Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I am a great video game player. What does this tell me? 297

So I saw something really fascinating, and this will make for a really great blog post. So I was playing a game just now, and it was online competitive game, meaning that we had two teams, and I was playing with one team, and in this last game we won. Now when I played I had to be very in the moment, especially due to the structure of the game. A single mistake can be extremely costly. So my play style in this game was a rather unique position, and was one of the major reasons, and perhaps the key point that allowed us to win this particular game. I played very well, and made very few mistakes. Within that game I had to take some major risks, but they were calculated and I minimized the riskiness of the risk, if that makes sense. So I took the best route, and I saw it being the one that the team needed, for us to win. It is interesting because you can say the moment was very intense, and I can remember clearly the moment when I was taking the major risk, and how I was very focused, positioning myself very carefully, and knowing that there is a chance that in any moment things could go not according to plan, and so I may need to respond very quickly. And too, I didn't know exactly what was going to happen and what I was going to see/uncover and depending on that, I too may need to act/respond quickly. Luckily, though my path was one that offered me the most protection, and there were support from my teammates that saw my move and so also joined in, and the result was a success.

So I could obviously go into great detail, but I figure that would be too much and perhaps too boring for some. But after the game, when I saw my victory and how well I did, you know, I saw the principle of why I won in this game, which was how my position was one of speed, which strategically it has been used for ages to gain advantage. So I was seeing in the moment how I am someone that uses strategy and doesn't just blindly go into the game. Instead I have a plan, and I work on the big picture. This meant that I was in the game checking out both teams movements, and I was placing myself to be in the most beneficial position for our team, dependent on what the movements were and what was needed. So within looking at how I am so strategic, I figure I can do the same with the rest of my life, so within work and what I am going to do in the world out there. So I went ahead in that moment, which was just moments before I started writing this blog on writing out such a plan and strategy for my life. Now here is where things got REALLY interesting.

So I faced many thoughts and resistances and points coming up when writing my plan. So I was stopping these points and pushing forward, but I was really curious and asking why is this? Where is this coming from? And that is where I observed this really cool point. How within the words I was writing, I was accessing memories of information from my environment and the world out there that has challenged me, informed me, and so provided/push programs on me. And this is when adults interacted with me, told me what to DO, what they THINK what they BELIEVE. So that is like everyday life in the world out THERE. But do you know what is interesting? When I am playing a game, who is telling me what to DO, THINK or BELIEVE........ no one.

Hahahaha, so this is really cool. Because who I am alone, in facing a challenge, I succeed, and flourish, and so this is the real me. It's just what information/knowledge/memories/emotions/feelings/thoughts that I have accepted and allowed when I am in the world out there, which is programmed on a word level too. Because see what I saw. I was literally only on my computer typing when I was making this strategy about what to do in the world. There was no one around, BUT I had all of these points coming up. The only point I was participating in was in using words and writing out what I would like to do. So within the words I wrote, memories and information where being brought up about all the times various people in the world told me what to DO, SAY, THINK or BELIEVE, and so I was reacting to that and with that. And I can see how within video games, that there have been times and moments where reactions from the outside world tried to penetrate this point, but overall I stood there, and I did face reactions but I didn't let it define me, I found a way.

A reason why I was this way in video games, one reason at least, which I see as a major reason, was that I was alone in it. When I played, I would play alone. There was no one on my shoulder telling me what they think or what to do. And I even remember times when that happened, and how I would get angry/annoyed at the person in various circumstances. So knowing that this is who I am alone, I know that this is me. There is no outside force or influence, I am just here alone. And I really like myself when I am like this, who I am alone.

So with this awareness about who I am, and my potential, I see then the point is obviously to flourish this potential and create it within the world out there. Because I would like to be myself always, and so always like being myself, who I am in this moment. So this requires primarily that I stop all outside influence, which is defined within my inner reality. It is within my memories/thoughts/emotions/feeling/backchats and various levels of the mind that this outside information that was received from outside of me and developed by my mind, that is what I have to stop. What once was a moment long ago, I now carry within me. And like I have seen it is programmed in the very level of my words as well. And so I basically need to walk the point of living who I am, my potential, while stopping this outside/inner/not-me influence. Because this isn't me.

So in now reflecting on this point, I see how much power, influence and interconnectedness (in a bad way) we all have within what we advise or tell another in what to SAY, THINK, BELIEVE, or DO. Wherein what we have been doing since the beginning of time is really ruining each other, because within these points that I accepted allowed within me, my mind, these are the exact same points that I would often speak/advise to others. So I would be constantly passing on this same abusive point that others share to me, to others. So that is how we are all interconnected through our minds and words.

But within this point of interconnectedness, we can reconnect to that part of who we really are, which can be found in such moments where we are really alone, and live that as our correction, where we pass on to each other this lesson, as our living. Where we are the living example, and that information is seen in the moment by others and they carry that lesson and in turn live it themselves, so from there creating a new interconnectedness, that will replace the old one. And that is done simply by standing by yourself and living YOURSELF in the world out there. The first would be obviously to firstly get to know this who you are, as the real who you are, which for me a part of it at least is found when I am playing video games alone. There may be more parts, and probably more parts. And to live each part takes awareness and time in the world out there. It won't be instant, and it won't be outside of your direction. It can be and only will be done through your direction, movement and decisions in the moment.

So as for me, my plan is to live these parts of me that I live within video games, and walk that into the world out there. Within that I will face resistance and my job is to walk through that resistance and continue directing me. Because who I am within video games is complex, meaning that there are so many parts of me that live, and all of those parts come together depending on what the moment calls for. So it will really be an intimate, deep, familiar, living that I will be applying in the world out there, and so it will be extremely obvious, like not even a chance of mistaking the point, that when I am me and when I am not me. So this too speaks volumes on the importance of encouraging others, and seeing within yourself, who you are when you are alone. Because there are many people who play video games, especially children. And one reason why they may do so, may be to be alone. Luckily for me, my parents allowed us the space to play video games. They would often complain and resist it, but they would never downright stop us. They gave us that freedom. And right now in the world out there, the word alone is negatively charged. When people use the word alone, they believe that it is bad to be alone. So this shows how important it is to protect people, especially children, from this lie, which like the rest of the information/thoughts/memories points that are in the mind, that they are not YOU/ME, that they are the points that keep you from yourself. This is the lie that will have us run into relationships for example, believing that we will find ourselves there. Because I had for the most of my life, judge my video game playing as bad, and would be a point I would have to give up if I had a relationship or started working. So I was really fucked up in the head, through all the information fed to me from the world out there. So this is a really serious point that we can correct firstly in ourselves. To find and support who we really are, instead of stifling and suppressing it.

So one practical point the reader can apply is whether you have any reactions to being alone, to activities that are individual activities, like video games, and whether you judge any of those activities, and so you can investigate any reactions to playing video games, or being alone, or people who are alone etc... For support in investigating such reactions, visit the Desteni forum. http://forum.desteni.org/

Sunday, June 28, 2015

The importance of the Decisions you make 296

So you have heard that the decisions you make have lasting impact on your future. You may have even made certain decisions that changed your life drastically, and that you may regret deeply. So I recently am recognizing and seeing a particular decision I made, which I hadn't fully taken responsibility for and turned out to be a really bad decision, and within/from the consequence of the bad decision, it not only was a bad decision, it also affected who I am, my confidence and my ability to make good decisions.

So I realize that this may sound confusing, so let's start with the situation. So when I was 18 years old I entered into my first relationship. This point of a relationship forming was the results of years upon years of thinking, imagination, hoping, desiring, emotions and feelings. So in that sense I created it and the consequence was inevitable. So I was ready and willing to enter into a relationship with ANYONE. So I essentially had no standards, really. So within what I accept and allowed I created my own consequence. What would you expect to happen to you if you would be with ANYBODY? I mean really, let's be honest here, you are going to face tremendous consequence, it's obvious, isn't it? You are going to and will place yourself in the worst position possible, and it will suck tremendously for you. You are essentially placing out a sign inviting abuse into your home.

So I don't need to go into the detail of the relationship to share this point. That I made a bad decision, when I chose to be with this person. I didn't look at the person, or spent time to get to know the person. I didn't see if they were trustworthy, or responsible or dependable. I didn't see what their goals were, what they wanted to do with their life, and whether that was aligned with my own. I didn't see if whether they have parts of themselves that support me, or whether they would support me. It was all a mystery, which I notice how that is one common point of attraction, that when someone appears mysterious that they are then attractive? A mystery just means you don't know? So not knowing who someone is is attractive? That is just plain weird when you look at it.

So in essence nothing came from spending time with this person, besides wasting my own time. The gift from it was facing the consequence so that I can learn from it. Because like I said, it was an inevitable outflow of years upon years of thinking, thoughts, imagination, hopes and dreaming.

Seeing how I didn't make an assessment of the person is strange when I look at who i was as a person in school, growing up. I was disciplined, focused, practical, organized, diligent, and made mathematical, clear decisions. But when I looked at what I did in my "free" time I was thinking about relationships. So it was like two separate worlds, until the worlds collided when it became real where I made a bad decision that I regretted only after the consequences occurred. Yet when I see all of the information, being informed by parents, by media, by tv, by movies, by people, by adults, by family, by everyone everywhere, about relationships, then the decision felt right and went into that information that I accepted and allowed myself to be informed with. So that initial acceptance and allowance where every time I would feel fuzzy and good watching a couple in a movie, is what eventually lead to that outcome/consequence I faced when I was 18 years old.

What was interesting about the experience of the relationship is how I approached it as a decision I made, where I felt I made the right decision, that I was right where I was suppose to be, that this was destiny or fate, and I was meant to be with this person. So it felt like a right decision. And so when it fell apart, I questioned then everything, because I was so sure, and now it turned out to not be the case. So that was interesting to see, where it was a decision in that sense.

So from there I lost confidence and I didn't know who I was or what to base my decisions on. Because I trusted this point, and this feeling, and not it proved to be untrustworthy. So this moment where I moved from feeling so right, to feeling horrible as everything went wrong, had a consequence in affecting my general decision making ability, I literally couldn't make very simple decisions. I didn't trust myself anymore, and so I turned to higher guidance, or God. So my ability to make decisions was completely subverted there with what happened. From that point on I walked a process of understanding what happened, understanding the mind, the emotions, and feelings, and the cycles of creation, which took years now to get to this point where I can write about it and understand just now.

I mean, it is only now am I seeing what happened in such detail. But it took years to piece everything together. Where I looked at the all the various individual parts separately, one at a time. So relationships and within that there are so many parts to it. It's really like a puzzle piece.

So the process I walk is the desteni process. And for those that are ready they can start right away.

The solution would be then to make decisions again, good decisions. To assess, to understand, measure, value, see the parts and essentially make a mathematical equation, and so output/result and so decision. This includes deciding on making a relationship based on an agreement. That initial one decision will completely define you, and the relationship/agreement. So it's important to take that decision as well as other major decisions with seriousness and time. Because that would say a lot about you wouldn't it?

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Why Your Weakest points are your Greatest Strength life review

So I just listened to Why Your Weakest points are your Greatest Strength life review. I was searching on Eqafe for interviews on Decision. And the title of this interview caught my attention.

What I heard shocked me. I am shocked by seeing how the mind has been secretly subverting and compromising me as a being. And all of this without me being directly aware of it. But now, thanks to this being in this interview, I see directly now how the mind has operated, what it did, and what it has kept from me. So now with this understanding there is nothing that can stop me from taking these parts of myself back.

I highly recommend everyone to listen to this video because it will help you to become strong again, and improve your overall life. We often wonder why we were more confident, assertive, and sure of ourselves when we were younger. This interview helps you see why that was lost. I was obviously ready to hear this because I was searching for support in making decisions. But even if it doesn’t make sense to you now, it may serve you in the future, by listening to it now. 
See you later!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

My story: why I support Living Income Part 2

Previous Parts
 My story: why I support Living Income Part 1

So continuing where we left off. It was during that time that I started searching on the web/internet for topics/words/phrases that I had feeling might lead me to some answers or new realizations. So there I was searching, and so willing to see/read something new, because what had been applying thus far, meditation, and stopping thoughts, wasn't working. And I was really determined you know? Like that is ALL that mattered, which was to change my experience of myself, permanently, not just for some hours, days, or some moments through some methods. I mean because that is what most of us do right? I mean, let's be honest here, that much of what we do in our free time is to make ourselves feel better for a while. Whatever it may be, be it drinking, drugs, gaming, partying, pornography, or whatever. I mean it can even be something that isn't so controversial, but it is still something we do to make ourselves feel better, like exercise, or playing an instrument, listening to music, watching a movie, or hanging out with friends. So I mean this isn't something new or scary. This is how we all live. And I just couldn't live in that perpetual cycle anymore, where you KNOW you are going to feel bad again, when you face those things that trigger those negative emotions within you. So your little hiding place where you feel good, you know that won't last forever. So I am just being practical here, just ready to really face the music, which is all the nasty stuff we feel that makes us feel nasty.

So this was me, ready. Now, in this moment, I came upon something quite be accident, yet who knows. So it was something that was what I was after. Something practical, tangible, about the mind, about how we feel, about the endless cycles of feeling good/bad, where when you feel good, it is in a interconnected relationship to when you feel bad, which is what I had observed in me. I had observed the times where I felt really good in a moment, and how that was related to how I had felt very bad moments before. So here, I was like, THIS IS IT. But within that I was cautious, alright? Because I went through meditation and different teachers/gurus. So I took this new approach, one step at a time. I would only see what makes sense and what doesn't, and just like how I tested and pushed myself within meditation, I would do the exact same here. So I was basically looking for the faults here.

So this is what I did for several years. I took this new approach and I dissected it in order to understand it, and I tested it and applied it. Did it work? Did it do what it said it does? Basically yes. So this here, this answer, is one reason, one primary reason why I changed from someone who meditated, to someone who supported himself to change/grow, and to support Living Income. Because basically, it worked. And as I changed as a person, I started to see new things, new ways, new perspectives. And this included too, how our world works, how our economy works, how our money functions, how everything in interconnected on a structural, societal, political, economic, educational, familial, and every other level, right down to the personal level. I saw how this world is a reflection of my own relationship to myself.

So, looking back, and summarizing what I have lived thus far, you can say I was on the "right" path, meaning that I was seeking to change myself, to understand myself, to become better, and inititally it was within something that only my parents/family gave me, which was this word enlightenment and what they understood it to mean, as well as others. But because I was committed to this point, and I took the steps to change, I eventually came upon a point that did work. And because this world is a reflection of myself, then changing me, is really the first step I had to take.

So one question remains. Why bother with changing the world out there? Why do it? Why spend time, money, effort in changing how things work in the world? For me at least, I knew since early childhood that things had to change drastically. So for me it was self-evident. That is all I can say. The reason why I am focusing now on Living Income, is basically because I was able to give myself the tools and ability to change for real. And so I can become the person that I need to be in order to support in the change that has to happen in the World out there. So if you are like me, someone who sees that change is needed out in the world, then I suggest you do what I did, focus your time and effort on yourself, in understanding how you work, and learning how to change yourself with the same tools I used, as they are proven tools.


My story: why I support Living Income Part 1
My story: why I support Living Income Part 1

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My story: why I support Living Income Part 1

So why do I support Living Income? Well, I haven't always supported living income. Today that I write this I am 24 years old, next month turning 25. When I was 18 years old, I believe Enlightenment is what Humanity needed, meaning that I had to become enlightened, like the gurus of India. This idea I had since I was very young around middle school especially (around 13 years old). But it had it roots earlier in that, from growing up with my parents, since as young as 7 years old, my mother and father taught us about meditation.

So this is my story. How did I, someone who grow up in a spiritual family, who's parents both believed in enlightenment as the best course to take, and who himself believed so for practically 11 years, change his point of view, that we actually need to change not only ourselves, which is what enlightenment is about, but to also at the same time changing how the world works out there, what we call the System. And also, how did I then make enlightenment something practical, tangible, where I do evolve and develop and change as a person so that I am more strong and capable? Because I no longer believe that enlightenment is an experience you will have, but more that you are an active creator of who you are in every moment.

So these are the questions that I will answer in blog posts to come.

So to start, let's start in the moment of change. Like for most people, moment of change comes with a great crisis. So I had such a great crisis when I was 18 years old. I was a Freshman in my first year at a 4 year college. And within my first few months there I met a girl, and had my first relationship. At the end of the first semester I also had my first breakup. She did break up with me. So many might be able to relate that the first relationship you have, and the other person ending it or breaking it off, and how you still want to find a way to be together and keep the relationship alive. So for those that can't relate, it was many weeks and months of emotional hell. I in a way questioned everything, questioned myself, and I just felt unsure and lost. So I turned to what I held dear for so long and what I believed had deep meaning, which was meditation and God.

So in my time of crisis I went to that which I believed should be my pillar and support, as what I believed for many years since childhood to be the best use of my time. So I meditated, and I read books about the subject, and listened to audio. I was determined to meditate to become enlightened. I have to say that now looking back, which I didn't realize was the case in the moment, that I wasn't supported by what I was doing. That it was in a way pointless and, because it was pointless, it was making things worse. So meditation didn't help me with this emotional pain I had from my breakup. Everything I tried in meditation, it just felt the same, like nothing was good. And I did have a few moments where I thought I had some breakthrough into enlightenment which I responded with feeling great, and wonderful for some hours. But soon enough as the feeling came, it also left, and I was back to square one.

So I within me, having made this commitment to really meditate to my best of my ability, and seeing very little to no results, in some part of me I knew it wasn't working. That the approach I was taking was off. During that time I started asking my intuition for guidance. To find something that will help.

So you can say at this point I knew enlightenment wasn't the way, but I still knew that I wanted to release this emotional experience, as well as many others I have had throughout my life. Because this was my ultimate goal, and enlightenment was just what I believed to be the best way until that point. So there when I had tested meditation to the highest degree, I was ready to try something else.

So to explain my mindset at this point in my life, up until and during this moment of crisis, I believed at the time that spending your time to try and change the world, wouldn't work because you had to change how people thought or saw the world. So I didn't spend anytime in any practical projects that would change people's economic situation for example, and when such topics of conversation would come up, I would usually answer somewhere along the lines that you had to also change people's level of consciousness as well or it won't work. Changing your level of consciousness I believed to mean having to meditate, and stop your thoughts, and reaching a point of enlightenment where you have no ego. This is also why I was a philosophy major at the time too, because I believed through writing philosophy or writing books I would change people.

Now looking back, I would say that I was a very emotional person, fearful, and within that fear I hadn't dared to fully apply what I believed in. Because I had many years, 11 of them, which I could have fully applied meditation, or followed what I believed, but I was always fearful. And ironically, it was the fear itself that I wanted to stop through meditation and enlightenment. So I knew I had to be brave and just do it. So that I only did when I went through my moment of crisis, and so when I was tested as a person. In a way, going to test what I believed, made me stronger, and a confidence that I could do it, meaning finally end this emotional, fearful, experience I have felt for what seemed like always. But I knew, for a fact, that I wasn't always so emotional and fearful, because in my early childhood I didn't feel that way, when I was younger than 5 or 6. So that point of being without fear is where I wanted to get to again. To become a child again.

Now, coming back to the present, I am someone who regularly advocates for Living Income, and is willing to donate to, and participate politically in a political party with Living Income as its agenda. So how did I get from who I was before at 18 years old to who I am now? What has happened these past 7 years? Because now fear doesn't stop me from speaking up, or facing challenges, that both are a guarantee for someone who is an advocate for Living Income, or any political movement, for that matter. How did I change from a fearful meditator, to someone who is outspoken and confident in what he shares with others?

To be continued...

Monday, June 22, 2015

Palm Oil in Nutella destroys rainforest? 292

Nutella is evil? Or are we judging? 291
Nutella is evil? Or are we judging? 291

 Previous post on this subject:
Nutella is Evil or Are we judging?
Nutella is evil? Or are we judging? 291Nutell

Todays News Link

"What's so wrong with a touch of Nutella on your toast? Well, a whole lot, according to France's ecology minister Segolene Royal. This past week, she urged the public to stop eating the hazelnut spread because it is made with palm oil. The production of palm oil has had a major impact on the environment, threatening rain forests and wildlife. Palm oil is everywhere. It's in cookies and ice cream and other treats you buy from the store. It's a popular ingredient because it doesn't contain trans-fats. So, is palm oil something to be embraced or avoided? Glenn Hurowitz is the chairman of the Forest Heroes campaign, which promotes sustainable agriculture. He joins us here in our studios in Washington. Thanks for coming in.,............


So if you listened/read the above interview, you are now more informed about the situation with Palm Oil. 

Now obviously the title of my blog "Palm Oil in Nutella destroys rainforest? " is ridiculous because a a chocolate desert cannot destroy a rainforest. Especially since it is the palm oil that is more directly involved. So perhaps we should all ban palm oil. That would fix the problem right? Well, No it wouldn't. Because the problem is how the palm oil, and so palm trees are grown.

So for those who didn't read/listened to the above interview then I will explain that companies across the world saw it as extremely profitable to cut down rainforest to make room for large plantations, because the soil/earth of the rainforest are very very rich, thus making the growing of any agricultural product such as palm trees as extremely easy. This means they can earn a lot more money with a lot less effort. So really, this has nothing to do with palm oil, because if we all just ban palm oil, they could just grow some other plants for profit in those same locations. So people, please, common sense.

The only solution could be to criminalize practices that harm the environment AND/OR (I prefer the second option) to make sure everyone has a Living Income, why? Because the people that are farmers and work in these kind of abusive practices are POOR. And so if they had a living income they could have the luxury of Morality, or doing what is right or doing what is best for the environment, earth and everyone. Because realize, that as long as your surviving you need to do whatever it takes, and so our system is directly causing all the abuses happening right now, from prostitution, to porn, to clubbing baby seals, to farming factory practices, to the inadequate education system, to EVERYTHING, Because everywhere there are people compromising because they are trying to earn an income to survive. So if we change that one point where people can have a guarantee to a life/living and not fear surviving/dying, then they can stand up and choose better ways/jobs and they don't have to take shit from companies. So let's do this! This should be all of our priorities.

Living Income Guaranteed for Everyone! Guarantee Life!

Nutella is evil? Or are we judging? 291
Nutella is evil? Or are we judging? 291

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Nutella is evil? Or are we judging? 291

"Just days after Nutella came under fire for allegedly contributing to tropical deforestation and global warming, the environmental organization Greenpeace came to the producer's defense.
Earlier this week, during an interview with French cable channel Canal+, French ecology minister Segolene

Royal left Nutella lovers aghast when she called for a boycott of the hazelnut spread, saying, “We must stop eating Nutella because it’s made with palm oil.”

Royal blasted Italian company Ferrero, producer of Nutella, for its use of palm oil – a key ingredient in Nutella –  saying it leads to deforestation. This devastation leads to the release of carbon into the atmosphere, a key contributor to global warming, Royal said

But Greenpeace says boycotting Nutella, or any other product made from palm oil, will not solve the problem.

The organization says producers, manufacturers and consumers must do their part together “using pressure and the promise of continued dollars to support true change on the ground.”

In defense of the company, Greenpeace said Ferrero is known to be a transformative force in the palm oil sector, especially after adopting the Ferrero Palm Oil Charter.

According to the company's website, Ferrero works to ensure that palm oil suppliers are taking precautions to avoid harming the environment, such as avoiding the use of fire to clear land or clearing High Carbon Stock forests.

After receiving harsh backlash from Italy's environment minister, Gian Luca Galletti, and other Italian politicians, Royal apologized for the controversy on Twitter."


So the past few days people were incorrectly judging one company's use of one type of ingredient that is produced by some people that is done in a harmful way. So? Why should we blame one company for using an ingredient, when this would do nothing but blame? Why don't we ensure that palm oil and all ingredients/products cause no harm?

Investigate Living Income as the way to make sure that we can make sure that everyone and everything on this planet is respected as one and equal.


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Multiple Orgasms Part 1 290

So I am going to explore multiple orgasms in a series of blogs. It is a huge topic and it can be overwhelming and difficult to even talk about. So for today I am going to just give an introduction and overview.

So if we look at the reports women are having trouble achieving both orgasm, and so also multiple orgasm. "In studies, about 15 percent of women report having experienced multiple orgasms."

Unfortunately I couldn't find any reports for how many men experience multiple orgasms, but at least some do have multiple orgasms.
"Most people - men and women included - assume that an orgasm and male ejaculation are one and the same. Actually, the male orgasm generally takes place several seconds before the ejaculation itself; and in fact, men can experience an orgasm without ejaculating at all - good news for guys who were wondering whether they can come multiple times."

So both men and women can have orgasms, and multiple orgasms. The big question is how.
For that question, I have an answer that will require another day to write. But I will leave this helpful link for those curious enough.


Saturday, June 13, 2015

I am a Thief! 289

I am a Thief!
I stole something today.
There was a part of me that was within a Word, within my mind, and I stole it from my mind today.
I suppose though that since it is a part of me, that I already owned it. Yet I didn't own it. So YES I STOLE IT. And I would do it again too.  Lol.

So this part of me, was within the word God, and it permeated into my responsibilities. And this part of me is me taking care of my responsibility in a disciplined, direct, shall I say cut-throat? Manner. So I recognize that this is a part that I lived in my life and I lived it in relation to something/someone outside of me, God for example. I did a write up, and I wrote down the facts, and what I understood, and as I went along describing how it works within me, and the context/situation, and how I change, I ended up with a really nice picture and understanding. I won't go into the detail unless I see a good reason to. So the focus right here is on that I took this expression, you could say, of me being direct, cut-throat when it comes to responsibilities, and applying it now.

So something valuable I see to share is how I had to make a list of my responsibilities, because within this mind program and having this part of me separate into it, I actually wasn't aware of what my responsibilities are right now, and if I am not aware of what my responsibilities are right now, how can I expect to apply this expression that has to do with completing my responsibilities in this disciplined manner? So my question to myself was, what are my responsibilities? And so I made my list, and structured it and organized it, and categorized it by the kind of responsibility that they are. So I had my core physical responsibilities, which are priority because my physical environment and body affect all aspects of myself, and so included general maintenance, cleaning, ensuring proper nutrition from food, as well as taking care of the animals in my care. So all of the basics, you could say. So the next responsibility pool was simply money, so earning money. The third responsibility pool was process. So I notice that all three interconnect and depending how I am in one pool, it will/can affect the other pools, so its not that one is more priority per se, but there is a balance, and there are effects/interactions among them. Like for example, walking my process can assist me in earning money, because who I am in what I do is what determines what I do. The same with the physical environment and condition of my body, that will affect both earning money and my process. So that is interesting to observe.

So with that, I went ahead and started applying myself and this point of expression and who I am, which is similar to a personality, except that it is a decision I make. So I am thief!!! I confess! Arrest me for I hold no remorse or regret. And I would do it again too!



Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Approach your mind defensively 288

Setting up defenses. So why is it important to be defensive when it comes to the process of walking the mind? And what do I mean by defensive?

So the mind is in its nature, offensive. Meaning that it will bring up thoughts and reactions within you. It doesn't wait for you. So in that sense the mind is offensive all the time. You can see this for yourself. When you make a decision to do something, no matter what it may be, your mind will find some way to bring itself up in what you decided. So it is also true that there is no escaping the mind's offense. It is a guarantee that the mind will attack. So that is why it is important to set up and prepare a proper defense. Why?

In various war games I have played there revealed important themes like the importance of setting up a proper defense, which meant placing/positioning your armies in the most advantageous positions, as well as building structures that would give you the upper hand. Because what is one thing that all offensive and defensive scenarios have in common? The offensive ones have to do the work of traveling to wherever it is that they want to attack. That travel or movement means that the offensive move will place a strain on itself, while on the other hand you have the defensive team and they can just sit and wait and so they will be well-rested. But how does this play out in real life?

So because you know the mind will come at you with what it's got, all you have to do is to focus on living your life, and simply be prepared. Please don't confuse the example I gave with what you physically do with your body, which would be just to sit around and wait around, which some religions/spiritualities make that mistake where people do just sit around and do nothing. That would be the same as letting the mind win as well. So what I am actually saying is to live your life, and be on the ready and on the defensive when it comes to your mind. For example, when a thought comes, do NOT immediately accept it, but do question it. So in that sense, be defensive, which would be to protect your decisions, your directions, who you are in this moment. Because the mind is and will be attacking your decisions and your decisions as well as who you are.

Now I certainly hope what I explained is clear. It certainly is clear to me. So now I will turn my attention to one interesting backchat or reaction that may exist within you, because it has existed in me. Where you think that when you become defensive, you have memories of people saying, "why are you getting so defensive?" in a tone of voice that says what you are doing is invalid, unacceptable. So perhaps in such moments, the persons were showing you that you were indeed in reaction. But, it is also possible that you were getting defensive for the right reasons. So, what is important here is not so much what was going on in these memories, but that you let go of any emotional reactions associated to being defensive, where there might be the belief that you cannot EVER be defensive. So why is this an important point? Because if you react to being defensive, then your mind has already won. Let me explain.

So what I saw in my life experience is that when I reacted to defending myself from the mind, I took a stance of neutrality. This meant that I was neither being offensive or defensive to what the mind came up. And the result was that I would simply accept and allow whatever came up to some degree or another. So this is the ideal victory for the mind, where you are completely submissive and enslaved. Now, a common mistake that is made is to believe that you must be offensive. This is a mistake because your mind is fueled by conflict, and so fighting it will only provide it with more energy. The best is to always simply be prepared in each moment, and wear the mind down through not accepting and allowing the mind to interfere with who you are, and releasing and forgiving each reaction that comes up in the moment. As they say, this is a Marathon, not a race. So you have to expect and prepare yourself for the long haul. And energy of the mind, always runs out.

So for those walking the process of stepping out of the mind and into the physical, this perspective can be invaluable if one really dedicates oneself to no longer accept and allow the mind, which is a process, and takes time. So part of that time can be spent in deciding/determining your best responses and moves with your mind. So that your relationship to your mind becomes so that it is only a tool that you use in daily life.
So for learning how to use proven structures and tools for understanding your mind, and being able to change and release that which is not beneficial to you, take the free course lite.desteniiprocess.com
May you all achieve success!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Practical Application Part 2: Your Home. The Egg. 287

This post will be an expansion of A Practical Application: The Egg Boundary 285
A Practical Application: The Egg Boundary 285
A Practical Application: The Egg Boundary 285
A Practical Application: The Egg Boundary 285
A Practical Application: The Egg Boundary 285

So we will be exploring a slightly different but very important application when it comes to this Egg boundary we all have. So taking the metaphor of an Egg one step further, what is inside an egg? On the outside you have the shell. Inside the shell you have the potential for a chick. So this potential requires many different factors to be present. It requires fertilization, but also care, warmth and protection, as well as time. So the same is with each of us. We each have a potential. To develop that potential takes time, but also the right actions and conditions.

So last time we were looking at how the application of seeing one's boundary helped dispel illusions that somehow transgressed the boundary. This time, we will focus on who we are within the egg, and so essentially making sure that everything that happens within the egg, and so not only our experience which we focused on previously, but also all other aspects, behaviors, activities, that happen in what we call our lives. Our experience of ourselves can have an effect on our lives, yes, but so can everything else that we do throughout the day. So essentially we are just taking things one step further here.

So where can this be seen? When we are focusing on what other people are doing or what is going on in the world out there, and so are distracted from what is right here that is within our power, our boundary, our egg. When we are not focused on what we can do, we are wasting that potential. Because that moment was a moment where we could have accessed ourselves, developed ourselves, and so further ourselves. So then we have to be honest here, some things are just a waste for us to participate in. And one clear example is focusing too much on what other people are doing, what other people have, either advantages or disadvantages, and so reacting either with foolhardy pride or with dismay. THAT is clearly a waste of time. Because in that same moment you could have been focused on what you can do. This dimension of distraction is widespread throughout different parts of our minds. Thought itself, by design is a distraction. A distraction from what is here, and so your potential, your potential of who you are capable of being.

We often get stuck in a definition of who we are, instead of realizing that the potential for us to be what is best for everyone is as livable and attainable as any definition or way of living, if we only were to strive for it, to create it and make it happen. Who you can be, is what your focus should be on. And perhaps shall I say it? Who you should be, which would be, what is best for everyone.

I know that we don't like the word should. But be honest. Should you be what is best for everyone? I will leave you to answer that for yourself. And I mean, why wouldn't you want to be that?

Perhaps one day when people live what is best for everyone, the word should can be respected for what it stands for, living for the potential that we already know we want.

So this egg, is your home. Your body is your temple. So this sphere of influence is your responsibility. That is what your attention and focus should always be on... Yourself. Not on what they are doing, or what they don't do. Only on what you do, or don't do. That certainly simplifies things, doesn't it?

May your home, be well kept, and built on solid principles that stand the test of time. And may you develop into fruition, into your utmost potential, which is what is best for everyone, which by definition includes you. By your will you make it, and see it through. And so it shall be.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Sharing my Application with Attraction 286

Understanding Attraction

The above video is from the Self & Living Store, and happens to be one of their free interviews on youtube. I wanted to share about my application with the suggestion provided. So attraction is no stranger to me, I have had it for many women over the years, even as earlier as the 1st grade in Elementary School. Since then about every year or so there was always someone that I felt an attraction when thinking about her or seeing her. The fact that there were so many is interesting to see. 

So when I had a look at the word (meaning the word that is what it is I am actually attracted/desiring), especially seeing how it is a word I am not living that I would like to live, what came up was Expression. There were many different reasons why this was the word. So to give some of those perspectives, that with these persons in my past, I believed I could be myself and express me. I would actually express myself such a completely different way with this person than I would with most people, that they would actually be almost kind of shocked to that person and they would say this to me, lol. 

The other perspective is that with each person that I felt attracted to, going back alllllllllllll the way back to the beginning, I saw them as someone that knew how to express themselves. So really that's like already an overwhelming amount of evidence, considering that it is a pattern that each and every person had that I looked at in my memories, even though that all had many many differences in how they were if I were to compare them all. So really when I consider all these women, who in all other aspects were soooo different from one another, Expression is one thing that they all had in common. So that's like quite a clear cross-reference. It's like finding the commonality/pattern within it all.

Just a side note, a more of an observation really, the attraction I felt at a young age, before I had any sexually experiences, was in itself not of a sexual nature at all. That point is quite interesting to see. So I am looking at these girls then that I felt attracted to in elementary school for example, that I felt I just wanted to be in their presence. So it was like an attraction/pulling towards them. I can see clearly that only later on, did attraction develop a more sexual point. Now if I wanted to look at the detail, there were certainly ideas/beliefs that this meant I had a crush on this person, or that they would make a great partner, because of how I felt. I mean I had stories of love at first sight, you know? So there are various factors that came together to create the complexity on a mind level surrounding attraction. Some notable mentions include movies, tv shows, and watching other people form relationships and for what reasons.

So going back to this word Expression, that when I extracted this word I first had to define it for myself. What would it mean for me to live Expression, or what is my definition for me to live? For me it was to share what I saw about a point. So, I went ahead and tested this by seeing myself living it or doing it, similar to how I saw these women express themselves, except it being ME. So what happened? Can you Guess? So immediately, the attractions to these women dissipated. Now I did find another word that did provide a different perspective, but still existing within the word Expression. That was basically to be public with my Expression. So for me, the best avenue for this is my blog and youtube channel. 

Additionally, I had a unexpected but clear cross-reference that the attraction was indeed dissipated in that moment, and it was feeling emotions, which are negative. Within that however, not existing on a feeling/emotional level, I felt like I was completing a part of me by living this expression. So of course I took it into action, to practice, and see myself expressing me. 

Now this isn't my first time working with the mind, and so I know that it is layered, and so there may be more attraction, perhaps even just with different people that may come up in my future, or that exist in my memories/past. At the very least I have this point now of Expression to live and apply. 

So a practice then I will make is that when it comes to attractions, and similar reactions, towards women that I bring the point back to myself and see what is triggering it. It may be what I am working with now, which is expression, and if that it is the case I just realign it back again. But if that isn't the word this time, then I investigate. So that way I bring back my expressions, and myself back to me, and I stand always at a point of deciding who I am in a moment with a person.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Practical Application: The Egg Boundary 285

In my personal writings I identified a tendency still active and existent within me on certain levels of going out into the world and looking for validation, information, reactions, perspectives, beliefs, that define who I am. A practical support that I applied in the last 24 hours is to use my imagination to place a boundary around myself that completely envelops me, and it's not that I placed it, but more recognize that its kind of already there, I just haven't allowed myself to recognize it.

So allow me to explain. So everything that happens in my experience, whether it is in my environment, or inside myself, or with people, or with the room, pets, thoughts, etc... it is all within my experience. So there is a containment really that all that I am experiencing in this moment, including physical sensations and even the experience of my body as well, is all contained still to my experience. So how and even why is imagining placing/recognizing this egg like or spherical boundary around me important/helpful?

So because I have believed on some levels of myself that my experiences are somewhat more powerful than me and that I get enveloped within things so deeply, I have a level of separation existent all the time. How do this work? So one example is a separation with what I feel as emotions or feelings. For some reason I can be in an isolated part of my mind, and be within thinking and the mind, and be separate from what I feel inside myself and the rest of my body. So that is a way of living that has been going on for some time within me. When the truth is that this way of living is not a reflection of who I am and what I consist of. So this is where the boundary comes into play.

In a way it is not a boundary of so much isolating myself from the world out there, but it's the opposite, to bring my awareness to the world that is right here in front of my own eyes. Like in the example I just placed where at times I am isolated in my mind, my awareness is not here within my environment, and how I feel in my body. So when I place my focus and attention to everything that is happening in this moment within all parts of myself, including the mind, body, thinking, the people in it, and furniture, sounds, smells, than it then being really aware of reality and this world within what is my experience OF this world. Because in all honesty I am only aware of a very small part of this world, which is the extent of what is right in front of me, and immediately around me. But even that small part that I can be aware of, I haven't been very much aware of throughout all the years I have lived on this Earth.

And what I notice to be a crucial element/aspect found within having my awareness being isolated within my mind, within thinking, is this definition that is existing on some level of my thoughts where I believe that what I think is real, is reality, and is a reflection of this world. When it's actually the opposite, that I am not aware of even the part of the world I have access to, which is this immediate experience of what is here.

An example would be thinking about someone in my life, and as I am thinking about them, there is a belief that this is real, that I am in a way interacting with them, who they really are. It is as if I am having a miniaturized version of them within my mind that I am communicating with this version and that is somehow being an accurate and truthful embodiment and representation of who they really are in this very moment, even if where they really are is miles/kilometers away! If that were so I would have like some sort of psychic connection or other magical powers, and I would be able to access who they are, and at the same time make judgments, beliefs, imagination, and play outs in my mind.

 So this boundary then too, dispels the illusion that I am having some connection to someone else out there, when I am within thinking, thoughts, fantasies, and imaginations. So how this plays out for me in the real time is that my thoughts, emotions, and feelings are here and they sort of just circulate within this bubble/sphere/egg that is around me that encompasses my experience. So within that, none of what I think, or feel leaves my experience, and what I notice is an almost dropping of a veil, where with my thoughts I believed that they were outside of my experience, and so they in a way bounce back from this boundary back into this self-containment of my experience. In this way the thoughts, and reactions loses a value as a belief that they were somehow more than me, when really they are just another part that is circulating and moving within this boundary field that contains all of me, and my entire experience of myself.

A practical example where this has helped me is for example when I am outside on the road and I meet someone somewhere, or I observe some people talking, and something they say or do, I have a reaction to. It can be positive or negative. Let's say that I felt happy because of how they were dressed. And so normally I would enter into the thought about how they were dressed and that would be my experience. But now if I were to recognize this boundary of my experience, and so bring my awareness that everything and all that I experience is just my experience, then I see that ok, I am feeling happy right now in reaction to what I am seeing and I am thinking in my mind about how they are dressed. So that seeing becomes so much easier because I am aware too that I am feeling other things in my body and that there are other things here, the cars, the sounds, and my entire experience of myself, which is so much more than just this one part of what I am thinking and feeling. So this method helps in not getting caught up in a thought or an emotional or feeling reaction. You can say that your awareness expands to what is here, and everything that makes up the entire experience of yourself. One trouble with how we have lived our lives is that when we are in a thought or part of the mind, that when we are there for so long, we tend to believe that that may make up all of our experience of ourselves. We then just believe that that is all there is. And then we think that our thoughts are a reflection of the reality, that we are in fact missing out on because our awareness isn't here to our immediate environment. So in a way our thoughts begin to form and try to fill the gap that we have of missing out on real reality, by stating an opinion or point of view of reality.

When I was applying this method of seeing this boundary that contains all of my experience, so that I can be aware of all my experiences, and what is in fact going on on the different levels of myself, including mind and body, one of the first things I notice is a disconnect that occurs on the level of my thoughts and mind where thoughts or feelings/emotions I was having loses a value or definition that made it seem real or bigger than me. This may be because when I have this boundary here, I see what the mind's real size is in relation to the body, and my environment as well as my entire experience of myself, which includes as well my experience of the environment and body, and the detail of sounds, and physical sensations. The mind is a part of my experience, just a part, and it is also within my body, contained. It is not outside of me, far away, it is right here. So the mind loses validity. It is not making a real assessment of a person or subject matter that it is making a commentary on. It is more like an opinion that holds no weight. And before, I was only believing and feeling that it had a weight, because I was within it, completely enveloped within it and my awareness was contained within it, instead of directing my awareness to contain all of me.

So this the actually leads to another really cool point. The physical body is like a container. I was going to say natural container, but a better word would be, already present container. You have a body. You also have a mind. Now, the body contains the mind. The mind doesn't contain the body. But your mind certainly tries its best to possess you and possess the body, which means to take control of this container that is your body. So it does this, at least in part, by keeping your awareness to just itself the mind, instead of on the real container of the mind and yourself, which is the body. If you were aware of the container of the mind, then wouldn't you also be aware of all of the contents within the container, and so thus the mind? So that's a reason why being aware of your physical boundary, and so reality, is so supportive within walking the process of stepping out of the mind and into the physical reality. As a disclaimer for those that are just starting this process, that it is not enough to be aware of the body, physical reality, and the mind. Awareness can only be a first step to then take action. The action being release/change/correction/self-forgiveness. So that is what I applied in conjunction with this process of seeing the boundary, and containing myself to myself, instead of projecting myself outside there into the world through thinking/the mind. What I experience is me, and so I use SELF-forgivness through it all to remove that which is not valid, which is a lie, deception, misrepresentation, or harm, which exists on the level of the mind. And a hint, All thoughts are lies.

Good Luck!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Expression 284 Part 1

I would say that the following statements most people will react negatively towards:
1. I don't need anyone. I don't need people. I can live on my own. I am happy with just myself.

2. I embrace people as myself. I see them as equals with me. I can learn from them, and they can learn from me.

3. I don't see the use of love, or relationships, except for childrearing, and in this world for economic survival. Otherwise you can just work with someone as equals in any other endeavor? And sometimes you can make an agreement to be exclusive so that you can have sex safely. But the other 99% of things you can do outside of relationships, right?

4. Most people don't understand how things work, and if they do understand then they are either taking responsibility or they are not taking responsibility. Who are the only ones innocent in this? Well the children, until they come of age where they have the awareness of what is happening in the world. What I believe happens, and I can say I have done this, is that when we come of age, which is when we start to become aware of the world, we either will step up to the challenge, or we will revert back to childhood in an attempt to return to ignorance/innocence. But that moment is actually where innocent either dies or transforms into responsibility. Because we know that running away is not responsibility, and it is not the act of an innocent person, is it? LOL.
-a guilty person runssssss

5. There is something beautiful actually about innocent. But that beauty, that I notice has occurred within me, is only present wherein I was innocent, meaning ignorant, about something, and the moment where I had the awareness and so loss of ignorance, I could embrace myself as that innocence of not having known before, and therefore embracing self-honesty, and thus logically embrace the change that I must take. So that moment where innocent transforms into responsibility, that is beautiful, because that means preventing a shameful running away, and that means that self-honesty was here/lived.

6. And I would go a step further and say that the moment of forgiveness is also beautiful, at least wherein the forgiveness is lived into a living change/correction. So even then, when shameful running occurs. If that person stops running, and takes responsibility and so forgives themselves, that is quite beautiful too. And I wouldn't call anything else beautiful in this world, simply because there is so much shit that needs to be changed/transformed into responsibility. Cowardice is too abundant, and so are the excuses, the list of excuses never end. If you could sell excuses to people, you would be stinking rich.

7. So then who is going to step up to the plate? Take this to the world? Who? You? I wouldn't bet on it. Though I could bet on myself. Perhaps you should bet on yourself too. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Important Leaders need to dance Tango 283

So I decided today that I am going to be sharing something FUN. So this is really for those who haven't danced partner dances before. So some partner dances include salsa, ballroom dance, waltz, and ... tango. So I have experience dancing tango for some years, on and off. I can say my teacher was very cool and he had perhaps the best approach you can take with Tango, so I felt very well prepared, and understood the principles of the dance well, and applied them well. So his name is Alex Krebs and he resides in Portland Oregon for those who are lucky enough to have access to his classes. But what I can do here is to share the principles of the dance. The principles themselves, you will see, are principles that you can apply in your daily life. So its really quite interesting. Keep reading to see.

So while I cannot substitute for Alex's or even just a tango teacher's instruction, I can share what I have learned from tango and what parallels it has with life. So the structure of the dance involves 2 people. One person is the Lead and the other is the Follow. So from the words you can probably tell what the Lead and Follow does. So traditionally males were Leads and females were follows. And while I have learned to lead, in Alex's class we would learn both parts, Lead and Following, and while I enjoy Leading, I also enjoy following. One thing I have learned about this is that both leading and following are important integral parts. If you have a good lead, it doesn't mean you will have a good follower. What happens when you are dancing is that there is a constant communication between the two persons. The lead is reading the follower, and the follower is reading the leader's signals. So I say signals because whereas the follower does not need to send signals per se, the lead's job is to send signals. He would do this with his entire body. It is really quite interesting how it works, and words alone won't be the same as a demonstration or seeing it for yourself. But let's say for now that it involves your entire body, presence, being, where your posture is quite important, as well as your embrace that you form with your arms, and in addition how you walk and step, which themselves require to be clear, confident signals. In a way the lead's job is "more important," but speaking as a lead, having a good follower makes all the difference. Because when a person is in sync with you, and responding instantly, clearly, damn its quite a beautiful thing I must say.

So perhaps you can already see how this dynamic of leader and follower, and the principle thereof can apply to everyday life. No? Well, let's take a closer look, shall we? So we can start with positions of authority or leadership. This can include teachers, managers, superintendents, presidents, politicians, team leaders, project managers, parents etc... So what do these people have in common with a dance called tango? Well, I found that to be a good leader you need to know what the follower is doing, to be able to clearly assist and support them with clear directions to take. In a way it is like holding a new born babe in your arms, you want to be careful, gently, and clear, and if the moment calls for it, you may need to move decisively, clearly, with strength, conviction, precision and speed. As a leader you do have a responsibility of being the starting point, the initiator,  that provides a base and platform, which, interestingly enough, completely depends on your connection, interaction, and so communication with your partner. How is that so? Well, let me tell you that if your embrace and so relationship with your partner in physical space, is not properly set up and structured, and if do not send clear signals to your partner, as well as read her signals that she is sending to you as her feedback, a little bit of a fumbling will result. I wanted to say disaster, which in only in extreme cases, meaning when you first learn to dance, will it occur. But that is also how you learn. I don't want to be too hard here.

Perhaps now you can see why they say it takes Two to Tango. And while on a very surface level, meaning with a causal glance, it appears so because that Tango is a two partner dance, it actually runs deeper than that. Two create a clear communication, and so symbiotic movement, it requires Two. This two, can be you with yourself, which is another entirely interesting dimension, where the first person you will learn to dance with is your body. That is one cool thing that I observe happened when I was first learning to dance, which I only see now. That I did have to learn to move my body, with posture, grace, precision, and clarity. This required as well learning to listen to the music and move with it. So I would say that this is what one really learns and masters within these partners dance, and that is how to move with your physical body, which would allow for the two bodies to dance together, in what we call Tango. So that is another dimension to consider when you go out and learn to dance tango, another partner dance, or even if you are just dancing in your house alone. The same principles apply. But let me say, that there is something different when you are dancing with another, than when you are dancing with your own body alone. There are two bodies here, so you bet your dollar it would be different. So just while dancing with yourself can be quite nice and fun, so can dancing with another. I would recommend everyone to learn a partner dance. And if you don't have access to a Tango Teacher, you might be able to learn online. BUT, you are going to need to go out there and dance with some real bodies. For Tango I can say it is very popular to have Milongas, which are social dances, and can probably be found in Major cities across the United States for sure, as well as Europe. So get out there and have fun, maybe I will see you on the dance floor!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

About Expressing Open Honesty

So I am writing a 2nd blog today, not so that I can write a 2nd blog for today, but so that I can help myself remember something important, something that I did just now, that I saw was really cool, which came out from something I learned saw relating to what someone a long time ago said to me. Basically let me start from the beginning. I was having this conversation with this guy and I had it saved on skype from way back when, and so I was looking at the conversation. Now what is interesting was that he had asked me some questions  and that developed into a conversation. BUT, and this is a HUGE BUT. that one of the first questions he asked me, I lied to the question. So to clarify both for myself and for others, and this is an important point. It wasn't your typical, as in normally accepted as normal lie, instead it was how I have very often lied in this life. I lied within a pressure and belief in my mind. So I gave him false information is what I mean to say. But it is very important here, because I knew that what I was saying wasn't the truth, but I just accepted it and allowed the false answer to sit there. And from that point the conversation developed, however everything after that point was invalid, because it was all based on this lie. Soo, this is important.

Because what was the truth in that moment, I knew what it was and if I had spoken or clarified the point, even after I had accepted and allowed the point, to then go back and fix the miscommunication or misunderstanding, then things could have been completely different. And this was a significant moment, because he had been asking me what I wanted, and what I wanted is not yet something I have allowed myself to go after, which was something unspoken. So here, this pattern/tendency is to sort of just accept things as the way they are or as they come up, instead of directing myself and the point so its how I want it.

So from this realization, the lesson for me to learn and apply is honesty. And so I decided to apply that and viola, I was speaking and communicating a point clearly. There was no fumbling, or at least much less than when I normally speak in every day life, and I knew what I want, and I was just simply sharing myself. I didn't have to think about things. I just had to express things. There was no doubt, insecurity, worry or fear. I was simply expressing me. So I want to remember this moment and what I did, so that I continue doing this. Because what I notice is that there is the pressure, force, tendency and habit that will go in an opposite direction to what I want, which is to express myself as this open honesty.

What does your body need to be its greatest potential? For Vegetarians and Vegans 282

So this is something very important for those considering becoming vegetarian/vegan or have been vegetarian/vegan. I myself went to do a blood exam and I found that I was low in the vitamin B12. B12 is something that isn't found in plants. The reason why I was low in B12 is because I grew up as a vegetarian, and my parents were vegetarian, however I would eat a meat substitute that add B12 added into it. I ate this regularly, however, I remember seeing myself as generally slower and not as strong as most other people. I however didn't let that stop me from playing games, playing sports and even pushing my body. I remember being quite healthy and stronger than the average person when it came to physical fitness. But I also wasn't the strongest either. I remember specifically a moment in my childhood where I made the decision, which was also a game, to try to conserve as much energy as possible, and move as little as possible, and save it until I needed it. So I learned to play and be a defensive person when it came to life, games, sports, and general strategy/thinking. This formed a core part of who I am as a person.

So I did come from the doctors yesterday, and now that I have had time to do research on what B12 is, I have learned something interesting. B12 serves two purposes. The 1st purpose is required Folic Acid to be present as well, and together they defend/prevent a deterioration of certain parts of the brain and memory. The 2nd purpose is for assisting the cells to release and so have access to energy, what you call a metabolic process. So this 2nd purpose then would explain why I would feel more tired easily, because my cells are not having enough access to the food/energy that is available in my body. As a side note, Folic Acid is found only in leafy green and vegetables, and B12 is only found in meat. Therefore you need both for purpose 1.

Something interesting that I observe is that, vegetarians and vegans, if they do not find a way to maintain healthy levels of B12, they will experience a loss of energy and tiredness. Historically, meat has always been seen as a prized substance that makes someone strong. You would feed meat to your soldiers in armies, or if you would be wealthy like a king, you would eat meat. If you were a peasant, or poor, you wouldn't have access to meat. Therefore you wouldn't have access to B12, and you would therefore feel more sluggish, slow and tire easily. So it is a vicious cycle, especially when you consider the following:

When they ran studies on how much B12 is needed, they found that you only need a very small daily amount, about 2.4 mcg. However when they had people with a deficiency or low amount of B12 in their bodies, the amount needed to lead to a sizable increase in B12 was 200 times that amount, which is 500 mcg. So therefore, if you have low B12, it is much more difficult to restore it to balance, if you do not have regular access to B12, and of sufficient high quantity. 

Now I have a background in Psychology, and something we learned in Clinical Psychology, was that some emotional moods, such as depression, can be purely the result of the physical condition, and so deficiency/malfunction, of the body. Psychologists are trained to test whether it a depressed mood is a result of a physical condition first, before suggesting any psychological treatment. As for my case, I have generally felt tired, slower, in comparison to other people. I did believe/think that this is just how I am, an almost inherent part of my personality. But, one can easily see the possibility that it can merely be a physical condition that is leading to this affect on a personality level. When I look at persons in poverty, I can easily see how they might feel depressed/hopeless about their situation, which could even be a result of their poor diet, and lack of access to meat. So the next time you see a homeless person, or someone poor, and they don't seem happy, this could be why, that their body is missing essential ingredients to be its greatest potential.

Now for those that would consider not eating meat, in order to save animals, I have a question for you. What animals are you saving if you choose to not support your body with what it needs to be its absolute potential? Because you are obviously not helping yourself. And are you doing anything that will definitely affect and change how animals are treated? Let's say if you are making a change/impact on how animals will be treated, would you be doing yourself and the animals any favor if you do not have access to your body's fullest potential? You have the see the difference between Animals as who they are, versus a single animal. What needs to change is our relationship to all Animals, and how they will be treated in the Future. Saving a few animals today, to make yourself feel better today, won't change how all Animals will be treated. The change that needs to happen is at a societal or systematic level. To bring about this change will require political initiative, and many supporters with the funds, resources and time to do it. Essentially a lot of work, and so Energy. Will you be able to do this work to the best of your capacity if you do not have access to your body's fullest potential? No. So, it's time to get smart. Stop playing a Victim, and making yourself powerless. You have the energy, if you just support the body with what it needs to be strong, its fullest potential. We are all going to die one day, and other little animals will eat of your flesh/body. You don't want to look back and see that you could have done more, but didn't due to pride, and ignorance. So investigate and find a way to bring about a permanent, lasting change in our fundamental relationship to animals, one that is practical. For this investigate Living Income, which has my fullest support, and will pave the way to changing our relationship to animals, by empowering everyone with the time, money, and strength, as what their physical body's fullest potential is. http://livingincome.me/

The children are our future, and as I can be a living testament to what happens when parents act within morality and ignorance, as to what is best for their child. I suggest we parents/adults find for ourselves, what is the best way to support our physical body, and utilize the science/medicine/tests and so knowledge available to do so. Because when you are a child entering this world, you are ignorant and so innocent. You will believe that what you feel and think and how you experience yourself is who you are, when that may not be so, and may be an illusion, and point of ignorance, and even misinformation. So it is better that we in today present time, find the ways that are best for us to live, and then have that ready for the next generation of children. It is time to stop the cycle where we keep on repeating the same mistakes that generations have made.