Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The world is your responsibility

So what does this reveal?

This image reveals how debt is.

So we "made" money out of thin air. So what is money but a decision to have a certain good/service provided?

Look at it yourself.

You could basically create a utopian society based on the same principle. Simply give people orders/directions on what good/service to provide...
that is exactly what we have already anyway.

The difference is that if we with awareness create such a society EXACTLY how we want it to be, then we would all be better off. We would have better STUFF, better houses, better equipment, things, better food, better everything.

Only because the decisions that are made now on what good/services are provided, are not best for everyone, is it so.

So all that needs to change is the decision, which WE can do with awareness, meaning we decide what we would actually like the world to be.

I mean people are already doing that already, aren't they? So we might as well do it ourselves, right? I mean why not? This is our world isn't it?

So we can decide to erase debt. It can be a decision. We can decide to create a utopian society. It is simply a decision.

What do you want?

The world is here, and the world is your responsibility. What will you do?

Sunday, December 20, 2015

What does Movies, Stories, Friendships, Relationships have in common?

So what does Movies, stories, friendships, relationships have in common?

They all have the potential for you to learn something valuable useful. And they all cannot show you or teach you every lesson that you will learn. Each can only show you only so much, and it is often just one, two, or a few points at a time. Even the most wisest and accomplish person can only show you just a little of what they have lived. Partially this is because of physical restraints, and also because of what lesson you are ready for now. A person cannot hear or understand something they are not ready for.

A lesson is something that you must hear and see for yourself. You might pick up something that no one else saw before. That is because of who you are, and what you needed to see and hear.

In truth there is no great or perfect movie, story, friendship or relationship. Where it is something concrete, and like a fixed image. There is only what YOU, Yourself can be and become that will allow you to pick up and take as much as you can of what is good there is to learn and see from each person, movie, story around you. That is why two different people in the same situation can experience it so differently. That is because YOU are creating you experience.

So if you become a person that takes the best from everything that you will surely grow, flourish and become something that is wonderful. Such a person is trying to become the best they can be.

So to criticize a friendship, movie, relationship, friendship is pointless. Criticizing yourself for not taking the best out of everything is however, quite a wise thing to do. So critics as defined as someone who only points out the flaws... is not someone seeking to become the best they can be. Often they hold that they have the answer, and know what is best. When in fact they are not living it. This is a mind system, and is trap in the mind. Don't fall for this trap, where you feel good about yourself and important when you point out flaws. Instead be someone that supports, both you and everyone around you to become the best that you can be. Become your potential.

Use the Desteni I process courses to assist you in this journey. Desteniiprocess.com

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Message to those who gave up

So, each person has or had that spark within them, within their expression. Where what they gave to the world, to their immediate environment, contributed to it..... BUT, what happens? When one day they lost it... for some reason... they do not know. Within that you react in confusion, lostness, anger... fear, and you don't know what happened. It are those moments that define you. Because it was easy when you could just express you, but now it is difficult... the level of difficulty that you are willing to allow to decide when you give up... that is your self-definition. That is your self-defined limit. That is your self-limitation. Do you see that point?

So, the truth is, everyone has that spark of amazingness in who they are. That amazingness you have isn't really all the unique/special because everyone has got it within them. What is really amazing however, are those individuals that actually still live that, when things become challenging. It is not surprising to have that spark when your life is easy... that isn't so surprising or special... as you haven't been challenged.

You have to be willing to face the shit and say fuck it, I am going to find a way to express me again. And I will keep trying until I succeed. I will not stop or give up. I will succeed. So with that, you will eventually come to a realization and a lesson. About yourself, who you are, and what you have accepted and allowed about your self-definition as self-limitation. Its only you.... you know...

give up..... or not...... your choice.... I suggest whatever you do... do it for what is best for YOU, and for everyone else too.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Popularity, Likeability, loveability

Popularity, Likeability, loveability.

Now, something everyone faces is when you are faced with people or persons, and someone, perhaps even you, has a form of like or dislike with another person. A simple point, no? However, can one person's opinion, belief, or view point of a person ever completely represent who that person is in fact?

For some the answer may be difficult to say and face. The answer is no. However, how many times has each of us witnessed, or committed ourself to such a point of view? Plenty of times, no?

This isn't an easy point to work with, because you are dealing with emotions here. There can be anger, irritation, annoyance, even love or joy. The difficulty here is to be able to really see the person for who they are currently, without getting stuck in seeing one point, either positive or negative. Not only that, things can become even more complex when you are stuck within your own reaction towards a singular part of a person, thus even failing to really see and comprehend even that one point of the person that you are reacting to.

So what's the solution here?
The solution is to eventually through time, practice and dedication come to a point where you can see objectively all the different parts of a person, and including who they are in various levels, from the surface into their deep layers. This includes too their potential for change, and who they are in the core of their being.

How do you do this practically? I suggest to take the desteni I process course, as it walks you step by step into how to actually do that. There is an introductory DIP lite course, where you can try out the support system and course material without having to pay anything, which includes the invaluable live person support, called the buddy.

We all require help to walk our own mind, to understand it, investigate it, and see it for what it is. 

Monday, December 7, 2015


Recently the word expectations has come to my attention, where in different moments, I was reacting towards expectations that I had towards what others expected of me. So these expectations were/are defining my living, within reactions.

I don't recall ever working with the words expectations, specifically, so that is something I would like to do here.

Expectations as a word is interesting. It refers to that which you perceive another has as a desire, and in this case, a desire for me to act, behave, or do. And what is interesting here in this case is that I am have expectations or beliefs about what another has as an expectation for me. So in my perception as a belief in my mind, they expect me to act or be a certain way. Within that I react when I do or don't follow the expectation. Now here is something interesting where within doing what I expect them to expect of me, I feel something positive. This is a reaction, even though it is positive. This is a cool point to look at, because this part is equally part of the entire expectation itself. Wherein I am changing how I act and do and live to meet the expectations.

Now, in the world out there, where you survive for money, it is quite emotionally challenging, where you can get easily lost within the survival. You can easily simply accept and allow the slightest reaction if you believe that it is guaranteeing your survival or helping you to survive. So in your mind you have beliefs about expectations that others have. Granted some of them MAY be right. But have you really tested them? Do you really KNOW? Or are you merely acting within a belief that you know. Again, this is quite challenging.

So in looking at my recent experiences in recent events. Expectations or beliefs that are wrong or misaligned are ... well... misaligned, so they are limiting you, and also probably limiting others. In other words, something needs to change, and the expectations must change. Because the entire point you relied on to inform you how to act and be was wrong. And that's okay because you probably didn't know. And that is how you learn and change. And next time, perhaps to be more proactive and aware of how to test the expectations. And in all honesty, you are going to come to a point where you just have to go with what you have, and just see what happens. That's OKAY. Just make sure that you have it clear within you, what expectations you are having and make sure that they are aligned with reality as much as possible. Meaning that you limit information that is incorrect as much as possible. And again, will you make mistakes, guaranteed. Just make sure you spend time adjusting, readjusting, and relooking. So you are constantly checking up on yourself and what you are creating.

THAT is the best you can do. And its proactive. And with awareness.

Its actually quite healthy to challenge expectations, which means testing them, until you get some physical real world feedback. Because what else would you do? Simply wait and never see?

So its not that expectations are bad, but that you are aligned with the real expectations that you are willing to follow, that support you within what is best for all. So it all depends on everything involved. There is no hard and fast rule.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

You don't always get what you want, sometimes you get something even better.

In the journey of doing what is best for all, because it here in this world and how things work, when you try to create something, it may not work. It may not work 100%, like at all not work. But that's okay. Because its not about product that you want. No. Its about what is feasible now, and what the environment right now allows for. And how do you find this information out about feasibility and what the environment allows? By proposing something, doing something, and that thing doesn't work. That is really the only way to know. So that is an example of not getting what you want, but instead getting something better. In this case that is useful information about what doesn't work. And as you adjust and change accordingly, you don't end up getting what you initially wanted, but instead you get whatever it may be. Is it better? I can't honestly say. But it certainly is possible that it is soooo good, and great. You won't know until you create it. In this world where nothing is guaranteed. Yet creation occurs constantly.

So its not about getting what you want on the surface level, but what you want on a deeper level. That thing you want that is BEHIND that which you want to create. That thing behind is a principle, something general that is not limited to one output, event or manifestation, but can take many forms. That is what is real, and that is how you can be satisfied with many different outcome, because for you they are all the same. They are just different version of what you really want, yet the same.

This is how you can say and do things that you don't want, but just to see whether it can lead to what you really want. And within that you see in the physical in real time whether it indeed worked. It's not about what you want or don't want on the surface level, it never will be. But about what you do really want. That is why you get out of bed every morning. That is your point of creation in this world. And on the way, yes you will receive feedback that what you created wasn't part of what your really wanted, and that is a good thing. Honest mistakes are a good thing, as you were still following what you really wanted. The lies is what you have to watch out for the most. The lies about reality, about you, about any point, is what disturbs your journey of creating the point. Take care to separate the lies from reality. The truth is clear, a lie is fuzzy.

And all fears are lies. So when you walk your journey a priority is, remove all lies, and keep them away from you. Don't believe or have faith in anything. Either know it or don't.

So Know or Know not, there is no Believe.