Friday, September 25, 2015

What would you do if you had a Living Income?

The Living Income is term used by the Equal Life Foundation.
To give a very simple definition and use for the word, consider this: Living Income is money granted to you for the purpose of fulfilling you requirement of certain things needed to Live.
So here, pretend that your basic needs are met. That means that your rent/mortgage is covered. Your bills for food, electricity, water, heating, transportation are covered. That you could basically sit all day at home and do nothing, and you could live given that you don't kill yourself, and remember to feed yourself (mom's with young adult sons can attest to the dangers of forgetting to eat -joke). Now the question here is what would you do?

So for me, in short number of words, I would continue with pushing for human rights, dignity, respect and education. I would support other people in living their lives and reaching their utmost potential. That is what I do today. The difference is that I wouldn't have any concern or thought placed to where I need to make more money so that I can continue eating, and paying for a place to stay. I won't have a fear, or thought towards such a possibility. I could be more committed to my goals.

So the question is, what would you do?

So if you are a mother or father with young children, perhaps you will spend more time with them, rather than going to work. You might still go to work because you sincerely enjoy it, or you see it as being valuable to the world in how it contributes to society. But for sure, you would set aside time with your children.

If you are an activist who supports changing government policies toward Global Warming, Factory Farming, or War/Military, you would spend more time to these causes that you are so committed to.

If you are an average bloke, who has no passion or interest in the world, you could explore what your passion is, instead of working at a job where you only work for the money.

If you always had a crazy idea for an invention, business venture, or political movement, you could actually explore that and commit to making that a reality.

In essence, we would have an entire society of people who are overall more committed to the activities they partake in daily, and are more interested in their lives and the world are around them. We would have greater connections with each other, our communities, neighbors, friends, families, and as Humanity. We would understand compassion on a deeper more practical level, where it is manifested as the Living Income itself. What more perfect example of compassion would you need to inspire such a principle in the new generation of youths?

Perhaps the question shouldn't be, what you would do with a Living Income, but instead it is who you will Be.

You laugh at Yourself 336

For quite some time I have reacted to various popular tv shows and movies. These include the simpsons, Family guy, and such movies as Ted, or A Million ways to die in the west. Now, having reflected on what I am reacting to and how I am reacting to, I can see now what is actually happening. We as humanity are laughing at characters that are psychologically deranged, crazy, or have some serious mental illness or faults. These individuals lack commonsense, principles, and are often driven purely by base reaction, and desire for self-pleasure and self-interest. They are narrow-minded, limited, and completely egotistical, and conform to arbitrary rules and authority as if lacking the ability to see and analyze the world around them for what it is. These are characters that are often driven by sex, within self-interest and disregard for the one you are having sex with. They often are self-loathing, self-debilitating, self-destructive, selfish, etc... They lack all care and regard for the value of Life, in them and in others. Within that they mask their selfishness, within having regard and care for a few individuals, which can be called family, friendships or loved ones. However, even these individuals they abuse constantly and consistently, and only rarely espouse the supposed value of friends, family, and love, when it conforms to their self-interest.

Now I have one question for you Humanity. How could we have accepted and allowed such "comedy" as entertainment to exist for so long without ever being questioned? The base answer seems to be that you have enjoyed it humanity, because these comedies reflect what is in fact with YOU. That is the self-interest, ego, disregard for life, responsibility, care and what it would actually mean to love. There is no love present in these comedies. But just a perverted feeling Love that lacks care, responsibility, and respect for ALL Life.

Would you laugh at a psychologically deranged individual that walks the street killing people and laughing about it? No, then why is that considered comedy? Would you laugh at someone who has sexs with many different people, treating them like dead meat? No you wouldn't. Would you laugh at someone that curses every few seconds and threatens you? No you wouldn't.

The only justification or excuse you can have for calling these acts as comedy, is that you are laughing AT the stupidity of these people. This is also another sad trick revealing your ego state. Because would you laugh at someone who is mentally ill? Disabled? Retarded? or Deranged/Crazy? Would you laugh at someone who lacks all care and regard for Life, and so can be called evil?  This itself seems quite crazy. And the base cheap excuse here is that you are Laughing at someone. So since when has it been acceptable to laugh at someone and enjoy someone else's misery? Would you like it if people called you names, made fun of you, and laughed at you? So please....

So what we find "comical" reveals to us our true faces. Laughing has become perverted, twisted, into a game of egos, self-loathing, and self-destruction. Yet it is widespread, commonplace, within society, and found in daily life. Be careful what you laugh at. You only laugh at yourself.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

It doesn't matter what other people think of you 335

What only matters is what you are thinking about yourself.
If you are having thoughts about yourself, that is affecting you directly. Your thoughts is what you think when you think about what other people think of you.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Whether to risk your life for someone 334

Where and When to risk your life for someone.

So the perspective I am about to give, is based within the point of measuring each person by whether they stand within principles and values that considers everyone/Life. Because such people would have greater value than someone who stands within disregarding everyone. And so, in essence, people who have greater value through who they are, should be safe guarded and protected above all others. And so when you see someone in trouble where you have to risk your life, you have to assess your own value and that person's value, along with any and all relevant practical considerations, and side effects. One example is children, since they are still in the process of developing themselves and are not as set in stone as adults in their ways. Also, to consider whether they are someone that is integral in some project or endeavour which grants them value. So all of this you would have to consider, and ideally be aware of BEFORE the life-threatening, risky event occurs. So this means at least, assessing your value of your life. Now, this is obviously a difficult subject to consider, because we have morals attached here, especially to being the one that "let's other people die to save your life." We judge that as cowardice. Now of course, this perception is skewed, because you can consider daily acceptances where we daily let other people die.

So daily there are wars occurring, and their are economic disasters, where people die of starvation even. You could say we let those people die. And so too, when we eat food, we are taking the life of a plant or animal. So would we judge this as cowardice? Many of us actually do, which leads to activism, and vegans/vegetarians. But, what is missed here is what is practical and what is best for everyone, including yourself. Because we often grow up in a culture that worships the self-sacrificing hero, we often are quick to judge that to be what is good and what should be done, without actually understanding how we came to accept that as out thought and our cherished belief. You will probably find that you merely adopted that belief within a feeling or emotion tied to some memory where someone shared their belief with you. It is highly unlikely that you will find that you had made a decision, that measured the benefits and drawbacks, that had consider the context, and the various individuals, and whether you considered who those individuals were, within their daily living.

It's important to consider all sides here, which there are many. Because one thing is for sure, you will die one day. The question is how you will live until then, and if you do choose to live, that what you will spend your time on. One thing is for sure, that whether you sacrifice yourself or not, to save another, you will live with your decision. So the point is to make it count. And I find it to be helpful, to hold principles that give value to the Life that is in each one. The inequality within equality is that not everyone is holding the value of Life that is in each one. Only some are holding onto that value, and by default they do have value. Whereas those who don't have the value for Life, don't have value themselves. So this is something to consider within your daily decisions, on who you will support and who you will abuse. Support Life, and abuse those who don't. And may that be that karma or lesson, that Life is what holds value.

So help those who are willing to help themselves/others. Invest your time and effort in those that will actually support themselves and everyone. They are what matter. That is Life.

Equality among people 333

J'en ai des frissons...
Posted by Jeremy Demay on Saturday, May 17, 2014

So in the above video, I am observing a very interesting point that I myself participated in. That is, believing that children are merely inputting and outputting everything we tell them, and that we are shaping them. So here I am questioning this point, because this is a very common belief, where all of our parenting guides and school systems are using this belief to teach and shape the children into what it is that is right, good or best. Now, having spent time with children who specifically have the freedom to explore themselves and their world, I am having a different point of view that is quite obvious actually.

So with starting with the obvious, there have been many people that have grown up in abusive home environments, some that I know personally. These people all learned from their home environments and abusive parents, to not be like their parents, and to be different. This meant, not drinking alcohol for example. So in this case, this is the opposite of what we would think would occur if children merely copy parents examples. Therefore this shows that children are rationalizing, making observations, and coming up with their own conclusions. Children then are not the merely all receptive sponges we believe them to be. Instead they actually decide on what information they accept into themselves, and what not.

So what is the results from taking on this new perspective? So this would radically change out parenting styles and school systems, as currently we are all acting within the belief that we must give each child the conclusion and ready answer, instead of recognizing that they could come up with their own answer, which can be even better than yours. So this would require that the older generation be humble and recognize the equality among all beings of all ages.

Now, practically, some answers are more straightforward than others, but even then, we tend to over-simplify answers to situations, "for the sake of making it easier for the children." So one example is with words. Its somewhat true that words have set defintions, but in reality, every word was invented by people across the years, and even now as we speak, more words are being created. So words are merely points we agree upon through use. In the school system however, they attempt to define and set what is a word and what isn't a word. So in essence, this would require being practical with words, and understanding the situation here.

Now, again to question the fundamental point here, where we believe children are inferior to what they actually are, look at babies. Babies are amazing. They learn an entire language, without instruction, but through merely being expose to the language. They can even learn several languages at once! This have all been documented, and studied. This reveals, that they are working at a very complex and sophisticated level. Imagine, you being an adult, learning a new langauge through merely being exposed to the language. This would require that you listen for sounds and words, and listen for patterns, where you use patterns to figure out by deduction what is a word, and also using the repeating contexts to figure out what the word means, and then you test that theory over and over to further validate it, until you are sure it is true, and even then you will learn that words tend to have many meanings, not just one set definition. That is what the baby does. And for an adult that would seem a difficult task, and for many they would say its impossible. Yet, it isn't evidently.

So perhaps we would even regard babies as superior to us, in the practical sense.

Now, in looking at the world we have today, we have many adults who go through the school system work system, that come up :"successful." Meaning that they make money, they earned good grades, but here we have to consider the obvious. That most of these don't know what they want to do with their life, and if they say they do, they tend to have a cookie cutter answer that they probably received from their parents, teachers, or society, like becoming a doctor or going to college. So in reality, YES, we have made and shaped ourselves into being like robots, that merely copy one another, however, that is not ALL that we are, nor is it what had to be. It WAS a choice that was made by each one of us to merely copy and accept and go along with how things were told to us. We each had that spark or potential to question the situation, no matter how extreme. That is what it means to be human, that you can question and see and rationalize, and not merely accept how things are presented to you.

So I tagged the above video to question its message, and to show how this is not the reality, but merely a reality we believe is true, because in such a reality control over people is possible, as well as having excuses that someone else created you is possible as well. Self-interest is the root of this belief here.

Its time to start seeing everyone as equals.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Power of Imagination

SO, having examples to live by is important. However, when I look at what examples I had growing up, I know that I had none that I followed that were real/alive. I had plenty of potential examples that I could have chosen to follow, but I didn't because they weren't good enough. The example I chose to follow, is actually not someone alive. I used my imagination to create who it is I wanted to be. I collected the best person possible through my experiences, observations and imaginations. While doing this it felt more like a discovery than an act of creation. I merely uncovered the potential right here.

So in my mind I had the best example of who I should be. And as I aged and grew older and was exposed to more things, this example changed. And so I changed. I would say the person that I have changed into and the example I looked up to, are in agreement with the previous self and example. Because they are born out of that, out of those lessons and past experiences. So how can there be conflict? And so the same with conflict in general. How can there be conflict when we are all born out of each other?