Saturday, January 27, 2018


Everyone has a relationship with everyone. Yet not everyone has a relationship with everyone.

What this means is that we may have a relationship with everyone, but we may not even be aware of it, invest in it, or get it any attention.

Within the world system, we have agreed to follow certain rules and procedure for relationships. This includes all types. Friendships, work relationships, romantic relationships.

We believe that our emotions are us, and they need to be respected. We believe that we must respect how each one feels. Again, with the ownership. Where if someone hurts your feelings its their fault. We treat our emotions like tangible objects, like stones that hurt you. And it can also be like sex, where its like someone is giving you something wonderful just through your emotions.

With these rules we feel just in acting and reacting as we do. If someone disrespects your emotions they deserve punishment. If someone makes you feel good, well you owe them a favor.

With relationships we have this imaginary ladder, or building that we climb or build. Progressing in the relationship like a download bar that progressively fills.

Just like how the existence of laws proves the human being is not reliable, does these social rules and expectations show how we are not really relating with each other, or in a good place.

In secret, abuse occurs. Lying, cheating, insults, attacks. We insult with the intention to hurt their feelings. We are not in a good place with our relationships with everyone.

Imagine being able to meet someone and being able to open up about anything. Being so open and intimate, and that being cool. Where its not weird or awkward or bad. Imagine being pals and friends without needing to say anything or pass any test, because that is just how things are. Everyone is trustworthy and reliable.

Imagine there being no judgment, no idea or preconception about the right way to present yourself. No need to be overly aggressive or pretend to be happy, or pretend to be confident. No need to look pretty or beautiful, no need to be charming. Just be whoever you want to be. Real freedom.

That would be fucking amazing, i mean really just imagine it.

 pure freedom of expression.

 To even be like that though, just with yourself alone is a long process. The solution is not waiting for others to change, but becoming that yourself. This includes letting go of your own perception and belief about others too. And of course of yourself.

The current fuel for our acceptance and allowance of relationships as how they exist now, is our emotions and how we feel. We base so much of how we relate with each other and treat each other based on what we feel, and we ascribe responsibility of what we feel to the other person or we excuse it as being our own preference or our personality, and just who we are, and things just don't work out. Look, emotions and feelings are not real things, we create them. They can be changed. This one singular point defines relationships, and changing it will radically redefine relationships forever. 

Currently we follow these sets of rules. We justify being tough on people and mean and being a bully. We have a savage definition and conception of relationships. Unforgiving, tough, remorseless. We place our individual importance as so much greater than others. So we are all separated and all believe we are better than everyone else. It's a constant battle and war zone. Its a tug of war and struggle between different forces. The romance is equally intense and equally savage. Its pure drama, and it doesn't matter whether its a happy ending or sad because its all drama.

Imagine instead just friendship with everyone and that's it. No drama, no enemies, no conflict. Just pals with everyone. A very simple and straight forward life. The same with romance where its simple and straight forward. In a way, everyone is just the same. The idea that there is someone else better for you, or something else you need wouldn't exist. Because what matter is what is practical and right here in front of you. Life is what matters and it is everywhere. That would be real equality and oneness manifested here as people, in the aspect of relationships.

 Relationships describe everything. Everything is an interaction. So we have a relationship to everyone and everything. Whether we know it or not.

fo sho! 


Everyone is a Dictator

Looking at how the world system is set up, everyone is on their own. Individuals are separated. And so when an individual owns something is theirs and they have the right to do with it whatever they want. At least that is how the world system is set up. So welcome to the world system where ownership exists. So people can own land. People can own animals. People can own other people. People can own money that is theirs. People can own a house. People can own a business. If you work for someone they own you, until you quit. There are laws that protect against certain abuses. Yet whenever there isn't anyone to enforce the law, laws can be broken. Whenever people are unable to afford the attention of authorities laws are broken, and abuses occur in secret.

As the owner, you are the dictator, which is being like a real dick. You can tell however you want it to be. You are the owner. No one else can change that. They can steal from you sure. And you have the right to defend yourself and your property including killing robbers. This is our world system. A system of ownership. It SEEMS like the only system we know and the only system that can ever be.

We are taught ownership from a young age.
There are people/tribes/cultures that share everything. Ownership doesn't exist, what exists is what's best for all. Nature is alive to these people. The animals are alive and deserve respect. If you hunt an animal, you make a prayer and respect the life and spirit of the animal. You recognize the interconnectedness of all life. We are one.

So its possible yes. Yes it is possible to live in a system that is different, without any ownership.

This is a radically different way of living.
Yet is it really?

If we are taught one way, is it much harder to teach another way?

Is it really smart to just divide everyone up. Separate everyone into an individual, on their own, without belonging to the whole and being part of the whole, being cared for by the whole?

Imagine growing up belonging to everyone, belonging to the one group of people. Where you are cared for by everyone. Would you want to give back and be a part of the group in helping CARE for everyone when you come of age? What is the purpose of life but not everyone, together as one, as equals? How beautiful would that be?

Life is much easier than what we think it is. The Earth provides. We are capable. We just have to come together and share the load/work.

By giving up our individuality as separation, we can together as individuals as one group, as one people, all equals.

 What do you want for yourself or for your kids? The same that has always been? Or something better? Think about it. Reflect on the life you have known so far. Is this really the best it can be, or can it be better?

To create such a life, requires being able to change how you think, what you feel and believe is possible. Because being an owner is an emotional thing that you believe is real. When the fact is that no one owns anything. It is an agreement we made. And it can be changed. Just like how we think and feel can be changed by us. Thoughts are not permanent.

Are you someone trustworthy? Could people trust you do what is best for all, in all situations, forever? Or will you betray people's trust for yourself as an individual separate from the whole?

Becoming someone trustworthy, reliable will be a process. There is no magic here. There is just effort, hardwork, determination, and commitment. Eventually any man can change their own fate with enough time. But time does run out. We do all die.

This world is all of ours, it is our responsibility. Not to do with what we please, but to nurture and care for. Just as we use the earth for nourishing and caring for our bodies, and us as one people. Life never dies, but our opportunity as individuals to get access to Life can die, we can miss out on it.

Unplugging from the World System

When you go on vacation, there is this phrase: unplug yourself from your devices. So turn off your cell phones, or leave behind your laptops and smart phones. Disconnect for a while, unplug yourself...

Here, we are looking at unplugging yourself from the world system. To explain this I will tell my story.

I am didn't grow up connected into the world system. I was part of a family, where I grew up learning about the thoughts, and the mind, and meditation and yoga. I didn't have a clue about the real world system, and I didn't have a clue that I didn't even have a clue. hahahahaha. You are not aware of what you are not aware of.... until you actually see things from the other side.

So during the last few years I have been undergoing a process that I wasn't exactly aware of what I was doing. I had a goal, a need, and a drive for an outcome, which involved being a part of the world system, working with people, working in a job, making money, dealing with all the relationships, expectations, beliefs, tied to these points of people, money, business, relationships, expectations, government, taxes etc...

After several years of trying, I have gotten good at being a part of the world system. The main goal, and only reason why I am doing this and have this within me right now is to make money to survive. And I need money to survive so I need to have this part of me within me. To be able to succeed, because failure is not an option.

At the same time though I wasn't aware of being plugged into the world system. What I mean is that now I am aware, and what this means is that I can unplug myself from the world system when I choose. I say world system like a metaphor, and what it represents is everything I need to be, do, say, how I speak, how I present myself, etc... in order to do well in the eyes of everyone who has agreed to be a part of the world system and agreed what is good and what is bad and what are the expectations, and what are the punishments.

In a way I have a form of insanity or a form of starvation, because before I had access to what I call the being, myself, the body and this physical reality, and I did things in a way that was best for all. To be a part of the world system and doing what I needed to do, was NOT best for all. It's not possible to have the same, at least not yet or I haven't found a way yet, but it may exist and may be something I uncover. Though for the time being, I need to make money, so I need to have this, you can call it a personality, within me.

So what needs to be done now is to unplug from the world system. Here it is a metaphor. I'm not talking about quitting my job or moving to another country. I'm talking about, right now, I can start by unplugging. So right now as I sit on this chair at this desk typing on the computer, I can unplug from the world system, and so let go of all the beliefs, and expectations for how I speak, how I move, how I sit, how I eat, how I breathe, how I act, how I type, what I say, how I move, what I am aware of it this moment. This is important for my sanity or for filling me, filling this void. I fill this void with me. The freedom to express, to move as me, as I will, without right or wrong. 135% ME.

Now, I have walked a different process than most people. Not only in integrating into the world system only at the age of like 22 years old, but also that I have worked on my mind and developed a level of self-awareness that most don't have. Where here I can describe and see for myself what its like to not be plugged into the world system and to be plugged in. At the same time I can see how everyone else does something similar in their own way. Where  you have some people who never unplug from the world system and work non stop. And how you have some who develop hobbies in order to unplug in anyway they can. Or how vacations work. Or how people try to live words like Freedom through parties, and sex and drugs and alcohol on the weekend etc... this is different that what I am doing. Because here I am just breathing, being here, being here with the physical. You don't need something or someone else to unplug. You just do it yourself.


Because of how we need money to survive, this system I am talking about is reinforced. That is why ANY system that changes how survival works, and how money works, where survival is guaranteed, and there is no worry about your needs, and that money plays into that will prevent this reinforcement of the system.

The following describes me plugged into the system. I am tough, strong, confident, can do anything, will push to the extreme, say what I need to say, do what I need to do, Success is what matters, waste or pollution is acceptable as I don't control it, and can't say no, Risks are part of the job description, I will win, this is a competition, I will survive no matter what.

Doing this, and being this way was the only way for me to make money. I can think of some people who don't have to be this way because they are the exceptions to the rule. They maybe have a job that requires them to be calm and gentle and soothing for their clients, or maybe they were born into money. But for the vast majority of jobs and businesses, and the business owners themselves, this is the reality. If you want to a be a winner and a success, and so survive this is what you need to be/do.

 If you show weakness, be weak, people will attack you because that is what you do in order to reach success.

So all of this I am unplugging from, like a rest. And my goal is to somehow bring forth my being, my real self through this into daily life. It might not be possible, and it could very well be possible. At the very least I will be unplugging when I get home and on the weekend, and seeing where I can silently within myself at work and daily life. Maybe driving in the car, maybe while shopping, who knows? I'm literally just writing this blog about where I am right here right now. And this awareness of being  plugged in and now plugging out is NEW. And it reminds me of the matrix.

I can only imagine everyone else who most likely are plugged into the matrix and having to struggle with unplugging themselves. For this Desteni and the desteni tools are there to support. Check it out
When I speak as how I am now, I am mixing both me as a being who is unplugged, and me as being plugged. So they are not in conflict necessarily. Because there are living words here like strength, confidence, force, getting things done, pushing for success etc... And even though this is what is needed to survive in world system, it seems only a few are living it completely who then go on to be CEOs and business owners etc... and so not everyone is living these words well. Of course completely only being these words, then you are only plugged in forever and then stuck.

So you can say you need a balance, so you don't get screwed over, and forget about LIFE, and a future for all, and making this better for all, in the physical, in this real physical Earth.

You can also see donald trump as a representation of this. Its not good or bad, its actually here as us, and for now, like needed, for the reason that this is what we have accepted and allowed to be right/good. I will see how to change this. 

That's all folks, for now...