Thursday, February 27, 2020

Day 807 Being Silent about what you are Working with

I have been applying a practice of being Silent with points that I am working with, when I know that speaking about it would compromise me in some way.

Its like I know or can tell that if I were to share this thing I am working on with someone or certain people, that it would disrupt me in some way. How I know? I suppose its the deep intuitive knowing. You just know. So the difference is that now I am doing that on purpose, I am listening to that knowing. And so I am being quiet about certain things, certain projects, with certain people.

We could analyze here the practical reasons and the playouts of why and what happens sometimes. But I think I will leave that to you the reader to figure out and see for yourself.

So how I see what i am doing is that its a technique, and its a way of living/doing things. And that it makes me strong/stronger. Because its about me implementing and creating points for me. And that very success matters. And taking responsibility for my word, my words, my speech, my voice: matters. Everything I say and do is a decision, and that decision can have consequences. So its my responsibility.

I am not all-powerful, I am not free of my limitations. But within those limitations I can create, and I am responsible for what I can create and do, and that it reflects what is best for all. 

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Day 806 Love

I grew up in a household where God is Love. I do believe that for every single person, we have that point that is our absolute potential of who we can be and thus what we would do (because doing flows from who you are). And that potential is god-like, divine, because you are an amazing fucking person. Strong, Courageous, fearless, Expressive, Fun, Creative, Giving, Committed, Impassioned, you Know who you are, Disciplined, Understanding others and your Role, Owning up to your Responsibility, Deep, Flexible, Saying/Doing exactly what is needed, Owning up to your issues, weaknesses, Patience with yourself and others, Diligent, Consistent, Forgiving of yourself and others, honoring your relationships, honoring yourself,  taking the initiative, taking the first step, trying and failing, trying and succeeding, Living. And more.

That is all of our potential: every single one of us. How we may live these words may be unique, and has its own flavors: yet here the words are and they are all the same for us, because there is only one point that exists as what is best for all, because it stands in everyone shoes, and it stands in all dimensions, and it isn't limited by anything. Something that transcends all limitations. That is godly/divine like.

I knew that that is what Life is supposed to be, and who we need to be, and who i need to be. Yet How to do it was always the question. If you are committed to a task, to a journey: you will always get to your destination. So in the family I grew up in and the culture I grew up in, it allowed me to have the seed/vision, but it didn't have the method/way of how to do it fully: something proven that anyone can do that is practical, scientific, and rigorous and replicable. So that is how I found desteni. And that is where it describes in detail how we work, and what the process is, and what the tools are that will get you there, if you have the will and the decision to see it through. 

Because the essence of what we are doing, and what needs to be done is to align with the point of self-honesty where we know that all life is one and equal, and we have to honor all life, and be the guardians of all, and take the responsibility of all points. We all know we have this higher potential within us. So why aren't we doing what at least we can see we can do to get there? Because surely we must understand that we can teach others, and we give to the next generation the ways and the keys to walk better, farther, and deeper than we were able to. Life will always continue and flourish, if we nurture it today, and give our all. We receive according to what we give, and there is nothing more worth doing and giving than this work of Self, and becoming our utmost potential.

And if we stand together, and we help each other in this common purpose, if we are open, and we are direct that this is what I am doing and committed to doing, and I am honest, open, and real about it: then you become really strong and you have a strong group. Life isn't a gift, you have to give yourself the gift by putting the work, time and effort in. Make the choices, and the sacrifices. Its only a choice. So choose. 

A song:

Nancy Sinatra - "Let It Be Me" - Original Mono LP - Remastered

Monday, February 17, 2020

Day 805 A Naming ceremony

You have the responsibility to do whatever it takes to make sure that Real Life comes through. No matter what it is you have to sacrifice, no matter what it is you have to give up, no matter what the dream is, or what the happiness is, no matter who you have to give up, the people, the family, the boyfriends, girlfriends, marriages, friendships, careers or money. You know when your compromising yourself and holding back your potential, no one needs to tell you this.

Do you want a fucking real relationship and a real world where you can truly say anything, be forgiven, and forgive? I mean that's real fucking freedom. How the hell did we compromise ourselves so that we go for the second best, the having the compromised relationship, the compromised communication, hiding parts of ourselves and never being completely open and honest. Are you not good enough for that? Are you not good enough to give yourself freedom, 100% open communication, 100% expression?

Place yourself fucking first god dammit! Then for everyone who can't deal with that, then open the door and let them go. Open a door and close a door.

Never accept anything than the absolute best for yourself and from others. That is real integrity, love and caring. Will you be called a villain? Yes. A beast? Yes. A pest, the devil, oh here comes [your name]... Yes you will. But you won't call yourself that. You will name yourself. The name you were given is not your real name. Your real name is that which you accept and allow to be the words you call yourself: Integrity? Honor? Love? Care? Giving? Equality?

Be worthy of yourself and the words you would like to be called. And Name yourself.

Too many times have I seen people get lost in the lies and their words. Too many times do I see people seek their pleasures and dreams. Too many times have we fell. Yet none of that matters, because in the end, all I have is me. Who am I? And how can I help others?

Because reality moves through you, and nothing can ever really touch you directly, it can only be through you. The more you focus on the Self Self Self, the more you will get closer to the truth. You are the starting point and the end point. You can take on the system. You can do so much more. If you are willing to take that step, and give up all that you were in order to live what was missing. That Real Life.

Give up that which is not real. How else can you make space for what's real? Be a hurricane.

Friday, February 14, 2020

Day 804 Redemption

Humanity has been on a course that it itself has set. We have done it. We have created this life through acceptance and allowance. The ones who are most disenfranchised, the ones who suffer in poverty and under the heel of the system: when they do rise out somehow from that torture, are they dedicated to changing the system?

What is the Character of Humanity? Yes we have created and abusive system, but how many of you enjoy being apart of it? How many of you enjoy the possibility that you too could win the lottery (both literally and figuratively), how many of you enjoy the fact that you could open up a business, expand like crazy and become a millionaire? How many of you revel in the possibility that you could live with so much money that no one could tell you what to do, that you have that absolute freedom, where you could even hide your money offshore, and manipulate politics and steer the course of humanity? How many of you want that power, and so how many of you thus are complicit to the system, a sycophant of it, a worshiper of it, and shower it with praise saying its at least not communism!

How fucking idiotic, selfish, and lost you are. Pure evil that is. That is the darkness that is in each one. That point that if you had the money and power would actually give up your own power and money? Would you actually throw the ring into the fire like how Frodo failed to do in the Lord of the Rings movie? Is it really because they have the power and you don't that this is why the system is the way it is? Or is it something much deeper and much more real. They represent you, and us, meaning that they are doing exactly what we have accepted and done. We accept the system, We accept how things are, We don't get involved in Politics, We don't strive to make a change to the rules of the system.

Are you willing to dedicate your life, your time that is left to everyone, to making sure that change comes through? All your time, all your talent, all of your potential to that point? Do you treat this physical World and thus the future lives of people as Real, and Holy and Worthy of doing so?

The answer is only yes or no, so please don't pretend it could be otherwise, but if you truly desire to somehow stand and find a way, then its here. The way is through yourself. Even if humanity rips itself to shreds, if you stand as your example of what we should be and do, that will gift them a door in the future. Because that Integrity, and that message that we are all one and equal: that is the only way. You can tie your hopes into what will become of it, or how it will affect others, all you can trust is in the point of integrity beyond any consequence, beyond your personality, beyond your individual life or your individual experience. Because pain, torture, is nothing in the grand-scheme of things, its only temporary. You will die, yet what you do and what you give will have an effect. That is all of our potential. And no one can stop you if you don't let them.

Will you live your Redemption?

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Day 803 Deletion

So stemming off from my recent blog post ,
there comes moments throughout my day where I am reacting, and I am breathing, and there is a moment where I simply have to decide to Delete a point, or let it go completely, where it is so completely deleted that I am not focused on remembering it or it occupying my focus and attention, yet I can go back to remember it if I need to, but for the most part its not here anymore, its not relevant anymore.

What I am saying is that I am noticing this difficulty of letting go and deleting/stop something so completely. I am seeing how I am holding onto points, where I have already done all I needed to already, and the final step is simply to stop, and let go. Pure and Complete Deletion.

I am reminded of a vlog recording Gian did last month regarding lord of the rings and how Frodo had trouble letting go of the ring. So its something like that.

Its like Deleting requires like a shift or change of myself where it feels like I am walking into a new moment, like the past is truly in the past.

One example of that is fear, and having a fear about something, and feeling it in my feet, and it occupying me and my body. And like I said before, this situation is just like that: where all I need to do is to decide to delete the point and then it changes. Boom. Done.

I can see that primal resistance to deleting the mind, deleting this thought, deleting this reaction, deleting this fear, as if its an insult to someone or something, as if its disrespectful. Its weird, but that's my experience of it.

I suppose the concept of deleting parts of me is scary, because all I will have left is really the memory of it, and what I lived, because in fact it will be gone, no more. I suppose that is inherently something fearful, like deleting a save for you game, or a document on your computer accidentally, or losing your favorite toy. Even if you weren't going to use it, its something permanent. What if I could use it for something one day? What if its a mistake?

So that's what I am faced with in moments in my day. I had a moment where I applied breathing in order to face a point, because no logical or thinking was going to help me. And it came up within me somehow that I should delete the point, to decide to delete it. And I did, and things changed. I deleted the point of even feeling fear in my feet too. And my breathing changed, I changed, and in a way I kind of forgot the point. Yet I know its in my memory, but its forgetting the point in the sense of it not being actively here anymore. It feels like forgetting in a way, and its a pure deletion.

And so I wanted to write this here in my blog to share the moment, as well as to reinforce it for myself. Because I can recognize this as a primal fear to take the final step to let go of a mind point. And I'm seeing What it really means to change in the moment.

An an interesting side note: what I am observing is that there is a common response of fearing or saying that I might be suppressing a point if I were to delete it like this. That is something I can observe within me, as a kind of excuse, or hesitation, as a way to sabotage actually deleting and taking that final step.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Day 802 What is something I can trust?

Something that I can trust is the point that we are all one and equal. No matter who someone is, no matter what they have done, no matter all that have done that is considered bad, or good, or evil or right... they are equal to me and I am equal to them. Our equality point is what is real and what I can trust. Because it is speaking as equals, where its like a giant collective, or caucus, or gathering, where Imagine like a giant meeting hall, or town meeting, and we are all there. Imagine Existence is at the townhall, and so all of us are equal. So what we should do is that which is best for everyone, all of us, cause we are all equal.

This point is what I trust, and what I am committed to living, to upholding, to manifesting in this world: which is our equality and oneness. This understanding, this vision, this perspective changes everything. Its like a value, a virtue, or a morality or a religion. It is how you view the world, it is how you view yourself and others. It is a creed, it is a pledge, it is a commitment, it is a recognition, it is how you relate to the world and other people, it is a code of honor, it is a guiding principle, it is words to live by.

We are all one and equal. No matter who you are, no matter what you have done, no matter any quality about you, any characteristic about you, or anything, we are all one and equal, you are one and equal to all, and the way to live, the only way to live is if we do what's for all of us, because we are all equals.

We are committed to commonsense, which means we take care of our physical needs first. And that our beliefs, or our points of opinions, are irrelevant when it comes to whether our beliefs or opinions will compromise the physical needs, and the physical dimensions of people, of yourself, of others. Physical health and conditions are real. Beliefs and Opinions can be detached from reality. So the only point we can trust is in what we can see directly here, and work with here, which Science must align with commonsense.

This way of living and seeing the world is something New that doesn't exist in the world. The words are specific, and it has a specific impact and change if you live them as is: We are all one and equal, and so let's do what is best for all. It implies a way of treating others, where you treat others well, it implies being practical with others, it implies tackling and removing our sense of inferiority to others or superiority to others, it requires changing our world system, our economic rules so that everyone can have, everyone can eat, everyone can live well. It is the founding words of Life itself, the truest Life, the Essence of Life, the Essence of this Existence, where we all originate from, and where we all must end up, and what is the Source of us all. It is the godliness and most divine to live, to become, to apply. It is point that respects and cares for all life without exception.

Equality implies and requires so much if you truly apply it. It requires responsibility, a sense of duty, and purpose.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Day 801 A tough point to walk through

Revenge of the Ego is a recording Bernard did.

And I see an explanation for something I went through which happened through an unexpected way.

Bernard used an example of a relationship and how in the beginning of the relationship it was pure, and real. And how slowly over time the ego inserts thoughts that make you doubt it. Is this the right person? Is this where I am supposed to be? Is this the right place?

And how it sabotages the whole point. So what i am seeing is that this happened to me, but with my career choice and goal. Because in the beginning I was happy, and excited, motivated, and willing to walk it and looking forward to it. But then it slowly went into doubt. Is this the right goal? Is there something else I should be doing? Are these the right people?

And I can see how it fell apart, and how the ego took me to the point where I would give up.

And like Bernard said that its more advanced than me, the mind is more superior than ourselves. It has more info, it moves faster. This is all true. And he said he had two things: he had Breath, and he had a point that was real, which are moments that reveal themselves in your life: something Real.

So I see something that does empower me specifically is understanding and writing out this whole point. Because now I understand what happened. Its not a secret anymore. And my reactions were all fake, they weren't me sincerely making decisions. They were me reacting disingenuously. All reactions are disingenuous. And all decisions are sincere.

The Revenge of the Ego is specific because it will use the point which would give me my freedom and really make me strong. But Bernard said, the point he held onto inside of himself is what really made him strong. For me the point is that We are all One and Equal, and it is my application of Blog writing- to share and be open and walk the point. Cause like Bernard said: leave a record of at least 10,000 blogs and vlogs so that if you fall, someone else can pickup where you left off, and so use it to help them.

So my career choice would free me and free others. It will empower me and others. It will be a pivotal point of support and change. And so yes the ego went to sabotage it to take revenge. It was my vision for my future, for our future, it was my excitement to do, to give, to live by duty, to apply more, to create something that is new, useful, practical, and empowering.

And I can see all the doubt creeping in. Maybe they won't be ready. Maybe I should be doing something else. What if everything falls because I wasn't doing what I am supposed to be doing. What if... What if... So I can see how the doubt cast its shadow. And it happened slowly over time.

So I will open these doubts one by one.

Maybe I am supposed to have more free time to help others. Maybe I am not supposed to be super busy making money.

Maybe others depend on me being available. Maybe things will all fall if I am super busy. Maybe I am supposed to be more of a leader or teacher.

So what I do is forgive myself and free everyone to lead themselves and create their own lives, and if they fall they fall, it won't be because I wasn't there. It won't be my fault or my responsibility. I won't be personally responsible. So i free myself to do my career, to be busy with that, and so not so available.

"Maybe I am supposed to do some career or write a book, or do a psychology things, or create a project in the system or something."

I let this go, I let go of what I am supposed to or not supposed to be doing. I give up predictions, and knowing the future. I give up regrets about not making different choices. I give up feeling personally being responsible for how things turn out in the world system in terms of what my choices create/make happen. I give up being responsible for my career choices affecting or changing the outcomes of things. I give up blaming myself for not having divine knowledge or divination to know what's going to happen, what's the best choice, what the results will be. I accept my mortality, I accept my limitation, and I accept that what I am choosing is my choice and I have no way of knowing if its the best choice or what's really going to happen. I accept the unknown and the unacceptable. And I accept my career choice.

As you can see, all of my doubts centered around the time dimension, of the future, of the past when I am in the future and I am looking at the past choices which is my current choice: Of how it will affect others over time, of playouts in my mind, and what I am seeing as images and outcomes in my mind, which are my imaginations, but I am taking it seriously. Worries, doubts, unsure, and I don't know. So I accept that I don't know. I accept the unacceptable. I let go of any and all regret regarding my career choice, or any outcome. I accept my limitations. I free myself. And I chose this choice, and I let go of knowing or claiming it will be the best choice. I hold onto the fact that it is my choice, which I make within all that I have access to right now, within my limitation of now knowing the future, but I can see and know what is here right now.

No one knows what the future will bring.

I am scared seeing the future playouts for people, to see what happens to them, to see them fall and fail.

I accept whatever happens or will happen. Its not within my control and power: what choices others make.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear the future, to fear seeing what will happen with people, and what becomes of them, as I walk into the future in this moment. I choose to accept what is here, and the future as it arrives.

Lets continue doing what is best for all within this world of limitations.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Day 800 Money and Energy

What I am calling the God and Goddess of Reality: Money and Energy.

Humans derive their primary sense of self and identity through the World as what they do to Survive/Make money. If you don't have money, or your position: its like you don't have any identity of meaning.

I also see How people are living off of Energy. Where in poverty, struggling to survive, they still feed off of the Energy of their Flesh/Body.

One of the biggest lie is the good person. Because the good person will not give up Energy, and will not change the System. If this is the definition of good, then it is useless. Cause even in poverty, people fear giving up the systems. We have become nothing more than demons of Energy lost in our emotions, opinions and personalities.

Who dares to stop their Anger? Who dares to stop their Judgment? Who dares to stop their Feelings?

Who dares to stop their Opinions? Who dares to forsake all Knowledge? Who dares to give up their Personalities?

Who dares to say no more SPEAKING or WRITING if it allows any words of Abusing the truth by using an Opinion, belief, or Emotions.

Who is dedicated to the Truth? Who is dedicated to what is best for all? Who is dedicated to speaking Common Sense? Who is dedicated to give up their whole life to make sure that Real Life is possible?

There's a whole world possible if we dare to take responsibility for all that we have become and accepted and allowed. We have lost the way.

Life can be seen and known and lived. What to do, how to live, it is a quantifiable, and practical question. There are no great mysteries or great solutions. All that we need to change is right here. To both change this World System, and to change ourselves, its right here already: what we need. To change this reality requires standing as a group in a point. It takes many people. To change yourself you need the support of a group as well.

Dare yourself to do more than the average person. So you won't regret it later on.

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Day 799 - What is the Future of Humanity's Evolution?

We are all one and equal. Oneness and Equality requires giving up the ability to Feel emotions and Feelings such as Happiness, Excitement, Love, Joy, Sadness, Anger, Frustration, Irritation. Because your current ability to feel such things are all based in Reactions to something. They are not your Decision, they are not your Deliberate Creation. They only exist because you accept and allow it, because you only exist currently as an Observer. You are not the Directive Principle of your Life currently. You are existing purely as someone who is observing and experiencing Energy. Your entire life boils down to what you Feel, and Experiencing Energy. Do you agree with this truth?

Given this, it is shameful, and it is idiotic, and silly, and simply a wasted life and a wasted time, since how many points did you participate in your Life that was merely because of energy? All of them. How many decisions did you make based on the Energy you Felt? All of them. Do you exist at all outside of this Energy? No. 

Oneness and Equality would require you to be your utmost and to take on the Systems of Man and the World System. Are you Able to take on the system while you are merely an Observer, and Merely Experience Energy as your only Purpose/Goal? No, you cannot.

People are not Free to choose, since every person is in love with their chains, which is Energy, which are your emotions and feelings.

To can stop your participation in Energy is by being here as Breath. Because energy cannot exist within Breath. Why is that? this surely indicates something is wrong with Energy if it cannot exist within breath. 

The key to your liberation is standing by the point of We are all one and equal. You cannot feel something about someone if you are equal to them. They are not more than you or less than you. Feeling something because of someone is a statement that they are more or less than you. Feeling something about someone is a statement that they have the power to make you feel something, which is a lie, and a statement that says they are more than you. When the fact of the matter is that you are equal to all. And so no one can make you feel anything, it is through your participation, acceptance and allowance that it happens. You are equal to all. So you see, you aren't allowed to Feel Anger, you are not allowed to feel Happiness. You are not allowed allowed to feel Excitement, if you are truly standing with everyone as equals. What are able to do is to express yourself through your body in any way possible. You can laugh whenever, you can cry whenever, your can sing whenever, you can dance whenever, you can shout whenever, because it is through your body, and that ladies and gentlemen is what is real, because it is YOU deciding to do it and Choose it. It is the Revenge of the Ego that has made you believe that Reactions due to other people are Real, and make you believe that when you decide to Express yourself that it is Fake. You have been fucked with by your Ego, by Society, by everyone else since we are all participating in this point, and so are asleep. But most importantly you have been fucked with by yourself because you placed your trust in something that you can clearly see doesn't stand by what is best for all. You see that, and you know that.

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Day 798- Our Home in the Universe

There have been years of my life where I felt at home with myself. Where no matter where I would be, or move to, I know I would be at home because I had me. And there were years of my life where I wouldn't be at home with myself, where I felt lost and disconnected. During those times I knew something was off and I had to find a way again to be at home with me again. There's always a reason why I would have an issue being at home with me. Anyway, I definitely think that we should aspire to have that point and/or develop that point for ourselves.

So to describe this in further detail, its having that oneness and equality connection with everything that exists. Where in this moment, no matter where you are, or what you were doing: you connect with and understand that the true nature of Life is that we are all one and equal. So when you see someone super confident, or successful, or smart, or talented = you see yourself one and equal with them. When you see someone who is suffering, who is confused, lost, etc... = you see yourself one and equal with them. Because its not about any of these words: confident, suffering, smart, lost, talented, confused = its about the person. The person is what you are one and equal with, and so you are equal and one with both persons. No matter the person, no matter their history, no matter what they have done, no matter what they have said or lived etc... you are one and equal with them.

That point where that statement is true within you, is the point I am talking about. Because I know that people look at how its not true. So I ask you to look at how it is true, and the DAY that you see that like that, then you will realize that is the actual truth, and purpose of who we are, and what Life has the potential to be/become. Bernard said Life doesn't exist yet, and its true. At the same time though, what you are seeing is yourself. You are seeing yourself making the decision to see all as one and equal. That is you that is doing it. Its not coming from outside you or your external environment. You are the one making the decision to see how we are all one and equal. And so through you, Life can be born/start.

And this is where I feel most at home. And with this is where I have myself, I like myself, I see myself, and I am proud of myself. This is where I have integrity, this is where I have the foundation of where to start and how to live.

For eternity, man has been lost, and it will continue to be lost for eternity until we stop and start this one process. Self-responsibility, Self-forgiveness, Self-trust, Self-honesty, Self-correction. Through you life is possible and can be born. What do you choose to do about it?