Thursday, January 29, 2015

What does Servent, Serpent, Evil, Life, Kings and Harry Potter have in common? Read to find out!!! 244

Servant of Life; Servant of the Physical.

So there is an interesting point I would like to get across. Looking at these words, "Servent" sticks out. It sounds like Serpent. And what did we learn in the Bible? The serpent tricked or manipulated or deceived Adam and Eve. So let me ask you, who is the greatest being in the Garden? Man or the serpent? Hmm...I know it might be a blow to your supposed high held regard of Humanity, but self-honestly the Serpent was the greatest being in the garden of Eden, because he did trick Man, and Man fell for it. But how do we regard these things: serpent and deception/manipulation? We regard it as evil don't we? I don't know if there's an easy way to say this, but we kind of screwed ourselves with this. How come? Well, it turns out that most of us are so scared of manipulation and deception, that we are actually opening up ourselves to manipulation and deception, because we never studied the point. We never studied the greatest being that existed: the serpent.. that which we supposedly labeled evil. But let me ask you this... were you the one that decided that the serpent was evil? Or were you taught that? So the question is, who is deceiving who here.

So for those that are interested with the serpent, they can investigate that point further for themselves. I actually am just using that example as a segway to this next point. I suspect that it is no coincidence that servent and serpent sound so Similar. SSSSSSSS. (You can also look how Harry Potter also made snakes Evil). Servant has a negative meaning/feeling doesn't it? Would you like to be a servant? Are you just a servant? You probably wouldn't want to say Yes. Am I right? But here's the thing... there is a trick here or a lesson to be learned. Those who make a commitment to serve something or someone,  meaning that they embrace the role of the servant, what happens in their life? Self-honestly look at that point. Wouldn't they now be favored? Wouldn't they receive more benefits? Won't they be honored and revered? Why? Because they embraced their role and live it well. The question is why don't you or people in general not want to say I Am a Servant to Something. Servant is like a Slave, is one thought people have. But those are just your emotions speaking I would say, because just look at this point, are you or are you not a servant/slave to many things without which you'd die? Here is a list: you are a slave to air, you require it don't you? The same with food, shelter, clothing protection, and having or being in a community of people. So are you or are you not a slave to your basic necessities. Obviously yes, and if you say no then check your self-honesty (go without these things for 30 days and see what happens). So why then don't we just admit, and be humble, we are not masters of our environment or lives, but slaves to it. And guess what, with that humility actually opens the door to becoming a master/king of your life. Because look at this point, what is a King really? Isn't a king someone who is bound to his people, that is a servant to his people? Isn't he responsible? So the same with any leader, manager, CEO, organizer, and even employee. To have a successful army you need the same points as well. Its not a question whether success comes with being committed and meeting your needs, and embracing your position/role and taking responsibility for it. The question is why aren't we servants of Life itself?

The answer to the question above can be found by asking another question. Would being a Servant of Life, make you A king of Life? And being a Servant of the Physical, make you a King of the Physical? Would you be bound to honor and respect all forms of life? To make sure that all life reaches their fullest and absolute potential in whatever form it exists as? Is that You? Are you a Servant of Life/Physical? Are you a King of the Servant/Physical? And if not, the question is what are you a servant of? What/Who do YOU Serve... Did you realize that?.......... That by default you always serve something/someone. The question is then What or Who do you Serve. That means you are still a servant. I suggest that the highest form of servitude be serving Life/Physical, which means you will do what is best for all of the Life Physical Forms, or Life itself as the essence/potential that exist.

And so the last question to look at is Why did I write this blog? Well, to be self-honest, I am looking at these words, being/becoming a Servant of Life as the Physical. Because then Who I am, my body, this substance is here to serve the very substance that is one and equal to it, so this entire physical reality you see. And living and becoming that. And by default or by definition that would make me a King of Life/Physical because I granted myself that authority/responsibility. A self-named/made king then, granting himself the authority/responsibility over this existence. And you see a king is nothing by a Servant. Kings, like snakes in the bible and harry pottery, have been made evil, haven't they? But again I ask, were you the one that decided that kings were/are evil or were you taught that? Did you make up your own mind, or were you deceived? You can make a self-honest check by seeing that if someone is not taking control of this entire existence, then that means no one is. How long can a planet last with 7 Billion Human beings, with not One of them taking responsibility over this entire planet? Not long I would say. So do we need kings? YES. Do we need Servants? YES. We need the Kings/Servants/Knights/Warriors/Supporters of Life of the Physical to care/guard this existence, which is real and beautiful, and worth living in and protecting. Now all we need are people, and ideally everyone would be on board on this, that will live/be THIS. The last question is... Are you Real? Because you have to be self-honest, if you are living in this Reality, and you are not giving two hoots about what happens in this Reality, are you even real? Where/what do you value then? What is the self-created reality that you honor and regard above this One Real Reality.

So looking at this further for myself. I found that in my life that when I dedicated myself to something/someone I always had positive results. When I served/gave I received. I made things happen in reality. Within that point there is ease, peace of mind, self-trust/knowing that all is right and as it should, because I am living my point/place. With such points now if I were to take it to the extreme, meaning that I now not only include a few points that I serve, but many more points, I notice that my physical body will be completely dedicated to such points, and within me I am even more satisfied than before, because I have taken more points within me. So I am more full. And so I would stop complaining about pains, about my situations or about what is here. Because I am living my points, and I am dedicated. Simply for that reason I am satisfied. I don't need anything else. I have my points to live/apply. 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Being Quiet 243


I can become very quiet. I can sit and listen to someone talking to me, as long as they are talking. And I can sit with them in silence. I have never done this before, but I would find it quite enjoyable. That I would live/be with someone, and we would never speak, yet we would communicate without words.

Now that I went through a personal journey where I spoke and expressed me, I am looking what is required of me. Meaning that what the moment requires of me, whether it is to speak or not to speak. So to again be silent. And its simply based on what the moment requires.

Its funny that I have a slight to resistance to not speaking. It's only slight. I find that I can drown my thoughts in silence. That the silence is all pervading, all consuming, a never ending dark pool of liquid.

I have heard some people in my life say that to be silent, to not speak would be a torture, something that they can't do, and would lead to great stress and anxiety. I have seen people who rarely spoke, and I wondered what their experience was like.

I have been lost in thought. And I would consider thinking the same as speaking, just involving yourself privately, not out-loud.

So I would say this, that silence is the pauses between speaking. The length of which can vary. You're either speaking/thinking or you are not. And the silence is always there, present, during speech/thought, and is ready for when the speech/thought has finished/ended. 

When you are silent you are able to hear/here what another person is saying.

Saturday, January 24, 2015 Pointless 242


Daughter ‘shot in head’ called 911 after father ‘massacred family’

"A Queens dad massacred his family early this morning, marching from room to room, shooting his two daughters, his girlfriend and her mother in the head before later killing himself, police said."

Oh daddy!
 So what is the father/dad construct. So I am not speaking about being a father, however if I were a father I would probably live and integrate this father/dad construct because it already exists within me, so it is prepared to enter into position. So then how is the father/dad construct existent within me. Well, believe it or not, I am relating to everyone in certain relationship constructs, here are some examples:
Mother -all females that are old enough
Girlfriend -all females that are young enough
 So as you might have observed one of the main point that distinguish whether I treat a female like a mother or like a girlfriend is their age. Strange, but true. So why am I looking at the Father point? Well there's a story to that. The best place to start is with how I will relate to someone, like a woman that is around 40s like how I would to my mother. Makes sense? So the question is now how do I relate to men that are in their 40s?

So maybe you can guess it has something to do with these pictures above and the news article. Well it does. So what I observe is that it is this fear, violent, angry, construct. Like a big hulking man that screams at you. Have you ever had your father certainly burst out in anger and scream? Or some similar adult? Maybe a teacher? So that's the example I referring to, where you enter into fear/shock/paralysis. What is most interesting in this is that I will now expect and place all males that are old enough into this category. To be honest, my category for Father is much younger than for mother. So in general I view All males as fitting the Father category, even young males. This explains my general avoidance of male friends/peers/students in school. There were exceptions of course, though for the vast majority I focused on female friendships, and the male friends were small/young/boyish or more child-like.

So what is interesting, and why I am initiated this investigation, is because this fear response is preventing me from speaking to and calling strangers, new people, because they might be male. I once met one girl, who told me that she had a fear of men/males. Now I can relate to what she said to me. I suspect then that we all have this unconsciously. And that is also part of why when we men become fathers, we shout and scream, because we are becoming the "monsters" we fear.

So this is quite an interesting point because this is found in the Media, such as the show the Simpsons, which is very famous, and as well as in the news, where that news article was published today. So what exists within me, exists in the world.  
As a practical point: yes I may encounter men, males, but also maybe women/females, that are angry or express anger, but certainly not all will be like that and fit into this category in my head, this box, where I presorted and pre-pared an emotional response and emotional body to respond with fear, shock, avoidance, and paralysis. So yes I have been screamed at, from teachers and parents. Yes, they did so unnecessarily and for their selfish reason of releasing energy through screaming. Yes I did carry that memory within me, and I would access the same emotions/feelings in such similar moments, building new memories ontop of them. And like I have said, yes I am creating and anticipation and expectation that I will face such a moment again, and when I am reminded of that, I am accessing those same memories, moments of experiences and emotions/feelings. And now that I am in a moment of honesty, and rereading what I have wrote, I have also, yes, been angry and used screaming at someone to release the energy for my selfish reason, within a justifying belief that that is all I could do, and also not being aware that I am passing on and reaffirming the same program that exists in me in that person I am screaming or even just raising my voice slightly to. I notice too that even slightly raising my voice, and sounding slightly angry is the same point, its no different really. That slightly raising my voice and getting slightly angry, is something I have done plenty. And this is connected and is a part of this same father construct I am opening up.

I also believe that females have the same, however they may just suppress it more, and so it becomes more rare or more explosive, or maybe they get a sickness or disease. This I see directly from my mother, where she also has burst out in anger, but only more rarely, and so she always suppressed it. So Father/Mother Male/Females, we are all doing it, its just the symbol of the father/male that has been assigned this role to be the one that expresses it outwardly because it is acceptable and the norm. Women have to suppress it. Similar to how men must suppress expressing OTHER emotions/feelings, that females then are expected and acceptable to express. Remember anger is just One emotion. So its no different really than the other emotions and feelings.

So this construct is directly affecting my life, and is in the way of me opening up and expanding myself to have a greater power through making connections with people. Because its like the fear of the unknown, I don't know whether they will get angry and scream. I don't know... So that's is what stored within me. One thing that is interesting is that I have looked at these fears, but not in this dimension of fathers/males, becoming angry and screaming. When I access this dimension, there's a specific response with me, which indicates this is indeed something new that I hadn't considered.

So over the past months I have met many new people, of all ages, and genders. So that assisted me to see specifically the Mother - girlfriend point, which at least one distinguishing point is age. I did meet much fewer males, however within meeting the males, there was like this fear present that wasn't so present with the females. This is what I am seeing now as I look back in my memories. It's interesting because its so apparent now that I am looking at it. This certainly limited my conversations with the men specifically. Because when you are in fear/emotion, you move slower, so everything else moves faster, so it's like you can't keep up with the conversation and be here, because part of your attention is involved in the emotions/fear, makes sense? 

So this is the correction: that everyone has all dimensions that exists in all of us, to some extent. So when I speak with someone I need to reach their being, their potential, that is what/who I am looking for within/through, and perhaps behind their words. Their personalities, and the rest will probably show up, and I need to push through my own personalities and points that are triggered with their personalities or maybe even their being, if I have personalities for that as well. So that is my starting point when talking with anyone. Obviously I may have to take on certain roles where conversations do not allow for connections, maybe because they are more constricted. But in general, always push for and look for that being connection. Because such connections serve as foundations where amazing constructions then become unlocked/possible. And it may even be that the person is constricted, tightly wound within their mind stuff, so I may even need to dance, play, dodge, and seek out their being points, which might be unlocked or found in certain words, histories, memories, or elsewhere. I also recognize that some people, though they will be rare, will be able to make a connection with me from me just expressing me, myself, my being. That how I got involved with Desteni afterall. So such people exist, though are rare, and probably have quite an interesting history/story to tell. So welcome to Reality, haha. Relationships is the future/Destiny. That is the fabric/foundation of this entire existence and all systems, as evident in me. Meaning that how I have been relating to males, has defined me, and also predicting what kind of father I will be, and also how many people I will reach and make connections with, which would be fewer, which has been few thus far in my life. I have only known/met a few people in my life, I could have known much more.

In comparison to who I was before this investigation, before I saw this fear in relation to just strangers or new people. But now that I opened up the point, it is not as simple as that. Its actually more specific and in relation to specific memories and moments shared with specific people and how they acted and how I reacted in response to their action.

Also, looking at this point: its ridiculous when someone gets angry. Looking at my memories where, fathers, mothers, teachers got angry... what they got angry about, what they were complaining about, the source of their frustration/angry, was ridiculous. The things that were called the reason for their anger were small, insignificant, and also not really within their power/control. How is it any different from a young child throwing a tantrum? Are our children just showing ourselves to ourselves? Our anger that they have copied and taken on to show us what we do? And don't we call such tantrums as ridiculous and pointless? I have certainly participated in such points and have thrown plenty of tantrums. And what resulted from my tantrums? Nothing. So anger really is pointless.
I am Amger

Friday, January 23, 2015

What do I do when I am face with something New? I embrace it. 241

So like I said in my previous blog, I will only be writing on substantial points. So I see within me the space to integrate myself further into responsibilities, thus things that will create a visible change in reality. I have many creative ideas already, so I am not short of ideas. What is missing is the application. There is some energy of resistance, its not very intense however. What I find though is that things are very silent, and living out these responsibilities, things are silent, and with that silence I feel fear. Strange isn't it? But its here. It feels almost like a subtle wavelength that moves with the silence. Haha, so as if the silence has sound? Haha. This fear hidden in the silence is tied to the fear of living these responsibilities so absolutely that they are a part of me completely. This is what this fear actually is. And the silence is just the future point, what I anticipate/expect the future to be like without fear... strange how the fear is tied to... being without fear? Strange. Fear of not having fear. Fear of not being afraid. Fear of losing fear. Then I would be just left with myself. That is this fear of silence, or what it actually is. Fear of facing/living myself completely. 

It is interesting that depending on what I define 'myself' as, I could either divulge in energy, or I can stand within creating myself as responsibility. That was the whole reason for writing this blog, me living and taking on more responsibility because there is the space for it. If I were to define, however, myself as mind and energy, where "facing myself" means participating within an energetic relationship with me, well that's it. If I define myself as a being that is become/living responsibility, then that is it. So depending on who/what I define myself as, I am creating that reality. So when I say facing myself, I am really referring to facing my past creations, because I am responsible for them, and taking ownership of me, to create a world that is best for all. Its not that I am facing the "myself" that is the being that is taking responsibility and is a process of actually living it. That wouldn't make sense. 

So I actually need to reword/respeak what I wrote about. "Fear of not having fear. Fear of not being afraid. Fear of losing fear. Then I would be just left with myself." Meaning that I would have faced my self-created fears, released them, and simply be me here, applying and living responsibility. So what is this fear but the fear of this future/application really? And that would contradict what I am actually doing/living/applying wouldn't it? Perhaps that is why it's called resistance, because it is in contrast and in conflict with me as a being, taking responsibility, and the process I am walking to live and apply as the responsibility in my life. This explains much, such as why you don't feel resistance when you simply live without responsibilities. The mind is without responsibility. And the mind's content is my creation, so its my creation that is in conflict with me, because I am now changing/becoming different. Thus explaining the resistance and conflict. So when I look at my above fears what do I notice?

Fear of not having fear. Fear of not being afraid. Fear of losing fear. 
Assuming what I claimed above is true, then that means I have always existed like this: In fear, throughout my life. Is this true? Yes, most definitely. So then this all makes sense. Being without fear, believe it or not is scary, because why? Because fear is the response I have to something New, something different, strange, or a change. I have had this my entire life. So even being without fear, is fearful. And what is the best part? That I haven't really truly absolutely have gotten rid of fear. Why is this the best part? Because how can I really truly actually know the experience of being without fear? So why am I creating an idea/perception/belief/response to something foreign or unknown to me? It just doesn't make sense. I should instead completely embrace what is new, foreign, unknown, different or a change. That is the proper physical/behavioral response that I must live. That is my correction. To learn, to know, to investigation, to question what is new/foreign etc... Because by doing that I correct myself within taking on new responsibilities, living a new life, having a new self-experience/awareness of myself and much much more. Because it includes the unknown doesn't it?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Reassessing and Recreating a New Starting Point for Blogging 240

Hi, so I will be, like the title says, reassessing and recreating my starting point for blogging. From now on, I will be blogging on substantial points. So no more surface level, or simply touching the surface of the mind. I will be going deep into points of my mind and the general mind. I will be describing in detail, the energies, my experiences, and thoughts I have.

So let's begin! I have potential business client, and with this client, there exist a dimension of hope for the future, specifically that she becomes a long standing and permanent client. If such a future were to occur, this would secure a significant amount of income for me. On a practical level, I have already decided to do whatever physical work necessary, meaning as much physical support possible, within the limits of what I can give without upsetting the balance of time I have, to secure her as a client. Why? I am in the beginning stages of a business, and if I secure a good solid ground of clients, no matter how long or hard it took to get them, then I will be set. What do I mean by a solid ground of clients? I mean that they are extremely satisfied with me, and how I treated them and supported them in our business relationship. So this is important, because they will start to bring in new clients to me. The more I give, the more I will receive.

So narrowing our sights now on the dimension of hope... Yes, I do want to create this future, and I will to do what it takes to secure it. So on a practical level, I am pretty set. It seems obvious to me then that this dimension of hope is something more unconscious, perhaps on a quantum level. I would describe it as moving on a certain wavelength, which is not noticeable, unless I really hone in on it, and be self-honest on what it is about. Opening it up more, I see a dimension of happiness, enjoyment, celebration, excitement, thrill, over-joyed, movements within a picture format as this hope, simulating having achieved this future, and how I would feel. I wish to be successful. I wish to be better/more. I wish to feel good. I wish to feel strong. What I notice about wishing for such points, is that my behavior becomes wishy washy, where my behavior becomes dilute, within not taking all the actions and steps I could have taken, because I am participating and staying within the image, hope, dream and wishes, instead of here in reality in behavior to make such a reality. Do you really believe you can create the reality you want by simply being in your mind and feeling what you would expect yourself to feel like if such a reality were true, thus doing nothing more than playing pretend?

No of course not. Yet that exists within me, deep inside me. I would suspect it exists in most if not everyone. I personally, KNOW what I want. I KNOW what I want to create. So I don't need an imagination, or feeling to remind me of that.

I am now accessing a fear. What if I stop these wishes? What if I stop these feelings? Will I stop feeling motivated? Will I stop acting? These are the fears that come up, obviously as a defense mechanism, a last ditch effort to prevent me from truly and finally stopping these feelings and these wishes. This fear is obvious. This fear is doing everything it can to simply cover up everything I have seen, cover up my entire being with fear. And that is quite an effective strategy, because I would just enter into fear, and give up. IF I accepted and allowed that to happen.

So that's it then. The release is here. Responsibility has been taken. Change is prepared. Now to simply walk it. Thanks for reading.

Monday, January 19, 2015

I missed a day of writing, and here is a reason to celebrate 239

So if you read my title, well... it is an odd/strange title isn't it? Haha. So yes indeed, I didn't write yesterday. Why? Well, it turns out I have some really good news. I am becoming busy! Work is coming my way now. An opening into the system, one that is clear defined, like a hole against a steel wall, I have made penetration, and I am thickening and deepening the hole. i am making it wider. What does this mean? When I penetrate deep enough, water is going to come rushing out. Work is going to come flooding my way. And its happening because I am making this hole count. So I am anticipating this to happen.

A hole somewhere.

So this does mean time will be more limited. I will be working more, so I will need to be resting more. Etc... Of course it doesn't mean I will stop writing altogether, because there will be pauses, moments between my schedule where I will have time, maybe because I scheduled it, or also by nature of the schedule for that week/day.

So yesterday was just the start of it. The premonition for what is to come. So what I am saying is I will most likely write everyday this week, but sometime soon, the water will flood. And that is reason to celebrate! Yay!!!

Of course with the new waters, there can be anything. I mean its NEW. Who knows what I will find? I can't know for sure. Maybe more dimensions for me to explore/write on. More mind constructs or maybe new expressions. Who knows?

If you really enjoy this whole analogy, you might like this. When you plant a seed into the ground, where do you plant it? In a hole!


Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Importance of Planning/Scheduling 238

Im going to share one of the secrets to achieving your goals, whatever they may be... this secret is to plan for them. Take a look at this, when you look at the work place, what do see? Do you see schedules, and planned assignments? Yes, everyone is on a schedule and clock. But who creates those schedules the people? The individuals workers? No. But then who? The Businesses, the owners, the ones who create the structure. So you have all these businesses with preset and preexisting structures, and if you want to enter one of these businesses and work with/for them, you must what? Follow the structure, plan and schedule. That is what successful businesses do. They stick to the plan.

What is one thing that schools teach/assess? A persons ability to follow the rules, turn in assignments on due dates, follow a schedule, and sticking to the plan. These are important things? Why and to whom? They are important because you are making effective use of your time, and they are important to the benefit of those directly affected by it. This includes, businesses, clients, and the individual workers. But do you know who earns the big bucks, and what they have to do with all of this? The ones that earn more, set up what? Schedules, routines, due dates etc... They are leaders and managers. They are business owners.

Why is this important? Well your life can be compared to a business. To have a successful life you must have a structure who's structure, which includes plans, schedules etc..., leads to the result/outcome you wish, which is what you define as success. If you define success as lots of money, then your structure must reflect that. If you define success as having integrity, your structure must reflect that.

If you could do the same things you do, what in half the time, with greater results... would you? This is why schedules are used... They save time, and allow for greater creativity and results. What is one thing though that is missing for most people today? Most people do not plan, schedule or organize their lives. Usually, a schedule or plan is given to them, and so you have people that are able to follow plans/schedules, and those who can't/don't. If you can, you will be able to make a living, if you can't you will unable to work. But what if you had the power to create schedules yourself?

So this is one secret in existence.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Want, Need and Desire 237

So I'm taking this opportunity to define the words, and thus energies within me, for these words: Want, Need and Desire. So similar to how in yesterdays blog I was looking at anticipation, and those positive feelings, I am looking at something similar, something "Positive." So depending on what energy is accessed, one of these words, or some combination of these three words, define the energy. Some of my physical behaviors and changes to my behavior include, Tightness in my stomach/solar plexus, Tensing of my feet, Clasping of my hands. Shutting of my eyes. The energy for me feels intense. In general, now that I can look and reflect on what is going on within me, I feel/become uncomfortable where I am, how I am sitting, laying or standing. I feel/become uncomfortable in/within my body. It is functioning in such a way where its so uncomfortable within my body, that I, for some reason, seek these desire/want/need point. So its as if want/need/desire is defined in order to require that I feel uncomfortable. If I do not not feel uncomfortable in/within my body then I am not desiring, wanting or needing something.

So be honest, this is perhaps one of the more difficult energies for me to work with. I would say that I participated in such energy most of my life. And to be self-honest, I used the energy, that the energy isn't to blame, that I am responsible. With this understanding and framework for approach. The aim/goal is to certainly stop participating in such energy, and especially moving and acting on this energy. The approach I will take will be the firstly stop myself, and breath, and ground myself when such energy is triggered. Because typically/normally I do act on this energy. Writing I will reserve on opening up where relevant. This is the approach I will be taking for this energy, which reflects the relationship I have had with this energy in my life.

So wants needs, and desires... oh my!

I recommend the following Eqafe Interview on Grounding oneself:

The Ground

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Knight in Shining Armor 236

Knight in Shining Armor

So the knight in shining armor is a fairy tale archetype, originating from Medieval Europe. It also relates to the widespread framework for stories involving a male character that saves a female character, and they both fall in love. Within me, I notice such a point, operating on an automatic and feeling level. This feeling reaction I would call feel warm and feeling love. I notice too that there is a connection to pornography, which is another form of story telling, but involving sex. Within pornography, believe or not, is the same feeling of warmth and love, in relation to the female character wishing/desiring/wanting sex. In comparison to the archetypal fairy tale story, the female character wished, wants, and desires to be saved. Within these specific words, and situations, there are images within me, which are energetically charged with the same point.

Throughout my life I spent a great deal of time, especially teenage years, thinking about girls, and specific girl crushes. To be specific, it didn't involve masturbation, but it involved the same mechanics, which was thinking, and indulging within the feelings. And there were imaginations which were like the Knight and Shining armor situation. So I really did play with and used my imagination to project my desires into my mind, to in a way live it in my mind, and having some form of temporary satisfaction. When I look at such thoughts I had, they really were quite bizarre. And this was my secret that I kept. In a way I would say that my life literally felt like a story, where I literally felt just like a character in a story. I experienced my day through my emotions, feelings, and so illusions.

I would say it would be accurate to say that I was addicted to my illusion, and that was my daily experience. I would be in my mind, in memories, and fantasies, and projections into the future. I made myself to be the hero and the victim. I created self-pity, and made myself the good guy so I felt good about myself. So I played a tragedy, but also a hero's story. I remember this happening in middle school, and into highschool, for several years. The content of the story changed as I graduated high school and went to college, but it was still the same, it just evolved and progressed. I can remember as far back as elementary school, and early childhood experiences, where I started gathering memories for my story of tragedy.

Love, by my love I mean the feeling of love and warmth, is what I desired in my story. It was the center piece of my focus/attention in creating my story. And it was projected outside of me, into someone else, as the source of origin. That was why I had created the story of the knight in shining armor, so I would have a way of earning it, so in a way making it practical or real, within the illusion. And if I take this a step further I see that I also projected this feeling of love and warmth within and into sex with a person, to also make it real/practical, within the illusion. What is interesting within all of this is that I had created and defined love, what it means in physical reality, before I went out and manifested it. So do you understand? I actually created my life experiences based on the decisions and acts of creations within my mind, and my definitions and ascriptions for love, using feelings, and the creative power of the mind. If I would have defined it differently, then it would have been different, and the things that activated that love would have been different. So knowing this now, it would be kind of crazy to pretend that my self-created illusions of what love is, is real, worthwhile or valid, and neither are my experiences or desires for that, because how can I desire my own self-created limited illusion definition? And spent time trying to attain that? You know?

Its like the same as creating a game, like chess, where you make the rules and limits, and you try to achieve victory within the game, your whole life, where you spend all your time on that. When really you could just as easily define victory here, already. We are the ones that set the limits and boundaries for ourselves, no one else does. And to desire for a limitation that you set for yourself, that you can already in this moment give to yourself, yet not give it to yourself, and so spend time and effort in somehow earning it according to your set rules/boundaries.... well that's what we're doing. It's like we have forgotten that we are the ones creating our experiences, and the rules of what we feel and how we feel, and when we feel it. We have forgotten that. And this forgotten is a separation and has manifested in many forms in how we live daily, what we desire, wish, and hope to achieve, which really boils down to a feeling, like for me with love. Because if we desired practical things only, and not the energy at all, that would make much more sense. It doesn't make sense to desire a feeling, because it is already a part of you here. Feelings are our creation, we have forgotten that.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to desire my creation as feeling as love, and to define that in separation as a woman/lady/female/girl that I would save and that would love me, and so within that have created an illusions/story wherein I believe such an end result/desire could be manifested and real by being a knight in Shining Armor and saving as a person, and that would lead to falling in love and forming a relationship, and so sex as well, and so defining then as well a life long marriage or partnerships in the hopes that we would forever be together and connected, so that I can feel secure and connected to my feeling experience that is myself that I called love.

When and as I see myself connecting to or accessing this energy that is me, that is a feeling of love, that is manifested in separation of me - I stop and I breathe- I realize that defining me, my experience of myself according to a story/illusion that I must act and play out, in order to generate this energy as this feeling called love, is ludicrous, since it is not living, but enslavement, and is also not loving myself in fact, as a care, honor, recognition of myself, and value that I have as life, and it is at the same time a waste of my potential as a life form/being in what I can do with my time and myself.

I commit myself to stick to moving me in real time in this moment and creating my life and this reality, and so follow through my self-forgiveness statement and truly let go of following fantasies and desires that involve investing time and effort in generating an energy experience.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What everyone does, but no one admits to 235

What everyone does, but no one wants to admit to, and feels insulted if someone did it them. 

So I'm going to use my family as an example. I can't speak for the world, and the 7 billions humans on this planet, and whether they have manipulated or not, but I can certainly speak for myself. So I certainly, definitely, absolutely, positively have manipulated people and situations a many a time. I have manipulated others views/perspective/opinion/belief about other people, involving lying to do so. I have spoken to someone in a conversation in an attempt to change their view of themselves, into one that is harmful, destructive and inferior. I have in a way destroyed lives, to get what I wanted, which is to be the one on top, the last one standing. And I know we all do it. How? Well, let's keep that a secret between you and me. 

So why am I talking about this topic? Well, let's just say its quite pertinent right now. And its also not something I ever spoken/written aloud before tonight. So its quite cool and presents an opportunity for me to dig deeper as well as reflect. I would say that I come from a generation, a family, and a Humanity of deceivers or manipulators. We are all doing it. And I know I did it to the greatest extent I could within my capabilities/limitations. For a while I have cleansing myself, you could say, of such acts. And it wasn't until I came face to face to a reflection in the mirror of the same nastiness that was existent in me, did I remember, Who I was. I have literally changed as a person, to perhaps the greatest extent possible in like the extreme degree. I would literally within every conversation and interaction be planning on how to manipulate, what to do, what to say, and see my results, and either be satisfied or want more. I can't say there was anything genuine. Maybe just the smallest of sparks, but that was rare, and far in between my daily and moment to moment participation.

And I remember the excuses as well. Mostly I would play the victim card. What bullshit, haha. 

Haha, so do you want to hear something really funny? You can only be manipulated, if you are someone that manipulates others. The fact is that the belief that you can manipulate others is a belief. And so you believe you can be manipulated. And by manipulation I mean something changing you. Obviously a lie is a lie, so people can lie to you, which a lie can be sometimes called a manipulation. But what I am referring to is specifically someone else changing you, who you are, your opinion or belief about something or someone. We obviously can be misinformed or given false information, but tell me... who is the one that takes such information at face value? Who is the one that believes in this information? And why do we do that? From my experience, it was always done for a self-serving selfish reason. I would form beliefs and opinions about others and myself, to essentially entertain myself and make myself feel righteous. So I was doing it, so that means, guess what, no one really manipulated me, but me. And I can really say that especially now when I interact with people/humans and face manipulation, and now I see exactly what I did, which was for that self-satisfaction that comes with a successful manipulation. 

So there only exists self-manipulation. And like I said its a belief, which equates to working on a mind level. We manipulate with words, thoughts, images. We play with emotions and feelings. We toy with our own and others. And we have created the exact reality that exists now, how it is. Welcome to our Creation. 

So what does a world look like without manipulation? What would we do/say? Who would we be? The last question is easy. Because the key really is changing ourselves. Any solution that doesn't involving actually stopping ourselves and changing who we are into a responsible person, isn't a solution. And once you have changed, you will see that you don't have to manipulate, because manipulation isn't real. All that is happening is that words you are using that is leading to someone reacting. And with that understanding and responsibility, you can direct that person and their reactions, to assist them. So we are constantly being shown in our faces who we are, which happens in the moment. So you can say, manipulation ends where self-responsibility begins. 

Something that is interesting, is the potential that exist. What can a person who understands him/herself, in how he/she works to an absolute degree... what can that person create in this world? How can he/she shape/change this world, and the people in it? Do you hear what I am saying?

 If you are interested in getting to know yourself absolutely, invest in the Desteni Courses. They hold the keys.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Blog Special: Beauty! What is it?

Beauty! what is it? I mean really, let's question and find this answer. For me, this word has been in so many different ways and contexts that it is so opinionated. Okay when I look at the dictionary I find this 1. The qualities that give pleasure to the senses. This definition explains why I have heard this word refer in various context. Sound/music can be called beautiful. Something visual like a painting can be called beautiful. What is interesting too is that definition number two is this: 2. A very attractive or seductive looking woman. So I am personally confused, haha. I would rather reserve words to give their highest meaning. For me it seems wasted to have a word that supposedly have value to leave it just to pleasing to the senses. Like about the beauty of integrity? Like who a person is! Because consider the extreme, a person of such immense value as Who they are, yet they have the most "ugliest" body or appearance, compared to this: a person with such pathetic or little value in who they are, and they have the most "beautiful" body or appearance in the world. And these value of ugly or beauty, it really is the sound of the voice, the face, their entire appearance. And who they are is really that, who they are within their words, what they stand for etc...

Which would you pick? Lol, I mean that would say a lot. And what would say more is what you are spending your time developing on. Because we have lots of beautiful people, even people that are beautiful in their words. But how many people of value do we have in Who they are? Its hard to even have a reference of such a value, since its practically non-existent. So personally I don't care about using beauty as a word, if I do I would rather reserve its use of a person's value in who they are. Because it is in a way insulting, since one pays only attention to one's own pleasure in the visual presentation of a person, instead of who they are. At least I would be insulted. 

So if we relook at the definition of beauty, notice that pleasure is a center point of beauty. So what one finds pleasing, defines oneself. Another word for pleasure could be happiness, as well as fulfillment. So in the end, beauty, along with so many words, are defined by oneself. We are constantly defining our experiences. For example, when one creates a fear to animals. That is an act of defining oneself. But how aware or how honest are we that we are creating and defining our experiences through words. We call/name things as fun, beautiful, ugly, good, bad etc... And who's responsible for our words, but us?

So have you notice this? You are calling/naming/defining and so creating your perception of reality? How easily can we abuse this and so distort reality and make our own illusions. Very very easy. Ahahha. So who is the number one person standing in front of self?

So one thing you can look at is whether this is garbage coming from your words, and so just adding more garbage to the world, orrrrrr are your words purifying, and so purifying this world through your word. And where do words come from? Yourself. I mean you can look how physically words are produced. Through the inhalation of air from the center of your body and then sent out from your center out.

So it is written and so it shall be done 234

So it is written and so it shall be done.
So what does the above phrase mean? To me it appears that a person with such authority, trust, reliability, and predictability, state that if he writes something, than that written word is binding and he will honor that word, and act based on what he wrote. This is pretty immense power, isn't it? It involves self-control, self-will, self-mastery, to carry out exactly what you said you were going to do. What do you notice about people in power, or in wealthy positions? Don't they follow their word, and carry through exactly what they said they will? Is this the very definition of being a trustworthy person? Perhaps it is, or at least partly.

How about in one's individual life? Let's take me for example, I write here in this blog. So if I were to write that I am going to do something, and with such authority, and consistency, that I do it. Well... Then I did it, haha. So this would be me living out, so it is written and so it shall be done.

So do you know what I notice about this authority and living out these words? That it's not the words per se, but my relationship to the words. Because I could write anything, and I have written out words, commitments that I didn't follow through plenty of times. So the difference really is my authority, my conviction, my  commitment to actually commit to follow through with the words I wrote, and what I had committed to do. Another thing I notice is that as I wrote words/commitments that I didn't really write as a commitment statement, meaning that yes I wrote out "I commit to..." yet that is not the same as actually in that moment being committed and so actually making a commitment. So this is a perfect example of it being Who You Are, and Not What You DO that defines You. It's all about who you are in your words, not the words you write out. And you are aware of this on some level, at least I was, that I was cheating in a way. Not being genuine. And noticeably not really changing.

So what did I find as a solution or what can I offer as a solution. Well for me I had a good reference of such absolute authority from these words "so it is written, so it shall be done." I saw this in a movie on the old testament with King Ramses and Moses. In the movie the kind did speak with such absolute authority that he will do everything in his power to live up to these words, so in a way, without mercy. So without mercy in this context is without hesitation, without flinching, or wavering. So 100% absolute so what the words absolute actually means. So within me, I saw I could call upon those words and memory, and live it for myself. That with that intent, or decision that these words here, what I am about to write is binding and absolute. Within that point there is trust, confidence, clarity, and simply absence of fear. That is authority. And of course what I notice that is interesting now that I am reflecting and explaining this point in written form, that this is just me, that's all. I am just moving a certain way. That's it, simple as that. Because we tend to have ideas that such absolute authority is great or powerful or awesome or positive, or desirable, or fearful (paradoxically). But when you live it, and are aware of what you are doing, its such the simplest of movements. No more than lifting an eyebrow. So this is the illusion or false idea/perception we have about ourselves really. This proves we don't really know ourselves, do we?

So, So it is written, and so it shall be done!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Establishing the Foundations for the Best Sex Ever 233


So what is sex?
If you look up the word in the dictionary you will probably get a medically worded definition. Using my sophisticated Oxford Dictionary, I have this definition:
Sexual intercourse
1.    sexual activity between individuals, especially the insertion of a man's penis into a woman's vagina until orgasm and ejaculation occur
So first things first, if having good sex, enjoyable sex were as straightforward and simplistic that this definition suggestions, well… its not. If all you had to do was to stick your penis in the vagina that would be great. But anyone who have had sex can attest, No, its not that simple and straightforward. So if we look at some statistics of sexually related problem/difficulties.
This website says: “the prevalence of sexual dysfunction is 43% for women and 31% for men in a large American sample.(1) Erectile dysfunction increases as men age, with 52% of men age 40 - 70 having some degree of impotence.(2)”
Another website has this to say: “There is an average of 293,000 victims (age 12 or older) of sexual assault each year”
And our final look: Adolescents ages 15-24 account for nearly half of the 20 million new cases of STD's each year.[1] Today, four in 10 sexually active teen girls have had an STD that can cause infertility and even death.[2]  Also, though rates of HIV are very low among adolescents, males make up more than two-thirds of HIV diagnoses among 13- to 19-year-olds.[3] STDs often have no obvious sign or physical symptom, so regular screenings are critical.[4

Ok, so what is going on here? So there are a number of points to consider within having sex, and as Humanity, we certainly have not mastered sex. So the question is how? And to look at our individual lives, to, in essence master sex. So one perhaps not so obvious point is to look at responsibility. Responsibility is the first major point, because you have to take responsibility (ability to respond) over yourself. So self-responsibility is to, firstly take care of yourself, to make sure you don’t have sex on a whim on pure impulse or desire and so not checking who the person you are having sex with, what kind of life they live, because, guess what? That is how you get a disease transmitted from the other person through sex. But its not only about the diseases, it also has to do with enjoyment. Let’s face it, sex is something physically you do, and like everything physical it takes time to learn it. When you were a baby you took time to learn how to talk, you took time learning how to walk, everything you have mastered you took time. So is the same with sex. It will take time.
Ok so there is an advantage to have an intimate, open, and honest relationship with another human being. Besides the obvious great enjoyment of these points alone, it also is what allows for effective sex to be developed, because you both are able to communicate with one another, work together, learn from one another, and practice, and try new things. In such a well-built relationship you have the foundation with which to explore, be adventurous, ask questions, be intimate. If we even just forgot about sex for a moment, this would be true about any activity you would do together isn’t it? Imagine if you both had a project that you are both working on, then your relationship, how you relate will also come through in that project. The same points come through of being adventurous, asking questions, intimate, open, honest, creative etc… Does this make sense why sex would be better in such a well-built relationship? Sex is just an activity, but it involves two people, otherwise we call it masturbation, which also is the exact same process, but just with yourself, and so requiring to develop that intimacy, honesty, and creativity with yourself.
So now comes to my favorite point, why I opened up this sex point. Sex is physical. If you do sex through the mind, you will be constantly and regularly be disappointed, and only on rare occasions having an “awesome orgasm” that lasts only a few minutes and took much effort. And not to mention the consequences! So sex, good sex, can only come really when you are physical, when you are physically here, moving with one and equal with and as your body. Why is this important or such a cool point, because if you master sex, in such a physical way, you have a very clear reference or starting point of what it means to be physical, and you can access that at any time, and use that as a benchmark about where you are in this moment, (wherever you happen to be, whatever it is you are doing in this moment) as in how physical you are or how much are you in your mind. Sex is also a great way for people to realize how much more creative things are and how much more awesome things are when you are physical, so that’s a great introduction to the physical.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

The best ship is love... um. No. 232

The Relation- Ship Construct. Yay!!!
So I have recently mined into a significant vein of the relationship construct of mine. So I made a better deep dent, into parts I didn't see, or at least have suppressed, for a long time. But this is just one part, and there were more points that revealed themselves today! So I will be recap what I have already looked at for myself, and delving into these new points. 

So in my personal writings and self-forgiveness I uncovered that within the relationship constrict, and particularly the desire for a relationship, I am actually desiring many points. I am desiring pleasure, to be cared for, to be serviced for example. And within that the greatest desire of them all, sex, which really is just pleasure. This I found being sourced to early childhood experiences of love, and being CARED for (note the wording). As a baby you are helpless, and in my life in particular I was extremely well cared for and I experience energy which I called the love point, surrounding having my meets met, with me simply asking/being on the receiving end. So obviously I am not a baby anymore, yet this desire energy is still here, which has been defined to this experience of a baby, having my needs met, being cared for, being loved, all WORDS which are interconnected and defined, and being generalized and extended TO relationships with all people, especially the sexual one. 

These above realizations explains who I am in this life accurately, and why I acted and had particular behavior in relation to relationships. 

So within analyzing what is my Perfect Dream, or the best case scenario, according to my feelings/mind, it would literally be meeting a girl, her saying she is in love me with, she takes me back to her apartment, and basically have sex. Another interesting point is that she would also be wealthy, and we would have lots of sex. So these indicate a point of desire for money/wealth, and for More more more, so the desire for more. I would say this does accurately describe to an extent my first encounter with a girl, where I DID simply jumped into the relationship at the moment she indicated a verbal positive answer to being in love with me. So what's is going on here?

So within someone saying they are in love with me, what am I accessing, I am perceiving that they are like me, want to be serviced, and so are in a point of vulnerability and potentially being manipulated, like me. So I use that opportunity for my desires purposes, within understanding that the person is simply giving permission to be abused. Now why do I say abused?

It is an abuse to simply follow these desires, as how I did in reality, and what my dream is. Why? Because I do not give myself the greatest gift in reality, to get to know a person. Because realistically, honestly, you will only spend a small percentage of a time with a person having sex. The majority of the time, won't be sex. Sex doesn't really take up your whole day. So what do you do with the whole day with the person? So you see it really doesn't make sense. And it is such a gift to know a person, and that can only be done through words, and speaking. So that's why this whole construct and design is abusive, to me and whoever I get involved with. 

The last thing I would like to cover is how we as humans change how we look, and how we act, when we are trying to essentially, trap someone in our game. Also how we have already programmed ourselves to look for those people changing how they look and act. So it works both ways. Like attracts like. So I could only fall into someone's trap if I also am trying to have someone else to fall into my trap. So really, you trap each other, or you trap yourself, because of what you have accepted and allowed. So that's a cool indication, for me personally that when I am reacting to how someone acts/looks/appears and specifically my relationship construct is activating with thoughts and feelings on relationship with this person then that is on Me, that is my responsibility and that is what I am doing in the moment, and who I am. Okay so this is the last point. Enjoyyyy!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Im not the only one 231

Im not the only one

So these words are specific, "Im not the only one." At first glance, they might not seem much, however I ask you to look at these words with me: "I'm not the only one," and join me in asking ourselves have I really lived these words and the realization/truth that they are? In my life in totality, I haven't because I have for the most part only considered ME, and my life, and what mattered to me. I wasn't considering other people, and their lives. Today there was one such instance that I would like to draw upon within redefining and changing me, and my behavior and how I relate to others, and this world.

I won't go into the details, like dates, facts and names, about this event, but the principles and nature of the event is important. I was reacting to a specific person, and it was a rather unusual and peculiar reaction. So I was working at understanding what is going on here, until I came to the point that I am not the only one, and so within that there is an awesome point. That I am equal with other people, that there are people just like me, and I can be wrong, they can be wrong, I can learn from them and they can learn from me. I am not alone. I am not the only one.

So within the statement, "I am the only one" is specialness, uniqueness, and superiority. The denial of this statement, I am not the only one, is where not only Humility is found, but also the truth. And what is knowledge without application? So this is where the specifics/detail of me, and my behavior matter.

First of all I notice within living Im not the only one, things become easier, I can relax. This means I have been holding tension. I can be more gentle. I can listen more. I can take my time speaking. I can wait, and be patient. I know creation of rather large things is possible. There is no more rush or tension. I can enjoy myself with other people. I am not the only one.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Virus Free Mind Book Review 230

So I read the Virus Free Mind Book, written by Bernard Poolman, and published around 2000, I believe. I found very useful insights, and explanations, on various topics and points. There were certainly many positive points and perspectives I haven't considered before.  I certainly recommend everyone to read it.

The book is very well flowing. Each chapter follows one another quite nicely. The illustrations were insightful. I found the exercises quite practical and well-explained. I enjoyed the play on words that Bernard utilized in a constructive purpose. There was obviously some of Bernard light worker side coming through at times, but that were limited to a few sections. Keep in mind that this was written before the portal opened. All in all, I give it 5/5. 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sounding Self-forgiveness on FEAR 229 & how Fear is tied to Money

Life is currently A Theatrical Production

So within applying self-forgiveness aloud, in the moment, with the energy experiences that are here, which before appeared subtle, but since doing self-forgiveness on them, I see them more clearly for how they exist in this moment, here.

I see how my motivation is tied to the future, specifically the FEAR of the future.

False Evidence Appearing Real
Finding Excuses and Reasons
Failure Expected and Received
False Emotions Appearing Real
Future Events Appearing Real
Frantic Effort to Avoid Reality

So through doing self-forgiveness in the moment aloud, I saw that I was either constantly accessing the future or the past. So do you know how sometimes we think about a deadline or a future meeting, schedule, work or responsibility? And how we sometimes  think about what we will do, how it will go, what will happen, and how we will handle it? One thing that seems to go unnoticed, or at least not acted upon is that when we do this projection we are doing Here, and we do it within Fear. That for me it appeared subtle, yet when I started forgiving, and releasing the fear, it became apparent that there was lots of fear about the future, which isn't necessary, especially when I realized that I was essentially in a small compartmentalized space within myself here, creating this alternate reality as this projection, Here. So that isn't necessary, this fear, and the way I do it, because I can simply be here and direct myself within doing the preparation here. So the next point is the most interesting.

My motivation is/was tied to the future, to the fear of the future. My motivation, my self-will, my power was tied, defined to the fear of the future, which is fear that is right here in this moment. I notice this because when I forgave this fear, I lost motivation, and movement, and self-will. That meant it had been defined to this fear of the future. Now I am redefining, and really revealing to myself, that the only thing I need for motivation, self-will, movement, is myself. And yes fear is a part of myself, which is why you can say it motivated me. But its not necessary. I can make things a different way. I can let go of the fear, and I can simply be the motivation entirely as myself, as the entirety of me, instead of just a part of me, defined in a limited way. 

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to have defined and created a part of me, FEAR, separate from the entirety/whole as myself, and access that and be within and as that part of me called FEAR, because I had defined my motivation, self-will and direction to requiring to access that, because such aspects of myself are necessary for day to day living and survival, so I had done this long ago, and throughout my life to motivate me each day, for my school work and responsibilities, instead I could have been the full motivation myself, instead defining and creating and using fear, which is just a part for that purpose, I could have used the entirety of me to be the self-will, direction, and motivation of my life.

Later in the day today, I faced another fear point, wherein I looked at and saw a sample of the abuses that are taking placing in every moment, through the power of the internet, which is all tied to money, and poverty. Where people are doing things purely for money, meaning they otherwise would NEVER do. That itself is an abuse of life. In reality though, the abuse is tied to money. So whether you are money through an enjoyable work environment where you would honestly work, even if you weren't paid, that that person and that work is still connected and part of the abuses that occurring in the name of money, due to lack of money. Because Money is going to be earned and spent, and that circulates in the system, and the fact that the solution involves using money, makes everyone equally responsible, simply from handling, earning, and spending money. There is no such thing as a clean, honest days work. All money is tainted, with the abuse that occurs. When you see the abuse, and if you're honest, you will see what I mean. We need a living income for everyone, so that everyone can stop participating in the abuse, and start participating in the solution. Living income is part of that solution. If you ever wished peace on earth, and end to all the wars and violence, you would support a living income, and if you don't, its only because you weren't committed to actually investigate fully all solutions, and that is limitation based on your own relationship to the mind, which is where all abuse is inborn from the start. So I suggest studying your mind first, and where your thoughts come from. For that, look into DIP, where you will have the support of individuals who have already walked the process for many years now. Investigate yourselves. You only have one life.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

20 states just raised the minimum wage. It wasn’t enough. 228

Minimum wage in Florida this year rose 12 cents, up from $7.93 to $8.05. The pay bump applies to an estimated 365,000 workers. Roderick Livingston, 27, said it won’t lift him from “modern day slavery.”
“I work at Taco Bell in St. Petersburg, Florida. I work as much as I can, usually 25 hours each week. I sleep in my car. It’s an ‘87 Cadillac. It doesn’t work. So, I take the bus.
I am the father of two sons: a two-year-old and a seven-year-old. Most of my money goes to child support. The rest goes to my bus passes: weekly most of the time, and monthly if the money is looking good.
How do I eat? I take food from work and eat in the back room. And on the 12th of every month, the mother of one of my children gives me about $100 in food stamps.
Me and my kids, we can’t afford the things that we need. Anything that we want is a no-no.
I haven’t made more than $9 since I was 19. I did odd jobs. I worked construction. I was homeless for awhile. Now, I’m doing what I can to get back on my feet. The next step: Save $1000 to get back into an apartment.
The work that we do, it’s modern-day slavery. We’re not being compensated for the work we put in. Minimum wage, as it is now, is not a living wage. This 12-cent raise does not give us a living wage. It’s not just me — there are so many people out there, families out there, working hard to barely survive. People don’t want to party or anything like that. People just want to pay the bills.”

If you followed the trend of inflation, you would understand that a real minimum wage would have been $20 dollars an hour. But because the populace is uneducated about INFLATION. They cannot complain. So the trouble really is within the human being, education. Because if every person knew this, then action would be taken, wouldn't it? How many people work at minimum wages? How many people are unemployed. I bet you it is more than 50% of the population of the United Stated. If you are unaware that our system is one of parasites, that require the abuse of large number of people to sustain the wealth of few, well HELLOoOOOooO wake up call. The majority of people are poor. So the majority of VOTERS of poor, meaning that the Majority of Citizens of United States of America are poor.  If you are Poor you are part of the Majority, not the minority. Realize that Fact, let it settle in. There are more of you then there are of "them." What is one of the things that you believe about yourself? That you are unique, different, that no one can understand YOUR problems. Nope, that's a lie, because in fact most people are poor just like you. Most people are just victims. Are you a victim? DO you feel empowered? Do you have the power to decide what to do with your life? DO you have that? Welcome to the majority. But guess what....... I have a secret for you...... the majority..... the raw resource of our capitalistic system...... the workers of our economy........ they are the blood of the economy....... without us....... everything would fall.

So where does the real power lie? In money or in the people? Of course the people. But I suggest LIVING INCOME. Because we have a longgggggggggggggggg history of Violent Revolutions, which don't change ANYTHING. So VOTE for a Living Income. Mandate it by LAW. Create IT! And so it is written, and so it shall be done! The power of life is within your reach. You just have to grasp it.

Time to stand up, and claim your birth right. The laws don't have the power, the leaders don't have the power. The only place were disempowerment occurs, is with YOU. So join me, I am You-gan (lol), let's create the living income, Everywhere, so all may live a dignified Life!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Woman took her life on day she was due to be evicted 227

What is Justice?

Woman took her life on day she was due to be evicted 

 A woman found dead by sheriffs as they repossessed her home had overdosed on painkillers, an inquest has heard.

the deceased’s father said he saw her on the Friday before she died and she was “perfectly calm, in top form”. He said that, if anything, her demeanor had “improved” in the previous three months.

When asked by coroner Dr Brian Farrell whether her sister had mentioned the repossession, her sister said she had not. “I asked her multiple times, because I knew she was in and out of work, how she was paying it, if she was paying it and she was assuring me she had spoken to the bank. I had concerns. I asked her but she was convincing me all was fine,” she said.

 So do you see what happens when you don't have money?

A woman was losing her home, her place to live, and she rather kill herself than face that reality.

We need a Living Income, not now, not tomorrow, but since the beginning of time. Imagine all of the deaths, suicides, abuses, crimes, that were made throughout human history due to lack of money. Poverty. What would you do to survive? Kill, steal? Or would that prospect be so grim that you rather kill yourself. Whose hands is her blood on? Whose to blame? Whose responsible here? Some God? Some evil force? Or is it all of humanity, where in a time of abundance, of progression, or such advance development, we cannot ensure everyone has a place to live, food to eat, and a DIGNIFIED, Life. Are you shitting me?

Will we wait until other notice of news before we act, where I will write another such post? Or will you do something today? To make the commitment, that you will do everything to see this through, to make it a reality. Living Income
Join me, join us!
Join humanity.

Monday, January 5, 2015

The Greatest Lie 226

What is the Greatest LIe?
So some questions and misunderstandings from a recent conversation with particular people opened up this point. So it seems very apparent that most people miss this simple but essential point to being Life/Human/Creator.  I am the Law, I am the Word, I am the Authority 219 So in this past blog I detailed the Lie in LIfE. Everything in this world will do EVERYTHING it can to prevent you from seeing and understanding this point. Your very belief systems, nature, and substance of your programming as who you are a personality will prevent you from seeing and understanding this point, for if you did, you would have access to the power and authority that is your real self, your Life FORCE.

Are you the Law, the Word and Authority? Probably not. For that would mean taking responsibility. Have you taken responsibility? Probably not, for that would require that you take POWER. Because you see the power, the word POWER, has been conditioned and associated through your envirusment to have FEAR attached to it, that is why most likely you won't be able to HEAR the words I write. In truth, power is your birthright. But do you have access to your birthright?

Reflect on your life, have you been a victim circumstance? Are you a victim? Disempowered? If you had power, would you no longer be a victim? Would you then be powerful? But would that also then make you responsible? hmmmmmm

Perhaps that's why you fear power, it is because you fear RESPONSIBILITY. Do you fear having the ability to respond in your life? (response-ability)

I am the LAW, WORD, and AUTHORITY. Because I have given myself that. Only YOU can give yourself that.

So its time to place I back in LIE, for this is the Greatest Life.

The only Ego that exists is in yourself, for if you didn't have it you wouldn't be reacting, and instead be creating. Create your life for goodness sake, its your Life! And you have limited time!

Virus Free Mind
Bernard Poolman:
pg. 42
"It is time to refuse to fuse with the system. Ask questions. Don‘t accept being judged within a system that only allows the behaviour that brings in judgment. Let us not allow ourselves to be crucified by the programs running rampant in ourselves, like our belief systems and judgements. Our salvation is to see the fiction in this crucifiction - to stop placing the response-ability outside of ourselves and re-assume not only our response-ability, but our access to the personal power/life that lies within each and every one of us. We are fully creative if we choose to be.
I am the law, I am the word, I am the authority 219 - See more at:
I am the law, I am the word, I am the authority 219 - See more at: