Monday, May 7, 2018

Chapter 3 The Law

The message of oneness and equality, the vision of it, the understanding of it, the wording of oneness and equality is not found in the laws that exist. Laws are defined as Justice, where law breakers obstruct justice. Oneness and Equality is not defined within Justice. Lawyers don't swear an oath to uphold oneness and equality. Judges and Justices don't swear to oneness and equality. Police officers don't swear to uphold oneness and equality. Nowhere within the laws does oneness and equality is expressed in word, speech. So the actions of the judges, lawyers, and police officers do not follow or hold oneness and equality, because actions follows the word/speech, and no where is it written that oneness and equality is to be lived.

There is no mission statement, no honor, no pledge of alliance to oneness and equality. What you would be pledging to is this entire existence from the great to the small, every man, woman, child, person. regardless of nationality, or citizenship, or whether they break the law. There are no good guys or bad guys. Within oneness and equality you are equal to all, including the bad and the good. So the separation of bad and good do not exist. If no where oneness and equality is mentioned or found in the law, than what are the judges, lawyers and police protecting? Everything that is against oneness and equality. Everything that is separation, a world of division, a world of good guys and bad guys. Their loyalty is to the LAW, not to All Life as One and Equal.

So laws are seen as good, and necessary for a stable society, even though oneness and equality is not mentioned at all within it! This existence as one and equal is not considered as valuable to the law. Yet oneness and equality is the most valuable thing in fact!

So because the law is enforced, what is enforced is what is not one and equal. I am not saying to break the law, or to ignore the law. Because the law is real, and will slam you down. But realize that oneness and equality does not exist within the law, and so it must be created by us within this reality. Because you committing to oneness and equality, you committing to this existence is something you can do and live. To learn how, keep following and reading the chapters. It will become clearer the more you understand how oneness and equality lives through you.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Oneness & Equality and what is best for all, who lives it? Series

Chapter 1 Introduction

So the point of this blog post is to describe what oneness and equality is, and what is best for all is, by looking at how it is not lived in this reality, specifically by people. Here I will go one by one looking at every kind and type of group and subgroup of people. From nations, countries, to cultures, from religions, to movements, I haven't seen oneness and equality lived in word/speech or deed/action. So I will be looking at groups that are considered good and groups that are considered bad, and the common theme here is how it doesn't matter whether you are considered good or bad in this reality, you are still not living oneness and equality, because oneness and equality is not even factored or valued at all within Being Good. The hard truth is that if oneness and equality were to be considered a requisite to being good, then 99.99% of all groups of people around the world would be Bad, and such a reality, such a way of perceiving reality and living would simply be unacceptable for people to bear, without them actually taking action to change it.

Chapter 2 The Good Groups
what would you consider a good group? This word is relative to you. Maybe the NRA is good for you. Maybe Democrat is, or Republican is. Maybe American is good, or South African is good. Maybe Teachers are good, or Parents are good. Maybe children are a good group of people. So on and so forth. Charities seems unequivocally a good group by most people. Helping those who need it, that's what charities do right?

Charities are focused on a singular goal, which happens to be a special interest. Here it could be pretty much anything. Fighting disease, helping impoverished children, helping people in poor countries, helping survivors of abuse etc... There is one focus though that is neglected. This is oneness and equality. Oneness and Equality is not a core mission for charities. You are not able to go on their website and find oneness and equality there. You won't be able to talk to charities workers, or the manager or leadership and find them being proponents for oneness and equality. The charities operate within the premise of all the beliefs and ideas of separation that the people operating in the charities have. You could say its culturally sensitive. But at the same time if oneness and equality is not found in any culture, that really wouldn't appropriate to say. Why does this matter, whether oneness and equality exists within charities? Because it has a massive impact on the quality of life, and the quality of help individuals receive. How exactly that happens is something you will come to understand as you understand what oneness and equality is. For now the point that I would like to introduce is that oneness and equality is not found in charities, which you can observe in their online material, in their mission statements, in the very people who work in the charities, all in their speech, and written words. Similarly you won't find it within all sorts of special interest groups that are considered good: Democrats, Republicans, NRA, Grassroots movements, Teachers, Parents, children etc...

Instead what we find in such groups is loyalty and respect to certain institutions and identities: this includes valuing or honoring YourSELF, as your FREE WILL, Your PERSONALITY, Your WANTS, DREAMS, and DESIRES

then onto valuing your FAMILY
then onto your COUNTRY
and Parents, friends, teachers, bosses, God, Religion and so on and so forth.

But NEVER oneness and equality though. To all of these other groups/people/identities though, yes your loyalty is demanded, but never oneness and equality.

This moment here has presented an awesome opportunity to partially explore what oneness and equality is. So it is all of these groups/identities just mentioned except that it includes all of them, and in addition the rest of existence, AND they are all considered EQUALLY important or EQUALLY valuable. So here we then include ALL the FAMILIES, ALL the countries, All the Religions, All the people, All the Parents, Teachers, bosses, children etc.. Every absolutley everything including bugs, plants, animals, everything. Period. And they are all equal, and this includes Your Self too, don't forget that I started with that First above.

You see, when things are equal there is a conflict within you, I felt this conflict at first as well. This is the conflict that arises when you make or hear the statement that you are equal to everything and everything is equal to you, and when you get specific like saying you are equal to a tree, or you are equal to a convicted rapist, or you are equal to Donald Trump, or Hillary Clinton. That conflict is your resistance to actually standing equal to everything. As long as you have that conflict or resistance you are not actually living/standing as oneness and equality within yourself, so you won't be able to speak or live oneness and equality in your actions, words, speech or deeds. And like I said before that makes a massive Difference, though I haven't yet shown why yet, I emphasize YET, but maybe some of you can already see why or how that will make a difference.

So I end this chapter.
For now we stop and continue next time with Chapter 3.

Earning Wealth

How can wealth be theft?

I was once a young person who was a college student who never had a real job before. Since then I have had jobs. I have worked in sales, I have learned about how things work in a small business, I have worked in a small school, I have worked for a large company.

The world system and the people in the world system make themselves seem big, bigger than they are, they puff themselves up. Everyone inflates their egos, and the winners tend to win by doing so. So when they say things like that people that are rich, that make it in the world DESERVE it and they WORKED HARD for it, can make themselves sound right because they are so confident, they don't have a shred of doubt. All the while this isn't about truth, but about justifying one's own actions that are abusive. It is to lessen the guilt and to hide the truth.

The money people make, the profit can be used to change the world so that all may be happy and well off. This is a simple fact. Though the truth quickly becomes extinguished and snuffed out by the confident one's who say that money can't change the world, that people need to help themselves, that the people are rich are more intelligent, more honorable, more hardworking, and know how to spend the money on good things. Shit like that.

The simple fact is that when a doctor makes so much money, or a computer programmer, or a lawyer, make so much money that they can have more than double than what they need, than they are charging more than what they need to. The same with schools that train these people. And the same with businesses and corporations. They could charge half then, they could live at the level where they are in the middle where there needs are met and they have a little extra. Imagine, if we all did this, if all the rich and powerful did this, then we would all lift everyone up to the middle, and even redefine what the middle is. This would be true balance in the world system. Everyone having the same standard of living. And the more people that join in that standard, in the middle, where it is balance, the more that standard is raised. There we could let go of jobs that are plain stupid, that plainly just made for abusive purposes. Where the purpose of some job is to leech off of others, and raise yourself up, away from the middle, away from the median. That is ego. That is separation. What I am saying here is assuming each one were to do this as their choice, as who they are, as their commitment.

Right now nothing is stopping a wealthy person to use their money to uplift people, for them to not spend their money in things they don't need. And just having a little extra for things they don't need.

The world system is people. The world system is who people are. The world system changes as people change who they are. Peoples choices are a result of who they are.

To change the world system is to change the nature of humanity.

What is interesting is that as more people join in to such a future where all work for all, then as people let go of their abusive jobs and positions, they become unemployed and they can pitch in in doing the jobs that sustain life, and so thereby cutting in HALF the job of someone else, yet producing the same result that is needed for all. So where someone worked 40 hours a week, then two people work 20 hours a week. This is a fact that has been overlooked, that as more people join in, the less work there is to go around, yet everything needed to get done is done, and everyone is supported still, because we have let go of pointless jobs.

Hear me, I am not proposing any violence. I am not proposing stripping money away from people. I am proposing that YOU can do YOUR part, within the laws and rules of the world system, where you use your money to help people, to support/create the businesses/systems that provide for the needs of people and other life forms, that operates within integrity that paves a way for a future that is for everyone. People are the system. And through changing who you are then you change the world. This isn't about forcing anyone to change, or forcing you to change. Though if in your heart you know that you have a responsibility, and that this life can be so much greater and grander than what it is right for a few, then that is from you, not from me.

Friday, May 4, 2018

When i first started the desteni process

When i first started the desteni process....

Looking back I was always on the path of process to oneness and equality. My life had been dedicated already to some higher purpose for all of humanity, all of life, all of existence since childhood.

The desteni process is when I had all the keys laid before me that now all I had to do was live them.

To BE and BECOME the person I was meant to be. The someone that is unshakeable, unmoveable, insurmountable. That can do what is needed to be done. That doesn't falter, that is trustworthy that you can have confidence in in being the same, in being clear, in doing the work that needs to be done. Someone who is enough for himself, that can have fun and laughter in any moment, because I create fun, I am fun. Living as a complete human being.

Be what is needed to be. To actually Exist. That is a Human BEING. To be or not to be, is not the question.

The most important thing is that I BE this person. IS that I be Me. Is I Be THIS which I described here right now.

Who you are leads to what you DO. So Being matters most. It decides your fate... who you are. So focusing on who I am, just makes sense. The rest falls into place, it is a natural outflow of who I am.

So if we all do the same, focus on who I am, focus on the Self, focus on the Being in Human BEING, than our actions will be better and become best for all, eventually leading to a world that is living and breathing best for all, because we are the world. 

Desteni Tools/Keys