Wednesday, August 26, 2015

When a thought or opinion becomes your identity 332

Do you hate or love Democrats or Republicans?

Do you hate or love Black people or white people?

Do you hate or love old people or young people?

Do you hate or love family or friends?

Do you hate or love animals, plants or humans?

Do you hate or love yourself, everyone, or no one?

What I have observed is that when you react to what is here, you place yourself in an inferior position to what is here. However if you accept what is here, as what is here, and then live to make what is here better, and into what is best, then you are living a fulfilled life. Therefore you cannot react to what is here. You cannot react to anyone based on political affiliation, race, skin color, your relationship history, being a friend or family member, for being an animal, plant or human. You cannot react even if they have wronged you and are not doing what is best, are not better what is here, and are reacting to what is here. For if you react, you are simply participating in the same thing that they are doing and that which you are reacting about. When will the cycle end?

What is interesting about love and hate is that we have defined it according to our opinion or thought. So whenever we have a positive opinion about something/someone, we call that love. And whenever we have a negative opinion about something/someone, we call that hate. And we usually define one group as the one we love and a different group as one we hate, usually on the basis of a though/opinion that defines such groups in opposition to one another, or in conflict. If you reflect on this point, you will see for yourself.

Identities then, when defined in reaction, or energy, or righteousness, or separation, causes problem. However recognizing who we are here, for what we are, recognizing our life experiences, our skills, hobbies, the life we have lived for what they are, that is cool and necessary because they are here. You can't escape your past. You can only embrace it within understanding, and use it to support you to change what is here, to make a future that you would like to be in. The future I would like to be in is one that everyone is supported and cared for in every way, and so all is happy and satisfied within their lives knowing that they have the support to face all of the challenges life brings. So we work together as one, family or team, as humanity, and the broader group called Life.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Something new or something old?

I am absolutely exhausted, but I have to write this blog right now. So today, I went to the Sunset Sudbury School in Fortlauderdale. When I arrived I had an experience of excitement about facing something new. However, after I left 3 hours later, I realized that this wasn't new, but something old. So my expectations were false. To be in this school and work at this school requires that I access my real self, my old self, who I naturally am completely. Its refreshing and familiar experiencing, I know myself all to well. It's just that I rarely am myself, this old self of mine. In this environment, being my old self is not just a luxurary but a necessity to be at this school and get hired. You see, every person in the school will vote whether I work there. And this includes the children. And I know for a fact children see straight through you.

This means that I get to talk about video games and play videos games with them. That is like a necessary point, that I be myself. Seriously, where in the world can you go to work and be yourself, and talk about video games? So here it is. I will get one shot/chance to be myself and show what I have in common with the people in the school. There is no ONE person that will make the decision to hire you. NOPE. The entire school as one will decide whether to hire you. So essentially I must meet, share and expose myself to the people at the school. And the most number of them are young, like under 10 years old. So I can be myself, my old self.

SO basically this means that I won't be trying to impress an authority figure with things which we shouldn't find impressive. Instead I will be having fun and impressing people in general which things which are fun and impressive for REAL!  So it's the reality shift from what's fake to what's real.

Spark to ignite the flame 330

So when I had a little time today, I decided to sit down and watch tv. Now the first channel that was on was Nickelodeon, and it was the middle of the day, so the programming that was on was a child's tv show. Now it is interesting that we call television shows, tv programming... Do you see? You are being programmed?

So I hated what I saw on tv, and especially what I heard. But this is only because I know better now, however, growing up watching tv, I would watch these types of shows daily hours on end. For some reason I was attracted to this television programming designed for kids. Why? I didn't know. And yet, know as an adult, I can reference the same experience. It still has an effect on me, except now I know better. The main thing I hate about these shows is how it doesn't depict REALITY at all. The way the people act, how they act, how they treat each other, is very obviously insincere and fake, which you can even hear it in the voice. But if you don't have experience in the real world, you can't and won't here that fakeness in the voice, in fact, this is how all adults are speaking to children, especially teachers.

You know that voice. The voice where you go really high, and talk really slow, and talk in such a way that sounds like you are crazy, really. That is so fake, and you are putting on a fake smile. That is not who you are, and you are only putting on that face, to manipulate the child. That's the truth. You don't talk to the children as an equal, and even worse, you are taking advantage of their lack of experience for your benefit. It would be easier for you to have a slave that trusts you and listens to your every word, than to have an equal that question you and ask you, and even point how how and when you are wrong. Though in the long run, you will prefer the option that requires more work, because then you could actually have a real friend and equal helper.

So that is why I hate these shows, because I hate manipulation, and lies, that limit people, especially those that are most vulnerable, and now they are attracted to it. The truth is, that if they have a taste of reality, and sincerity, they will also hate this show and the spell will dissolve. So unbelievably, that only reason why it is working is that all of the children are not getting taste of reality during any part of their daily life. Not in school, not at home, and not anywhere. Can you believe that? That is AMAZING. That we have devised such a society and such a way of treating children in such synchronicity and uniformity that no matter where children go, they are belittle and treated as handicapped and incapable individuals that must be controlled, manipulate, and cajoled into position. And that is 24/7 honey. Any dictator would be proud at the state of control that is widespread. Seriously it takes a lot of work to pull this off. So here's an applause for that.

So, in reality, what it would take to change Reality, would be so little. Just a spark. It's like the change that is possible, is like a stack of desert dry hay. The perfect tinderbox that is ready to just go up in flames. All we need is to open the door ever so slightly, and all the water will burst through. We only need then just a spark, just a little push, that ignites this change in the generations of humanity. It won't take much and will only require a few, in relative to the whole humanity.  

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Your chances will run out. 329

You only have so many chances. You don't get infinite number. Nope. One day, the time in clock will run out. Not only within your physical death, but also within daily life and with people. You only have so many chances, to learn, to do what is best for all. And one day, it will be too late, unless you actually learn and correct yourself. I say this, especially for those that still hold onto the idea that you have until tomorrow to act, live and correct yourself. You don't. You only have right now/here. If you don't correct it here/today, then you won't ever. It's as simple as that. And you only have so many chances to realize that. And one day your chances will run out.

Learn humility, stop fighting. There's no excuses. You have had plenty of chances, and you blew it. And soon, you will blow the biggest mistake. The moment of being the last moment/chance. And you won't see it coming until you have already blown it. So don't wait!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

What you feel about something doesn't matter 328

What you feel about something doesn't matter.

What you feel about yourself... is not real.
What I feel about myself... is not real.

What you feel about trees, cars, dogs, people, doesn't matter.

What you feel about things, is not real.

What is real are the actual physical things that are here, that are in front of you, that you see, hear, touch, smell. That is real. What you feel about what is real, isn't real.

It's like we are confused inside ourselves, where we believe that what we feel and react to and about what is real, makes what we feel and our reactions, real. It doesn't. What you feel about something is simply what you feel about something. It has no reality to it. It is simply reacting to what is here/real.

How you feel about things, doesn't matter. How you feel about things, won't determine or become an action or solution. It is not part of the solution. How you feel about the solution, doesn't make it more of a solution. Taking the action to make a solution happen, is real, and is all that is needed. The added feeling, is an added feeling. It doesn't add to the solution or the actions.

How you feel about the situation, the moment, what is here, doesn't matter. It isn't part of the solution. If you focus on changing how you feel about the situation, then you simply are creating a new feeling. Thus, the situation doesn't change! Instead you can focus on changing the situation. Thus the situation would change!

Thus spending time changing how you feel about a situation, changes nothing! Thus the time spent in how you feel about a situation, is simply a waste of your time.

The more time spent within how you feel about something, including yourself, the more time is wasted, and so the potential of being here with what is real, with what you can see, hear, taste, and be aware of.

If something needs to get done, how you feel about something can only get in the way and limit yourself. Things that need to get done need action, not feelings. Limiting and constricting yourself based on how you feel about something, is a limitation. It is not needed to create a feeling about something in a positive way before you take action.

You cannot find success or results that will be consistent and stand the test of time if you need to feel good about something before you take action to bring about results. You waste so much time and energy within trying to get in the right frame of mind and feeling before feeling right about the situation and the moment before you take action. It's not needed and so a waste of your time and energy.

How you feel about something doesn't matter. How you feel about problems, doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is what is matter, which means physical. Actions, movement. That produce results. Feelings produce nothing but a feeling. You can feel your way out of a problem, or think your way out of a problem through imaginations. The aligned action is what resolves the problems. Doing, acting, is the application of living the solution. Feeling and thinking randomly in reaction is not living the application of the solution.

And finally, whatever you feel about yourself is not real. Good or bad, it is not yourself, it is not YOU, it is a feeling ABOUT you, but it isn't you. It is in reaction to YOU, but its not you. However this feeling is sucking your energy, attention and time, and so is living off of you. So it is within your power to STOP.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Why so guilty? 327

Realigning Guilt.

SO what is interesting that I have observed today is how when I feel guilty, I enter into it completely without question. This means that I feel guilty, and accept the experience, when I do not even know whether I did something or I am doing something that I am feeling guilty for. It is like that when i feel guilty I already accept and believe that I did do that thing, even though I don't know for sure with confidence that I did. So guilt is misaligned within me.

With all honesty I can see that I don't know whether I did this thing that I feel guilty for. Yet I feel guilty all the same and I believe and act like I did do this thing. Why is this?

This is the result of trusting my feeling and following my intuition as a feeling, as a trust for my feeling to have some knowledge or access or awareness outside and above/greater than what is here available to my awareness. Like with tarot card readings, higher guides, psychics, divine beings, spiritually connected people. With such things, they require your belief, faith, and so does this feeling/emotional of guilt, and with your belief and faith you really give up your directive principle within it all. That is how guilt can be so misaligned that I simply and believe it and follow it whenever it happens to come up within me.

A realigned guilt would be one that is connected to me firstly see what I have done, and seeing it as something I cannot accept and allow. However, instead of feeling guilty, upon seeing what I cannot accept and allow, I can instead just perform the necessary actions of correction, now or in the near future, where appropriate to the context. See, what matters is my directive principle within it all. Not my reactions. I don't need guilt to tell me what I am already aware of. You see then, what is the point of any reactions? Since what you react to, is within your potential awareness. You just have to be aware of what is here and direct, simple, no reactions needed.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel guilt as a reaction to what is here, that is potentially within my awareness if I am here, and to trust the feeling of guilt, and so trust my reactions, and so believe that what I am reacting to about myself is true about myself, when it is a thought or belief. How I feel about myself isn't real.

Friday, August 7, 2015

How to be a real friend 326

So how to be a real friend?

So a real friend is someone who will stick by you no matter what. So the question is, how should these two people, these two friends interact. And I mean this is an important question because normally, with normal people, so with most people, you are not and they are not real friends. They won't stick by you no matter what. No that is simply not the case. And so, yes, you have to manipulate, you have to be careful and sly with your words. And too, with a real friend you have to be careful with your words, but in a different way. With a real friend, your words need to be real. With someone who is not a real friends, your words must also be real, but perhaps diluted, as sometimes the realness is too much for them. Let's then ask the question how shall I talk to my friend?

Soooooo.... understand the context, this is a true compradre, a true brothers in arms. ok? They will stick by you. So really, how you should talk is practicality. No bullshit, no emotions, no anger, no righteous. Purely what is best for both of you. You nor them are trying to convince, trick, or manipulate the other. Neither of you pretend to be a victim, or try to snuff the other one out. Now, one clear positive flag is that both of you cut to the chase. You stick to what is important. You also are not arrogant or believe you are right no matter what. You are humble and always keep the door open to your friend. So you are both direct, yet here, because you neither your friend pose a threat, because you are both doing what is best for both of you.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

What money's purpose is 325

So the importance of money. So to illustrate this, I will point to this scene in a 1979 animate movie called Jack Frost. In this scene the poor villagers made their own money, and this helped them as they had no money. All of their money was taken by their ruler. So in this scene this shows how easily one can help themselves by making their own money. As well, the importance of having enough money in circulation among people, which means people must have money for it to circulate.

So really. Money should be available to everyone equally. And this can be seen by the fact that money's only purpose is to make sure that everyone has access to everything. But we humans have ignored and denied this purpose of money. But we can live it again. Money can be created in any moment. Money isn't real in itself. So to say I am a millionaire while there are people who are poor, and believing that is real is an illusion, as money can be erased in a second, and you are living within the denial of other people's access to life and living. This is what this movie illustrate clearly in these few seconds of the scene.

Also, the idea of an interest rate isn't real either. That too is an illusion, and is simply an extension of the same abuse of a millionaire existing where there are people who are poor. Because instead of equalizing the equation, they decide that they will lend their money "at interest" to the people who are already poor, and they pretend that the poor people will ever be able to pay the money back, when they the millionaire hold all the money already. Any money the poor people have will be on debt, which on top of that they have to pay interest. They could have easily made their own money, and live their own way, excluding the one millionaire. This secret is something smart people know. Those who abuse, decide to make sure we all pretend along, playing the game that lending money, and borrowing money, and paying interest, and being poor and being a millionaire is normal. It's not. It's a shame.

One way to start the process of equalizing money for all: Living Income @

Monday, August 3, 2015

Pockets of emotions 324
Pocket full of energy.

So I had a listen to this interview the other day. And the other day, I believe I faced a pocket of energy. So I was within looking at something, a particular topic. It was actually while writing a recent blog. And from this perception, I had like this thought or belief, which I took as true. But now that I slowed it down, it was a pocket of energy or emotion, depression. So it's like, while going through the topics, I happened upon a bump in the road. So it was there, and it was like a pocket in the sense that it is contained, and placed on this topic. It already existed, probably fed and built in the past, and it was simply there is storage, waiting to be faced, or bumped into. So I bumped into. I felt the emotion, and it felt familiar as well, especially when it came to this topic that it connected to. So like how the interview described, it was hanging there, which for me its like a sack hanging from somewhere. So it is connected to this topic.

So just to explain to the reader, that when you are in an emotion, your perception and what you are aware of is distorted, and limited. You do not see the full picture and what little you do see is distorted, and tainted. So for me, now looking at this and what I went through, it is interesting. What I committed myself to do is to watch out for such pockets of energy. Where there will be a moment while I am living and doing things, even looking at things, where I will just come upon a bump in the road, and there will be an energy there. This energy is defined, condensed, held tightly in place and position, and it is ready there, waiting to be bumped into. It will be familiar, and there will be some history to it. So it is to watch out for this. So that I question it, and step out of it, and understand what is going on. So really in one moment to the next, your experience changes completely. It is not so gradual or slow, remember it is there waiting. I didn't feel overwhelmed or powerless. In that moment I didn't know what was going on, and I did believe it was me and my perception. A flag though was that it was a familiar experience, especially when it came to the topic. And the emotion, and the stance I took to the topic was familiar. So I have been in these shoes and in that position before. So I could say there was a level of trust because it was familiar, where I could so easily and readily accept it and go into it. So its my history with it. So that is one thing I can forgive, to trust that which is familiar. Because familiar in itself only means that you have a history. And if you trust what is familiar, then you are only trusting that which has always been in the past, so you are doomed to repeat the past forever. Familiarity, is something I have valued, and trusted. This trust and value is misguided. Real trust and value would exist in something that you see, understand, introspect, dissect, test out, and see for its consistency and reliability, within it serving what is best for all. The statement that this is how things have always been, as a justification or excuse speaks to this point.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to trust that which feels familiar, and so state that I trust the past, and what has always been, and so dooming me to always and only repeat my past, history and what has always been, never in awareness seeing what my history and past is in fact is, before I make any decision. Therefore before you decide you must assess. Trusting on a feeling, is not an assessment, and it would seem ludicrous to call it a decision.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to jeopardize my future, my welling being, the well being and future of everyone around me, through trusting the past, because it feels good, to feel 'familiarity.'

And so, I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear the future, to fear change, to fear making an assessment of the past, of what is here, of a good feeling, to see what is practically best to do here, now and so for the future, for me and everyone.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sharing my Investigations about Anger and Fear 323

Hey everyone, so I have been opening up some really interesting points in the last 24 hours. There is much to share, but lets takes things one by one. So we'll see if we will get to everything today, and if not then tomorrow.

So the topics we will be covering is fear and anger. In my recent blogs I have been covering points where I have been feeling activated, perhaps I should say react-ivated, where I realized I have been in the past years on certain levels of myself in a constant reaction to most and much of my daily life. I can see fear is a subtle and potent point, where once you start out in it, it is hard to stop it. So my investigations in the past 24 hours have covered these points, and now I am ready to share some of what I have found. I figure that we could start with something small, yet an important realization/observation about daily life.

So we'll be looking at anger, and being right. Now, what is interesting that I am observing is this particular perception I have within me, that in some levels of myself, if I were to see someone get angry, let's say between two strangers, one person is very angry at another person, that I would believe and think that the person who is angry was wronged by the other person. So look at this wording here, I bet you may not have seen this before. "The person who is angry was wronged by the other person." This statement is a statement of a victim. Meaning that when a person is angry at another person, they are taking on the role of a victim. In their mind, they are a victim. Have you seen that before?

So I find this a fascinating observation/realization, and when I cross-reference that and compare that the memories I have of instances where I have gotten angry and when others have gotten angry, this seems to be prevalent and common. So the same with me then, when i have gotten angry, I saw myself as being wronged by another person and being a victim. Now for me, the word victim has a picture attached to it in my mind. The picture is of a person who has been hurt, who is soft-spoken, drawn back, and hiding. When you compare that picture to someone who is angry, which would be someone who is in your face, screaming, hot-headed, with steam blowing out of their ears, the pictures don't match. So this is really interesting now.

On a subtler dimension, I see that, yes I would firstly immediately almost instinctively believe that the person who is more angry, is the person who has been wronged, and so they are right. This I see being the case whether I am the one angry or someone else is angry. This means that when I am angry at someone and they are submissive, that I am right. And this means that if someone else is angry at me, and I am submissive, meaning that I am not becoming angry, then they are right.  This explains why that when you see two people arguing both try to become more angry and loud than the other, because all of us believe that whoever gives up first, meaning that they submit, would have lost, and whoever was angry last, or have the last word, that they would win. Can you relate to any of these situations?

So we can boil down the above observations into a statement that we live: whoever is angry is right, or "I am right when I am angry." Now of course when we place it like this, in its true, raw, naked form, yes it is ridiculous, we can see that. However this is what we live and become, so it's to not take this lightly, as it is easy to look from here and see the ridiculousness of it, but in the heat of the moment, will you actually remember this commonsense? That's the challenge here, to remember this and not forget it, so as to stop participation in getting angry, which is nothing but living as a victim.

So what is funny here is that we tend to believe that anger is an empowering experience. However, when we look at it, like we have done here today, we see that it's starting point is one of perceiving oneself as being inferior to a situation or to a person, where you see yourself as a victim. Anger then is an act of someone who is acting within the statement, I am a victim, and so I am right for being in anger. Being a victim then is used as a justification for acting anger. So whether it is being a victim towards the circumstance, situation, people, or environment, it is an disempowering experience, one of helplnessness. Now what is perhaps the most common experience that is disempowering? Did you think of fear?

So fear is disempowering, and perhaps the most common experience. So it shouldn't be a surprise then that from fear, we reach anger. How? So somewhere within fear there is a point of feeling powerless, and this is indicated by the fact that one stays within fear. There is almost like a belief that I can't stop my fear, that my fear is greater than me. Perhaps even a fear of being unable to stop fear. So such a statement/belief means that you are disempowered. This is actually what I found within my investigations. That within me was a statement: I cannot stop this fear. And this statement, I reacted to in fear. This is the point then to transcend. And by transcending this belief that there is fear within you that cannot be stopped, that is somehow greater than you, consequently you will also be preventing anger, as anger rises up from a point of being disempowered, as we have seen here today. So are you ready to stop living as a victim, and step beyond that? Read through the example self-forgiveness on fear and anger found in the links below.

This concludes my blog and my sharing on what I found. Thanks very much for reading, see you around.

Some example Self-forgiveness on Anger and Fear.

Journey to Life:
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Saturday, August 1, 2015

The turtle is the ultimate meditating guru? Hmmm, maybe not. 322

So I had mentioned in the last blog I wrote, how I was applying a lesson that the above shown interview had. Now, this is within the meditation type realm. For those who meditate, this interview helps clarify something significant. So for me, I had still believed and  at some times thought that to be unaware or to be oblivious to the body was a good sign, meaning that you are so still and silent that the body feels like a blank slate with nothing moving. However, this couldn't be farther from the truth. As the interview points out, that this is actually you entering into a specific place in your mind, where you become unaware of your body, through a suppression of those experiences. The experience of being in the body, as I have been showing myself is a constant movement, where it feels like the legs are resonating, and moving, and circulating. And that is constant. And yes it does change, so even how it is resonating, changes. You can imagine for example how different it feels when you are running and when you are sitting. How the legs feel will be different, and will be circulating differently. So the conclusion and take away is that when you are here or present, then you are aware of the circulation and constant movement that is within your body, your environment and even your mind. For the mind though, like the interview suggests, you just bring your awareness back to your breathing. Because, like I had mentioned already, that you do enter into a specific dimension of your mind, when you are suppressing the awareness of the body. So that is by default not being here, so that is a point to watch out for. I would like to explain to that for me, meditation teachings included that you are doing well meditating when you are silent and there is no movement within you. Practically, this teaching is a mistake, and incorrect, as in reality, there is constant movement in your body. So trying to reach an absolute silence, is not possible. So the use of silence in meditation is suppose to be then a relative silence, where only relatively your mind is less active, but unfortunately most people who teach meditation and who meditate are not aware of that. Instead in meditation, silence is taken as an absolute silence. And because of that mistake or misinformation then people believe that they are good mediators when they are actually suppressing their own awareness of their body. In essence they end up using the mind to create a simulated or virtual silence. So they are actually using the mind, ironically.

So practically for me this has meant that I have had thoughts and moments where from the mind there is a thought that I should be feeling still and blank. This thought is expressed as a words, but more like a feeling/knowing or belief. So when that feeling comes up, then I feel a bit frustrated, and I try to find that stillness/silence, which usually involves doing some activity, whieh does lead to me not being aware of the constant movement within my body. So that is what silence/stillness and blankness a meant for me, practically. The solution then that I am applying is that in these moment of thought, that I stop the belief, and that I emphasize the awareness of the body of the circulation, resonance. And I would remind myself that the blank slate, and silence is not real, and is just a false misinformed belief.