Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Anger and Happiness

Anger is unacceptable.

Anger in all forms in unacceptable.

Anger as Justice is unacceptable.

How the mind is set up, energy is the driving force and all emotions are energy that drives the mind. The mind has certain rules, as long as you operate with the mind, you operate within the rules. There is no bargaining here or ability to break the rules. If you accept and allow one version of anger you accept and allow ALL versions of anger. If you believe you are right to be angry at someone for doing something bad, you must approve of every other form of anger. Because for the mind it doesn't matter what anger you use. To the mind it doesn't distinguish between justice anger, or anger directed at evil. Anger is anger. And anger is energy, the fuel for the mind.

Here is the point we as humanity are operating in. We are in the mind. We are operating within the limits and rules of the mind. We are powerless to change it unless we stop participating completely in anger, in the mind. That is our only play we can make.

For the mind, for the energy within you, there is no difference between anger directed at people in traffic, anger directed at abusers, anger as spite and vengeance, anger as murder, anger as abuse, because all anger is the same. I know you say it isn't. I know you call it a different anger. The truth though is for the mind it doesn't matter. It is all energy. There cannot be good without evil. By operating in the anger as justice you are giving permission for the existence of anger as murder, as vengence, as rape, as war and soldiers, tanks and bullets. That is your responsibility. Through participating in anger as justice you give rise to this existence as is, with all the rape, murder, abuse, hate, torture.

The only solution is to stop completely. All anger stopped. No matter if someone hits you. No matter if someone lies to you. No matter if someone steals from you. No matter what. You stop anger completely.

Only then can the cycle be broken. Only then can humanity change. Only then will the mind be stopped. Only then will you stop.

Everything I said applies to happiness too. Just replace anger with happiness in what I said, and add this point. To the mind energy is all the same. This includes the energy of happiness or the energy of anger. The rules of the mind is that all energy gets recycled and the positive WILL and MUST switch from the positive to negative and negative to positive throughout time. So to participate in anger is to participate happiness, and vice versa. So trying to be a positive person is impossible. Trying to be a champion of justice is impossible, as long as you accept and allow emotion, and feeling. Because through participating in positivity you give rise to negativity, and justice leads to injustice. Because your starting point is happiness and/or anger.

These are the rules of the mind. You can observe for yourself how they operate within you. What I say is clear as day. You will see it. What you choose to do about it is on you, and your responsibility. The only solution is to stop. End the cycle.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing anger and happiness.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not realize that energy as anger within me, is the same energy as happiness, that it fuels my mind, fuels my thoughts, becomes a part of my personality, my history and memories and drives my choices and decisions.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to through participating in anger and happiness, contribute to the abuse in the world done within the energy of the mind: rape, murder, war, destruction, poverty, abuses, violence, mistreatment, denial, suppression, rejection, ignorance.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

One and Equal to Trump and Hillary Clinton

We are all one and equal to Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Oneness and equality permeates everything. If you look throughout yourself, your life in the past and current times you will find the points that match with how you feel about Trump and Hillary, whether its positive or negative it doesn't matter. At the core of how you feel is the feeling itself, and what constitutes feeling is the energy. What you think isn't real, and it doesn't matter the content or subject matter of your thought. Thought is thought.

The feeling, whether positive, or negative, anger, sadness, happiness or excitement is still just that a feeling. It is not real. Letting it reign, letting the thought and emotion stay, means that you give it your power and attention. It feels real and becomes "real." 

The same with anything. Your greatest enemies and greatest friends. The feelings and thoughts isn't real. It is something in your head. The energy is created from your body. Though has no real weight or meaning.

Truth, opinion and belief, it doesn't matter how you feel about it. Your feelings don't make something more true. Truth stands as is.

Anger has no meaning. Sadness has no meaning. Happiness has no meaning. It is all something we ascribe meaning. That meaning is being drawn from our life force, our attention. It is an illusion we create. Realizing this and stopping all sadness, anger and happiness, we have access to our Life force.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

The drama of Life

The drama of Life.

Whats best for all and oneness and equality comes first before friends and family. This means stopping your emotions and feelings first before anything. Why is this?

Because if you place your friends and family before what is best for all and oneness and equality, then you end up with separation, you end up with the world we have today.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to place my friends and family before what is best for all and oneness and equality.

There is no part of this existence that is more special or more valuable than any other part. There is no one person or one people that is special or more important than other person or people, or any other part of this existence.

Survival is not the most important thing. The most important thing is Life itself being and living as one and equal Life. When we feel emotions, have feelings, have thoughts we separate ourselves from Life, because our thoughts, emotions and feelings are not standing within oneness and equality, and what is best for all. Having something like thought or a feeling that is yours alone, is something ethereal, unreal. Its not shared or seen with others. And the content does not reflect your awareness or standing that all life is one and equal.

All of these labels, all of these fights are not real. All of this anger, emotion, is not real. It is something to believe to be real.

Every single person can change. Everyone can stop their emotions and feelings. Everyone can understand their minds and understand where their thoughts come from. Everyone can become what is best for all, standing as one and equal. Through self-forgiveness you can change yourself. You say, I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel anger, sadness, happiness, excitement. You say, I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to have a thought about watching TV, a thought about doing this, a thought about this thing happening in the future. Forgive every thought, every emotion and every feeling, positive and negative. Doing so, you will find you don't need your thoughts, or emotions or feelings. You will find that there is space within you understand how your mind works.

When you were born you were a blank slate. All that you feel and think now didn't exist. It doesn't need to exist. And it is standing in the way of taking your Life in your hands, and becoming that which is best for all. When you see this world and ALL the LIFE that it is, then you will stop at nothing to make sure that Life exists as one and equal, that you exist as one and equal with everything.

I know that everything that exists is one and equal. Life itself exists in this way. We humans just believe that life is not equal, and not one. We humans believe we are separate and that life is separate. We humans live in separation, because we belive that is how life exists and that we are powerless to change it. It is just a belief though. A belief is just a thought, and we have to forgive all thoughts, and so all beliefs. Without thought or belief we just have what is already here, Life itself. We just have the truth that all is one and equal.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

My Happiness

My happiness...
Most people will say when you ask them that what they want out of Life is to be Happy. That is their goal. That is their dreams and aspiration. To be happy, find happiness.

In practical context this may mean something like finding a job they like to do, or having a family, finding the one love, making plenty of money.

To this I say that the happiness that you seek where you are the center of attention, is not a happiness you will feel happy with for very long, it will be fleeting. It will slip through your fingers and you will have no control over it. It will leave you. Because you are not the center of attention of Life. All of existence is equally the center of attention, as a fundamental truth of existence. This is a law that can never be changed because the very existence of Life itself demands it. So to break this law means consequence and requires an illusion, the illusion being that you can place yourself in your mind as being the center of attention of Life itself. This may not make much sense, however consider a painting where only you are in it, and another painting where you are in a crowd of people. you are still there, its just not ONLY you, if that makes sense.

You may want to argue or resist against what I am saying about laws and the nature of existence, though if you can remember or realize that your mind is designed to create fantasies and illusions which cannot possibly exist in Reality. Reality though already exists, its existence does not depend on you believing it, having faith in it, it is already here and its not going anywhere. So the nature of reality is for you to uncover or learn, not create.

Happiness cannot be a life goal unless everyone is included. Unless the picture or painting includes everyone. To deny everyone else, to erase them from your mind and memory, is to deny you from being you. There is a you that is real that can stand by everyone. That you is whole, complete, and strong. It is a warrior, a creator, a being that is constant and beyond what beliefs and limitations you have as what is possible for people to even be. Happiness cannot be contained in a bottle, with borders and restrictions, it needs to be lived, fully, openly within a Life  full of purpose and intent to break through the restrictions and limitations we have placed on what is possible in this Life for everyone.

If you deny what I say, and so deny existence as being part of your awareness, then you deny a part of you you won't ever know. Life itself. The Real Life, which doesn't belong to you or anyone. It comprises of everything.

The restrictions and roadblocks that prevent you from being/seeing this can be removed through self-forgiveness. This can be learned more about at

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Future

For young people, all people actually, though for young people it seems thematically fitting that the FUTURE is emphasized.

The future life... the future job... the future family... the planet's future...

There are many horrendous stories about the future... global warming... the destruction of the planet...

We can only act here and now. We never act in the future. So what is here? The whole planet is here, all the people, animals, plants... all the nature is here. Even with all the problems in the world, the world still exists.

There are many games, and faces that are played and made. Creating these illusions. Where we enter into all sorts of reactions, arguments, beliefs, ideas, ideologies. Beyond all that... before all that... or maybe just right in front of our noses, what exists is already here. The people, the matter, the flesh, the bodies of plants, animals, humans, of the earth. All of that is here already. Constantly dying, regenerating, transforming. Life itself. Life itself is not only bound to the humans, just as its not bound to just the plant, animals, or the Earth. It is all of these things and takes all of these forms. Therefore what is at stake?

What can be gained?

What can be lost?

Who are we meant to be?

What is the purpose of Life?

What do we do next?

What is at stake is you as an individual Living/Realizing yourself as Life, the same life essence that is everything. Its not so mystical, though it may be so obvious and basic that you can only know it after you actually become it. I mean, if you were to try right now to live as Life, you would fail unless you walk a process. Because of the mind and all of what you accepted and allowed your definition of yourself to be. You need to take responsibility for that.

I mean, there is also the question of why even do this? Most don't even get past that point. Why even change? I would say that for many an awareness arises within you, where in the back of your head you know that you are unsatisfied constantly, and no matter how hard you try, nothing feels valuable or fulfilling for very long. Even with so many goals, and so much you have already attained, it feels pointless.

What is interesting is that walking this process you start fulfilling yourself, your purpose, your potential, you're who you are supposed to be in  much more basic, fundamental way. Its not tied to some goal out there, or some skill you acquire. Its who you are, your inner depths, just you. Its that definition of you that is independent of appearance, your physical body, your age, job, accomplishments, past or future. It is the You that is untouched/moved by space or time. Or at least your concepts and ideas of space and time. Beyond what we believe, there exists just what is here already. This is not something to understand but to live.

In the end, that is what matters... you as an individual living this, becoming this. The rest comes naturally. Who you are leads to what you do. Your definition of self, leads to you remaking the world into your image. We have always done this, though its funny how God is the one it says in the bible that does this, when its us. We create the world in our image. So lets make sure our image is the best for all.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Survival or Life?

I need to stay alive, no matter what.

How can I live what is best for all.

Situation: Poverty

When we are at poverty, our reactions, our instincts is telling us to fight to survive. It is always when we are challenged most that the moments when Life has to born.

What is the difference between survival and living?

It doesn't have to do with money. What I am talking about is out of reach of understanding of most people. Being Alive is that thing that requires no money or price tag. It is a simple laughter or smile for no reason. It is listening to the wind. It has nothing to do with all the dreams and desires people have today. It is that which exists before dreams existed, before desires were had. It was simply enjoying life. It is whole and complete, without lacking or breaking.

Reaching this understanding requires firstly understanding your own mind, which consists of those dreams and desires, those things that were born out of a creation of thought which you don't know how it happened. Do you know how your thoughts are formed? Can you explain to me where your thought comes from? Most people don't know or understand. So that is where we must start.

It is as simple as taking a breath and stopping your very thoughts through shear willpower. Doing this once proves that your mind has been moving on its own without you. It proves you have just been going along on the ride of things. It is as simple as seeing your emotions rise within you like anger or excitement. And as simple as stopping them with a breath. Your thoughts don't come from you as the directive principle, your thoughts are an outflow of the past moments you have accepted and allowed, never really here in this present moment, always speaking and seeing things with past eyes.

Your beliefs, ideas, identities, personalities are all outflows of past definitions. Living here fully, there is no such thing as race or racism, nationalism, hate, anger, sadness, regret, over ideas and beliefs of how things should be or are right now. Seeing with your real eyes here, you just see this moment.

Emotion, feeling and thought form the basis of your mind and its components of personalities, ideas, beliefs, identities, characters, habits etc... that you have. Its that simple.

All this understanding and knowledge is useful up until the point where you chose to do what is best for all. Because that choice determines everything. Understanding your mind, and being able to stop it and being able to make your own choices and direct things in your life... is only useful as long as you are aligned to what is best for all.

All that the world has become so far has been the Survival of the 1 as the I of the Mind. Where the point of every 1 standing as 1 and equally important hasn't existed. Where that is the point of understanding how the mind works, because why the mind exists is because we are not willing to live as 1 and as equal. The mind is not evil, it is a consequence of who we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be and live, as separate, inferior, divided individuals.

There is great power when you stand as All as one and equal. When you stand divided as one individual that stands for yourself as one person only, then you are weak and must pretend and feign strength through emotion, through anger, and confidence, but that's a Con.

Standing as Life is something unworldly, unknown to you unless you lived it before. You become more than just yourself as one individual, with your one story, your one mind, your separateness.

Why you must stop your mind? Why must you walk this process? It is to stop this separateness, to stop this lie. And to Live for Real that which you have no clue about, but is what it means to be whole, complete and real.

 So do you just want to survive or do you want to Live?

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

My Dream


What is your dream?

My dream is seeing everyone well, physically. Seeing that we all participate in the system of taking care of our needs, and Life's needs. My dream is seeing us working together side by side, improving Life, Improving this Earth, Improving the quality of Life. My dream is that no one lacks their basic needs, and all understand and are passionate about providing for all of our needs and doing the necessary work to sustain Life.

Currently the Reality is that A percentage of people provide for the Life needs of many humans, not all humans though. And these percentage of people live in poverty. So those who provide for our basic needs are not even very well off. The Reality is that many humans are doing jobs that are redundant and don't provide for that which is necessary to sustain Life. We instead are playing games. Playing game of poverty of wealth, of being rich, of climbing the ladder of success... its all games. We aren't serious about doing what needs to be done, providing for our needs, and making sure all needs are met. Instead we play doctor, play teacher, play cops and robbers. We made this game real, with real consequences. We forgot there is another way, and that we are just playing in a fantasy.

My dream is for children to grow up only knowing adults who had been and are what is best for all, standing as that commonsense, that understand oneness and equality, that Live it in their words and actions, that they grow up in a system where everyone participates in work that needs to be done.

The reality, currently, is that children grow up in a competitive, dog eat dog, hunger game. Where the strongest win and conquer while the losers suffer. Where the winners do nothing to change the system, and the losers keep trying to win with no intention of ever changing the system. Everyone wants to be the rich one, to have several houses, cars and a big family.Where there is no love or care really, because there is no passion to make sure ALL is well, physically, and taken care of.

My Dream is that everyone understands deeply and fully how our minds work, where our thoughts come from, what our emotions and feelings really are, and know how to be the director and one responsible for what one does, says, and decides. Where with all of this self-power chose what is best for all and oneness and equality, and live it fully. My dream is that kids are taught/shown by adults how this works.

I will make my dream so. 

Friday, June 8, 2018

The Beauty Within

The outward Beauty is not valuable. What is valuable is the Beauty within. The Beauty of being someone that stands by existence. That is Beautiful. The beautiful voice or the beautiful face is not beauty. The most ugliest face and most ugliest voice and being someone who stands by everyone, as one and as equal, is the most beautiful person. Beauty has nothing to do with outward appearance, or perception. Beauty is either who you are or not at all.

So your wrinkles don't matter. The amount of makeup don't matter. The youth of your face don't matter. What matters is who you are.

Who you are leads to what you do. So being beautiful leads to doing/creating beautiful things, which means best for all things. Being what is best for all leads to doing what is best for all or creating it.

Integrity and Principle is Beautiful. Integrity and Principle is doing what is best for all. Dedicating your life to everyone. Putting your time and money into what is best for everyone. Existing and Stating that who I am is everyone, and my future is our future. Ascribing yourself to be as much an equal part of existence as existence is a part of you, inseparable, undividable, together forever.

You are me as much as I am you. We are one and equal. In our minds, in our bodies, in our beings. We are existence, all the crap, all the bad, all the horrors it is me. All the potential, all the expression, all the knowledge, skills, abilities, strengths is as much as me as anything else is.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Our Money

I am willing to just have enough. I am willing to just have the things I need and just a little extra for things I don't need. When I look across the wealthy countries of the World: Japan, Singapore, Canada, United States, Europe, Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom, and many more, there is a desire for a lifestyle that is much more than just what you need. A great consumption of desires. This is a problem. Because you are the problem. Money is ubiquitous, which means that it can be used to support others, to support life, to support All Life, this entire Earth. And its not about the money, its about your decision. It is about who you are. Money just reflects You and your choice.

So we don't need some technological revolution. We don't need self-driving cars. We don't need a new energy revolution, a new advancement that saves our ass. We just need to change. Because we have everything we need right now, right here.

I propose everyone that is already ready to Live a Life for everyone, for what's best for all to realize that once your needs are met, that you are fine, that you have what you need. Your needs are things like food and water. And if you provide your needs directly or you help others to provide their needs and they help provide your needs that this is already what is happening today in our system, except only Some or a Few people are doing this. And that there are also Many people that are living in poverty because they provide what you need at a poverty wage. Realize that once you have your needs met you are already living like a king. We can create a new way of living where those that are ready each take on One Need that they provide for everyone, whether it be food like growing food on a farm, or working to purify water and collect water. And instead of relying on money, we create an alliance, an agreement that we provide food and water to each other. That we build a society based on these individuals businesses that focus on our needs.

Anything extra we can either sell back into the world system or donate it to those need it and are not yet part of our alliance/agreement. This is not about being 100% cut off from the world system and not deal with money at all. It is about being flexible and creating the space, where for those who are ready their needs can be met with security, unconditionally as long as they also do their part. Because life is about work. Working for each other, with each other, side by side each other. The idea of some utopia where robots do all the work and you doing nothing is just fantasy, just some cop-out.

The purpose of this is making sure that everyone who is ready to have their needs met, can do so, without needing to work in jobs that provide no purpose. Where competition for jobs is not an issue, because having surplus workers means a job just gets done faster. Its crazy that having unemployed people is a problem, because having more people maintain the same farm that already provide food for everyone means that there are more people to do the work! I mean how is this common sense missed!?

To do what I am saying will take money initially. It will take money to buy the land, set up the businesses, buy the equipment, pay for all your needs until its set up, but it can start somewhere. We can have farms and we can have local businesses, whether it be clothes, or mehanics, whatever, as long as we focus on our needs. Because things like alcohol, entertainment, is a waste of time while our needs are not secured, a guarantee at this point. That is what the elite of this world do, they waste their money on alcohol and entertainment.

So just consider this idea. And consider what you spend your money on.