Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Day 52 The Importance of an Education

Education is important. No doubt. Yet there are doubters. But what is education? For me I have only recently come to appreciate and, see from an new perspective, Education and what it is. There are a number of topics that I can cover, I will try to cover them all.

Education is a word. I can reflect that it is a word. I can recall and remember all the ways this one word can be used. It is connected in my brain to these word possibilities: School, College, University, classes, subjects, math, history, science, literature, teachers, nature vs. nurture, experience, skill, self-taught, questioning, curiosity, truth, honesty, objective, unbiased, arguments, thesis, question, hypothesis, nature, the earth, reality, morality, ethics, best for all, understanding, learning, open.

The fact that I connect all these words to the word education is proof that I have a deep, rich, complex education, that is aligned not with fantasy, manipulation, or lies. For some people, education is about such things, it is about power, control, dominance, destruction, self-serving. Yet not me.

Education, as who I am, as what I have lived, requires taking all sides and all perspectives, and being see through those lenses. Because the truth should be able to be questioned, and proven with a sound method or test. Otherwise its not truth, its opinion.

What is interesting is that if the method is sound and reliable, then when you test something you should get information that reflects what you are testing. To understand this and the importance of this requires learning and exposing yourself to Science, to Math, to history, philosophy, literature, in order to have an array of tools and experiences that allow you to see and work with what is here and create better things.

Something that is equally important is spending time connecting with that part of you that is connected to everything and everyone. That requires meditation, reflection, and looking.

Education is about truth, its about reality, its about all of us. Its not opinion, or belief. Yet it involves listening to the opinions and beliefs, hearing them out, and finding a way to navigate to the truth. Because before something is seen as true it is regarded as unknown. You don't know something until you know it.

An education can never harm you. The deeper you go, the better off you will be, and the more you can do for others and yourself. 

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Day 51 Entertainment in the Head

There is an entertainment going on and its not centered in Hollywood California, or Nashville, Tennessee, or Bollywood, or in the internet. It is actually found pretty much everywhere across the globe. It is in our heads, the heads of people.

There is an entertainment happening that is cannot be matched by all the executive studios, producers, actors, singers, comedians around the world combined. It is the form entertainment that we have created with our minds and only we can stop it.

With our heads, our minds, we can create amazing highs, higher than all the drugs. We create these highs and we stay in them. You cannot fight these highs, because entertainment thrives off of conflict. You see it across all the movies and tv shows, all books, songs, stories, games... without conflict they couldn't exist, it wouldn't be called a story. Drama depends on conflict. And Life is destroyed through/from conflict.

An existence, a human population that lives off of Entertainment, within it, as it, will lead to the end of all life eventually. The form of entertainment that we know of on Earth requires conflict.

Like I said, you cannot fight it, because fighting it Feeds it, it is conflict. So how do you stop a war/fight without fighting it? How do you change without fighting yourself?

You have to stop the conflict within YOU. What is the very essence/experience of conflict? Emotions and Feelings. Hate, anger, love, fear, jealousy, revenge, happiness, joy, triumph, victory, gusto, freedom! If there are no emotions and feelings within you how can there be conflict? If you don't feel anything, how can you fight?

This is the one thing we dare NEVER to do, to actually STOP all emotions and feelings. Even though it is certain that they are leading to conflict and that it will lead to the end of all life, we still wouldn't dare to STOP. Yet, it is the one thing that can change everything and save everyone. How dramatic are we?

We would cry and plead, beg for another way, we would fight and argue, resist until the very end, before we stop all emotions and feelings.  We will defend our right, our choice to feel, saying this is right, and natural and to stop them would become inhuman and robotic and evil. We would even dare to say that we would suicide and take our own life if we didn't have emotions and feelings. We say this because apparently we are experts and know EVERYTHING. Really?

Did you know about all the physical horrors happening in the name of entertainment? Do you know all the conflicts and wars that continue based on what people Feel? Do you know what it would be like if we all dropped and stopped emotions and feelings? Do you know what it would be like to have heaven on earth and real peace on earth, where all are treated as equals, and as one people, one life?

I said before, "the form of entertainment we know of on Earth." I said this because this has been our Form of Entertainment that we have lived, and definition that we accepted. So why not create a new form? Why not create a new definition? One that is not based in conflict, in destruction. One that is not based in Emotion, in Feeling. What would that look like and be like? It would be physically based, oneness and equality based, it would be eternal and stable, and it would be equally accessible and available at all times, and free.  It would be Me, within me, as me,  throughout me, permeating me, brought forth from me, through me, and so ME. So it would no longer be Entertainment in the Head, or entertainment based on emotions and feelings, but it would be Entertainment As Me.

In case you are looking for a loophole where you live entertainment as emotions and feelings, understand this, that emotions and feelings exist in SEPARATION of you. You DO NOT control it. And it exists within POLARITY, so it is always in a flux of CONFLICT. Good requires BAD. It exists as something independent and separate from you, YET it requires your participation and attention. And it exists living OFF of the very substance of YOU/ME. So YOU have the power to stop it. Over time it will drain your body and kill you anyway. The very nature of it is conflict and destruction, and it is what you have accepted and allowed yourself to be and all of existence to be. It reflects what you have accepted and allowed. Hence, you are already Living Entertainment as ME as Emotions and Feelings, except its more like you are the Living DEAD, living as emotions and feelings. Get it? Zombies! haha!

So the living dead as emotions and feelings and living a word like entertainment as me, NOT THE SAME.

I could try to explain what it would be like to live Entertainment as me, but as long as you look through the glasses of emotions and feelings, you won't be able to understand. Because I have already described the essence of it. There may be a very small part within you that understands, that may remember a short moment in your life where it was like that or similar to that. Otherwise you will need to first walk the path of stopping emotions and feelings, including your thoughts, before you get to that point of creating Entertainment as you as an expression from you. It is you.

Much more can be learned, read and applied from www.desteni.org

Friday, October 20, 2017

Day 50 The word Family: Changing Freedom to Accountability

What is held within the word family? What is the information that we carry within from our life experience that is stored within the word family? Your Life Experience, this Word, the Information, all of it will be activated and lived/possessed when it is turned on. The word is turned on with the proper triggers.

Your family will always be your family. When you compare how you behave, what you physically say, how you sound when you are speaking as and within the word Family, to when you are not, there is a difference.

When you meet a stranger, when you meet someone for the first time, there is much respect and civility. How come with the people we have known the longest, our family, can the really worst of us, the really evil of us can exist? Maybe its because we have defined our family as always being our family, and that no matter what we say or do to them, or they unto us, that they will always be our family, so it is okay, because they love you DEEP down.

When it comes to family programming, it is like the Pure Freedom to do or say whatever you want. So what do we choose to do with ultimate freedom without consequences? We say some very rude things, attackative things, we make each other cry, we yell, shout, we emotionally manipulate, we get defensive, we get angry. We KNOW that this would be unacceptable in any other context, so why with Family? Perhaps this is who we have accepted and allowed us to be. And like I said, there is no consequence and you are free to choose or say whatever you want, because they are your family. So this is what we do with ultimate free choice situation.

One important dimension to look at with the Family context and Family word is the sense of pleasure, and feeling of freedom, and feeling of power. When we say horrid things to each other and yell at each other in family situations, we love it. There is that dimension within us. It is interesting what we do with free choice and freedom from accountability.

Because our minds function within polarity, when switch the roles between victim and abuser in the family context, where we allow the abuse, the yelling and shouting unto us because we continuously accept and allow the dimension of being the abuser within us. Every victim equally carries the abuser signature. One would need to let go of both at the same time in order to really change.

What is interesting is how young adults and teenagers seek to leave the family and find their own group of friends and people who can be their own family by choice. I have observed within me and my life that the multiple times I have done this, that my programming inside the word Family would activate. Where with my NEW family, I would act and behave in the same way as both abuser and victim. And the other people were also living their own programming. The signature for this includes the Immense feeling of FREEDOM and Acceptance, which is the freedom from accountability, freedom to do or say anything onto others, and freedom to abuse.

When a person, like myself, starts a relationship with one other person, a romantic one, initially it will be very positive and good, and over time it will turn sour. It may take a very long time for it to turn sour. We may even get married or have kids. But at some point the family programming will rear its head. Everything that a person has lived, such as myself, and the information that is stored within the word family will   be activated within them. It never goes away, unless really removed. So that is how it is possible to start a new relationship and new family and it all being positive at first, and yet we become exactly like our parents and all the problems and fighting and arguing and attacking resurfaces. That information is only allowed to surface when you KNOW that you have someone else TRAPPED or they AGREE to be like a FAMILY with you.

The information, the LIVING information that is within us, that is stored within the word family can be changed. It is the sins of the Father as spoken in the bible. It has been passed onto generation after generation. Attacking your family doesn't change the information, because that is the information, you will know this if you read carefully my words. The thing is that we have plenty of examples where we behave with respect, kindness, and regard. So its not impossible.

How to go about changing the information within us? Part of it involves owning up to what we have done to other people which happen to be family members. They are equally people. So self-forgiveness is needed for all of the horrid things you have said and done to them. From there a commit to change will help. At the same time we must be able to face our own victimization. This includes self-forgiving the blame onto others. With ultimate freedom, we place all our accountability onto the Family. So to change we reverse that flow of accountability from them to ourselves. Through this process we change. So we change Freedom to Accountability.


Thursday, October 19, 2017

Day 49 The Family Construct

When two people come together to start a family, their relationship as a couple while raising their kids is imprinted and transferred into their children. This is what I will be describing today. In past blogs I have analyzed described how parents imprint themselves onto their kids, but this was in the context of the parents as Individuals. Today, I am specifically looking at the Relationship of the parents, and how that imprints onto the children. Looking at this specific dimensions yields new insights onto this subject.

In the general knowledge and beliefs people have, I have observed people saying that its important that a child's parents stay married and divorce causes harm. I have also heard about research studies looking at fighting, and yelling and general abusive environment and how that also harms the child emotionally, and mentally, affecting their development.

Within my own self-work, through the desteni tools, I focus primarily on helping myself to transcend patterns, constructs, habits, personality points that were learned across my life, which includes today's topic. What I have seen and will be sharing is how the specific relationship the parents (patterns) had with each other was transferred into the children and affects the Self-relationship, using myself as the case study example. I invite you to self-reflect into your own experience and dig deep to uncover the suppressed memories you have.

So, we start. Imagine if your parent's relationship is an entity. Imagine if there would be some creature, or some, image that would represent the relationship of your parents. What would that be? I say this because when two people come together (no matter who they are) and they form/create a family, those two people, in many ways, become like one person. That one person is the relationship. If you are having trouble understanding consider this situation. Remember the times you have seen a couple. When you see two people in a romantic/partner relationship it is as if they are one person, or they are somehow different than they normally are apart. There is something there that is unique and can be distinguished. It is very clear that those two people are in a relationship with each other.

Looking at my example here. I have clear memories of my parents where they were happy with each other, and also clear memories of when they were mad at each other. I have clear memories when they would insult each other, be mean, yell and get angry. I can remember them being clearly annoyed with each other. Seeing this Taught me that it is okay to be mad at someone and argue with them, and insult them because you still love each other.

I expect the same can be said for many other parents around the world. Now, this is actually a bad lesson to learn. Because it is a lesson to accept and allow abuse, and insults, and fighting. What makes all of these things okay is Love. So the children, including me, would  accept the exact same standards and treatment from others, as long as they love you (some of the time).

Growing up within the family, us children received the imprint of our parents relationship onto us, just like children all across the world with their own family. What is interesting that I observed is how when the family is by itself, away from strangers, we act and behave much differently. In front of non-family members we would be very polite and nice, but as soon as we were alone we wouldn't hesitate in saying something mean or insulting, annoying each other etc... I can see the same across my individual family members that when they are with their own friends or out in work, they are professional and well-behaved, but as soon as they are alone with family they change their attitudes.

Looking at myself, when I would share and open up myself, what I see about the world with friends or strangers I would most often be treated with respect and be heard with common decency. Though when I do the same with family most of the time it is something dismissal, aggressive or something mean.

Within myself and within my thoughts I can see the family construct which is the complete assimilation of the relationship of the family members which originate from the relationship of the parents or primary caregivers. This has an affect on the self-relationship. It fuels thoughts that are self-demeaning, self-deprecating, self-insulting, self-attacking, and self-destructive. This can be described as the very essence of the relationship the parents had throughout time.

Through the Desteni tools I can remove this from myself. It is essentially removing the entire relationship the parents had as a memory imprint on your relationship with yourself, how you view yourself, how you speak to yourself in your head, and how you treat yourself in daily life. This in turn changes how you affect, treat, and speak to others.

Throughout time we have made it okay to insult each other, fight, argue, yell and be mean. We made it okay, in the name of Love. But it doesn't have to be that way. You can have a relationship with someone else where there is no fighting, no yelling, no arguing, no insulting, and not being mean. We actually do it all the time when meeting someone new, and making friends, and even initially in relationships. But what we haven't done is stop accepting and allowing all the bad things that arise through time.

So study the desteni tools, like self-forgiveness so you can start releasing the patterns and constructs within you. 

Its important to do this so that one day when you have a family that the relationship you have with your partner will be a shining example for your new family. Through this way we can change the world, through changing ourselves, and so the life of the future generations.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Day 47 What if things were different?

Oneness and Equality means that you are willing to do anything for the whole. You are willing to give up privileges, rights, if these things stand in a way of what is best for all. You are willing to follow rules and laws if these support what is best for all. You are willing to give up guns, drugs, alcohol, sex, freedom if it meant what is best for all. You have to consider the relativity of things.

Relative this. Right now the world has seen incredible expansion and growth. If oil/gasoline was never discovered, we wouldn't have all that the richest 50% has access to on planet earth. Do you know what oil and gasoline is? It is the living body, the living tissue of plants and animals that has been stewing for a fucking long time. It is a very Condensed form of energy that humans just found. But it took a fucking long time to create. So you do the math.

Things are relative. Freedoms are relative. They are relative to what our economic luxury and our environment has to offer. Humans are so completely dependent on their environment. If oil and gas didn't exist, would we be "advanced?"

It is possible to live in a world where humans watch out for each other as equals, even with no technology, including gas and oil. But we are not yet That. Our environment does not make us advance as people. It gives us advanced tools, but it doesn't make us advanced as individuals. There is a spirit that exists, which cannot be tamed or commanded. That spirit is oneness and equality, and it runs this existence.

Everywhere you see and look its there. It binds us together, and binds this physical reality together. Its presence can be felt everywhere. It is the very fabric of reality. And if we were to align to it, oneness and equality, we would become perfect in every way. We would be willing to give up anything/everything, if it meant what is best for all. We would be willing to give up ego, desire, lust, fear, revenge, hate, separation, beliefs. Anything. You see, we don't Need a personality. We don't need a self-definition. We already exist outside of what we think we are. We are not a thought.

When you look upon the face of an individual, do you see the entire reality one and equal, or do you see what you think?

The most valuable is not known and it is overlooked, but its right here, always. You will find it in the very depths of yourself.

Visit Desteni.org the tools are shown there. Its free. For questions ask on the forum.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Day 46 The STRUGGLE: Power over Others, or Power over Myself?

There is a struggle within oneself. The struggle is for power. But we incorrectly place  power over others as more important then power over ourselves. What is power over self?

Power ove Self is being able to stop what you are feeling, what you are thinking, and reacting within yourself. It is the domain of your body. That is what you have power over.

How we are currently existing as Humanity, as all people is that we don't have power over ourselves and so we seek power over others. Why? We are seeking power over others because we are not giving ourselves the power over ourselves, which is our birthright.

To exist, you have the right to have power over your self, your thoughts, what you feel, your backchat, your reactions. And if we don't stand within our birthright, we are standing outside of what is right for ourselves, so we feel wrong and inadequate and weak and we are seeking for someone else that we may either control with power or that can control us with power.

When we seek power over others, there are two ways. The obvious way is by attacking others, fighting them, resisting them, getting them to feel things, manipulating them, gossiping behind their backs, insulting them, make snide remarks, making them cry, bullying them, hurting them, and even killing them. This is how war starts. All because we didn't stand within our OWN power, the power over Self, which is individual, and doesn't belong to anyone else.

The other, less obvious, way that we seek power over others, is actually to not have any power, but to be directed by others, to be the victim, to let someone else tell you who you are, how to be, which includes insulting you, gossiping about you, lying to you, bullying you and hurting you. You BELIEVE what they say. That is actually a way you seek to have power over others. It's odd, yes. But its true, only because we are doing it and those are our two choices. Sometimes people do this and be the victim because they REFUSE to be the bully or aggressor and they don't KNOW how to stand within their power yet. This is partially because no one is there to show them the way. I will do my best to show the way today.

So those are the possibilities. How do you live power over yourself? What does that entail? What does that require of you?
It requires that when you have a thought that you stop it. This thought being something that is like an outside voice. It will also include all the gossiping, insulting, and demeaning thoughts within you. Basically, every single time you have ever allowed yourself to react and feel something to what someone said to you, like an insult or them being a bully, or gossiper, that is something you still carry within you and they will form your thoughts. Your mind will repeat them to you, UNTIL you finally stop it and so stand within your OWN power. This power, again, is not about others or changing them. It's not about standing UP to others. It's about standing UP within your own power and stopping all that is harmful, fearful, aggressive, destructive within you, within the space that is you that you are existing here within your body.

Now, standing within your own power will require you to be able to stop the same thoughts, the same emotions, the same energies that you feel, like fear, in the very moments you face the people you have reacted to, which can include when people are reacting with FURY and being Furious and directing it at you, and when people are Annoying, or gossiping or anything else where you are FEELING something about it. What I am saying here is that stopping your thoughts alone is not enough, you actually need to be able to stand within your power in every situation, including actually facing the situations that you initially reacted to, where you will be able to face a screaming and angry person and not a single inch or iota of you will move WITHIN YOU, and IF it does move, then you IMMEDIATELY stop it from moving. So you are constantly stopping any movement, which can include fear for example. This is what it means to have power over you. And it has nothing to do with the other person, because you CAN and DO have power over you to stop what you are feeling in the moment. Even in the face of yelling, bullying, threats, gossip etc...

Standing within our own power, EACH of us, THAT is our birthright, that is who we are supposed to be, and we can ALL be that. Standing in that shoes and in ourselves like that, means we put an end to all war, all victimization, all attacks, all gossip and all bullying. That is what it means to stand within our own power, the power of and over self. Because the secret is that we all feel powerless. We all lack power. We feel it. And so this is the solution, this is how you LIVE power.

If you don't apply this, if you don't live power, what will happen is this cycle which we have been living for eons. You will be a victim, someone will say or do something, then you will use that as a justification to do the same unto them or someone else that is like them. This other person will feel the same way as you did, a victim, and they will do the same as you and the first person did, to take vengeance, and harm another, with Justice!

So if you want real justice, take a look in the mirror, and take responsibility for yourself. You can end the cycle of war and abuse. Once and for all.

Plus, at the end of this, you will have REAL power, you will actually have Power over and of yourself. You will be able to create yourself and create Life. Don't you want that?

Study Desteni, take the courses, learn how to apply self-forgiveness, practice it. This is where it all starts. If you have followed my blog you have seen its a long journey. Be patient, be persistent, and see this through. Slow and Steady wins the race! www.Desteni.org

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Living my only Desire

My only desire to for there to BE people that are best for all, best for all life. So how can I make there be? By making it, by creating it. Making and creating takes time.

I live in a world where my time is dependent on money. If I have none, my time is up. So I need money. If I go for a career that is well secured, has a long future, that is stable, that pays well, then I should do that. If I don't I will have a mediocre job that is not secure, unsure future, unstable, doesn't pay well and I wouldn't have the time anyway to create or make anything.

Within having a stable career I will have SOME time I can dedicate to creating/making people, the future, which is better than NO time, and it will be for as long as I live because the work is stable and has a long future. This is the best I can do. If I could have someone PAY for me to be able to create/make the people and the future for the REST of my life I would do it. The same as as I do my career and make money for the rest of my life I will PAY my money to support someone or some people to DO what it is that IIIII would be doing if someone were to PAY for me to do. The reason why is that CREATING and MAKING people that are best for all, is making and creating the only future that matters, and the only thing that matters. These KIND of people are what matters. No other KIND of people matter. The kind of skin color, the kind of language, the kind of education, the kind of country or kind of wealth you are don't matter. What matters is that you are best for all life, because you will protect life, preserve life, enhance life, and care for ALL. No other kind of person matters, none at all.

So that is why I work in stable career. Cause I need money. And so I should go for the most stable career and money, and thereby with what money extra I have I can be financing or paying for the living of someone or some people STABLY with stable income to create/make people that are best for all. And what free time I do have, which I will have some, I will spend time creating such people. The easiest way to create someone to be best for all is to show them how you created yourself to be what is best for all. So you require first walking the path to becoming what is best for all. That's the first thing you must do with the free time you have. What's cool is that as you work and the time you work to make money, you can practice and apply being what is best for all. So you don't only wait to apply best for all in free time. In your free time is where you can delve deeper in writing and investigation and you prepare yourself to apply during your entire day, which includes work time. SO when you work, you are applying what you prepared to do in your free time. So you are always working with what is best for all. Always.

What matters a bit more with free time is when you use that time to help others with their questions and being an example through what you write and share online or share through videos online. Because people need to see you and hear your words and read your words because you are an example to something they have never seen before. That is why free time matters and why it is precious, because you can't earn money so much from such things unless people give it to you directly like donation, which is possible. But again such people need to have free monies to give you, which require them having a good job with good future etc... So that is why for everyone that can get a job/career that is stable and has long future and pays well, to do so, and then use that money to support those who are walking the path of what is best for all, especially those who simply cannot earn the same money, because of some limitations that are outside of their control.

What is best for all is what matters, and it can only manifest in people. People must be the ones that speak, live, and be what is best for all. They are the only ones, so they are the focus. That is our future.

Living the Word Independence, what is it like?

"Only slaves exist within pain and suffering, because they believe themselves to be ‘victim to’ some form of power greater than themselves – and have no resolve to stand up independently, but merely accept and allow the continuation of accepted and allowed pain and suffering."

I am standing up independently. I am learning to apply independence as a LIVING word. I am not trying to live independence through something external, which means I am not trying to find independence through how much money I have, my status, my popularity, being outside of the family home, or anything else that is external. I am learning to live independence as a LIVING word, which means inside my self, my presence, in relationship with myself, how I move, live, and speak. Independence as a living word has nothing to do with what others say, think of me, comment of me, or how they compare themselves to me.

What is it like Living the word Independence as a living word? It is like when I speak or share about something, I don't change or edit what I say based on fear of what others will say to me. So if people were to insult me, become angry at me, yell at me, curse me, I stand independent to that and I speak as myself as independence, which means I speak without being moved by any comment, insult, fear, attack. So I don't allow anything to affect me. When I let, accept and allow, anything that is said to me to affect me, I will carry it around with me until I STOP accepting and allowing it, stop LETTING it continue to affect me. Living Independence as a Living Word is a step further. It is me actually speaking, actually moving, actually sharing myself without movement, without being affected, without reaction.

Living Independence means I am writing my own destiny, I am taking responsibility for my own life and my own life path. Being Independence, in the core of my being and self means that I am not dependent on others to tell me what to do, to influence me into a decision, to decide for me and tell me what is the right path. Living Independence means I take the responsibility for what I speak and do, and decide and have that in no way be determine by the decisions of others, be influenced in anyway by how others want it to be. I am the point that decides, and that decision is not altered emotionally through any form of insults, attacks, words that seek to bring out some form of control over me through some feeling or emotions. Living Independence as a Living Word does require no longer allowing any reaction, any movement within you.

Independence requires me being alone within myself. Like a quiet still lake with no movement. There is no movement of mind, of influence or reaction within me, I am completely still. Within that stillness I am there and there I can live Independence. As soon as there is a ripple in the lake through reaction or influence, my first job is to stop the reaction and influence and reach stillness again. There I can Live Independence. So Independence is about maintaining my inner self through maintenance of the lake. The second step or job is to just live it, make my decisions, move in life, just live normally. That normal living and decisions, big or small, is me living independence as long as I maintain the lake. As soon as I react, I am no longer independent and so become dependent or influenced on some reaction or external influence feeding me information through my emotions and feelings, and so I would be accepting and allowing manipulation. Manipulation cannot happen without my acceptance and allowance. So I must guard the lake, guard my inner self, and so thereby doing I live independence. The stillness is Independence, and Independence is stillness. If you are not still, you are not Independent. If you are not Independent, you are not still.

Speaking from the stillness. Being still, Being still in the body and muscles, where you can see it inside yourself that you are still, that is what Independence is. Like balancing on one foot yet completely still. That is how Independence exists as a Living Word that you can live inside yourself.

The Power of One Lie

One lie has tremendous power. Telling the truth is not about being good. Being Honest is about what is best for all. You wouldn't want to be lied to, so you can't lie to another. If everyone lied, then we wouldn't be able to trust one another.

Lying actually creates an inefficiency, it wastes time. Economically it wastes time, and so effort and so money. Lying is the same as secrets. When we keep secrets we also waste time, and so effort and money. When we refuse to share and open up information we create inefficiency, we waste time, we waste money. When all information is known and shared, when all technology is open and shared, honestly, truthfully than we as a whole progress, we as a whole prosper. 

One lie gives permission to lie all the time. When we deceive, when we hide, when we hoard, when we attack, it creates inefficiency, we waste time, we waste money. If all the competitors shared all their knowledge, all their technology, all their secrets, when everyone spoke the truth of all products, all businesses, all services, where no lie is ever spoken than we SAVE money, and SAVE time, and be efficient and be effective. Because look here, when you buy something you DON"T NEED, because you were lied to, deceived or manipulated through advertisements, through salespeople, through lies than that is a waste of money. When you buy something that is poorly built and breaks quicker, that is a waste of resources and manpower and time that went into making the product, shipping the product, and you buying the product and going back later when it breaks to buy a new one. This is a waste of time, money and power, that could have been used to something else, which could have been anything, including better human life, better our lives, making sure all have access to food, water, and money. Realize that anytime where inefficiency occurs, that that could have been applied within supporting people and supporting life and getting access to their own life and betterment.

So one lie affects everyone, affects this entire reality. One lie matters.

Day 45 I achieved everything I ever desired, and it meant nothing. What now?

Looking back across my life, I have had many desires and dreams fulfilled. I have experience great things.

I have experienced what's its like to be in a relationship. I experienced what its like to have lots of sex. I have experienced what its like to feel so much love. I have experienced what its like to have amazing friends. I have experienced moments of great laughter and fun.

I have also had my dreams fulfilled. I was able to work and do what I really wanted. I was able to do things I have always wanted to be able to do. I have conquered so many fears and limitations.

During the last years I have experienced somethings strange, where it felt like I had done what I always wanted, and that I have no goal to work towards. At the same time, everything that I desired and wanted was false. This including the places I wanted to work. This includes all of my relationships and friendships. None of it was real or lasted. They were all temporary.

Now looking back across my life experience, based on what I know now, what is my choice for what I desire now? What is my choice for what goal I want? My choice will be backed by my life experience.

The only thing that matter is there being people, people that Exist, therefore BEING people that are honest, consistent, unshakeable committed to Integrity, honesty, respect, preservation, enhancement of all forms of Life. I mean, people that are committed to their deaths. People that are the most Committed, most integrity, like impossible to persuade, or change. Who never cheat, manipulate harm at the cost of life. Where what matters is all life. So the real definition and living of GOOD.

The reason why this matters is because of the following. People that are your friends and loved ones, they will screw you and other forms at life, if they are not this. People that are your coworkers and bosses, will screw you and anyone else, if they are not this. Basically, they will leave you. They will harm you and abuse you. And if you are not equally this then you too will do the same to everyone else given the right circumstances and moments.

People that are committed to Life will never change.

You could have all the money in the world, all the tv, movies. drugs, and whatever. People being what is best for all is all that matters. I have experienced everything I ever wanted, and none of it worked out, because people are not being what is best for all. You cannot ever have a successful relationship, job, or fulfilling one if they, including you, are not best for all. It's impossible. You can fake it, and fake appearance, and even be filthy rich, but it won't fulfill you.

This is what I have learned this life so far. Nothing else matters but this.

SO. This is now what I desire and this will be my only desire. It's not about what I receive. Its about what everyone receives. Because all the other wishes and dreams like world peace, and food for everyone and money for everyone, they will all be meaningless in a WORLD with people that are not best for all, that are unshakeable committed, that are Godly in their principles that are trustworthy, honest and completely Good for all. It would be meaningless otherwise. So that is why this is the only point that matters most. Because having anything else yet NOT this would be fruitless.

People that stand for what is best for all will still support having food for all, and money for all etc... and world peace, but the PEOPLE that are what is best for all are the gift. The food, the money and peace are not the gift. It is the people. Because people are the ones that grow food. Because people are the ones that do services and make goods that people buy with money. People are the ones that don't fight and so maintain peace. It is all people.

So the greatest gift and desire you could have is with people being what is best for all. That is what I desire and that is the only thing I desire. I desire nothing else.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Day 44 Letting go the Idea of me, and embracing US

There is so much that we assume it just who we are, and will always be, and is right to be, and best to be. But what about when who you are is not best to be?

When what best best for we, us, all, is in conflict with self, what then?

Learning to let go of Self, in order to step into the shoes of us, we, the all.

We have seen throughout history and movies, where people falsely step into the shoes of what is good for all, or best for all, where they in fact are upholding a definition of self, a point of ego, a point of SELF that must manifest.

What happens when your self, your identity, the definition, and idea of who you are, your self is nothing, disappears?

You are able to see a grander point of view, a more encompassing point of view, the view of all that exists right here. Doing what is best for all that is here, just make sense, because there is no obstacle, no resistance, no idea or belief of self holding you back from doing what is right and best for all.

There is an emotional suffering that is born out of having an idea of self. For example: THEY abused me. THEY harmed me. THEY manipulated me. THEY tricked me. THEY murdered my family. THEY are evil. THEY are horrible people. THEY are wrong. But what happens when you don't exist, when the me doesn't exist? When you are just a person, and they are just a person. Will you do what is best for all? which by definition means, Best for them and you? It seems evidently, yes.

When you no longer have an identity that can be insulted, or verbally abused, you won't take anything personal. When you no longer exist as something that can be called a name, that can be affected by someone else's action, then you are whole, complete, indivisible, and joyful.

Because true joy can only exist when who you are is not determined by anyone else but yourself. When you are the Joy, the Sun, the Light, that can never be darkened, hidden, or made obscure. Then you will know yourself.

You will cease to exist, yet you exist, as something other than what you were. Something strange in a world that is based on action-reaction. If you no longer react, you can no longer be controlled, except by that which you need to survive, which is money, which is why we need a system that ensure money is available to all unconditionally, which is also an idea of US. Because can you embrace the idea of money for all, as long as you hold onto an idea of self that is tied in definition to money? You can't. So to bring about a world that is best for all we need to tackle the very idea of self as it pertains to all aspects of life = money, sex, relationships, food, work, drugs, appearance, personality, etc... And let go. You are not what you think you are. You just are... in a physical body in this physical world, bound by physical laws.

What is scarier? That this reality is really real and no here after to look forward to? Or that everything you think you are, is just something you think? Cause yeah.

Who are you without thought, definition, belief or idea? Without identity, without personality? Are you special? Are you more? Are you an equal?

What would happen if you no longer feared ever again? Would you be better or worse? Are you ready to question?

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Day 43 You will have what you Love

You are in a room, doing something. Someone enters the rooms and yells at you. They are angry. They back you into a corner.

You tell them in a calm voice, you are not allowed to talk to me this way, I need you to calm down and breathe. They refuse to listen. You then repeat, I won't allow you to talk to me this way, I choose to leave. The reason I leave is because being angry, talking like you do, is not best for you and it is not best for me. So it is best for all if I leave, because it may support you to change. So its your choice.

If they choose to change, you stay.
If they choose to stay the same, you leave.

You don't want to leave, because you love where you are. Yet it is best for all that you leave. You are willing to let go everything you love, everything you have for what is best for all.

You could have also chosen to not say anything. You could have stayed quiet and accept it. If you accept it, then you will guarantee your stay, you will have what you love. If you leave, you will lose everything you love.

If you say something, you risk losing everything.

If you don't say anything, nothing will ever change.

You risk everything, in order to give them a chance at change.

The person won't have the opportunity to change, the chance at it, if you are not willing to risk it all.

If they stop their anger, it is best for them, it is best for you, it is best for everyone around them, so it is best for all.

 You are in a room, doing something. Someone enters the rooms and yells at you. They are angry. They back you into a corner.

What do you do?