Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Energy by Yogan -149

Without energy, thoughts, the voices in the head, have no power.
What is energy?
Is it even a thing, is it a "what"? Is it fictitious, abstract, without shape or form?
I mean, its just like happy or sad, you feel it. But can you dissect it, ripe it apart, play with it, rub it between your fingers? So its not like dirt or soil, or like the body of an animal or plant. It has no form. Is it like air, the wind, can you feel it on your skin? I can feel it, not on my skin, but inside, deep inside, where my hands do not go. But am I just feeling my blood, my veins, my stomach, my intestines, my organs, etc... So is energy even real? Or is it some concept that has hijack real components of my physical playing a word game with a real referent. A play with words, or play of belief. Can you really in fact, be Angry? Can someone become anger or fear? Or are you really just moving your physical body? Have you thought of that? That these words of the mind are memories or movements we made that are simply replayed to give the illusion of existing as something stable, or something with intelligence, with a strength, or awareness or power. If you hold your body and stop yourself in whatever act of the mind, feeling, or energy, what does that tell you? Is there any power in the universe that can control you? NO, only you can. And you have been this whole time. Are you exercising your power? Yes or No, both are options. To live is to live on purpose not by accident. You can't accidentally be alive. Everything has an intention and purpose, is it your own? Isn't it important to answer this question? Its the kind of question you should be asking and answering every moment. Am I creating myself in this moment into who I want to be?
As I post this blog, the answer is Yes.