Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Conversations on Oneness and Equality 1

What is Oneness and Equality?
Oneness and equality, or equality and oneness, is the basic formula or equation of life, and of our entire existence. It is sometimes called the law of balance or karma. But it goes deeper than that. It is the fundamental part of Life.

For example, take a monkey and a human. Are they one and equal? They are not the same in appearance, no. They are not the same in smell, no. But is one of their appearances, better than the other's? Or is one of their smells, better than the other? I am talking here, fundamentally, objectively, undeniably better? Because I am sure you can Imagine a person having an opinion and say that one smells better or looks better than the other. But that's just an opinion. What is the TRUTH? The truth is that you cannot say as a law or a fact that one IS better or more than the other in any way. You can say however, than one may be stronger than the other in terms of what they can lift or move. You can say that one has certain abilities that the other doesn't have. That can be truths or facts. But is ONE objectively more than the other, in the sense of value, worth, or importance? No, you can't. What will happen though is a person will come along and have an opinion, or will be so blinded by their need of one's ability for a purpose, that they regard that purpose that is fulfilled by one's ability as sufficient enough to say that one is more important or of more value, usually because it serves their interest. Selfishness is a bane to Life and oneness and equality.

Yes, indeed, selfishness or self-interest is a common point where we justify and claim that one living being is more than another because it serves our self-interest. Completely disregarding the actual nature of Life, and its actual state of existing in oneness and equality. There is no life form that is MORE or LESS than another. People will believe that one is more, though the only justification is that they believe it to be the case. You cannot find scientific evidence or anything factual or physical that says one being is more than another.

Let's take a closer look at abilities and appearances. You have the color of the skin as one indication of value. And you have intelligence or retardation as one indication of ability. Tell me, is someone more than another if one is white and the other is black? Or is someone more if one is retarded and one is a genius? What do you say? Based on the knowledge I have of the functioning of the human mind, I will predict that for some of you that have your own knowledge and history, that whatever that was taught to you about the color of one's skin and about intelligence and retardation will be accessed automatically in your mind, no more different that opening up a computer program on my computer. That information becomes you. So your response is entirely based on the information that is stored within you regarding the subject matter. Let me ask you this. What if the information you have has no basis in reality? Meaning that it is not true because it is not based in reality. The question here is how do you determine what is true and what is real? My answer is that you must look into reality and see objectively without influences or biases.

Once you look at reality with such discerning eyes will you be able answer the previous questions correctly, about whether a person that is white is more important than a person that is black, or that a retarded person is more important than a genius.

Perhaps the greatest difficulty, and the greatest skill to acquire for any human is to see with REAL EYES, which means seeing things for how they really are exist without preconception, biases, judgements or belief. Because, it is indeed possible to see a red car and believe you see a blue car, simply because you believe it, as crazy as that sounds. Yet such similar occurrences are so common and so rampant that it becomes unquestionable due to the the large number of humans beings that believe the same lie. Indeed, it can become even dangerous to even pose the question that what someone's believes is not in fact so. Or at the very least it can be construed by a person as insulting, which is another belief in itself, you see?

Indeed, the greatest challenge you will probably face is yourself. Because it is your own beliefs and conceptions about what is right, what is true, what is fact, that limit you. And all this because you haven't thoroughly tested what you hold as true by seeing what is real through testing it out in real moments. Instead what happens is a life of givens, where we take all knowledge spoken to us for granted as the truth. It is the extreme gullibility or cowardice of humans. Why do we dare not question? Why is it insulting to question? Or what do we fear will happen? Punishment, for questioning? This fear alone would beg a change is needed in human everyday life.

One cannot begin to see or understand oneness and equality if one is not honest with oneself. Is all Life one and equal? No one is More than or less than another. That is the first step. The next step is how to practically do this, and live this in your world and reality. This I will continue over the course of this series of blogs. I will go slowly and surely through examples and tests, that I have used for my own collection of evidence which I can trust. Whether you join me on this little journey is your choice. See you in the next one. 

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Where I am now

I have been through a lot. To write it all out or to speak about it all to someone would take too long. So here is just a snapshot of what is relevant right now and here. I have found a point within me that I am keeping open and is stable. This is accessed through using the words oneness and equality, reminding myself of a committing to make money as a contribution/investment in the future, and through me seeing my design of desiring people and whatever new dimension that opens up in my day that relates to that.

Each of the 3 above points deserve a blog topic of their own to explain fully. The bottom line is this, however. That, I have a path forward in my life, that is my creation, that is me, and that is real. It isn't fake. It isn't for someone else. It isn't a lie to myself. I can state and say what I am doing to someone else or anyone else. I am not ashamed of it or hiding it. I am committed to making money for our future as humanity, to change this world, that I live austerely and use my money well for this purpose. I am standing with, for and as oneness and equality. I am seeing and stopping my design of desiring people, which I am learning more about and discovering new dimensions about.

That is basically the point I want to share, which is where I am now.

Monday, August 22, 2016

The Best Way to Learn

Ever notice how in every single class, like the majority of what is taught comes straight from a textbook, or collection of books? I mean, what does the teacher do what interpret what is says in the teacher's edition of the textbook and shares their interpretation to the class. Yet the class is required to read the textbook anyway. So what's the point of the teacher really? I mean, why can't we just read the textbook and learn the material that way? That is what many people have done throughout history, learn by reading.

So reading is essential. But the other essential thing is a good book, that is written well and explain what it is teaching very well. If you have a bad book or book that is plain wrong then you are wasting your time. Remember books are written by people, so a person is literally writing down their knowledge for you to learn. I mean the teacher isn't the one who wrote the textbook. All they did was read it and learn it too. So do we really need this KIND of teacher? What would be useful is a teacher that helps you learn to read very well. Once you can read well then you have most of the power needed to learn anything through books. And what would be useful is that those who are discovering new things, and learning new knowledge, and are experts in fields that have knowledge that haven't been written down, to then give lectures and teach what they know. Because then you are teaching a process of doing, which is an investigation and is a skill that can be taught. Just like how reading is a skill. So skill is the most important thing to teach. Once you know how to read the basics of a language you will progress and utilize things like a dictionary and introductory textbooks to learn any new field you choose.

If we focused on everyone having the best reading skill from an early age, we wouldn't need teachers for the rest of the subjects. All we would need to do is to provide access to books, as well as test and exercises. The book has all the knowledge needed to learn. Instead we could focus on writing good books. This would free so much more time, because reading can be much faster than speaking/listening, given your skill and experience reading. The greatest teachers then would be the ones that write the greatest books that explain their knowledge the best. And so the only needed role for classroom teachers would be to teach reading, that's it. And guess what, you learn how to write through reading how other people write, which you get by reading books! So you copy and learn to write like the best books you read. You simply speak your voice and your mind, which is you's view, which is developed by simply being exposed to the best of the best through reading the best books. Simple and natural learning.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Your Awareness Awakens

Becoming the most valuable person in existence starts with a decision. This decision is to become someone who sees every single thing that exists as no more or less than yourself, where how you live reflects that. Where when you speak to someone, it is like you are speaking to yourself, and that what you say is of the highest regard, consideration, and respect. This doesn't mean always speaking nicely or kindly, because sometimes respecting yourself means being tough on yourself. Respect, regard, and consideration is to realize the value of life that is here and to honor that and preserve that. The only value that exist is life. So you are either in life, living your utmost potential in this moment, or you are not. You either decide to live you utmost potential in this moment or not. For example, I decide to live my utmost potential in this moment. To do what is best for all, there is no greater aim. Is there anything other than everything? No. So to do what is best for everything is best for everything.

To create a future where everyone rejoices and benefits, where everyone is counted and cared for, where all is included and eat at the table, where all join together. A future where our broken systems are fixed so that they do what is best for everyone. Where we carry out and make this world exactly what is best for everyone. We make sure of it, so that is how it exists. Where we realized the power we have always had in our hands. The power to create this world how we will it. The power of a commitment. The power of a decision. The power of an individual.  The power of your responsibility. The power of knowing that if you do not make the commitment to do what is best for everyone that it will haunt you and follow you because you would have become someone great, someone that is needed, someone that serves the highest aim possible.

What are we living for if not what is best for everyone? Just best for some or a few? Just best for me? Are you able to look yourself it the mirror and say I live only for myself and a few people, and I turn my back on everyone else? If you are able to say that then you lie to yourself.

The power is in your hands. You either destroy your potential for life, or you nourish it.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Living words to the extreme

Using the extreme as a tool for living words.

Something I stumbled upon yesterday was using the extreme living of a word as a clear indication of what it means to actually live a word. The reason why I say clear indication is because it wasn't really clear what it means to live a word. So perhaps you can see why it would make sense that the extreme version of living of a word would make it clear. Because its extreme, it is obviously is what it is.

First though, I had to be clear about what is my mind programming. So when I am clear about that, which I can see and understand thanks to my experience of practicing, then it occurred to me how I live and create something like I had in the past. When reflecting on my past, I saw how I indeed lived the word fully, or you can say extremely. Let me share some of my personal examples.

One example is when I would play like a prank involving sneaking up on someone. I would go all out with the full intent and purpose on sneaking up on someone. It's like I know it was all out, because it involved my whole body and my presence. I was fully committed in that moment to sneak up on someone and make it happen. I was a silent stalker, lol.

Another example is waiting, where when I decide to just wait for something, it's like a decision that shifts me within myself to simply be here fully with my body, with no rush or care to rush in the world. I am just here fully. I may lay on the grass, and I observe everything around me, taking interest in my environment. I am just here.

Another example is cooking, where I go full out, and make something perfectly. I have fun doing it, where my movement is like fun, like a dance. I move with synchronicity, in rhythm, and I just play, with precision, and exactness. I fully live the words: I cook.

So all of these I have done in the past, and I have a clear reference of memories for them. So what I am seeing is perhaps how this is the best way for me to live words. It is certainly the most enjoyable way. And it seems to me that I just enjoy living any word to the extreme. Because it involves me. Me living a word is always fun and fulfilling. No matter the word. That is what is becoming apparent to me. I am enjoying my own expression.

I observe that Bernard Poolman was extreme in his expression, in the extent that I knew him through his online content. It was not always the same, though it was always extreme and fully the expression he took. It was holding you by the hand and explaining something fully, and also telling you exactly how it is, and always supportive for everyone's life.

So perhaps extreme is actually normal. Because otherwise any person's expression wouldn't be really clear, because it is not well defined. So perhaps you can use the word clear or extreme to describe this. Though for me as an individual, extreme helps more and explains more than the word clear.

So I am going to be practicing living words in this way. It also can be something I do within writing or within video recording, where I can decide to live a certain word for the blog or for the video.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Money can change the world now.

What do you think of a life of a person who works to make the most money he can make with his skill and ability, but then lives a very modest and austere lifestyle, and uses the money to support change in the world? I would think such an individual would be a great individual. Because they are committing their time to the fullest, and they are using their dollars to the fullest, because they are careful with money, and they use what money they can to support change in the world so that it will impact everyone. What do you think will happen if everyone does this? Or even a few more people today and each day? What if we all really value our dollars and spend it wisely?

One investment is to spend your money to support the needs of a person who is dedicated and committed to daily create content to change people's awareness and support them to change themselves. This is a good investment because it is a investment in the change of people, who in turn can support and contribute to the change, which will multiply and build over time. The greatest change needed is in the individual. So spending your money in the change of the individual is the greatest investment.

Every dollar is the same. Have you thought about that? Meaning that any dollar can be used to pay for something like bread or any food. So you can potentially use all your dollars to pay for food. So you can feed people that are focused on the goal of changing this world. This would be you supporting them, who are supporting the change in the world. So in fact, in a way, it starts with you spending the money to buy the food. Because otherwise, they would have to spend time to earn money to get the food. So they wouldn't be spending that time changing the world. So you see, this is the power of money. It can change the world. It all depends on how you spend it, and WHO you are spending it in.

Friday, August 12, 2016

I want to be free VS. I want to take responsibility

I want to be free VS. I want to take responsibility

Some people say they want to be free from their mind. You can also say, free from the burden of my mind, free from haunting thoughts, free from guilty memories etc… These are all similar to saying I want to be free from my mind.
If the above example is not easy to relate to, you can try others, such as I want to be free from my problems, or free from this annoying person etc…

Now, compare the above examples of wanting to be free to wanting to take responsibility. Because you may say to me that you want to be free of all of these bad things that are happening in your life, but then I have to ask you are you willing to take responsibility for your life? At that moment, a person will hesitate. Why is this?

This is because the person in some level of themselves know that they haven’t been taking responsibility for themselves in these situations. And the real solution to their problems IS to take responsibility for themselves and for directing the situations. So if they are genuine, honest in really stopping the problems in their life, what they are after is not freedom, it is responsibility. Because responsibility is the solution not freedom. Why is this? Take a look at the following example.

Imagine that magically all of your problems disappear. All of them. Imagine that you do have your freedom. Now, would the person, you, actually change in any real way? Because if I now bring back your problems, wouldn’t you act the exact same way as before when you complained about your problems and wanted freedom? Yes because nothing has really changed, except what is on the outside, in the environment. Compare this to someone who takes responsibility for the situation and changes it. That person wants to take responsibility and looks for solutions. They want to develop themselves. They want to change themselves, and become stronger. They want to direct their life and make the decisions regarding their life.

If you could only take one phrase with you, only one, which one would you take? I want to be free from…  OR I want to take responsibility for…
Have you decided? I know its silly because you can take both statements with you. But the decision you make, if you can only take one, makes a difference because you will in the future face moments with problems, with things that need directing. What phrase of words that you live will be your decision and who you will be in those moments. So in fact, you do make a choice to live one phrase or the other phrase. It’s best to pick now and make that decision now. This decision determines your quality of life and your future.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Share what you know

There is a responsibility for those that have access to life experience to share it. If you have experience, knowledge or training that protects you from harm, you have a responsibility to share that with those who don't have it, so that they are protected. If you see someone who is naive, and lacking the knowledge, you have the responsibility to support them to learn so as to protect themselves. IF you have knowledge or training that helps you to do something faster or better, you have the responsibility to share what you know with those who don't know so that they can do something faster or better. Otherwise, they won't know and they maybe will learn after making many mistakes, maybe. So if they harm themselves because they didn't know, it is your fault/responsibility for not sharing the information. If they choose to not listen or apply the information, you have the responsibility to insist, and even to protect them from themselves. If you allow them to harm themselves, it is your responsibility. You have the responsibility to make sure that they are okay, healthy, well, and know how to take care of themselves. If you don't know about how to do something safely, or that something is dangerous, then you don't know. The fact is you don't know what you don't know. And if you ask for help, someone may not even know, but they can say they know.

If you don't know or have no training, the best is to find someone who you is actively trying to train you and show you how to do something, and explain everything to you. The best is someone who is watching out for you, for your safety and well-being, and isn't going to leave you in harms way. The best is someone who cares for your safety, and is helping you to become the best by sharing everything they know, that they have applied and know for themselves. The best is to work with someone who actually knows what they are doing and have been applying what they are teaching you. The best is if they embody certain words like safety, caution, respect, regard, consideration, effective, efficient, healthy, well, easy, simple, careful. 

My advice is to watch out for those who are looking to take advantage of you, that will leave you in harms way, that will allow harm to come to you because it is better for them, it saves them time or money or effort. Watch out for those who are being very friendly to you and very kind so that they can make you feel better, so that you drop your guard and trust them. There are some people in those who do this to gain advantage. It could be so that you will help them and give them favors, or that you work for them and make them money because they are the boss. It could be even that they want to have your company so that they don't feel alone. Essentially any case where they are being selfish to gain an advantage for themselves, at your cost, and they are using your naivety, innocence, or willingness to see everyone as "good." The fact is not everyone is good. Some will take advantage of you and abuse you.

It can protect yourself by watching out for signs of someone who is not respecting you as a person. And one sign of this is making sure you are safe and know what you are doing. Someone that is watching out for you. Someone who shares what they know to make sure that you know. Someone that does everything within their power to live their responsibility of making sure you are well.

People that are easy targets are people that are innocent and don't know. So know now, to protect yourself, from people who are looking to take advantage of what you don't know. Watch out for people that are looking for you to trust them, that use kindness to seduce you. Watch out for yourself, protect yourself.

Tell the difference between someone who is doing their utmost for taking responsibility for themselves and those in their life, and someone who is not doing their utmost. See the difference between someone who is watching out for those around them, and someone who isn't. Don't pretend everyone good, or that no one is out there abusing and taking advantage. There is no one who taught me this. There is no one who watched out for my back. I can tell the difference now between someone who watches out for me, and someone who doesn't. I know that utmost potential. I know what it would look like. The difference between someone who cares and someone who doesn't. You and I have the responsibility to share what we know and what we realize for those who don't know. This is what you would have wanted for yourself. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

I have value

I have value for being alive.

The most valuable thing I have is who I am. Not my possessions, skills, abilities, or experience. The most valuable thing is who I am in the decisions I make. When I am presented with a situation, the decision I make is a reflection of who I am. So if the world is hell, the decision I make is who I am. If I lose all memory, experience, and ability, the decision I make is who I am. The most valuable I have is who I am.

I could lose my body, its strengths, appearance, ability, capability, but i always have myself, who I am. When I die, all I have is who I am.

I am valuable, and have value in who I am. I will always have this value no matter what happens, or changes in my world, environment, or situation, or with my body. My arms, legs could be chopped off, and I still have who I am. My eyes, and ears, nose and mouth can be destroyed, but I still have who I am. What I do with what I have is my decision, and that is who I am, that is my power.

Are you recognizing your value and power? Are you using it?

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

How to see through illusion

This is a mental exercise for seeing through illusions that are created through thinking about people and things.

Imagine that you can see yourself before you. Make that image be the complete representation of who you are. Now, take that image of yourself and bring it to your physical body. Through your body embrace yourself.

Repeat the above process with other images. Imagine your greatest enemy, villain, horror, or just someone that pisses you off. With your mind, take their image and bring it to your physical body and embrace them as yourself through your body.

Do this process until you completely stand with and as everyone and everything as what is best for ALL. Decide that your relationship with everything and everyone is that of what is best for all, standing as one and equal.