Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day 53: We are the Environment

So continuing with the discussion of what is best for all...
         I was looking at this situation, there is a being who is in this world with many other beings. This world is here, its stable from a rule based perspective. Physics describe the physical rules. There are many many different stable relationships in the physical and many different substances and interactions that occur in predictable fashions. I made a comment or claim to another being once that humans should aspire to be like a tree. I mean this in the sense that humans learn commitment and stability. Trees are committed to living in a way to simultaneously support themselves and the environment around them. They are clear in who they are, and trees together have an accumulative effect that support life and the environment. You see, without the environment humans would be nothing, life would be nothing. The environment is the physical, and it includes nature, and the animal kingdom. The environment is life, or has the potential for life in the case of the humans. Humans must become life trees, they must become one with the environment and join with the environment, in living by the principle of simultaneously supporting themselves and the environment, cause you see that really we are our environment. We are the food we eat, we are the air we breathe, we are the dirt beneath our feet/legs/butt. We are our butt.
         And so, by living like trees, we realize who we really are, meaning that we become ourselves that we have separated ourselves from, and so finally reaching a satisfaction and enjoyment that we have yet to know in this one life fully. The trees breathe. And so we must give to life with our breaths, and the human breath includes the human word. We must speak always what is best for all, and so we feed life with our words. We must instigate change within ourselves and in each other. We must stand within and without, unyielding. We must stand as who we are as living trees, living a life equal to the value of our shit, our dirt, our air, our plants, and realize that you cannot own self, that we are one and equal as life. It is the most natural thing that exists, yourself. No control, no slavery, just oneness and equality. 

Until next time...

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day 52: The Environment that is Best For All

As a student who was intensely interested in Behaviorism (a.k.a. Learning), I was surprised that the other disciplines in psychology fell prey to unsubstantiated theories and claims that lacked physical/behavioral evidence. This is a discussion I will have throughout my blogs, right now, however, I will focus on laying down the foundations for how the environment plays it role with allowing/supporting/strengthening What is Best For All.
          Im going to jump into this discussion with something that was brought up in my psychopathology class. It has been documented in cross-cultural psychopathology studies, how social realms such as hunger, work, divorce/marriage, and poverty, contribute to mental disease, as defined by the DSM. I believe to remember that they referred to Anxiety as the main mental diseases that they found. So, as someone who is currently considering how the environment contributes to what is best for all, it seems plain that having wealth and stable relationships lead to a satisfactorily life. These are environmental factors because they exist outside of us. We can physically change the external environment for ourselves and others. Is this not true? Granted it would take time and effort, though the Industrial Revolution, and the Empire of the US was not built through imagination, rather, it was built through blood, sweat, and tears (mostly blood). Returning to the point of the environment, Behaviorists would like us to believe (probably some, not all) that the environment determines the individual. Let us assume this to be true, so what does this reveal about our world? That who we are, are but a reaction to our environment. What determines which reaction do we take, among possible reactions? The answer could be genes, genetics, though it seems to be something there already. From my background in learning, well, Learning determines some of our responses/reactions. There is classical conditioning, where we associate future events with a signal, and respond as if that future event were here upon presentation of the signal. Also, there is operant conditioning where we do everything we can to achieve that which we find good/pleasurable/positive, and also do everything we can to avoid everything that leads to bad/harmful/negative. There is also other responses that appear automatic, such as learned helplessness which occurs when there is NOTHING you can do to prevent a bad/harmful/negative consequence.

            The two types of learning, mentioned here, lend themselves to the environment. For classical conditioning to occur, a signal must immediately precede an event that the organism has a innate response to. For operant conditioning to occur, the good/positive and bad/negative must be reliably given in response to a behavior. For learned helplessness, negative/bad is given independent of the behavior of the organism. So the environment (signal, event, good/positive, and bad/negative) has an effect on the organism. This effect will affect organisms whether the environment is orchestrated by someone or whether it is not manipulated by humans. For example, these learning styles have been found at various levels (e.g. cells, organs) and across many species. I read a paper where they were using Taste Aversion, a variant of classical conditioning, to teach a certain species of Fox in Australia to avoid eating poisonous frogs that had invaded the country. Similarly, we must try to create outcomes that are best for all, with humans as well as plants and animals in mind. I am only now considering this, there obviously various implications for human's volition, whether it exists, to what degree it exists, and how part of this volition may involve both standing up and preventing such conditioning in ones own life, as well as encouraging it in other domains in one's life. An example where classical conditioning can support us in our lives, with sleep, a friend of mine, who also took Learning, had trouble sleeping and thought it might have been because he was reading on his bed. So he made the commitment to not read on his bed to help him dissociate his bed with reading and mental activity. He reported to me later that it worked. So in this case it is to have certain environment (bed) associated with certain activities (sleep, not reading). In my own life, i believed i had something similar with food, where if i had the same breakfast and lunch for school everyday, my body was well prepared and ready to attenuate to this with the various events that consistently preceded my breakfast and lunch. In other words, having a routine can help your body become familiar with signals that it can use to prepare for eating and other various biological activities (exercise, using toilet). Certainly it would be cool to be completely directive (direct yourself to prepare to eat each time), however this is something that will not happen over night. SO, in the mean time it seems wise to use what learning techniques that body has equipped to find out what will happen, and when this will happen. I have had some cool experiences with this growing up, where having the same classes and routine schedule, i could prepare myself mentally for what was ahead. One other awesome area of psychology that could have various helpful hints and tips for living with the body is found in Memory, which is primarily studied in Cognitive Psychology. I am not an expert of this field, though i know there is a fellow destonian who will have much to share on the topic. For those interested in studying how memory works, i suggest reading online at various free resources. When this friend writes these blogs on Memory, I will let my readers know in my own blog where I will share my own experiences with memory.
That's it for now, the discussion will continue, as always.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day 51: Self-prescribed limits? What is best for all...

           Psychology is the study on the Human. Broadly, this includes the mind, and how the mind connects to behaviors, and how both learning and perceptions occur through the mind. Interestingly enough, the mind has become the sole foundation of what a human being consists of. The belief we are our minds is not explicitly discussed, though, by my observation, it is safely assumed by everyone. Because we humans accept and allow ourselves to exist in such a limited definition of ourselves, then that is what we live, and also what scientists then observe. In general, it is the job of psycho-scientists to discover the principles that Humanity is living by currently. It is essentially blasphemy in the world of empirical research to prescribe theories onto reality, though this often occurs. When a scientist has studied their area of interest, they usually prescribe solutions that fit within the bounds of society, and constraints of the economy. Scientists are not rebels by heart, and when they are rebellious, well I simply do not know of any, except those who are like entrepreneurs and try to make a business out of their work. On the other end of the spectrum you have philosophy. Philosophers readily prescribe theories, though their words are often too dense to be applied practically.

          Where in society do you find the most prescriptions on living the good life? From my personal experience, prescriptions most often occur in the family, schools and the workplace (i have yet to hold a real job, but i can observe examples in the lives of others). Parents, teachers, and bosses tell us who we should be, and what we should aspire to achieve. This, I have to say, is not inherently wrong, though what is often missed by those who hear my words is that the exact content of the message determines the exact consequences that we as the entire life on this planet will experience throughout time. So if the message is: achieve the highest good, only for yourself... imagine the world as one attempting to live this message. You would have major destruction within a battle for only self pleasure. Now imagine a world living the message of living the highest good for everyone one and equal. In comparison to the last example, in this situation, everyone is taking care of everyone so the highest amount of good is achieved and shared by all. One important good that is often missed in these examples is the immaterial goods. These immaterial goods include the joy of another person's company and conversation, or the peace of mind knowing you children are in a world with minimal dangers, or knowing that any person would be willing to support you if you were in trouble. These immaterial goods have a value that is not quantifiable, and is either existent or not. These particular goods can only be found in a community that truly cares for one another, which could only occur with the message of oneness and equality.
      The message shared by the societies of the world is to achieve the highest good for oneself or one's country, or one's family or one's neighborhood, which almost never includes everyone. Because when you take care of just your family, your country, yourself, or your neighborhood, this will most likely cause abuse. Like fore example, the shoes i bought recently, they are very supportive for my feet, however there is an abuse caused by the material used to build these shoes. The shoes, for one, are not biodegradable and their is no plan on recycling old shoes. The workers who built the shoes could be from Indonesia and may have received a cheap wage. There is also probably a large amount of pollution caused by the production, manufacturing, shipping, and processing of the shoes and its materials. Now, a reader may be thinking, well, there must be something that can be done to stop this. One solution would be to hold all businesses accountable and responsible to ensure the environment is renewed whenever they take a resource for their products. In addition, to ensure a fair income, workers can receive an equal share of profits, replacing their wages. Placing a cap on the amount of profits individuals can earn will ensure several outcomes: healthy competition between companies; prevention of unhealthy compromises in value of products and even moral values; creation of products with greatest lifespan, lowest costs to the environment and people, and happiest workers and consumers. These are all ideas expressed within a new proposition titled Equal Money Capitalism (EMC).

Last note: if you were intrigued by the EMC proposal, have any questions, or want to find out more, there is a blog for the EMC handled by two individuals @

-Oh i just remembered, some rebellious psychologists include those psychiatrists who have spoken out against the drug companies for giving prescriptive drugs at dangerous levels. If you are interested, there is a free documentary on this topic

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Day 50: Science, Media, Knowledge, & Misrepresentations

So in looking at the misrepresentations of science in the media, one thing that is often misunderstood is what psychology actually finds in their studies. A study could, for example, be researching obesity and linking this to depression. They may have 100 people report their weights, and based on some criteria to determine obesity, they link being over the "normal" weight to depression. What does it mean to link or associate or find a correlation. This means their is a signal that connects depression and obesity, which could either be that with more obesity their is greater depression (entails that lower obesity there is less depression) or with less obesity their is greater depression (entailing that with greater obesity there is less depression). Now this is all nice and all, though, however, what REALLY happened, is that a certain number of people showed SOME signs that there were SOME pattern with how depression and obesity occur. This DOES NOT MEAN ANYTHING ELSE. Though the media, and even psychologists themselves, could benefit from a belief that there is SOMETHING HERE.
      There is one saying that Skinner would say, that goes like the Rat is always right. Similar with reality, what is real is always right. That IF YOU FIND something that does not fit your claimed pattern then realize your theory is incorrect, or insufficient to explain the real-ity of things. So for example, if there is one destonian who can direct themselves and not allow depression to occur, simply because it is who they are, then this invalidates general claims of depression that state humans will feel depressed when x happens. THOUGH realize, that what scientists and media are in fact doing is REPORTING how a somewhat pattern people are existing within, of feeling depressed when this thing also happens. So what is the science and media showing, but ourselves? Our limitations, our patterns. Perhaps the only real claim for who we are possibly able to exist as comes from religous arenas, a part from the desteni message of oneness and equality. In christianity you hear of Jesus. Why can't we live and apply as Jesus? So this is a kinda of open-minded thinking, that we call it, when really it is a question that cannot be necessarily answered until we tried everywhich way to see if there is a way to live "as Jesus." Other religions too have "open-minded" ideas and beliefs. It seems to me, that what i am living and applying within the Desteni message, is a personal truth and understanding of who i am. Which you can say every religion, science, and perhaps every person, has tried to answered, or give an answer, who am I? From early on, i knew i had potential. And i see every roadblock has been my own. Now i find myself scared, and in a fright, have diminished myself, to try to protect myself. It feels comfortable to accept my position, to not have to risk anything. But what i am really risking if everything is me? If every person in the world is me? That each person that i talk to, that i am talking to me. That every surface i touch, i am touching me? That each breath i take, is me. If you were to take my awareness and stick it into another body with another person's memories, I would be that person. Is all that separates us from each other, a point of awareness? Then can't we become aware of others and how others experience see things and recognize that they are no more valid than any other experience, that can you take this line of thought further and see that i myself would rather not have a suffering experience, yet this other person is experiencing it, so would I not want to support myself to stop such a suffering experience even though i do not experience directly, yet i know its real. Perhaps one of the greatest evils of our times is relativity or the idea of the matrix, that only my experience are real, and that everyone else is an illusion, that relatively i can exist as more or more special. Herein missing, the possibility that all is equality, and i dare you to consider this, because if you do, the value of this world of equality is so immense that you cannot/dare not turn your back at even the remote possibility that this could be real. For me, even the possibility that everything has an awareness, i cannot disregard that because, if it is true, that everything is aware, than what would that make me, if i am completely disregarding everything? If its not true, i lose nothing, though if it is true, i would be devastated, so i have to see for myself.

I know at the core of who i am that everything is me, that what separates us is but a bit of awareness. That if you took my awareness and place it within anything, i would feel and experience that way according to the rules of that thing. I know i can change the rules, because, apparently, even the rules are aware. There is not one piece, no fabric of existence which is not self, which is not aware, and which is not equal. Even the concept of not equal, makes no sense, from how can you place 'not' in front of a word, and how could that reflect anything, because one is attempting to say X does not exist, yet you are using X in that very sentence. And X really, if not anything, a word/symbol meant to refer to something real/concrete. And are not everything that is real, that we perceive that exist as this entire existence, simply there already and they will never truly be removed from existence. How far does our knowledge go anyway? If we cannot see and study our very words, and use them honestly. Which is why anything that forgets the physical is not real. Which is why things such as anger, jealousy, sadness, happiness, are playing a substantial role in how we forget the physical and why we become unreal, as we start circular arguments that i do X because i am sad/angry/jealous/happy, which is a statement of absolute separation and blatant ignorance. That in reality, you experience something, and you acted as X. That we are the ones who accept and allow both the experiencing and the acting, instead of directing ourselves.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

A statement for Everyone to Read and Live

Why do i want to be good?
Because i fear being bad.
Why do i fear being bad?
I fear being hurt...emotionally.
I really really really want to feel good. 
So, I fear feeling bad... I fear not feeling good. 
SO who i am has been totally structured according to feeling good always and never feeling bad. 
I know this is messed up and will lead to an unsatisfactorially life, because to achieve great things, sometimes you need to invest and choose the more difficult path, as they say. 
If I were to expand and bring everything here, all the future possibilities, who i can be... 
...I see the possibility of standing up from this shit hole i am in,
 and saying no, 
no more, 
this doesn't work, 
we need another way, 
a way that does work, 
in the interest of everyone as equals and one. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day-49: Fears and Justifications?


I notice how I am bashing the president of my college. He is new. He is also very charismatic. I do not trust him because he seems such a nice guy. Because he sees normal. I think its all a sham. It reminds me of myself. I imagine myself screaming like a monster. I am in conflict in whether what I think I am like is how I actually am. I think a lot. Today while I was eating lunch. I had finished eating and I sat to relax. It felt like the first time I have relaxed in years. I forgot about the basic truths I learned from my mom who works with the body in Yoga and maintaining a well-functioning body that is free of pain. There is a balance between work and rest. That one cannot be working and stressing all the time. The body needs to rest and recuperate. Otherwise the body starts accumulating tension. The muscles become contracted, which muscles themselves act in a balance, that when one muscle is active another has to relax. This active is a contraction and this relax is an extension. Stretching helps bring blood in the stretched areas and can relieve pain and unblock muscles through providing the muscle food, essentially, as blood and oxygen. This is why breathing is so important when exercising. I found I was able to do more when I breathed fully and throughout an exercise or yoga session. Similarly when doing school work though, its different. I used to do school work from a very relaxed place. I was able to understand all the material, and remember everything, even my entire day. There was a moment of activation, where I had to work quickly, mostly during a test but also in studying too. I found that if I pushed myself I was able to learn more. Though I first had to empty out fears and relax. Then I would focus on what I had to do and then prepare my body that. So it depended really on what I was required to do. These skills and techniques are good ones. What requires attention is living these methods again, and this time I will decide was is required, why, and to empty out all the old reasons and judgments. And to find out what they were, so they do not manipulate me anymore. 
              So… like the muscles that relaxes, I will extend myself into me, and see the goals I had, and the desires I wanted to accomplish, and see whether they really have any value to give to life. Things like Fame, Romance, do not by themselves give any value or consideration for life. They are in it for Fame for Fame, and Romance for Romance… not even For Self. How sad is that? That there was something inside me that did not even consider myself here, this physical body, and what would happen in the long run. It was very calculating and determined, and clever, though for what? For itself, only? Not even taking into account this body, and only considered this body up until I did not threaten its existence? The mind itself does not want to end itself. I will have to do it. Through taking full responsibility for me, and living without a mind, living here. I notice a pattern of me, to externalize responsibility to others in my world, which is the same as externalizing responsibility to the mind. No matter the situation, no matter who is involved, I must take self-responsibility because I am responsible for myself and what I do and don’t do always, in every moment and any situation I am in. And because I have access to knowledge that can assist and support me and/or others,  I am responsible to use that knowledge to assist me and others wherever possible, taking in consideration of practicality/reality. Like for example, how to care for my body and how to assist myself to work effectively. This involves eating, moving, an awareness a hereness with the movement, the position of the body, the breathing, the planning, the taking consideration of all the variables, to make calculations, and to make informed predictions, and to stick close to the basic truths of reality, how for example we are in limitation, and we must work with limitation, and be humble/honest, that we are responsible for ourselves totally, as well as others. Though others cannot take the position of our self responsibility, neither can they take our responsibility for others. They can individually live this too, though only we can take our positions in living this, and only we decide whether we do it. No one can give this or take this from us, except us. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Day 48- The Principles behind Science, Psychology, and Analytics in general.

So as I have mentioned in a previous post, I took the Learning class, in the spring of 2012 (northern hemisphere, lol). I reviewed the general foundations of Classical (a.k.a. Pavlovian) condition and Operant Conditions. I still have access to my course’s Syllabus. The teacher was one of a kind, and he was very open to ideas as a good scientist should be. The first day of class was about how one error we make is to use a word or definition to describe something and really say nothing at all. It is like a circular argument (if you are familiar with that).
He is angry, because he is aggressive. How do you know he is aggressive? He was angry. And how do you know he was angry? He hit the table, his eyes went wide, his nostrils flared, his voiced raised.
            So, this use of Layman’s words or vocabulary, e.g. aggressive, could have no value. This is a problem, when you use words of no value (in any field im sure). I also illustrated in the above dialog how anger can be defined in various ways, and often it is defined as an observable behavior, e.g. hitting, widening of eyes, flaring nostrils etc… So if you see in the above example how the following holds true:
Anger ---------> Behavior
Aggressive   -------> Behavior
Both Anger and Aggressive are referring to the same observable behavior. It could be the case, however, that perhaps someone sees the behavior says: “this is anger”, and then say that “anger must mean he was aggressive”. Though this last statement says nothing at all, right? The only truly informative statement would be, “he hit the table” or “I believe that hitting the table means he is angry.” The statement “I believe…” can never be true or false, however the statement “he hit the table” can be true or false, in that it did or did not happen that he hit the table. All thoughts, opinions, beliefs, imaginations, can never be true. Statements such as “ I think…” I believe…” “I imagine…” are making a claim about reality, and the Claim can be assessed for reality or truthfulness. (I studied philosophy and logic). All of the Analytical branch of Academics go hand in hand. Analytical philosophy and Science have very similar methods in assessing reality. The main difference is that Science actually tests the reality using objective measurements. Objective is defined as anyone else can take the same measurements or observe the same thing. That it is not limited to only one subject’s (subjective) point of view (Philosophy employs more subjective point of view without verifying with objective measures). Also, what is interesting is that truthfulness of claims depends a great deal on the specificity of the claim. For example, all or every Emerald is green. This statement can be disproved with finding one emerald that is not green, e.g. blue, red. Finding several green emeralds, however can never prove this statement, because there could always be a red or blue emerald, as far as you know. The other common statement is that some emeralds are green. This requires only finding one emerald to prove that at least some emeralds are green. Finding a blue or red emerald does not disprove the statement, because there could always be a green emerald out there. The fact of the matter is, that if you assess your evidence, what you know: there are so many emeralds or things… realize that this is all you know and there could be things you do not know and have not observed. A scientist that will uncover the truth of reality will always test, retest and further find evidence, regardless of his views, opinions or beliefs. The role of money may be perhaps the only reason why science currently fails. The principle of objectivity is there, however the personality of the scientist have been fueled my money as such they are given more power, which leads to inequality, and fuels a belief that some (people/beings) are better than others. Take money out of the picture and you take away fear and insecurity. If you give money to all equally, true science will immediately emerge. This has been my experience both what I have seen in others and in myself. One fear that I have uncovered personally is the fear to go against the grain, to make startling claims I cannot back up, to fear being courageous, to fear saying what I really think, which holding a belief can be cool if you see its only a belief and requires testing.

 I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear failing, and fear having the willingness to risk myself and lose myself through daring myself to present myself for who I am currently, and challenge myself, thus leading to an investigation that will uncover the truth of myself, and who I really am, and even who others are as myself.

I forgive myself as humanity to divide itself so that some parts are better and seen as more important than others, without realizing how seeing is a belief, opinion, or thought and so requires testing to assess the reality, and to as well define what importance is.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to use importance as an excuse to blame humanity, blame plants, blame animals, and to not take responsibility for the destruction and vengeance that we have accepted and allowed to be connected to the definition of the word importance.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not redefine importance to non-energetic terms, that important means I must do more, because I can do more, and to be important means using my power to assist and support all, because I am one part of all, and equally a part.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not realize and understand how belief, opinion, and thought only requires a testing for reality, that there is Nothing inherently wrong with beliefs, opinions, and thoughts, and that they are equal to themselves, that they are only sentence structures that demonstrate a person is making a statement, and this statement can either be true or false as it refers to reality.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to miss Reality within all of this thinking, and worrying, and fear I have experienced my Whole life.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to miss a simplicity that I have known perhaps only in childhood, that requires myself to live again as an active participant as simplicity.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to “give up” (you never really give it up, it is always here) the basic truths that I have kept close to my heart, so to speak, of who we are, what we are capable of (everything) and what will make us actually happy, instead of this fake happiness that only lasts so long, and also destroys everything.

I commit myself to find myself by risking myself in writing and introspection, and speaking.

I commit myself to stick with the core truths I have uncovered and continue testing them and using them and updating them according to the evidence I receive.

I commit myself to continue washing away all fears and doubts and see how in the past I have stood up from fears through direct participation and breathing.

I realize that happiness and positive feelings will require immense forgiveness, and specificity, equal to the level of forgiveness that is applied for others patterns that are stopped such as fears, and how at the core of each feeling is an emotion, which I notice included sadness in the past, whenever happiness was involved and one technique I used to uncover this was pretending a situation changed such that I was previously happy though now sad, revealing how the mental environment (the mental box) determines the state of the person, and how this is deceptively structured, and no feeling or emotion is really honestly the person himself being here with you and with this reality. Time to step out of the box and into these two feet.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day-47: What is a Desire? How does it relate to who we are? Who have we accepted and allowed ourselves to be in relation to desire?

Who am i if i express according to a desire?
 I am stuck to that desire.

If i desire to follow the mind... i will follow the mind. The moment of stopping following the mind, is also the moment of stopping following the desire, and then you feel this friction, which is a resistance to change (see Physics JTL blog a relevant analytical discussion on inertia and Newtons three Laws). So desires are things we follow.

Can we also live a desire? Does that even make sense? If we are living something, say waking up in the morning and moving with the body in breath, is that a desire? It seems redundant to say i desire to wake up in the morning and move with the body in breath, instead of I wake up in the morning and move with the body in breath, which to me is a complete statement of 'who i am' or who that person is. Would you agree or not agree?

(These are all words of course, though i am using them according to how i have defined them and much if not all of what i know of words have come for society, so i ask you guys who read this to ask yourselves these questions and make your own investigation with the topic under discussion here. )

Desire according to a dictionary for some reference:

desire |dəˈzī(ə)r|
a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen : [with infinitive ] a desire to work in the dirt with your bare hands.
• strong sexual feeling or appetite : they were clinging together in fierce mutual desire.

verb [ trans. ]
strongly wish for or want (something) : he never achieved the status he so desired | [as adj. ] ( desired) it failed to create the desired effect.
• want (someone) sexually : there had been a time, years ago, when he had desired her.

1 they desired peace: want, wish for, long for, yearn for, crave, hanker after, be desperate for, be bent on, covet, aspire to; fancy; informal have a yen for, have a jones for, yen for, hanker after/for.
2 she desired him: be attracted to, lust after, burn for, be infatuated by; informal fancy, have the hots for, have a crush on, be mad about, be crazy about.

So one question we will attempt to answer is, is desire redundant?
So when i desire something i experience an unawareness of what i am actually participating within. It's like i am so fussed up with the desire and actually receiving it, that i am not even here to participate within and as my body within this environment in this moment; i experience less physically and there is less sensation. Moreover there is less awareness of future events, future moments, and future consequences. All that exist is this enraged possession of receiving my precious desire. Rather limiting isn't it? How are your experiences readers?

So, reexamining the initial question that I posed- at this point desire seems like a hindrance to living and functioning optimally with oneself in one's environment. Let's examine this further.

In my experience, when i constantly am going from one desire to the next, i become zombie like that there is only one thing on my mind. I feel dead. My breath becomes shallow. I gain massive inertia, which is the resistance to change (see blog). I Want To Give Up, I Want To Give In, I Want To Not Care Anymore. This Is Too Much, I Cannot Handle This. Leave Me Alone. All I Want Is This. These words are actually defined within desire through the "I want..." phrasing. Since desires are something we follow, then that entails these words have power over oneself as long as one follows them. Without following them then the desires are not influencing reality. Its not that simple though, to really remove these desires requires that oneself can not follow them each time the opportunity arises, that instead self-responsibility is taken, which is still relatively simple. This is part of the ongoing research at Desteni, where thousands of articles for self-study are presented, and several courses have been constructed from to provide greater ease and clarity within how the material is presented in parts. The mind is broken down in detail there.

The general research points to the conclusion that desires, as how we have currently defined them and accepted and allowed them to exist within ourselves and our reality, are not beneficial to life,  everyone, and ourselves. I leave the question remaining whether desires can be redefined, which is something we have to live and prove to ourselves, though this would require an initial stopping of who we are, which is a large enough process itself, so those who are ready, i suggest redefine desires, to support leading a life of dignity and integrity. Desires i notice are often made as a living statement of who we are, which are sometimes made in an unstable way. So i suggest trying the following phrasing/intended meaning, As Who I Am, I Desire to X... (walk, eat, write), and i suggest sticking to practicality with what you can achieve (its cool setting long-term goals), and also I would suggest to practice with immediate things, and always always be aware of what energy is moving within to see whether you are being influenced as who you are through the mind within separation of self. Also all of this is intended within self-responsibility. These words are not magic, lol, and are not to be abused for the purpose of enslaving oneself to the mind. Remember, you do this to yourself. This is also not a substitute for anything, keep walking your processes.

Have Fun

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not question how come i cannot remember these past months of my life, and see how i have been living even today, that this is clearly an indication of participating in the mind that i cannot remember, which for me is obvious that really i am not willing to remember, indicating fear, that memory is here as me, which lead me to question whether every instance where i forget something, it is due to a suppression, and unwillingness to remember what occurred for a particular reason.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear fear, without firstly being aware of the fear.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear being afraid of what i fear.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to choose the easy route, where i remained unquestioning because i was too afraid, which even the phrase "because i was too afraid" is deceptive that i place who i am, within fear, that i somehow grant this thing as more responsible within directing my life.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to remain a slave to fear.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not realize that i am the only one enslaving myself.
I commit myself to stand up within realizing i am self-responsible for myself, and all that occurs within me, which include fear, and the decision to live my life.

Day-46: Seeing Reality without individualized beliefs, possible or not possible?


The belief that our view is just as valid as anyone else’s view is inherently mistaken and therefore evil. The only real acceptable view is everyone’s view, that is, looking and checking every single perspective of each and everything that exists, from rocks, to trees, bugs, dead people, people, everyone. Because we cannot see things from plants views, this view will be imperfect. However this is the only real view, true view, that is what is common to all, is what is real, and the views of everyone taken together reveals the reality of everything. This is commonsense. It is not commonsense to believe that my individual view is equal to the view of everyone such that I can claim that my view is just as true so im going to now use my views as the basis to determine what reality is and consists of… this is not commonsense. Thus the only acceptable view is the view of everyone everything, all views taken together as one, that all perspectives and points of view are seen, and included in the equation of assessing what is real. As a practical example, beings who think starvation is ok, and beings who are actually experiencing starvation, you can see starvation is in fact not ok, just see this from the eyes of a starving person, simple. Same with any situation, or question on reality. Living and applying this view which is the view of everyone, is literally living from the starting point of reality. This can be the only way to see reality, through the eyes of everything/everyone. Time to let go of individual beliefs and start  seeing. Be nothing. See who you are, really, without the limitation of individualized beliefs and see. Where no emotion exist, no feeling exist, just the physical. If you apply this view of everything you will see that the physical remains as what is real and valid assessment of reality. That you can see into the future how things will be given you live in a certain way, and you can see how in the past you are responsible for yourself in ways you may not have ever considered, beyond what was thought believable and acceptable. We are responsible for this reality in its entirety, I suggest checking this yourself, using the view of everyone, see how you have accepted and allowed reality within your living, this reality which is currently despicable through our permission (mission:chasing our dreams without regard on who we step on-mission to the moon, lets walk over everyone!) Also see that we are responsible for all future living and creation or lack thereof, so I suggest taking this chance to walk and recreate yourself within this understanding of reality, which is rather simple when you apply it.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to remain in separation of reality through my accepted and allowed beliefs to rule me and blind me to the experience of others beings, because I was pursuing my self-interest and comforts, that I have given value to and fear losing, without realizing how even many of my comforts are leading to direct harm to other beings, which is amazing to realize when one stops and consider the history of things.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to crawl into a cave in my mind, because I was too afraid to face the reality, that it all seemed too much, and I cannot face this consequence, which I felt guilty for.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not question how come I am following my own beliefs and my own mind when I know that it is limited and is not directly given an accurate assessment of reality, and not ask, why not simply use everyone and everything to see reality?
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear giving up ego, and the chance for happiness in the only way I have known to define and experience happiness, without considering that maybe there is a happiness within knowing reality within working with what is real since I am no longer limited and have a chance to get to know myself really beyond the box of my mind, and how also the phrase think outside the box requires to actually to ask these fundamental questions, and apply the view of everyone/everything (which is outside the box of the mind), as a way to assess reality, for real to reach a proper conclusion not based on our biases, our hopes, dreams, desires, fancies, beliefs, fears, worries, doubts (all within a small box in the mind), and rather instead be something tangible and real.
Also I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not question that how can I be a real person if I can’t even question myself, if I cannot see beyond myself, I cannot go to the point of assessing reality from everyone’s perspective. That, how can I be in anyway real if I cannot simply do this, and see this, which is simple, it is a seeing from everyone and everything’s perspective, and simply a stopping of valuing the thoughts in my mind, and my beliefs as these all-knowing things, which they are obviously not accurate once I see reality from the reality view of everyone.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to within saying “how can I be a real person if I cannot even question myself” to have this immediate reaction of fear and resisting this obvious commonsense statement, indicating how I have programmed myself in my life according to feelings and programs that scream and shout for my attention, when all I have to do is to ignore them and they lose any real concern that I once had for them, indicating both the extent of the “problem” and the solution of firstly stopping following thoughts, and start seeing reality.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to within saying “how can I be a real person if I cannot even question myself” to react in fear of losing myself.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe I can lose myself.
I commit myself to remind myself constantly that this reality is what is real and I can see this through considering the view/perspective of everyone/everything, until I am living this as within my reality thoroughly that I never place my own subjective beliefs onto reality, that I assess reality always through all angles and perspectives, within this really living the statements, working within limitation, and doing what is best for all within limitation.