you know Bernard, and if you don't you can start to know him through his words on the blog: Creations Journey to Life. So if you know Bernard, well, I didn't know him personally, but I did read much of what he shared online, and we did chat a few times. Well, we were chatting, and he was asking why I had stopped writing some series of blogs and I told him that I thought I was experiencing or becoming something harmful. So he said that all thoughts are lies. So I am the kind of guy where if you give me a rule or statement I will test it out. So this past week I lived that statement, by reminding myself that whenever I would be thinking something about me or someone else or about anything, how what I thought about, was a lie. I bring this up because this life review I just listened to reminded me of that. So this life review was about how we listen to our interpretations and take them for granted, as something true. So we believe that what we interpret is true, when it is what? An interpretation. Let me ask you, can an interpretation ever be true? No. An interpretation is an interpretation. The truth is the truth. So it turns out, that in our mind, the confusion is vocabulary. We have defined our beliefs and interpretations to be equal to the truth. When these words shouldn't be in this way.

So the interview talks about how you can ask someone whether your interpretation is true, if they would be the kind of person or you have the kind or relationship where that is possible. Because then you can show to yourself the limits of your interpretations and thus the lies your mind is actually claiming or stating is true. So the mind will actually say, this is the way it is, or make a statement that about someone or about yourself. So I found it helpful to simply state and live that all thoughts are lies. Because the truth can only be found where? In reality, in living and seeing directly.


The truth is the truth. A lie is a lie. And Life is life!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics: How to live the good or virtuous life. Day 189

So Im continuing with the ethics series, and after I plan on making a series where I qualify the theories and bring up some common objections or problems with them. Today we'll look at Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics. Here's the wikipedia link: I won't copy and paste the entry this time, simply because there is no quick and dirty section that explains the heart of the philosophy well. I must also remind the reader that this text was written a long time ago, about 2000 years ago, and it was written what was then Greek. So it of course had been translated, and so their will always be translation issues, as with the original bible, for example. Having said that, the text does provide some useful insights into human nature, as well as uses some commonsense points to express how to act/live, which is my opinion/perspective (from here on out I won't express this, since it should be assumed that this blog is my perspective entirely.)

Ok so I will explain what I remembered the heart of this piece of work consisted as, based on what I remember from my introduction to ethics class in Reed College. So everyone has heard of virtues, right? Some virtues could be telling the truth (honesty), or being hard working, for example. So basically Aristotle said to cultivate or develop virtues, as living these virtues is what leads to the happy life. More importantly, one must aim towards the center of the virtues, and not go into one extreme or another. This was called hitting the bulls-eye, like with an arrow. You want to hit the dead center of a virtue and not go into an extreme. So essentially this is the message of balance. Practically, if you tell the truth too much, this will lead to consequence. Similarly, if you tell the truth not often enough, this will lead to consequence. As one philosopher put it (I forgot who) that if someone came to your door and wanted to murder your friend who was hiding there, and you would be honest when the assailant asked if your friend was home, then he would try to murder your friend, which is something you obviously don't want. So while honesty is a virtue, it is something you want to apply in balance, so its not about applying a virtue blindly in every circumstance automatically, but to be aware of and sensitive to the context, and seeing what would be best, or the best outcome, and aim for that. The word mistake originally meant to miss the mark, like missing the bulls-eye of a target with an arrow.

So to provide some more examples of virtues and hitting the mark. If a man lives the virtue of courage in extreme, he may make reckless decisions that endanger his life for no purpose or reason. And while living courage may sometimes be what is best, it depends on the situation. Like a burning building where a friend is caught, you could be courageous and go inside without protective clothing or you can take the time to put on the clothing. Personally, every virtue I have looked at, the same applies. You can apply it in an extreme and so missing the mark. And practically speaking, it all has to do with How you apply a virtue. So its not really a virtue is made extreme, rather how it is applied was not leading to the best for all outcome. So in essence the Aim or target is only one : what is best for all or the best for all outcome. So whatever actions/steps that lead to that, well then that is best, which we have seen is context based. So I cannot give you a rule of how to act, and that rule will work every time, but I can tell you what your aim or goal should be, which is what is best for all, and you will need to develop commonsense, awareness and practical understanding on what it takes contextually to live that, which I can share my own experiences on that. There are a vast number of contexts and situations, and every person has lived a particular set of circumstances or situations, so each has something we can learn from. In many ways, Aristotle's Ethics can be more easily understood and applied than the other philosophies that we looked at because it admits to the limitations of practical living and philosophy. In my personal opinion, its the closest that a work of philosophy was applied within the physical restraints or practicality of reality, simply because it admits to the limits of applying a virtue, that you need to be sensitive and aware of the context, and what your real aim/goal is.