Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Day 13 Positive Experiences

So today I what I became aware of as I faced my mind was that there are positive experiences that I have been accepting and allowing. The first one in my day was tiredness. When I woke up I was in tiredness, and it was a positive experience, I liked it. It was floating and relaxed, yet it was tiredness as a feeling, as a positive energy. I had trouble stopping it, even with self-forgiveness and breathing. It was only when I applied the inhalation as a point of checking myself for my experience and for any energy. My inhalation was very specific here, it was SHARP and FULL and I held my breath with my lungs full. Before when I was using breath in the morning it was more RELAXED and it was like HALF-full inhalation. So the breathing I needed to do to support was specific.

As I continued my day I noticed the pattern of how I have accepted and allowed positive experiences to take over my life. I observed several things about me.

I observed how emotions are there to protect feelings, where feelings are the heaven, the golden jewel and emotions are like the weapons that protect them. So if you try stopping feelings, you are met with emotions as resistance as defense, both as ways to distract you and to bring you out of awareness and into energy again. So will never stop the mind no matter how many times you stop the emotions, the negative experiences, until you stop the feelings, the positive experience, because it will just keep on coming!

I observed that I FINALLY have an answer to a question I had 6 years ago! That the energy I felt in my past moments was Anger as Postivity as Feeling as Empowering! Even though I was writing a blog about oneness and equality, what I was feeling within me was energy! Now I know it!

With this awareness, I additionally see the important of my inner awareness, where its like I tilt my head down for a second as a thing I did throughout my life, and that I become aware of my inner. In my inner I see what's going on, and I can check to see if everything is clear as having no energy. So now I know that this anger as energy as positive feeling is not allowed anymore inside of me. And that to speak, live or write while with that as my inner experience is not acceptable or allowable.

I also know it is going to take a while to completely change myself on this point, but through consistency in application, I will change it.

Monday, July 30, 2018

EXTRA: Anger as Justice Revisited

Anger as Justice is tricky because...

when you are in traffic and a car cuts you off you think to yourself what an asshole, or that they shouldn't be doing that!

I can list many more examples here...

someone throws their trash on the ground.

someone didn't clean their dishes.

someone left a mess.

someone talked about you behind your back.

someone took something from you without asking permission.

So pretty much in all above examples it is sociably ACCEPTABLE to become angry. According to society and invisible rules you are right to get angry. At desteni though we push further, we ask the question deeper, we don't just accept things just because. We want the answer that is best for all in all ways.

What does anger do here?

And perhaps more importantly what does anger feel like?

Have you considered that you feel good when you feel angry?

Don't you?

You feel empowered, strong, ready to go. The opposite of feeling weak.

So anger isn't a negative experience, so it can't be an emotion, then its a feeling! What's is weird is that we judge anger as BAD and NEGATIVE and we shouldn't feel this way. Though the basic truth is that feeling anger feels good for you to feel.

Whoever is angry as justice is doubly right. Perhaps it is the cases where we are "wronged" that we seek justice that we best see how we feel as anger because their is no self-judgement or suppression in this case. We really believe we deserve justice and are just to be angry.

I found that self-forgiveness works with anger as justice.

Whenever you have any thought of anger towards someone that "wronged" you or whatever,
you can say: I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel like someone wronged me.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel angry towards this person for cutting me in front of line.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel anger towards this person who won't clean their mess.

I realize anger is never okay.

What happens when you do self-forgiveness in such a consistent way with any anger, you become empty inside yourself, clear, like a vacant house.

You will then see the moment from a whole new perspective which is one without energy or anger as energy. You will see what is best for you, them, and so all.

As long as you accept the anger then you will always be biased in favor of feeling angry and acting on it. For assistance in working with anger, look at 4-count breathing, in order to get a sense of consistency and stability for observing how anger moves on its own and isn't best for all.

Day 12 Breathing the 4-Count Breath

Reference: Bernard's blog post http://creationsjourneytolife.blogspot.com/2017/06/day-573-practical-living-explained.html


Sunday, July 29, 2018

Day11 - Depression as Cynicism and Pessimism

Today I learned that I have been feeling depression as Cynicism and Pessimism that the a world that is best for all won't happen.

I felt this way as a reaction to seeing people give up, argue for their limitations, not willing to change, look at a point, or learn from it. It came from seeing people talking about money, and the natural world like its a dead thing.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel depression when seeing people talk about the nature as a dead thing and talk about how important money is.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel depression when I see people argue for their limitations and refuse to investigate themselves further.

I also feel this way when people tell me how a world that is best for all is not possible. I also feel angry as I try to tell them why it is.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel depressed when people tell me that a world that is best for all is not possible.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel angry when people tell me a world that is best for all is not possible.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel unsure in myself and lose faith in myself when I feel depressed when hearing someone tell me why a world that is best for all is not possible.

I let go of these reactions and I embrace myself. I know I'm going to do my part that brings about a world that is best for all and nothing can stop me from doing my part, and taking responsibility for me.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Extra: Using the Infinite as a Tool

About applying your ability to see things into the future, and see future consequence.

Bernard's Blog post

Day 10 All Excuses, All Beliefs, All Ideas Rip them down

There are many ideas floating around, many arguments, many beliefs, many opinions, many knowledge that is all useless cause it has nothing to do with Life, what's best for Life, what's best for reality, standing as All as one and equal, standing.

Just tear it all down, rip it apart, ignore it, destroy it, forget it, drop it. Anything that prevents you from living as one and equal, living with this reality, living here today on Earth, just flush it away.

It doesn't matter if you are old. It doesn't matter if global warming will destroy the planet. It doesn't matter who your president is. It doesn't matter what challenges you face on a daily basis. None of that matters. What matters is YOU and where YOU stand within this location point in this One Existence we all Share and CREATE on a daily basis through YOUrself.

There is so much useless shit that goes through our minds, that add nothing of value to this reality, to life. Keep that which serves life and drop the rest.

Its that simple. Its as simple as a breath, a decision, as an intention to be different, a commitment to change. Its as simple as applying your will and never giving up. It's as simple as a self-forgiveness taking responsibility for your past.

Speaking about self-forgiveness, oneness and equality, what's best for all, will already change this reality. Living it changes it further. And consistently doing this, daily doing this, guarantees it will become the fate of everyone. Life cannot be stopped.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Day 9 What I learned about Love

Love is now a feeling I can identify clearly within me. I can see it within me as a trigger to this video game. I can see it trigger when watching this or that movie. I can see it trigger in my memories with this person. Love is a feeling, an energy, which doesn't need to exist. Looking at how it works, how it exists within me: it is triggered by various media. And the moments that I felt love as a feeling with another person, was also triggered by the moment, by the situation.

One memory where I felt love as an energy was when I was laying down and holding my girlfriend at the time, the bed was comfortable. The image of the place was perfect. And I felt the energy I generated within me attached to this moment. What is interesting about feelings is that they are attached to only particular or specific moments. For example, you won't find this love when the same "loved one" is yelling at you. How useful can the feeling of Love be, when its not there when you need it? And isn't that often a complaint made in relationships, that your partner isn't there when you need them?

If a relationship requires, or relies on a feeling like love in order to exist/function, then it can't function very far outside of its preordained moments or situations that trigger love as a feeling. Beyond those set moments, love as a feeling won't exist. And real life situations won't confine themselves to nice butterfly moments laying in bed. Real life moments include real stressors, conflicts, fighting, money issues, career issues, children issues, problems, difficulties, injuries, illnesses. So that is why relationships that are based on love as a feeling fail. Because they can't go the distance.

Going the distance requires laying the foundation of yourself as an individual on something that is not Love as a feeling triggered by the moment. That is why this Desteni process exists. That is why I do what I do, and have followed what Desteni has shared for a long time. Because us humans rely on our feelings in order to move, and feel motivated. We are limited, and embrace these limits, we revel in them, enjoy them. We don't want to let go.

Beyond feelings, is this physical world and this physical body. Nothing in this physical reality in nature or in the Earth relies on feelings yet look at all it does, has done, and all that accomplishes on a daily basis. You don't need feelings in order to live life or create with life. This Earth is proof of that.

Real Love is what the Earth does, and it does it without feeling. It is consistent, reliable, trustworthy, stable, and always there. The way the trees grow, the way water is recycled, the way that bodies of organic life is recycled, reused, reshaped, reformed. Its perfection.

We humans are not living in the image and likeness of this Earth, of perfection. Being consistent, reliable, trustworthy is not the Human Nature currently, but it can be.

Doing so requires that we are not limited to feelings, to be motivated by them, to be dependent on the moment and situation to dictate who we are, what we do through how we feel.

Being able to walk a partnership with one person successfully, in the image and likeness of the Earth, of Life, of Perfection, is possible, though requires all I have said here already. It's commonsense.

Knowing the reason why you walk a partnership with someone helps show where you stand.

Good Luck

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Day 8 Love for ALL? or all for Love?

So today I had went through a similar experience as yesterday. Yesterday I posted an audio recording describing how yesterday I had identified depression as an emotion I felt. Today I identified Love as a feeling. I'm going to describe in detail tomorrow what I learned from this feeling. Today I'm going to give a bit of an introduction on why feelings must also be stopped. I understand how feelings, like Love are defended in this reality to the utmost degree. So I understand that it isn't so clear or obvious why I am doing what I am doing with emotions and feelings, equally.

The way I like to look at it that makes most sense, is how the most truest form or act of love that could exist would be something like the Equal Money system, or someone who is looking to make sure that everyone is taken care of physically, in all aspects, facets and regard of being alive and having physical needs. True love would be working on ending starvation completely. Love in the form of feeling good with your friends and family pales in comparison to Love as the Dedication, Commitment, and action to bring about a better life for many people who are in physical suffering right now, at no fault of their own. It is clear that these two things are not the same at all.

What is interesting is that often what stops us from dedicating our lives, and committing them to changing the world, is things that feel good and comfortable. Things like love as a FEELING. So another way to put to words what I'm doing, is that I'm removing all the obstacles and barriers to me doing/living love for real, which includes love as a feeling.

For some people this may not be enough to hear, which is also understandable. In addition, it is possible to live expression as yourself, joy and fun as yourself, where you do move with your body and have fun with it. All of this not requiring feelings as energy as we know it. So there is room for that. This does exist, though really knowing what I'm talking about or really living it is much different than what people currently live as. Because currently we interchange emotions and feelings with each other, where we at one moment feel good and happy, and the next we feel angry and vengeful. The reason why this happens is because Energy is interchangeable between emotions and feelings. Expressions don't work this way. But our emotions and feelings do, because they are not lived through self-direction, they are reactions that are part of system built on energy.

From where I am standing right now, it is difficult to live what I'm talking about if you are having a desire to feel good, while ignoring the lives of the many that exist on Earth. I draw strength and connection with My self through my stand with everyone and with existence. So just being alone and just seeking to feel good, feels weak, and unable to stand. The same with Love. If Love is standing with and by everyone equally, it is strong and real. If you are living love as just what feels good for you and a few friends or lovers, then it is weak, yet addictive, and intoxicating, which makes sense because you are weak. What is interesting to observe is that addiction is only possible if you are weak, and inferior already. And the intoxicating element about Love also can only exist if you stand in inferiority and weakness to the object you are calling your Love. Whereas Love standing with and by everyone makes you strong and you are stable within that. So there's a stark difference.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Day 7 Identifying a Mysterious Emotion

New Audio Recording describing an Experience I had today, and why I stop emotions Divided into two parts. 

Part 1

Part 2

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Day 5 The Power to Change

The Power to Change who you are is an Immense power. It is immense because it is impossible in the eyes of humanity. It is God-like to have such power to change Self. It is super-hero. It is fantasy, a fairy tale. Just unbelievable, that everyone/anyone can have such power, not matter who they were, what they have done, who they had been.

Some religions are seen as great in the eyes of men because they offer absolution from all sins, all past transgression, a clean slate that allows you into paradise, where God forgives you.

What about just forgiving yourself? No matter what you have done or been. What about, instead of asking for God or someone else to forgive you, you just do it? So simple. Anyone can do it. A rapist could do it. A child-murderer could do it. Abusers, violent people, sinners could do it. Anyone can recognize that they have done something that isn't best for them and others and they can take responsibility and change. Anyone can.

Its just a belief that you have that you can't change. Forgive yourself for believing that. Having any belief that you hold onto and defend makes no sense. Reality is truth, and you just need to see what is in reality to see truth.

Having a feeling or belief that people should pay, that murderers and rapists should burn in hell, that sinners need punishment is something anyone can change. Its just something else to forgive oneself for believing and feeling. Because a murderer and rapist can change, anyone can change.

The power of change seems so great because it appears so rarely. If everyone wielded the power to change, openly, that it wouln't seem so great, it would seem bland, normal and commonplace.

Imagine a person making a moment of self-forgiveness and changing. Imagine a person going throughout the memories of their entire life and forgiving everything they had done that wasn't best for them and others. The next moment forward they can be a new person. Imagine a society where we all introspect and learn from our past, where we reflect on who we have been and use self-forgiveness to change.

Such a humanity would become so powerful, in wielding themselves, holding the reigns of their life and destiny in the palm of the hands.

Realizing and see that you hold responsibility over your life, through how you responded, reacted, what you did, who you were inside during it... there is so much to learn and so much more to become. You can change this Reality for the better, if you just Live the solution, and just Show it!

You can say, look world! I have changed! I understand myself! I understand how I work! See here how I did it! Let me show you!

No one has to continue to be who they are, and live the life they have been living. It all starts with working on yourself, and to know you, and how you work. You are the one living your life, so changing you, changes your life. You can just say Life is Self. There is no reason to be hopeless! Here is a solution!

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Day 4 Purpose and Meaning

Throughout our time on Earth, many people, humans feel purposeless and no meaning in their life. Just listless, just around, just existing. This feels both good and bad at the same time. Both enjoyable and dreading. Its a feeling and emotion, a unique combination, yet an energy all the same. What is interesting is that as long as we stay in the mind programs, our fate is certain. We will end up in some crusading force for religion, or an equally religiously held belief or idea about anything, or end up listless, floating, nothing, no meaning and purpose. Both extremes of a polarity, both visually very distinct and polar opposites, yet both equally the same "meaningless," fruitless, running in circles cycling in the same shit fate.

You may find yourself at one point being a religious devotee to some belief, some idea, some cause, and the next moment, at the snap of a finger it all ends and you become a hollow shell of a person. Never realizing that its the same program and same fate that was always meant to be. For every high their is a low. For every low there is a deception, a lie that you tell yourself, that there can be no consequences for feelings, positivity...

Understand that its not that I am against positivity, its just a fact, a reality, and a truth that what comes up must come down, especially all that is a Fake, an illusion, and not real. If you were really in control and really being the director and creator of your experience then it wouldn't happen at all, nothing would affect you like that. So its just facts. And its a good thing too, and it wouldn't or couldn't be any other way, because Life is here. What's more important what you feel or Life itself? This really is such an unfair question to ask you, yet one day you will see what I mean.

Any Purpose or Meaning that divorces itself from Life cannot stand. Why is that? Because the truth is, whether you see it yet or not, you are Life, a part of All Life. That is your truth that you haven't yet seen. A part of every single thing that exists. And so you have a requirement, a responsibility to do what must be done in the name of All Life, what's best for all. Separating yourself from this Truth, through your consciousness, through your beliefs, through your personality and story of who you are, held by energy as emotion, feeling as memories, that you charge and recharge here in this body in the moment, is why purpose and meaning is fleeting.

There has to be something within you that calls for something real and has meaning. Maybe this is why we hold onto so religiously our beliefs and ideas of who we are. Through becoming aware of what you feel, and what you think, you can see firsthand how destruction is how you exist as. The havoc, the suffering and pain you feel. Maybe that will be enough for you to change.

When you step outdoors from the Mind and Self you have existed as and step indoors to Reality, you will see how ripe this reality is with Purpose and Meaning, with work that must be done, with rewards, satisfaction and growth a plenty. Check the links on the right banner. Click on those little pictures. There are doors to learning what you need to know.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Day 3 Infinite Possibiliites

Something interesting about the Mind is that when you are in it, you don't see possibility. You don't see potential. You don't see future play outs. You resist anyone telling you that a world of oneness and equality is possible. You resist hearing that everyone can be taken care of. You resist the so called "impossible," which calling it that is an act of resistance itself

This world has infinite possibilities. So simple to say, a much different story to actually see it, be it, and bring a new reality forth through yourself. When stepping out of the mind you are stepping out of the past imprisoned by your lust to have a story, a personality, a Me that is defined by the information you carry around on your back that is your Name and Image that you keep of yourself in your head. Such an image of yourself, you consider real and worth defending with blood and violence. Your emotions are the substance that you claim substantiate your right to attack others in the name of defending yourself.

Can you see the possibility of the words I speak? If so, then you are not so completely in your mind. The degree to which you can see into how you can change and be something different that is better for yourself and others, reflects the work you have put into seeing, into releasing the memories as information that you carry on your back. Such weight and burden is it that you back becomes hunched over. Letting that go enables you to stand well and firm.

The more you see, the more you become aware of, the more compelled you are to do something about it. You see your own responsibility. You see your own power. You see your own potential.

From Seeing, to Being. Taking that step to become your vision is a test of courage, a test of self. To utter words of self-forgiveness that releases yourself from a thought or belief you held dearly, from an emotion you clutched with all your might, to a feeling you felt was more pure and truer than anything in this reality, shows to yourself that what you believed to be true about what you thought you were, about what you thought was your truest experience, that what you thought you are, was misleading and unfounded. You are not a piece of information to be contained and held within something you feel and think. Your body is not an idea. Your body isn't a feeling. The limitation comes from our unwillingness to align with what is Real, True, and Reliable, which is the body, this physical reality, and understanding how they operate.

As long as we don't put in the time and effort to work with physical reality, and create with it, nothing can flourish. Bringing forth a new possibility, a new self, a new reality, takes work. It takes working with fundamental rules of existence. It takes sacrifice as letting go of everything false, everything that limits you from seeing you can create something new and different. You can only create a new future for yourself, so long as you see a new future is possible. Being closed of, and thinking that you are limited from changing, incapable of it, you fulfill your own image of you.

You cannot see a new reality is possible for everyone if you cannot see the possibility for a new you. The Pessimism, the Darkness, the Shadow of doubt, and despair, is you refusing to see the light that is you, like a light bulb of possibility. Your vision, your awareness is not what is limited, it is You, the one wielding, refusing to shine the flashlight in the 180 degree direction, revealing all that can happen. 

A new reality becomes possible once a new self can be seen as possible. A step further, when you establish a new self, a new reality has already come to pass.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Day 2 Ideas, Belief, & Thought don't Matter

Reality, Truth, Honesty.

Such words have been tainted, corrupted, spit on, that any semblance of their substance seems far too distant to sight.

In our mentally created reality of the mind, existing within polarities of good and bad, we have become accustomed to a perception that reality is ambiguous, murky, untrustworthy, rampant with corrupted individuals who at their very core can never be trusted, that everything is arguable and the only predictable thing is pure chaos in daily life. The possibility that truth can exist, that an objective way to live can exist would just appear as another trick that someone plays to gain favor over you.

In a world of Opinion, Belief and Thought, where view points are what is rampant, that nothing is certain, its like a chaotic soil that never settles and constantly mixed about. Life cannot grow from the soil.

Seeing clearly how reality exists and operates, seeing it for what it is, not letting anything like opinion cloud your sight, anything like belief prevent you from perceiving reality, is key. Clear sight is important. Seeing what is real in every moment.

An Opinion, Belief or idea doesn't matter. What matters is the truth, not the truth that an individuals claims they know, but the truth that stands whether or not anyone knows it, whether or not anyone sees it. Truth, real truth, exists independent of anything, it is the actual nature of reality. It is not created by an individual. Beliefs, opinions and ideas are created by individuals. When an individuals speak the real truth they are only uncovering what already exists, they don't create it. All information that is created is a lie. Information that is revealed from reality is a reflection of reality, and so Truth and so true. Dedication to Truth is important. Its about sticking to what is real and trustworthy, and forgoing any self-interest, and temptation to bend the minds of others to serve you.

When we add our opinions and beliefs to reality, where are adding emotions and feeling to it. We are evoking the emotions and feelings in others, and we are forgoing Truth and so twisting Truth into Opinion. We create a fantasy that we confuse for reality, and so rightly get lost in our own lies, opinions, and belief which we defend with blood and violence. All the while, reality sits contently here, ready for those who are ready to join in, and stand with it, without opinion, belief, thought, polarity, emotion or feeling.

Do you really think your physical body needs opinion? Needs a thought to live? Nope. Food is what feeds the body. Water hydrates it. It respires air. Your thought, your opinion, your personality is not essential to life. None of that which exists as the so called "essential you" the "vitally important" self that which we defend with emotions, and long paragraphed arguments matters. Cause its not essential.

Truth, reality, this physical reality matters. It exists without Mind. It exists without all that we humans called to be the most vital and important part of ourselves. Our stories, our memories, our personalities, our relationships, our place in the world. Can you EVER be out of place of this World? Out of place from this Earth? this existence? You are always somewhere! You are always right here. That is Truth.

Who you are, your awareness, your consciousness, your choice, your direction, your self-will, your self-responsibility... that is what matters, that is the crux, that is the turning point. The YOU that is REAL that can change EVERYTHING.

You are not a piece of information, a label, a belief, a thought, an idea.
You believe it. But you aren't it.

What you feel doesn't matter, what you think doesn't matter. What matters is what is true, and how you actually are existing as, and what you actually can be that is best for all.

Maybe next time I will talk about Love

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Day 1 No Mind, No Emotions, No Feelings

This phrase makes you seem crazy, no mind, no emotion, no feeling. When you say it seriously and someone hears you, they want to say how you need feelings, that you need Love. What about Love?

Before going there, first of all is it even possible to not have your mind? to not think? to not feel any emotion or feeling? Is it possible. Well, you may need to clarify what each thing means, but in a certain sense and definition, yes definitely.

So perhaps an example will best illustrate the usefullness of stopping the mind, thought, emotion and feeling. Note that Feeling refers to positive like happy, and emotions refer to negative like sad, anger fear. So the example is this. You read an article. During the article you feel various feelings and emotions. Now you need to form an opinion about what you think the article says. Now what normally happens is that a person forms their opinion informed by their emotions and feelings. So both the good and bad. What is interesting is that WORDING of the article can purposefully ELICIT and manipulate what you FEEL based on PATTERNS of human LANGUAGE and human BEHAVIOR. It comes down to a science, where people predictably will react in certain ways. This is why you see many news article have salacious, and click-baiting TITLES that make you want to click because it elicits an emotion or feeling out of you. So the same article and the same information can be presented in two different ways that will bring out two very different reactions out of you, and so two very different opinions.

This is all dandy, however what if you are someone who stops what they feel in the moment? Whether positive or negative. Such a person without a reactive mind, can READ the article, and any version of it, filled with WORDS that are designed to bring out reactions within you, and see what information the article actually shares. So true objectivity. This is a technique not really taught in schools. Because its a "state of mind" sort of. Or it relates to Who you Are, or something like Self-awareness or Self-control. None of these topics are really covered in classes. At best we get snippets of this in class, but not really on purpose with the intent of creating people that are objective, and can read articles without reacting with any emotions or feelings. More often then not, we tend to celebrate, and bring out our reactions within each others, and say that is our personality, who we are, and it is a beautiful thing. Unfortunately that is part of the lie and part of the problem. The basic truth is that we are like organic robots that operate in dimensions of polarities of good and bad, that is attached as definitions and words to everything in this reality, forming opinions and beliefs just because we can. We are not acting out of practicality, utility or what is BEST! We are creating a mosaic of creativity that is in reality just crap. Because what is the use of all these colors, all these opinions, beliefs, personalities and ideas if NONE of it serves LIFE, serves EVERYONE, serves YOU. Is everything within you really best for you, and it doesn't harm or limit YOU or OTHERS??? Really? You sure? Because if you are not 110% sure, without a shadow of a doubt that everything within you is best than you can't really say that? And NO I'm not talking about FAKE-ASS confidence that is feeling. I'm talking about whether you did spend the TIME to check yourself thoroughly, through all your memories, history, the depth of you mind, thoughts, beliefs and personality.

So none of what I said here today means anything unless the Human can change their Mind, their Self, and so simply stop a thought, emotion or feeling as it arises within them. The basic answer is you can do it. Learning how to do it, practicing it, getting good at it, is where the work comes in. Also understanding what a thought even is, an emotion or feeling is. That's where you start. Then you can do some pretty amazing things already. Imagine being able to do something you found scary or very boring, and not feel that way at all! Imagine being able to do that and even find a way to have fun! But not the same kind of fun you know of as a feeling, but a fun that involves your body, your physicality, your awareness which directs and creates fun as an expression of you in the moment.

This is the future and Destiny of Humanity. This would be evolution. But not some magical evolution that is out of your control. It is here, real, and done through your hands, through your blood, sweat and tears. The hard work that must be done in order to reap delicious fruits and veggies, haha!

The Mind is the next great Frontier! Don't miss out on it!


Next time I can talk about Love!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

How to Work with the Mind, an Example

The human Mind Conscious System works in polarities of good and bad. You have good feelings and bad ones. No matter what you feel, it charges your thoughts: You feel angry so you think about how an idiot someone is, and you think about them in anger. Or someone makes you feel happy, and you think about how good they are to you. This is how thinking works, it responds to how you feel.

Its possible to stop the mind, and so stop the thinking and the feeling. Why do this? Because how much do you control your thoughts? Observe and see for yourself that they just move on their own. This is because your Mind manages your thoughts automatically, it creates them for you to hear and see. You don't directly create your thoughts, like on purpose. So your choice is either to participate or not to participate. Either let things happen or stop giving it attention.

It is through your awareness and attention that you empower your thoughts and emotions.

What is interesting about your mind is that it doesn't matter if you try to think only positive thoughts or only negative thoughts, because your mind uses both. And focusing on only the positive actually creates negative, because it works in polarity.

So instead of empowering the mind, bring your awareness and attention to the physical body and physical reality. Your body doesn't rely on what you think or feel. Your body doesn't get stronger based on what you think. It does get weaker the more you do think, whether its positive or negative thoughts, it is still attention in the mind.

To move at your strongest state, and work at your best pace, requires no thought, and no mind. Just pure physical movement. As the physical body you can do everything possible with interacting in this physical world and reality. You can talk, walk, build, bake, make, take, create, and help. No mind needed. Which means no positive thinking or feeling needed, or negative thinking or feeling needed. If someone hits your car, no need to think anything bad or get angry. If someone flirts with you, no need to feel positive with receiving attention. If someone insults you, no need to feel bad. No thought, no mind.

Going into your beliefs and ideas, everything can be questioned now, and the truth can be objective. Beliefs are not truth, they require faith. Truth is true, evidenced, trustworthy and reliable. How you feel, leads to what you think, and that leads to what you believe. End the mind, and you can free yourself from limiting ideas and beliefs on what is possible and the nature of your life and the future.

Sunday, July 15, 2018


Okay so I'm making up a word in order to communicate how I view the world to someone I meet.


This is the view that everything in this existence is alive. The earth, sand, gravel, water, air, plants, animals. And that all is one and equal in value of life. Alive here means aware. So all of these things is aware. So there is nothing in existence that isn't aware, and so alive. So eating animals or plants you are eating something aware, so in that sense it doesn't matter if you eat an animal or plant. What matters is how you treat the plant and animal while it is alive, like how animals are treated in factory farming for example.

I believe or follow Lifeism as opposed to Monotheism, like Christianity or Islam, or Judiasm. In these religions they paint the Earth as a dead thing, that was created by God that is there to Serve Man. I don't believe in that, which is what I just Said with Lifeism. Everything is alive and aware. I can't necessarily prove this is the case, which is why I'm making the word up, Lifeism, and I'm saying I follow that as opposed to Monotheism.

The view that the Earth is alive and aware, isn't something completely new. Many Indigenous people in the Americas, North, Central, and South America have had similar views.

So I do view this existence as existing as one and equal. It's not a special feeling, or a  magical words. Because you are always one and equal to yourself. Whether you are a rapist, murderer, angry, or depressed, or whatever you exist as, you are one and equal to yourself. So Saying this existence is one and equal just means that we are responsible for everything and we are creating everything through who we are. This existence is us.

So again, I'm making this word up to easily communicate and describe how I view the world. So when people ask what religion I follow I say this, mostly because in Christianity, Judiasm, and Islam, they view the Earth as Dead and here to serve man, which include the animals.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Pain & Joy

I noticed something. I bought some soda and was drinking it regularly the last week. I noticed something weird in my body. I had a lessened sensitivity to pain. It was weird. I later checked and caffeine does decrease the sensitivity of pain receptors. I never had so regularly drink caffeine. It was weird. Though it does bring up an important topic to talk about, and that is Pain.

Normally, there is just pain throughout different parts of my body. And it is normal. Its not this immense pain, but then again its how you look at it too. Its the normal pain of just being alive and being physical. It is also the key to being sensitive to physical reality. It is being highly alert, or lets just say alert. In the same way that is how you enjoy the physical reality through physical senses. Enjoying the feel of the wind on your skin or the feel of water, or just the feel of laying down on a surface. It is all through physical senses. And where you are aware of what it feels through the body, you are also being aware of the physical pains.

What is also interesting about this is that you can easily distinguish between emotional pain and physical pain. To be able to tell the difference yourself is important.

Normally how people act and think is to get away from pain, which interestingly enough means getting away from being sensitive to the physical, from the physical itself. And so also the simple joys of being physical. What is also interesting is that this running away is aided by substances like caffeine it seems, and of course alcohol. I have hardly ever drank caffeine. Like I would soda at a party for example. Though never for several consecutive days like I did this past week. I also never really took any drugs.

Also I had practiced feeling the pain in my body, the physical pain, that exists just from it being here, being alive. What is interesting is that its right here, and yet we don't feel it, unless we bring our awareness to our physical bodies. That must mean that we are constantly in the mind, don't it?

So with having reflect on this, it opened the door to Joy as the physical. Joy is like that expression with your body where you get full on moving in your body cause its fun to. Like running just cause its fun to. Sprinting ahead. Laughing cause its fun to laugh. Saying something funny because its funny to. Laughing at your own jokes. Just playing around all over. All of this is done through the body.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Living Happiness and Feeling Happiness


There is something programmed into us that when we become parents or caretakers of children or animals/pets, we start to feel a kind of joy, happiness or love that consumes us. Where we feel this way that feels so good. Buts it is not a happiness that you live or direct. It is a happiness that is a reaction, something you just feel with your kids you care for or the animals/pets you care for. So that the day they may die or be taken from you, you are filled with an inexplicably powerful sadness/depression that you cannot stop.

What is interesting is that what is BEST for your kids and pets is that you don't feel this way. Instead, what is best is that you LIVE happiness as yourself, where you JOIN them in LIVING. Be an equal with them. Doing this will teach them as well to do the same and become the same as you. Because Living Happiness is not something that can be taken away. You are not riding the waves of energy when you Live Happiness as yourself. It won't end in you feeling sad/depressed/lost.

Imagine or Remember how you were when you were a child. How there were moments that you were just happy just because. No particular reason, you just were happy. You enjoyed the moment. This is Living Happiness. Not because of something you felt, but because of who you were. The same kind of happiness a dog Lives.

When you Live happiness, you will just smile just cause, for no particular reason. You will feel good just cause, a feeling that is just being aware of your body, just feeling what your body feels. When you Live happiness you will just express yourself, just sing, just talk, just joke around just cause. You don't need a reason. You just have fun, just live. You enjoy yourself and enjoy the moment cause you can. That is real happiness.

It is much different when you say that your friends, your kids, your pets bring you happiness. That spending time with them is what makes you happy. It is different when you must go to them, or have them in your life, or something in your life. It is different when you can't find anyway to be happy without someone or some people. That dependency shows you cannot create happiness or express it from yourself. It shows you need someone to bring it out of you.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

My Fight for Justice (as anger)

I'm exploring depths of my mind I haven't before. Or should I rather say that I am seeing my mind and myself from a different perspective. I have been grappling with a point for many years, it was a question about whether what I felt within me sometimes when I write about something or express something is something real? Now, I understand.

What I am talking about is this experience I called feeling strong or a strength when I would talk about best for all sometimes. I felt strong and I questioned it, because I know that I'm supposed to direct me, and not have these experiences rise up within me. I wasn't sure about it. So what ended up happening is that I embraced it and just did it on purpose saying it was me and it was real, because I am talking about what is best for all.

So I was wrong. It was an experience of the mind. It was energy. Now I understand. I understand that no matter what you may call it, energy is energy. You can call it peace, justice, best for all, its still energy. And when you act on it, you will do things that are not best for all. This included shouting, seeking vengence, blaming, seeing yourself or others as victims. Its the whole interplay of being strong, and being weak. Anger is anger no matter if you call it justice or what is right. War is war. Violence is violence. No matter what you may call it or say why you do it. Energy is energy.

So this part of me, only now am I stopping it. This area within me that made me feel strong, that I would empower through anger, through energy. This area where I feel good and felt good. Energy is energy, no matter if it is called happiness or excitement, it doesn't matter to the mind, its still all fuel to the mind and so directly fuels all of the manifestations of the mind. If you want to stop rape and war in this world, you need to be able to stop energy as happiness and joy within you. It may seem counter intuitive, but once you understand that the mind only cares about energy you will see that all of it is the same within you. Now its something I finally get.

So everything within me, all the thought, all the emotion, all the feeling is now threatened, I am starting to change all of it. Its going to take some time, but the pillars that it rested on is now shaken. All the beauty, all the good, that protected the evil is now exposed. Justice is no longer an excuse. a victim is no longer a reason. What is right is no longer spoken. The only thing I'm doing now is stopping the energy, ALL energy, no matter what. No matter how it appears, no matter how it is presented. No matter the good guy or bad guys, heroes or villains, it is all the same drama, it is all the same energy. There is nothing left to hide behind. There is just me and the physical and what is real, without energy.

This is my challenge then, to face what I previously accepted and allowed, and now change it. Change how I responded, stopping the energy, and being/living as the physical.

See www.Desteni.org to learn more about Process and the Mind.

Part of the habit I am breaking is stopping the Fight, or fighting. Basically Im stopping participating and just stopping the energy. Fighting something generates energy. It is anger, it is called justice. It is also evil. Good is bad, and bad is good. And both is fighting.