Saturday, October 1, 2016

The trap of doing what you like to do

There is a saying of do what you love to do. That if you career is something you love to do then you are lucky. That if you had a choice, you should choose what you love to do. That you have to follow your natural talent. That whatever comes easy to you, is what you should do. Etc…
The above is a trap. It is a trap because look at how it limits a person if they follow this and don’t allow themselves to do something else. What about if there are things that need to be done? What if these things that need to be done are not what you love to do most? What if these things that need to be done are things you don’t like? Let’s say you do do them but resist them still because internally you want to do what you love to do. Wouldn’t be it better if you would be free of this resistance, and simply do what needs to be done?
Yes it would. The commonsense is that you would be accomplishing what needs to be done, and you would do it to the utmost of your ability which includes not resisting it, but embracing it.
In the world we have today, I say we don’t have the luxury of choice. For those that want to change the system, we need to choose whatever is needed and what will work. We need to choose so that we have the highest chance of success in changing the system. We need to play it like a game, and we need to go for the win!
This needs to be done.
Praise the people that do what is needed! Praise the people that commit themselves to changing the system! Praise the people that make the choices that will bring us to real equality and oneness! Praise those that sacrifice a life of pure selfishness for a life that will lead to a state where all may sit at the table and enjoy the fruit of Life! These are our heroes and the ones that will lead us to a new world.