Monday, March 31, 2014

Hypocrisy is a result of no education on the mind -day 148

I feel tremendously over the positive appraisals of a Hollywood actor, when that actor has spent years of their life to support children in poverty. Because the individuals that praise the actor for their work, despite the fact that they say how much they care and even love the actor, fail to see the actions, the character, and the example of the actor. How can so many people fall in love with one person, and choose to ignore the obvious?
            There are many reasons that I can give for this. One important reason, which in essence explains the entire problem, is this: not understanding one’s own mind. The mind is the focal point, the places where all information passes and is digested. The mind encompasses not only the information as the written word, but also all other forms of information, including but not limited to pictures, smells, sights, sounds, feelings, and emotions. All experiences of oneself must pass through the mind. However, what is interesting about the mind is this, that the mind has been created to run on autopilot. The mind is wired, by us, to piece together information from memories, thoughts, words, sensations etc… to form opinion, imaginations, and all of the components of who we are. And when we look at the number of people with personal problems, addictions, bad habits, uncontrollable behavior, etc… we can see the extent of those who haven’t received the basic educational instruction of how the mind works, and how do we work with the mind. Perhaps every single person has some bad habit that they wish they could stop. See for yourself; look at the number of bad habits you still participate in today. Perhaps it’s even the bad habit of not even looking at yourself to see what bad habits you have. That’s a bad habit, isn’t it? To not look at what bad habits one is participating in still?
            So when I look at something atrocious, I know why it’s there. It’s because the human is not educated about the mind, and therefore there is no real chance at change. Granted, there is always a chance to change, however it’s certainly much easier when those around you understand the problem and are also working for the same solution: to understand one’s mind, how it functions, and how to, essentially, live well with oneself. This is a basic life skill that is found in the curriculum of the school of life. You won’t find it in the school system today, perhaps in the future, when enough of us have proven to ourselves that it is indeed possible to create oneself to be how one wishes. Even such an idea is radical in itself; to change the very nature of your thoughts to whatever you would like; to end thinking for a day, is something considered too radical to be accepted in our current times. To change how you feel, to end a feeling experience in one moment and to be the actual starting point of how you feel, so that no feeling is ever decided purely by one’s circumstances or thoughts, instead each feeling would be a decision, and no longer an acceptance and allowance that exists as an outflow of your past participation in thinking and feeling.
            Would you like that, to be free of your tragedies and your love stories? That every action you take, whether it be to love, cry, dance, or sing, be a decision, and longer a peg in a wheel that spins endlessly around your never-ending torment? I know I wouldn’t want that torment, not even for a millisecond, so is it safe to say, you wouldn’t either?

Sunday, March 30, 2014

How I came to watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s -day 147

This weekend, I was slung on the couch, walked around the kitchen, cleaning dishes, using the toilet, while watching movies from the Hollywood Golden age. Yes, black and white. I do not mean to imply that I was perusing movies from the so-called Golden age, and picked them at random. No, though such a thing would not be an unusual thing for me to do. Especially if the movies would be half as good as Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
            It all started when I was in the living, sitting on the couch, watching the television. I don’t remember why I was watching. It may have been a moment of rest, or maybe brash decision made to escape my frustration at my life. Whatever the reason, I had been on the couch watching when a commercial for Godiva chocolate came on! They were using a song, playing “two drifters, off to see the world…” Now I have to admit, I probably did not really hear every word correctly of the song the first time, which I am now well acquainted with. I recognized the actress in the commercial as Audrey Hepburn. Though now that I know better, I would say that it was an actress portraying Audrey. I’m sorry if my words are rather rambling, I’m not used to speaking very much, nor in explaining things to other people.
            So because I saw this commercial, I googled the song. I searched “two drifters song.” And you know what I found, a rather odd result search, which is not what I was after. The first result was a Portuguese feature film directed by João Pedro Rodrigues titled two drifters. It won many awards in 2005. So I had to refine my search. I believed I placed, in addition to the previous search result, “off to see the world.” And I found it! I felt enthusiastic in that moment. The song is Moon River. So I searched “moon river”. There was a youtube video with Audrey Hepburn, Moon River, and Lyrics. I watched/listened to it. When I watched it the first time, I thought someone was compiling images from Audrey Hepburn movies or something. It was nice, very lovely. I later found out that the movie won the oscar for best original music composed for a movie. Suffice to say, their decision had my fullest support, never mind that I hadn’t been born until 29 years later.
            I replayed the song perhaps three times before I watched the movie. The movie was already special, as I was already anticipating the film as the film that had the song. I had my Bose headphones that made movies played on my laptop seem like I was really in the theater. I went online, searched “Breakfast at Tiffany’s watch.” Now, I already had some ideas and conceptions about the movie. I remember having a poster of the film that hanged in the dorm common room in my second year on college. It seemed like that poster had been there for forever, perhaps since 1961, conceivably. For some reason, I knew the film had to do with a woman who was trying to find a wealthy husband. I thought it had a place, called Tiffany’s which served breakfast, and that she would go there everyday in hopes of finding a wealthy suitor, in a kind of hopeless, highly impossible sense. I know she was young and was trying to dress sophisticated or older. As it turns out, I was wrong; though partly right. And so I was surprised and so rewarded.  I feel like I could watch the film 100 times and I would enjoy it thoroughly.
            I also learned recently, or relatively recently (such a word is frustratingly impossible to define, which is kind of the point, because its relative!) how movie watching is a skill. It’s something you must learn how to do. You can’t be passive in watching a movie, or you miss out. You also don’t want to be overly engage and belief you know everything because there are rules to how movies must end or be like. Rules like, children don’t die or at least get murdered, or the guy and girl must fall in love and kiss, etc… You have to allow yourself to be surprised while watching a movie, and to allow for whatever possible ending. Maybe they won’t be together, despite the fact that they are cuckoo for each other. Maybe she or he will die; maybe not. By treating it like real life, you allow the chance for the characters to become real and not just be like wallpaper or chewing gum. I know some of you may be saying how I’m crazy for treating a movie as real. But its interesting to see how even the fake movie characters are in many ways more real than the people around you. They actually show courage, vulnerability, growth, honesty, care etc… And they don’t pretend to be perfect like the most of us do, trying to hide our imperfections from one another. I am not saying that all movies have characters of worth, though some of them do, including even the ridiculous corny PG movies.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Conception = Birth -day 146

My love for the Desteni Message.
So a message that I heard about 5 years ago, is utterly simplistic, and answered all my questions. At the time I was looking for a way out... of what I created... who I am. But the message told me, that the freedom that I was looking for could only be found by actually taking responsibility for my living situation, and the living situation of everyone as this world, and the system we are apart of that form the human societies. Within taking that responsibility, I then in that moment felt free. Because I knew what I had to do. I knew who I was. I am myself. I created me. I gave permission to myself to become who I was. And I also gave permission for this world to be as how it existed. So all I have to do is stop giving permission for that, and to actually create the world and the self I want to be. That's it.

I said it was utterly simplistic right? Its not about meditation, or ascending to the 9th dimension, or "saving the world" or "ending world hunger" or becoming filthy rich or becoming healthy, or becoming SOMETHING or doing SOMETHING. Its about who I am, and what I want. I want a world that is best for all. No one will force me to do that. Because I want it. And no one could force me even if they wanted to. Because it is I that has to stand up. No one can stand for me, that is what I must do. And I want this, I always wanted this, yet I never dared myself to say I wanted it, and to actually go for it. So I say now in writing, I want a world that is best for all, and I am going to create it, starting with myself. Because I care about me and about everyone. Because I see what kind of future we can create for ourselves. Because it's who I am, who I choose to be. There is simply no explanation for it. Its just is, which is why I know everyone will be miserable until we reach this point and stand up with this one point, this one desire that we all share. We simply have to be brave enough to go after it. Will you stand with me? Will you stand for yourself?

Monday, March 17, 2014

Your Love is my Drug - day 145

mmmmmmmmmmmm. Love. mmmmmmmmmmm. Intoxicating. mmmmmmmmmmmm. Exhilarating mmmmmmmmmm. Toxic......... Entrapping...............

Why does our love turn into hate?

Why can we not love someone stably?

Why do succumb ourselves to Highs and then Lows?


These are important questions to ask. Do you wish you could no longer feel crappy? Do you wish to no longer feel hate or anger? Do you wish to let go of all depression and all experience of oneself as inferiority?

The secret to your questions is within the pattern. The High and then the Low. The Love and then the Hate.

The answer is inside of you. I am not being all sensei or mystical or aloof. You are the one that really knows the why and how to your exact situation, as you created your exact situation.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Porn and Masturbation Addiction Support -day 144

There are two journeys that one can take in your Addiction Support for Porn and Masturbation.
The first is the more obvious one. To take a time to stop the addiction. The second is transforming the addiction to an expression. So we start with the first.
So there are benefits to stopping the addiction. One benefit is that you see your own ability to command yourself to be a certain way or take a certain action, and you make that action. This is important. There are specific tools and techniques one can use. I will share my personal ones that I have used. As a warning this may or may not be useful to you, which could be because of how I explain them here may not be sufficient for you to understand and this may be out of my control due to vocabulary. Additionally, as with any point, it all depends on your will power.

My base technique is breathing. Let me explain, because breathing every single breath in awareness, being here. Let me explain, so being here means listening to everything, being here. I don't want to explain it otherwise you will create an idea of what it is. So it really is just that, being here. Breathing helps, because breathing is something that is always here. So you're just being equal to that. Breathing here. Make sense, no?

A more advance technique. Advance only because it relied on being here. So really without being here and breathing this won't work. So these are like little games or challenges which rely on understanding what is going on in the mind/body. So really, the mind and body are one. Your body sometimes move automatically, then this indicates the mind is moving it. So this means they are one. So mind is memory or information. So understanding this is crucial, because memory is sticky, but it can be manipulated and changed. So the information as the mind (because remember the mind is information) can be manipulated and changed, even erased to an extent. At a deeper level, your mind's memory have individual cells responsible for them. So literally, on a physical level, your memories are literally/physically built as these little living things called cells. So they can change and die. So the 1st point is to understand your mind/memory can change.

Furthermore, the mind/memory is sticky, meaning that it will literally build and become stronger the more it gets activated or retrieved as memory. You know how you had to memorize things in school for tests and quizzes, or also how you learned a skill by constantly practicing it? Well that is the same way that your thoughts, mind and memory function. Its the same system. The more you think, the stronger the thoughts get. So that is the second point to get, that it will depend on how strong your thinking is, for you to really stop/change it. So it requires the same consistency and dedication that it took to create those thoughts. So get ready!

The third and final point. The content of thoughts are words or pictures. So basically, information. The information itself won't be erased. What changes is how you relate to the information. That is all you can do. Change who you are as you stand with and as the information.

1st Advice/hint/technique, see the information, as the thoughts, as You. If you see the information as you, you begin to understand you. Plus its the truth. So working with the truth is always easier. Again, see the information as You.
2nd Sometimes you may have trouble remembering the content/information as thoughts, so you could use your imagination to activate those contents. Perhaps you may ask yourself questions to help you trigger the thoughts as information. You may also place yourself in that exact situation, in your mind, or maybe in actual real life, in order to activate that information as thoughts.
3rd Advice/hint/technique, is to apply self-forgiveness. Now by having the starting point, the information is you as thoughts: you can now consider the well-being of another more so than before. So for me self-forgiveness is more effective as I consider the well-beings of more beings. So the most effective self-forgiveness is one where I consider the well-being of every being. When I apply it, I receive immediate feedback. I feel good within me throughout the process. And it changes, from a point of pain to release, though a good pain because I am facing it completely. And in the end I feel satisfied, and clear, and full of understanding, and I know what must be done. Again, this is more effective as I open up more to include the well-being of more people/beings/points.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to remain silent where my words could have prevented pain and suffering.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

The True potential: placing Porn and Masturbation addiction under the microscope. -day 143

As humans, we are born as babies, who only have but potential. Initially we aren’t capable of much, however with time, care, and nurturing, which include teaching and providing a good example. So who knows our potential until we reach it?

So the process of walking out of addiction, of porn or masturbation, is similar to the process of growing from the initial birthing process, what we call as infant or babies. So it takes time, care and nurturing to step out of addiction, including teaching and providing a good example, what it is that you will become.
And you are very much a person and are able to adjust and change how well you do in learning and stepping out of addiction.
When you look at addiction, it is something that was learned. So to step out of addiction will be the same process, just in reverse, and in this time with your own WILL and COMMITMENT. Because what usually happens with addictions, you just fall into it, not knowing really what you were doing, kind of like falling in love, you just fall into it. This time around you will be standing up, a physical practical movement, that is made in awareness of who you are and what you are deciding on doing.
So your true potential, is to create yourself as what’s best for you and for those around you to the degree of everyone. Addiction, when you look at it, is not best. Because addiction means who you are is not deciding who you are. So in essence you are not living as yourself. This is one reason why I have stopped addictions. I couldn’t allow myself to not be me. Yet realizing the addiction is who I had become through acceptance and allowance. I take responsibility for that, and I become who I really am; what I am really capable of; my true potential. 

Check this facebook group Masturbation and Porn Addictions
for help in facing your Masturbation and Porn Addictions. 
We can do this together. 

Friday, March 7, 2014

The Walking Dead TV Show -day 142

If you ask most people what the walking dead tv show is about, they would most likely say it is about survival. I think that's wrong, I think its about living. I will try to explain why.

For many people, the word survival is negative, and its about doing the bare minimum so you wont die. With this definition, a person who is surviving would have a crappy life. However, another definition for survival, which I think is more accurate, is simply taking care of one's basic needs that are required to exist here. These are not wants or desire, the requirements are NEEDS. Do you see the difference between a want and a need? So survival, according to this definition is something everyone who is alive today are most likely doing. And for some we are meeting this requirement better than others. For example, some people are dying from the lack of intake of food, so their bodies are slowly withering away. Their needs are not met. Those of us that have our survival taken care of, with our needs being met, have the opportunity, not a guarantee, of living. Living, as how I am using it here, is what it means to really be alive, as who we are as beings/people. You may have your survival needs met, but it doesn't mean your alive. Do you understand the distinction I am drawing?

So if you take a look at the Walking Dead TV show, most people are zombies, and the survivors are trying to survive. However, if everyone is trying to survive, the real reason why is not to simply survive, but to live. When I look at our world/society today, there are people that forget the point of life is living, and not survival. And what happens is that people stop at survival, and forget to continue on to living. Living is not weddings, living is not job promotions, living is not expensive cars, living is not children, living is not money... These are all things which life is within, however to define life as only one point, and exclude the totality of life as all points, is to lessen the definition of life. Life is within all points, so living would include all points. Even survival is part of life, though it is just one point. People forget that. You are more than what you currently, are, you are everything. Yet you argue for limitation, you argue for being only one point. You argue for individuality for separation, for division. You know you don't want to, so then why do you? Why not just stop?
Why not choose life/living?