Thursday, April 26, 2018

Purpose and Meaning

Sometimes we ask what our purpose and meaning is in life.

Our purpose and meaning is each other and life itself. Our purpose and meaning is to live for ourselves, each other, and everyone. To live this life, live in this body. To find a way where your actions will accumulate to improve the quality of life of everyone. Our purpose and meaning in life is each person.

Our purpose, our mission, is to live with each person, stand with them, walk beside them. It is to hold each person within you. It is to hold yourself within the palm of your hands.

Do good. Live good. Foster life, nurture life. Provide. Give.

We can recreate this world so that all may have. We can recreate a town so that all may have. We can recreate the land beneath our feet so that it can provide for all.

Our purpose is to enjoy every moment and to spend every moment living the responsibility of being able to do good, and live well with everyone. Money can be used for good. We can create, build and farm the things that are needed for life to flourish. WE can cooperate, work together, join our strengths.

Spending a whole day working hard can be good. Work can be good. It's who you are. Use those muscles. Build what is great. Build a future for all. Stand as an example. Spend your money wisely to support life. Invest in Life.

Lets create businesses to support life. Let's provide our needs. Let's rebuild the land. Let's foster nature, animals and plant life. Let's foster our connection to life, our integrity, and use our time to work and create a future for all. Lets spend our muscle energy and strength to create this future. Let's work together. Lets be one and equal in this endeavor. Let's work for life.

Let's create a future for any child to be born into, where they have all they need, where they would have the life we would have liked to start with.

Let's be the example of responsibility, integrity, and work. Let's create a future for others to walk into. Let's be the first. Let's lay the groundwork where all can work together in harmony and live for all.

Let's become equal to life, and so become life-givers, because life gives to all equally, and so becoming life means to give life to all equally.

Lets become the farmers, the clothes makers, the bakers, the cooks, the construction workers, the car mechanics... Let's invest in these businesses. Let's make it so all can join in providing life and in receiving life.

If we do all the work, then the work is done. If we provide life to all, then all will have life, including you! Life is the purpose and meaning.

Nothing is stronger than life itself. Everything is Life.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Moments of Perfection

Chapter Sitting in the Canyon

Sitting in the Canyon in the morning. The air feels wet. I'm on the little island. There is mist across the water. Its quiet. I hear a few insects chirping. I look across the water and its still. I take a breath and feel it. I know this place. I know who I am. I sit on the ground. I can feel the dirt with my butt. I feel the dirt with the palm of my hands. Its dry, wood pulp-like dirt. There is some dirt patches that are cold and mud like, but dry. It breaks apart in my fingers like some dry dirt, that crushes easily. The sky is white with clouds. The sun only starting to illuminate it. I lay back and I feel the ground with my back. I take a breath. I close my eyes for a moment. I listen.

Chapter Laying on the Grass

It was dark. The grass was like a bed. It was so long and thick. So bushy. I had a sweater. Laying back it was amazing, so soft. It was quiet, except for some far off voices chatting. The sky was dark and so huge to stare at. I felt quiet. I outreached my hands and felt the grass with my fingers and palms, running it through, petting it. I close my eyes, I take a deep breath and I open them. I am here. I can feel the ground with my back and my legs. 

Chapter I stand on the bridge

I stand on the bridge, in the middle of it. It over looks the canyon. I'm leaning on the railing looking down and around. Passerbys pass me by occasionally. I see a duck fly and land in the water. It quacks, it makes a flapping sound, and lands in with a streaming of the water sound. I see the moon in the sky. Its quiet. I see the trees. I look at a specific tree then onto the next. I look at the trees branches and leaves. I look at the logs in the water. I see the trails along the banks of the water. I see the brownish color of the water and the reflections.

Chapter I am walking.
I am walking and I look at the trees. I look a tree's bark. I see its texture. I can imagine what it feels like to touch it. I imagine being the tree. I look at its leaves. I see the detail. I imagine running my hands through its leaves. I imagine the tree looking at me looking at the tree. I see the tree as real, as a real person. I say a silent hello.

Chapter I am sitting on a plane.

I am sitting while on a plane. I am in my seat. I feel a bit sick to my stomach, a little nervous. I breathe. I relax and I prepare myself for the trip. I look out of the window and I see some of the clouds. I look back, and close my eyes. I prepare to wait. I close my eyes and breathe. I focus on something to think about, something interesting or important. Maybe I focus on something I went through. Maybe I Imagine my favorite made up super hero flying on his red robot dog flying along side the plane with accompanying me. I take  a moment to stretch my legs and feet, to bring some blood circulation to them. Maybe I watch a movie on the plane. I breathe and relax and prepare myself for the trip. It will be over. I won't be forever.

Chapter Laying Down
I'm Laying on the floor. I stretch my legs out. I wiggle my toes. I feel how my toes feel. I feel how my legs feel. I feel my breath. I feel my chest rising up and down. I feel my fingers, all without moving my body. I stretch out my fingers, I feel how my palms feel. I exhale and pause. I listen to the silence. I can hear the silence. I can hear the sound of slight ringing, slight movement. I can hear the hear my heart beat. I feel my heart beating. I can feel the warm of my hands, and the tingling. I can hold my body's presence/awareness on the floor. I feel the floor. I make the decision to relax and rest for this moment.  I become still. I rest. I then breathe, stretch and stand up.

The Emotional Sense

The most sacred emotion of all. The most protected the one type you don't want to get rid of. The feelings. In other words, the positive emotions. In other words the ones that you like, the ones that you say feel good. The ones that you want to keep. I call them emotions because they are really the same as anger or sadness. You don't see that though. You don't. If you did then you wouldn't protect it.

The truth is that feelings are not better than emotions. The positive is no better, it is actually EXACTLY the same. Its the same shit. It just takes a second longer, there is a delay. When you feel good there is a delay before you feel bad. It takes some time. And because your memory is so bad, and your awareness is horrible you don't see it. But its there. That is what happens each time.

Feeling good is feeling bad. Feeling the physical is neither good or bad. Feeling the physical pain is just pain. Feeling the physical injury is just feeling it. Feeling the physical softness is feeling the softness. There is no such thing as good or bad, that just exists in your mind and your emotions.

Only a robot exists in good and bad. You think that not having emotions or feelings makes you a robot, when in fact you are already a robot because you feel good and feel bad. Only a robot would act so one dimensionally, think so one dimensionally, perceive so one dimensionally. I feel baddddd. I feel gooddddd. So I do this.... And i do that.... Its so limited.

There is nothing good or sacred from feelings and feeling good emotionally. Nothing. Its the one thing though that you want to protect and won't give up. And it is the one point that will screw you over and prevent you from changing.

Would you rather feel good or help everyone? Would you rather feel good or help one person? Would you rather feel good or help yourself? Would you rather feel good and hurt yourself than don't feel good? Answer honestly because here its time to be honest. One choice is the correct choice the other is fucked up. There is only one right answer here.

Would you rather never have an emotional sense of feeling good ever again, and be someone that can solve problems, make your life better, see the truth of everything, and help many people, or would you rather continue to feel good, go after only what feels good, and live in that restriction?

Would you rather live in Imagination or in reality? Would you rather work with what's real or work with what is fake?

Do you want to make your life better?

What's more important what you feel or this physical reality?

Make the right choice. This will determine your fate.

People who only go after what they feel will never see the reality of reality, will never be able to directly help themselves or others, will just be stuck.

And what about the physical feeling? There is SO MUCH to feel physically right here right now!!! There is the air, the temperature, the water, the food. There is SO MUCH that is FEELING that is not Emotion, that is not Fake, and not Imaginary. You don't need that Imaginary bullshit. There is entire physical reality right here before you!!!!!! Feel through your physical senses. Stop the emotional sense of feeling!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Imaginary Shit

Remove the emotions from words.

The mind is shit and emotions are shit. Though how to change yourself? Start with words. For every single word, remove the emotional meaning. Make it so that no words have any emotional meaning within you. Words like War, Business, Rivals probably have emotional meaning for you. I say probably because its possible you never encountered these words before. Its possible you are still just a kid that never used these words and so never placed any emotions in them. So the same can be true for you. The goal is to remove all the emotions from all the words that you have placed emotions within. Then you will place a physical definition in the word. This you do by seeing what the word actually means physically, and that you make that what the word means. For example, with War, you may see that war is something bad and that people die and it doesn't need to exist. You feel resistance, emotion, anger, uncomfortable, irritation, annoyance. Remember this is an example. And so you remove those emotions from the word and then you see the physical meaning or definition of the word War and you put that in there. What War means on the physical is when two people, two sides, or countries are  fighting each other. It doesn't mean one side is angry, or bad or evil. It just means they are fighting. Its not necessary that people are dying. It may mean that two friends are playing war, like a game. It really depends. On a physical level though that is what it is.

Words can have several definitions, and in writing out the physical definitions it can become like story. What matters is that you can use the word practically and that it has no emotions in them, NONE.

To go through every word will take several years something like 7 to 10 years. Consider that it took you 7 to 10 years to get considerably good at your 1st language.

When you finish you will find you work differently, you perceive differently, you act differently, you solve problems differently.

The difference is that your emotions no longer hold you back. You don't react with working on problems, you don't react when working on solving war. You see things clearly.

Emotions are shit, are a limitation, nothing more. There is no need for them.

A bunch of excuses are like well I need emotions to be sad when someone hurts someone else. Will I just not care anymore? The answer is simple, you know hurting people is bad. Its obvious. You don't want to be hurt. In fact when people hurt themselves on purpose its because they are emotional!!!!! People who get depressed or very anger or other fucked up emotions hurt themselves. They cut themselves, they drink themselves to death, they drug themselves to death, they do shit to themselves, because they are emotional. So what are you talking about?

Being emotional is already the worse version of yourself, is already being a zombie, is already being a dead robot. That is emotion. Without emotion you are free, you are clear, you are normal, you are here, physical and aware of what is here. Emotions are shit there is nothing to gain from them.

Another excuse is that you need emotion to be motivated. So the answer is that emotions are fucking imaginary. Literally you are saying you need something imaginary to feel motivated. Motivation is an imagination. There is nothing there, literally! It doesn't even exist, its in your head. If you stop it, if you stop imagining, if you stop the pretending you see you are normal, you are breathing, you are fine, you are ready, and you can do things. Motivation doesn't exist outside of you. You are not sensing something physical!!!! You are creating it inside your head, you are creating the emotional sense of motivation out of thin air, out of nothing!!! That is like the very definition of being crazy!!! Yet everyone believes motivation exists and feels real, because they can sense it emotionally!!!

Does a tree need motivation? No. Does water need motivation? No. Do animals need motivation? No. Does anything in this existence besides the human need motivation? nNooooo. So do you think the human is SOOO above the entirety of everything that exists that only IT the human has motivation and needs it??? The HUBRIS!!!! Cmon! Take a hint from life!  You need food, you need water, you need shelter, yes because that is physical! Motivation is an emotion, and all emotion is imaginary shit. You are creating the need for it, therefore its not an need. Your fucking pretending you need it. Disrespect motivation, shit on it,  its nothing, you don't need it, you have everything you need. You got your body, you got yourself, all you have to do is align your mind to reality. Replace the emotion with the physical. Take out the emotion and put in the physical. That's it. Its not sacred or special.

You have everything you need, which is the physical.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Real Shit

The most important Thing is everyThing. The air that you breathe, do you know that you are one with it. Do you know that you are equal to a breath. Do you know that you are connected to everyone and everything? That you can communicate with everyone/everything? The separation that we perceive is not real.

You are capable of so much, and together we can change everything. We can make this world into one where we work together in every way to meet our needs and enjoy this life. Things do not have to be so difficult, we are making it difficult. If we just let go, and remember the truth then life becomes easy.

The very grass you walk upon, are you aware of it? Are you aware of the very ground beneath you? Do you walk with the ground in equality, neither above it nor below it? The meat of the flesh, the water, the flesh of the plants, are you aware that you are eating yourself and so that it is okay? Because everything transforms. The body of the plants, the meat, the water becomes you for a moment, only a moment.

Do you know that you are already complete? Do you know that the physical is complete? The mind perceives there is separation, it is good at making up ideas about reality. Do you know that your mind isn't real? Do you know that what you feel inside isn't real? Do you know that what you think isn't real? When you have a physical pain it is real, but when you have an emotional pain it isn't real. Your emotions are not real, they are simulations that are created by you through the mind.

Your words though can be aligned to what is real. Your perception/awareness can be aligned to what is real. What is real is the physical. Physical pain is real and emotional pain isn't real.

Do you know that your personality isn't real? Do you know the idea of your expression isn't real? Your personality and expression is only as real as the physical components of it, which includes your muscles, you facial muscles, your voice, your breath, your blood pumping in your muscles, the oxygen being delivered by your lungs to your heart which pumps it around your body. Your physical body is what is real in your expression. The idea of your expression, the idea of your personality, the emotion behind it, the feeling of it as emotion, is not real. The feeling of your expression as you feeling your body is real, because your body has physical senses. The emotional sense of yourself is not real. The physical sense of your body is real. The mental sense of yourself is not real. What is real is the physical, which is the verifiable truth, and you can align your mind, your words to the truth.

Your mind is not inherently true or real. Just as a belief is not truth.

The lesson you must learn from your emotions is to never have them again. There is nothing to learn from them, except that you have not been living what is real. Your emotions don't require respect. That idea of respecting your mind and personality is the very essence of ego. To say that your emotions are shit and your personality is just a shitard of trouble is to let go of your ego, your respect and feeling of needing to defend some idea of yourself. Your very emotions and thoughts themselves are stupid. Don't have them.

Instead be physical, be here, feel the physical, sense the physical senses, sense your entire body, sense your environment. Make the stand that everything else that is not physical is shit, a great load of bullshit, lies and deception. There is no truth to learn, no lesson to learn, no meaning, no great revelation to be had from the stupidity of trapping yourself in your mind, in your ideas, beliefs, opinions, feelings and emotions that make up your personality and emotional sense and mental sense of yourself. It's just shit.

The task before you is simple, the way out is simple, the path to freedom is simple, the way to make your life a shit ton better is here.

Emotional trauma is bullshit. What you feel as emotional pain and emotional scars is nothing to respect, nothing to regard or respect. What you feel emotionally from some abuse that happened to you is not real. When someone hit you physically and caused you to bleed that was real. How you emotionally feel from that is not real. What you feel as emotion is your own creation. What you feel through physical senses of being hit is your physical senses. You can stop your emotions. When someone betrayed you, lied about you, gossiped about you, and what you felt as emotional pain, its not real. Them speaking about you as the physical sound, that is real. Them taking the physical actions to betray you that is real. How you feel about it is not real. It is your idea of self, it is your words within you, it is you embracing your mind as an idea of yourself that you need to feel emotional pain now because this happened. Its a load of crap.

There is nothing and no one that has any authority over what you feel. No one. I cannot dictate what you feel emotionally, no matter how much I may abuse you or hurt you, no matter how extreme. You are the absolute authority over what you feel emotionally. You can stop any emotion and feeling within you, cause it is not physical or real. If I were to physically torture, then YES you are feeling a physical pain and that is something really happening. Your emotional pain is not real, and it is under your control.

You don't have to feel any emotional pain regarding anything that happens. It doesn't mean anything, it doesn't add any value or useful information. Emotional pain is useless information.

All emotional, mental trauma is just bullshit information that you recycle in your head. It has no meaning, and has no reason for existing. There is nothing to learn from it, except to never accept and allow it to exist again.

No matter what you may lose, no matter what may happen to you, you are the complete authority over yourself inside, your emotional self, your mental self, and what you perceive and what you are aware of, that is all you.

There is nothing to trust, respect, honor, regard when it comes to the mind. Do not trust your emotions, do not respect it, regard it or honor it. Just end it. There is nothing to learn from it, no great revelation, no great lesson. The physical is the prize. Being physical is what you get in return. Living a physical life, living as these physical senses, muscles, bones, breath that is what you get in return. No more bullshit is what you get. You live only what is real, as what is real.

If you live an emotional life, a mental life, if you live your emotional pain and trauma, then what you get is nothing. There is nothing waiting for you, you get nothing. Nothing will change, it only grows and builds. It never goes away. You are fucked.

You get nothing out of your emotions, You get nothing out of respecting, honoring, regarding, trusting what you feel emotionally. Nothing. You get only to feel this shitty feeling over and over again. There is no way to reconcile with it, to deal with it, to make it better through embracing saying that its is okay for it to exist. You cannot hug it out. Because it is not real. A hug, a real hug is something physical. You feel the arms of the person. Hugging your emotions is not real.

Psychologist don't understand the mind fully. People do not understand the mind fully. What I say is the truth, because what I say is true. Look at what you live and how you live see if what I say is how it has been. That is the only proof you need. The only way to change is to end your emotions. Stop them.  Make a stand. And prove to yourself that you are the authority over yourself.

You are the one doing this to yourself. You are responsible for what you are feeling. You are the only one that can stop it. No matter what happened. No matter the abuse you faced. No matter what they did to you. You are the authority.

Remember your emotional sense is shit, and your physical sense is real, as in the real shit.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

The Joy I felt in my First Relationship

I remember the Joy I felt in my first relationship. It was pure happiness. I was purely innocent. Naively happy. Believing they are the one, and I will marry  them and we will live happily ever after.

The expression of being innocent and joy, these are hidden here in plain sight. This kind of joy there is something real to it. The separation is the fact that I only tied it to this one person and to this relationship. So that when they fall away and pursued other people, that my joy and innocence went with them, or so it seems. Really it is right here in me.

Living this kind of joy and innocence with everyone is a real thing. It can become a living word that I choose to live on command. Except now I learned about what it would take to set up a relationship with someone for real now. Because initially I wanted to be with anyone I could. I just wanted to be in a relationship with SOMEONE.

This is not right, and this is not real. It is a recipe for disaster.

The kind of sadness I felt after the relationship ended was horrendous. The other person left to their Ex, and I found out they lied about breaking up with their Ex before our first kiss. Despite this, I still wanted to be with them. The kind of sadness I felt was a kind of extreme attachment. I wanted them. And I couldn't have them. It was the most intense pain of sadness I ever felt and it lasted weeks, and still residualed into months. This is the result of separating ME from my EXPRESSION. Innocence, happiness, pure happiness is ME and MY EXPRESSION, it doesn't belong to another, it doesn't belong to a relationship, it belongs to me, because it is me.

I feel like many people can relate to what I went through cause we all had a pure happiness in relation to like a first relationship or first crush. And I feel like we can all relate to losing that happiness and innocence. So here it is to realize it is not lost, it has only been forgotten. And you need to learn and practice living it in real daily everyday life. Instead of making it a part of LOVE with someone, just make it you. BE it. Make it part of your being or living.

Having, being this pure happiness and pure innocence is part of what it means to live purpose in your life, and have an extraordinary life and live life to the fullest. This is what we all used to embody as children. This is part of the REAL LIFE that we are missing out on. So remember it, and learn to live it again. This is YOU!!! You can do it!!!

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