Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Day 780 My Friend

When I had my First Friend, I was around 7 years old. I remember that being the first time that its like I decided, or knew that this person here is my Friend. This was the first time, and it was very clear and strong that I felt this way and became this way. So this programming was here and established. And it was very specific, because I went over his house for one day and that is where I decided that point. And so after that day I never saw him again. Because my mom told me that he had moved away to the UK.

It was sudden. The news was sudden. And I never said goodbye or saw him again.

I was shocked and surprised. Devastated really. And it became a point of where I was right at the point of where I could express myself with a Friend, and have all of those expressions and points come through and it was all just immediately shut down and taken away from me.

It was like losing my Friend and being powerless about it. I didn't have any say about it. I couldn't stop it. It was simply happening to me, I was a victim and powerless.

And that one point defined me. It defined all of my future friendships and relationships with all people. I was traumatized and I was scared of being myself again, being a Friend to all.

And I experienced the same thing this year. The promise of Friendship and all of it just being slapped away in an instant without warning, without reason, and me perceiving it as simply being powerless and out of my control and out of my ability to stop it or change. BAM, I lost a friend. And it was devastating.

But now I understand finally why this is this way, and why I felt this way. Its a programming. It is an emotion. It is me.

Because I know the true potential and expression of Life is to be a Friend to ALL, and express those qualities and expressions with everyone in every moment, at least potentially.

 So I do miss my friend, but I also miss who I was or am while I was with my Friend. I miss qualities and expressions of myself. I enjoy being a Friend.

Happy New Year 2020

Friday, December 27, 2019

Day 779 When someone you Love is Angry at you

When someone you Love is Angry at you.
I think this may be actually my greatest weakness. I see it being a point of great weakness because there are two parts. The first part is the fact is that it is someone who I love, or in other words have a connection with. And the 2nd part is them being angry at me. Either part alone is a point of challenge/force.

So together they make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Because the point becomes: I am causing them to be angry, and I am responsible for their anger. And I feel blame/responsibility and I am afraid of losing them.

The truth, the truth of desteni, the truth of Life is that no one is responsible for how anyone else feels. No one. And not with anyone. You are not responsible for how other people feel. This includes anger. And this includes people you have a connection to. You are responsible for how you Feel.

So on a physical level I am afraid, I am swallowing in my throat that I am so afraid. I am physically possessed in fear.

When I was in 18 I was in so much love and I was excited and expressing that openly and then they got angry and they ended things. I blamed myself for that, and since then I stopped expressing that level of excitement. Earlier this year I was able to access that excitement again for the first time, and it was with someone else that I was expressing it, but then they did get angry. And again, I fell.

Because this is the point. I am afraid of losing people who I have a connection with. And I am blaming myself for their anger, and so I do change myself in an attempt to keep them and appease.

That is WHY I suppressed my expression of excitement with this woman I loved even though the relationship ended already. Because I feared that it would be the same issue for someone else. I blamed myself objectively for her leaving.

But its not my fault. Its not anyone's fault who this happens to. No one is responsible for how anyone else feels. This woman and any person is not responsible for how I feel. No one is responsible for my fear and for my change. And so equally so I am not responsible for anyone else's.

I can see in the world that it is very common but unspoken that people go through moments where loved ones are angry at them, and they blame themselves and suppress themselves, even to the point of physical abuse, and verbal abuse. Because you do love the person. You love them and you blame yourself for their anger. This is highly common. And its unspoken. Yet this is describes what I am going through. This is a great weakness. And you leave the relationship suppressed and forgetful of who you are because you still blame yourself and are suppressing yourself. Its not your fault.

And so I have noticed how I have gone through life, feeling as if i have lived multiple lives, because at each point I have suppressed parts of me and so continuously diminish me while I make connections with people and they getting angry for something.

And I embolden people and give them permission to keep being angry because anger is used to get what you want. So with me being weak and reacting in fear, they believe they are right to do so. It's like I am giving them permission and emboldening them to continue to be angry.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel afraid of expressing myself

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel afraid of expressing truth

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel afraid of being myself

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel afraid of expressing genuine expressions

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel afraid of living as the physical

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel afraid of losing people I have connections with

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel afraid of losing relationships of intimacy

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel afraid of losing relationships of genuiness

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel afraid of not responding to someone else's anger

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel afraid of not validating someone else's anger

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel afraid of someone else's anger

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel afraid of saying I am not responsible for other people's emotions/feelings

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel afraid of anger

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to validate anger

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to support the belief that anger should exist

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to defend the existence of anger

I realize the connections with people are real, are valid, and are worth forming, creating and nurturing and keeping.
I also realize that I cannot keep someone in a relationship. And I cannot condone anger in a relationship.
I also cannot condone Fear in a relationship.

So I know there are many people out there who have been in abusive relationships where their partner is angry at them and they accept it because they blame themselves for their partner's anger. And it does get into extreme cases like violence, punching etc...

Now, I can relate to this and understand this. I can also relate to how other people don't or can't understand this unless they go through it and are aware of it. And let me tell you this, its not your fault they were angry. You are NEVER responsible for how other people feel. But you are responsible for how you feel, and so is each one. You are responsible for your fear, and you can stop it. You are responsible for suppressing yourself and you can stop it, and you can express those parts of you again. Whatever that is going on inside of you is your responsibility, so you can stop the fears, anger etc... and you can express yourself again as your genuine expression because it is you, all that is inside of you is under your jurisdiction. And it is not your fault they are angry. You are not responsible for how anyone else feels, ever.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowign myself to feel angry.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to use anger to attempt to persuade others to get what I want

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be angry at loved ones.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to allow angry to exist in all of reality.

I don't need anger, no one does. Anger is unnecessary.
I can do, live, chew, eat, shit without anger. I can punch and kill without anger. There is no need for anger. All I need is my decision/direction, and I will do what is best for all, without anger.

 So I don't accept anger from outwardly/without, from people, nor from me. I just won't be validating it. It is something to be ignored/disregarded, and to be called out, that anger is unnecessary always. You can make your own decisions on things without anger. If its a decision worth making, then you can make it without anger.

I can reflect on my year, and I have 4 people who were all angry at me, and with each one it was a different relationship:
Someone I loved for many years in our past, but I haven't seen them in many years.
Someone I only recently loved and known for a short time
Someone who I developed a loving relationship for the last several years,
Someone who I trust and look to advice to, and only started to show signs of love.

So it was a perfect coordinated strike. I guess I couldn't runaway from it this time. Especially teaching me that at anytime someone I love or have a connection to could suddenly be angry and try to use anger to get me to do what they want. And so turn abusive/possessive. I could lose a relationship without warning. I could lose that safe space without warning. I could lose that intimacy without warning.

My natural instinct is to do to whatever it is to save the relationship

And this would turn into changing myself and suppressing myself through fear and blame. Because the other person is blaming me and telling me how I am wrong. And I know they are wrong, I know they are unreasonable, yet I had that connection with them that I fear losing.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear losing the connection with someone where, I know I have to let them go.

My test is this:
1. Anger is unacceptable always
2. You are not responsible for how other people feel.
3. Can you let go of a relationship when that other person no longer is supporting you but trying to control you through their anger, even when that relationship was deep, and even if it was for 10 years, 30 years or any other extreme point? Can you let it go in the best interest of yourself? Yes or No.

I have difficulty saying Yes.
Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
Can I leave or end a relationship?

Do I trust myself enough to end a relationship or several relationships, when its really best for all to do so?

I have a hard time saying Yes.

I feel guilt and blame, and I don't trust myself. I would be blaming myself for ending the relationship. I don't trust me to be able to say that its time to end the relationship.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to blame myself and feel guilty if I were to end a relationship.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not trust myself to end a relationship for the reason that its best for all, for me, and for them. 
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear, to shy away from ending a relationship, to find an excuse or a way out from ending a relationship.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear ending a relationship when the other person has become possessed in anger, blames me and judges me, and is showing no signs of stopping.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to become Angry, and become like them, them who is angry, possessed in anger and judgment.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to start having angry thoughts at people, random people, random things on TV, and expecting everyone to be angry at everything, anything.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing anger in this reality, knowing full well that people will resist me, that there are people I know that will defend anger, that are possessed in anger, that can't let anger go, and will resist and fight the message of All Anger is unnecessary and unacceptable.

All Anger must end, All Fear must end, All Love must end~~~ as emotions, as feelings and as energy.
Bernard was never angry in his videos or blogs. You can hear it in his voice, he was not angry or blameful of anyone. In my words and in my relationships I am not living Love as Feelings, you can see it and hear it in my voice. I am in fear, and you can see it and hear it. I am swallowing in fear, in my throat, I am swallowing which is a sign of fear. This is not who I am, or who I accept myself to be any longer.

Love, Anger, and Fear are a good Trifecta. Pillars of much in this Reality. I am curious to see how my reality will change once I implement these points and pillars further than before.

Connections with people are okay, reaching out and going deep should be strived for all the time. And I accept the possible outcome that a relationship that has been deep, will fall apart because of the systems that and parts that another person is going through. I don't blame them. But I also cannot enable them or accept and allow them to continue the possession, or give it permission or play a role of supporting it through me being in Fear. Anger is unacceptable.

So because I went so far with Love, I stopped the feelings and I was able to form real connections with people. With Fear and Anger, through stopping the emotions, I would in theory gain some abilities or expressions or perhaps deepen my relationships or strengthen my stance or expressions.

I feel like my mere existence is a defiance to so much. That people I know will witness me now, and all that I say now is in direct conflict with them and their mind. And I have to accept that. And I have to keep on closing the doors where its needed, and to keep opening the doors to people including anyone as its my responsibility to reach out and to foster the connection and relationships. We are in this together.

Monday, December 23, 2019

Day 778 I accept my Brokenness

I accept my Brokenness, and "the Brokenness" itself as it exists in reality, so whether its the Brokenness in other people or things or myself, I accept it.

So what I am saying is that I accept my darkside, my shitty side, my fucked up side and all of that of other people too.

Because yes I was rejecting the fucked up darkside of other people and rejecting them, which was my mistake to do so. I did reject people for being Bullies, for being spiteful, or betraying me or whatever you want to call it. I notice that I hate even describing what they did and rather not even look at it, which is also a mistake and my responsibility. So I am accepting their darksides and the darksides of everyone.

I don't let this fuckedupness define me, nor define them. This isn't all that they are, nor who I am.We are much more and we have the potential for such much more.

So I call on everyone to forgive themselves for their darkside and fuckedupness. I encourage everyone to apply self-forgiveness and to change. I tell you that you can forgive yourself, and you can change. I tell you right now that you have the power to be and become so much more and you don't have to continue to be how you are and stay in this darkness.

I choose to be supportive, and so be a reminder to all including myself of how to change, and that we can change and step out of this, or any level of fucked up shit.

I choose to call, I choose to call out your goodness, potential, or whatever you want to call it. I choose to defy the unpreparedness, the unplannedness and spontaneity of it. I choose to be blind in the face of doing, yet with pure intention all that I have. So I will DO and continuing doing it, with goodwill and good intents and THAT I can promise and commit to do.

Relationships are hard when you really do care and really do put yourself out there, and then if your rejected and judged as bad, when you held that person with such a high degree of care, kindness, love and respect. I do just want to give up when I face such things. And I do have a broken heart when this happens. And I want to express this and have everyone hear it. I don't want to hide it. I don't want to suppress it. I don't want to be told I'm wrong or to be quiet about it. This is what I have went through, this is my experience of myself, and its worthy of recognizing, because all people are worthy of recognition and support, and our relationships with each other are real or have that potential to be real.

I mean, do you know what its like KNOWING how someone else is going to respond, seeing how they are going to react and fucking hate you for SAYING what it is that you KNOW they need to hear. And fucking doing it, with composure, without breaking. Because I do break. Because I have been used to people responding well, or I guess I have been used to not reaching out or speaking up or actually NOT CARING about the other person, like I how I am caring about people. FUCK, I hate it.

I hate giving a damn, I hate seeing someone I care about suffer. I hate seeing someone and knowing I need to say something yet knowing they are going to not listen, yet I STILL have to say something. I have to. Because that is what Growing up means, that is what Being the Best Self, and Being Real in this reality, that is what it means to give a DAMN. To give a damn about others and to actually invest in people, in relationships, and still have a Heart to GIVE and to LIVE that's fucking Real and Tender and Here.

I feel scared. I feel scared of caring, of expressing that care, and have that just be completely thrown at me in their reaction of hate/anger. Why do people have to be so split that I have been a person's great side and potential, and yet they have their split where they have their darkness/hate for what I am offering and representing.

Being Real in this world requires great Courage. And I didn't have that courage before, and so I just gave up. I'm ready to have more courage than before. I am ready to be ready, even though I'm not ready.

I choose to remember all of the great people who have come before me, and to remember them and keep them alive in me, and keep the good of all the people I have met. Cause I do forget, unless I have actually taken them and lived the points already through and through. Until then, I will steal from everyone the greatest treasures they can offer, so I may be greater than before. That includes being a collection of all of the best and potential of all of us.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear being rejected when I am open and caring and supportive.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to hate walking into a situation in an attempt to support someone, knowing that they will most likely just reject it out right.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear caring for someone who is possessed and in a deep point in their mind.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear being vulnerable and caring for others and exposed while I reach out to them to help them while they are at the a point of rejecting all support.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear investing in people and being real with them because I fear that moment where a person splits and goes into their darkness and rejection of what is real and what I represent and stand as.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not want to live in this reality where the reality is that people can hurt you, they can betray you, and can react and change in an instant and reveal their suppressed history, their suppressed selves, and the darkness they hold within.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Day 777 Friendship

We are all friends. What divides us is our acceptance and allowance of separation. We have separated ourselves from each other, and so thus from joy. We have suppressed the vision/understanding that all are one and equal as me. We have forgotten the point where we all are one and equal and thus this is where true happiness lies, it lies within us being our true selves. True self means we are living the truth. The truth of who we really are.

I have lost my way, and I am trying to fight my way back to the truth.

Here is one point of truth. To realize who you really are, requires you realizing as well that you cannot leave anyone else behind. You need to dedicate yourself to showing others the way out and to help them. To merely say you have realized yourself and that's it, and you live a happy life for yourself, you know that's a lie. This is incompatible with the truth that all are one and equal, and the very foundation of your expression and all that exists is oneness and equality.

The ability to even express requires the point of oneness and equality being existent.

Where I am stuck is in a point of survival where I believe cruelty can exist, where abuse and separation can exist forever, where I believe there is no way out and that the abuse will continue forever.

I am stuck in the lie.

Nothing that I am stuck in is desirable, is worthy of Life.

ANd when I remember the truth that all are one and equal and that is the true nature of all, and I really access my oneness and equality with all, then I know that is satisfying, that is real, that is worth it.

I need to fight to remember.

I need to remember what are my pillars of my process. One of them is honesty. Speaking here honestly and openly is one pillar. The second is be willing to forgive anything of me that is not best and correcting it.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to forget who I really am

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel guilty in saying I forgot who I really am because someone I respect told me that I can't really forget, so I took that to mean that I shouldn't say that I forgot who I am.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to forget who I really am.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to think its too late for humanity and for all of us.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to forget my oneness and equality connection with all life.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be unwilling to see how I am one and equal to all that exists, including the super wealthy elite, including people who have raped or murdered, including the Republicans and Trump, including people who lie to gain power, including those who believe in inequality, and push for the suppression of people ability to live/exist.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to undermine the power of seeing all as one and equal as me
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to downplay the power of seeing all as one and equal as me because no one else is talking about doing this practice, where I physically stop for a moment and see all of existence as me, all the people, all the wars, all the cultures, all the violence, all the poverty, all the wealth, all the separation as being Me, and within that point of seeing I respond with an experience of myself where I am whole, I am complete again, and thus I stand as all as one and equal.

I stand one and equal with doubt and guilt
I stand one and equal with abuse and lies
I stand one and equal with violence and selfishness
I stand one and equal with survival and death

There is nothing that can exist in existence that I cannot be one and equal with, and so I choose to stand one and equal with all that exists, because I recognize that that is my and everyone's true nature, and that is nature of existence/reality that all is one and equal, and so if there is one part that is misaligned and not best for all, it needs to be corrected. But there is no point of revenge, or annihilation, or hate, or point where we accept and allow further separation. We must unite and stand as one and equal. That is the only way, and that is who I am, and that is who we all are.

There is that part in us that will fight and resist oneness and equality. It will fight it by targeting the point where I say it with authority and absoluteness that there is no dispute, there is no discussion, there is no doubt that the true nature of all is that we are all one and equal.

So there is that part of us that will fight and resist and it will target that point of absoluteness. You can see the programming where we fight and resist power, where we want to be rebels and we fight and rebel against authorities. Be it in the home, be it kings or governments. I am not questioning the physical actions here, because all physical actions are innocent. What I am questioning is emotion/feeling and so the programming where we enjoy/like to rebel and fight authority.

We see this within the point of belief of freedom of choice and freedom of speech. Where freedom is defined as absolute freedom, which in practice becomes a point of absolute separation, and so standing away from our point of oneness and equality and unity.

I have noticed this in wealthy countries where the individual people are the most separated from each other, and those who are poorer stick more together. Because that money is defined within a point of free choice within a culture of freedom and thus separation. If money was defined as supporting Life and so all as one and equal then it would be different.

Money could even be created and defined into different categories, that which is essential for life, you defined as Plutark- which is the name of one type of money that can only be used for certain goods. and money that is defined as non-essential for life can be defined as Luigli, which is a 2nd type of money. Currently all money is considered as the same, and so within a point of absolute freedom, and so absolute separation.

Besides the point of resisting the absoluteness of our nature as being one and equal with and as all, we also can have doubt and fear.

I can see the point of doubt and fear within me, it unexplainable. Its simply a point of doubting my own stance of absoluteness, within standing as all as one and equal. I suppose its a point of attacking and compromising the standing of absoluteness, as part of the rebellion against authority even. Because the doubt is saying that I can't say things absolute like we are all one and equal, in almost like guilt or shame kind of way. Kind of like parents shaming me for standing absolute in that we are all one and equal. It is a point of trying to weaken the absolute stance of oneness and equality, and to tear it down. So it is then like an attack on oneness and equality, as part of this defense for separation.

Looking at it objectively now, the side of separation views itself as separate and as waging a war, which is part of the nature of separation even. Where it views it is fighting against the tyranny of what is best for all and all as one and equal, because such a point stands absolutely.

Within understanding this nature of war, through doubt and weakening the stance, it makes sense as a tactic. But the true nature of what is going on here means that there is in fact no war. There is no way that I can actually fall if its not my own doing or acceptance and allowance. All of the power and the outcome of this lies solely with me, and my decision. I can stand absolute with and as the point that all are one and equal. Especially now with understanding that the point of separation is attacking the stance of absoluteness through doubt.

I can see how the approach is to vilify absoluteness. And so distract from seeing how the point of oneness and equality is in its nature absolute, because it is truth, and that all truth is absolute in its existence. The only point of correction is to stand with all as one as equal and to stand absolute, unwavering and as that point completely, dispelling all doubt, removing all limitation, and not accepting anything less than what is best for all as me.

What this means practically is as I said above to SEE all as me. To see all as equal to me. To see the violence as equal to me. To see the doubt as equal to me. To see the rebellion and the fight for freedom as equal to me. To literally see all points that exist as me, without exception. To see the fear as equal to me. The doubt, the insecurity, the compromise, the judgment, the attack, the deception through using love, the point of control and abuse, and all the ideas and all the systems that surround that point and utilize those points.

Because this above here is what it means to stand absolutely as oneness and equality. To bring all points here and equalize them as me. Bernard didn't let any demon stay unchallenged, or forsaken. He showed each one the point of self-forgiveness, he did the same with the angels as well. So that is what oneness and equality is, it applies to all. There is no fight, or war in fact. Even though there is resistance, and war that is spoken of, instead what there really is is just this one decision to stand one and equal as all, including these points of resistance and war, including the act of separation. There is nothing to fear, there is nothing to fight, all there is is to unite with all and stand as all as one and equal. That is how we create and move forward and become our true nature and best self. That is our destiny, the destiny of the universe/existence.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe there is a war or fight that can actually stop what is best for all or standing as oneness and equality.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe I could lose my point of oneness and equality or be denied it through anything other than myself.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe I could be too weak to stand absolute with oneness and equality with and as all.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe a lie that this world is meaningless, hopeless and that there is no hope for change or for humanity to change.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe I can be forsaken, too far gone, too broken, or irredeemable.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Day 776 My Presence flow through my Words

As it is described in the Desteni Material, I found the following to be true: that we have a being who is placed here in our chest areas of our body, and that we have a mind conscious system who is placed its emotional churning center in our solar plexus or stomach region of our bodies, and that this is an energy center where it will send energy to the head region where Thoughts are created, Backchats too, and the general mind activity.

And that what the Process that we all have to walk as Humanity in order to be free is to amalgamate with our physical bodies. What this means is realizing that Who I am is the Being here in the chest region and that I can essentially stop/ignore/ stop-participation regarding the Mind. And so this means that I am here in the body sensing reality, seeing the immediate space around me without thought, and so with that kind of silence. Where I realize that who I am as Choice, and Awareness and Decision is a being who can YES create with the mind on purpose, but I am not the Mind as its automatic system that creates thoughts. Where I can observe simultaneously who I am as the being here in the body using the mind if I choose to, and at the same time observe/see how the mind is churning energy as emotions in my solar plexus and generating Thoughts and Backchats.

All of the above I have observed to be true, and its described in much greater detail in the Desteni material.

What this has meant for me is that I can take back my choice/decision and I don't have to follow the energy/emotion. I can focus on my body and focus on stopping the energy in my solar plexus or stomach region and so I can stop the automatic mind movements. And I can see when I have a physical reaction like shutting my eyes suddenly and feeling a great fear for example. Because all of the information is stored in my body. So all of the past and all that exists as information is in my body, and that includes the information that the mind utilizes as well for its generation of thoughts. The mind doesn't have any information really stored about me. The information is stored in my body, and so what that means is that through my being I can have direct access to all of the information in my body and see directly the past, and what I have lived and faced. And of course you can try to do it through the mind, but it will always be limited, it will always be biased, and you will always not see the complete truth.

This is also related to when I speak and my presence. When I have living as my being in my body then who I am is aligned, and I can be supportive to myself and to others. And this affects those around me, they are much more calmer, and they rely on me in many ways for that. I serve a great stabilizing point for many in my reality. And you can see in my words, that they are merely an extension of myself, nothing more and nothing less.

If I were to help Humanity free itself, it would be through the same process that is freeing me and letting me see the truth of me and how I operate. So it is to show others the same thing that was shown to me. You are the being, you are not this mind system, and you need to get back to your body and live here again as the directive principle in every moment. That is the priority, and through this reality and humanity will finally change for real.

Monday, December 9, 2019

Day 775 Our Choice

Our choice is a powerful thing. With choice/decision we can do and say some unbelievable things. For example we can say with words our commitment to be and do something that is incompatible with how things exist today. That incompatibility is quite unacceptable with how things are, and so it creates a resistance, naturally.

In the world we have today, it is incompatible to say: I am committed to bringing about a world that is best for all. Because in the world we have today, every person is within a specific cell in their own prison, whose walls are their own minds. Your prison is everything that you define yourself to be: you define yourself to be a father/mother/parent. You define yourself as a citizen, as an American, African, Indian, or whatever country you want to name. You define yourself by your own name, by the age of your body. Shall I continue? Or do you get the idea?

The reason why its incompatible to say that I am committed to bringing about a world that is best for all, with the current world today is because firstly people make up the world. And who people are are defined within a certain feature, like a color, or a bandwith or a resonance. And that definition by its nature is done within separation or contrast with standing as one and equal with all. How we have defined ourselves, how we have defined and utilized/create our words/languages, and our personality is that of an individual who is in a constant fracas with everything else that exists. It is a definition that places everything as an enemy and that even to exist is a struggle to exist. That survival means struggle.

We have defined our words to attack the very points of real Freedom from this prison in our minds. For example, being lazy as in making things easy and doing the least bit effort- yet while achieving results what is best for all. Our minds are designed to attack laziness instead of seeing its virtue and support, the same way we will attack people who are victims of abuse. Even then, can there be a point where we see things as a point of solution and support. How can we actually become the turning point so that we can actually live what is best for all? How do we resolve the incompatibility?

Through choice, we can choose to speak and live words. Words themselves are alive, and should be regarded as sacred and holy. But what is happened is that we have also defined words to be meaningless and worthless. The very point of our salvation, we have made it the enemy. Through words you can create anything. Through words you can for example create the point where you commit to bring about a world that is best for all.

One of the points of enslavement is to attack those who speak words that are incompatible with the world of today. Yet it is the very words that set you free. So it is important, and there is a reason why words are targeted.

When you say: I am committed to bring about a world that is best for all: you are making a decision. Can you see that? These are not mere words. They are a point of decision on your part. And so whenever you are in any situation, you can realize this point of my words do matter, and if I utilize this point, then I can create the situation and who I am in the situation merely with my words, which is my choice.

If you are in a situation where you feel alone and abandoned: you can make the statement and speak the words: I commit myself to be a part of this world and exist in this world, and live among everything and support everything as best I can to bring about what is best for all. I commit myself to engage with and interact with all that exist and see through their eyes and perspectives so I may understand how they exist and experience themselves. I will bring forth and create something supportive, something worthwhile, and visible here that will support and bring about a world that is best for all.

So speaking these words are an act of decision and creation. It proves that you were created in the image and likeness of a Creator, meaning that your birthright is to create, to create who you are, to create/decide what your words are, and what words you will live. And you can do this in any situation, no matter what it may be.

And so when I say this world's essence is that all exist as one and equal, and we should stand as that point, and live it visibly and verbally and being outspoken about who we all are, and how we should live, then that becomes truth. And its within saying that its our oneness and equality that allows us to create, to come together and exist together, like how the facts are that we all exist and we are here, and through our Caring, through our recognition of everything as equal, and valuable, that that becomes the truth. Because without words, without ideas, without definitions, we simply exist here together, neither possibly being something other than us all just here. And so the fundamental truth is that we are one and equal and these words are simply reflecting that truth.

Choice can be anything. For example I am committed to learn the relevant truth, that is related to how we all should live and what choices we should make. Within that the only answer possible is that we all live in harmony and support one another. Since if I take everyone's perspectives equally, then I cannot allow myself or another to be rich or live a middle class life of pleasure while others suffer. Its unacceptable. So choice necessitates commonsense. If you choose to seek the truth, you will find it, I guarantee it.

In the real time moment, choice is how I described it earlier as the potential to be given any situation imaginable and then creating who you are going to be through words. That, ladies and gentlemen is what I claim to be the essence of Living Words, when you recognize that fact and you apply that fact in your daily life, which takes practice as anything does, yet it is something we all are doing at least unconsciously in the sense of at least not choosing at all, or alternatively we are already kind of haphazardly deciding what we are going to do, what words we will live and so how we will live our lives and decisions. Haphazardly refers to how there are people who create their lives to a certain way which obviously takes breaking out of the mold, yet the exact understanding of how and why they are doing is not articulated or understood. Because otherwise, with a full understanding of this creation process, the potential is infinite. Literally a person can create so much to such an extent that no Fear, no Limitation of any sort can hold them back.

Our choice is inextricably tied to the Living Word, and application of using words to create who you are. That is the essence of what I have done for 10 years through writing and self-forgiveness and physical application. I have proven that you can be given any moment and you can decide who you are, and you do have infinite potential, and that what is best for all is the only choice that is commonsense or just makes sense.

Creation is your birthright, you are a creator.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Day 774 Mind, Body and Being

So I have an interesting point to share. What I am seeing is that in my body there has been stored programming that has been unleashed when I started to change my posture, my voice, my general holding of my body. So I was someone quite hunched over with my eyes being droppy all the time and not speaking clearly and mumbling quite a bit. I focused some time to change these things, and what I am noticing is that all of this programming in my head/mind came out. And that now I am noticing this point and now I am focusing on doing the SF and to change the inner points of the mind/self. So I'm doing SF on thoughts, emotions and feelings I am having.

So here is a cross-reference point for others, that its possible that mind points are hidden within such things as posture, and other physical ways of holding yourself or kind of existing/moving as. I would say in my case I needed to change my posture and how I moved myself in all of these ways directly and so then face all of these mind points. There wasn't a better way.

So part of this is that I am now speaking and sharing myself more in real time in all sorts of comments and perspectives I have, both big and small.

I think that what this whole thing I am describing represents is the mind, being and body and its a really good description of that dynamic. It is like I am a different person now. And I am applying things like exercise and toning my body: I'm going for some nice abs, and I am doing it not out of disliking my body or belly now, I really do like it and like my body now. I am also not doing it out of some desire to seem attractive or good looking for others. I am just doing it cause I would like to have that for me. So really fuck others ideas, what matters is my own. Being able to love your own body as it is and yet change it, is an extremely difficult point to actually do. Don't get me wrong, what I am doing is extremely difficult and challenging to do, but for me its easy to do. Because I know the secret that its all just mind and programming and I won't accept and allow energy within me, its that simple. So life for me is easy. I know its difficult for everyone else cause of the very reasons I described here.