Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Investigation Continues... The Eyes are the window to the Soul.

I have noticed something interesting about me. I have ability to express with my eyes and face that really embody my presence, and is enjoyable for me, and I communicate with just my face/eyes using no words.

It is very much a presence of myself here. I am present inside my eyes. I present with the images of this world that I see. I am here within my own presence. It is me, I am being me. It is natural and comfortable. It is real and expressive. It is deep, yet silent.

It's like an extension of myself into my environment. It's like I am moving out into my surroundings and holding it within me. This causes a slight smile on my face. I enjoy being here with what is here. I enjoy my own presence.

This is something I am investigating and testing out in moments. What does the eyes reveal about me, myself, I?

If my eyes want to shut/close, is that because I am closing down or shutting off?

If my eyes are strained is it because I am strained?

If my eyes are open and natural, is it because I am open and natural?

The investigations Continue

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Children: Afraid to be Myself

For the past 2-3 Weeks I have been making vlogs. So check out my Facebook page under my videos or See my Youtube Channel:

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Today I did a vlog that relates to my early childhood.

Children: Afraid to be Myself

Saturday, October 1, 2016

The trap of doing what you like to do

There is a saying of do what you love to do. That if you career is something you love to do then you are lucky. That if you had a choice, you should choose what you love to do. That you have to follow your natural talent. That whatever comes easy to you, is what you should do. Etc…
The above is a trap. It is a trap because look at how it limits a person if they follow this and don’t allow themselves to do something else. What about if there are things that need to be done? What if these things that need to be done are not what you love to do most? What if these things that need to be done are things you don’t like? Let’s say you do do them but resist them still because internally you want to do what you love to do. Wouldn’t be it better if you would be free of this resistance, and simply do what needs to be done?
Yes it would. The commonsense is that you would be accomplishing what needs to be done, and you would do it to the utmost of your ability which includes not resisting it, but embracing it.
In the world we have today, I say we don’t have the luxury of choice. For those that want to change the system, we need to choose whatever is needed and what will work. We need to choose so that we have the highest chance of success in changing the system. We need to play it like a game, and we need to go for the win!
This needs to be done.
Praise the people that do what is needed! Praise the people that commit themselves to changing the system! Praise the people that make the choices that will bring us to real equality and oneness! Praise those that sacrifice a life of pure selfishness for a life that will lead to a state where all may sit at the table and enjoy the fruit of Life! These are our heroes and the ones that will lead us to a new world.
Investigate Desteni.org

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Video Games about managing money and the economy

Video Games about managing money and the economy.
Tropico 4 and Simcity were games I played that taught me aspects about our economy. How people in charge need to make sure there is a positive flow of money. What is interesting though is that as the population of a city increases the number of jobs need to be increased otherwise you will have unemployment. If there are people without jobs, they won’t receive money. And if they don’t receive money, they will turn to a life of crime. So the best way to combat crime is to make sure everyone has a job. In the city though, the population is always increasing because people are moving in and people are having children. So in the game, I am forced to continuously make up jobs for people to do, even if there is an overflow of money already. It would be great in this game if I can have people share in doing the same jobs that already exist, and equally receive the same amount of money for less work. Because in reality, the money produced was more than enough and stable enough for everyone to enjoy.
Does this happen in real life? No, which is why the creators of the game probably didn’t put in such a feature, because they were drawing references from real life. Though in reality I found that I was able to make more than enough money for the island. And if I see our world today, there is more than enough money in all of our major corporations. So we could structure our whole system differently.
Because if I were to just meaningless create jobs for an ever increasing population, I would run out of space on the island and I would destroy the islands beauty with its forests and landscapes. Why do that? Just for the sake of making more money than is needed? Just for the sake of creating jobs that aren’t needed. Look at our world today, how many jobs are needless or pointless or provide no real value? Salesmen, saleswomen, entertainment, sports, news, teachers, the army?
Why do we need people selling to other people? Why can’t we just educate and show the truth behind a product or business?
Why do we need to pay for entertainment?
Why do we need to pay to watch sports?
Why do we have news people that give opinions instead of facts, and try to sell a story?
Why do we have teachers if most people who graduate hate school and fail tests, that the school system had to be made easier for everyone to pass?
Why do we have people that kill other people?

All of these things show how brainwashed we all are, and we don’t even know it. Because right now there are people that are unemployable, and are in poverty, and so they are suffering and dying, while we have multibillion dollar industries in Sales, entertainment, sports, media, education and the army. We are literally screwing our own assess with money, and are drowning in it. And this is what is happening now, on a collective level. We have literally been brainwashed since birth to not see what is literally right in front of our eyes. Our parents were brainwashed, our teachers, our friends, literally everyone is. We are all blind to how incredibly stupid our system is. Which means we are incredibly stupid. Our world literally does not have to be this way. We don’t have to be this way.
The only way forward that I can see is that people need to educate themselves and be self-aware of their own biases, limitations, thoughts, and beliefs that hold them back. Things such as fear for example. And we need to develop commonsense. This will take years to do, but it is the only way. Because to try and change how things work, like in the media, education, army, sales etc… which are multibillion dollar industries, by only changing the rules of the system, it won’t work. Because the human beings are the rules, its your own brainwashing. It’s the rules in your head that tell you what is right and wrong, and what you can and can’t do! See you don’t even pay attention to the fact that your own head is telling you what you should be doing. That is brainwashing from your childhood.
You need to change yourself, by firstly becoming aware of what is going on in your head. Be aware of what you are feeling and thinking. Question your self why you are thinking that or feeling that. Understand the history and origin of that programming and release it, so that you can decide who you are and create who you are.  This is what the role of the parent should have been for the child, to empower the child to create who they are. Instead we have parents who program their children to be just like them. And parents have for many years known their own faults but have not corrected themselves. So it is a willful selfish act to bring forth a child to have them be programmed like little robots to fulfill the parents own selfish desires. It’s just like a porno. No one who does a porno is free, it is all forced through enslavement of money.
Money is the ultimate representation of our own brainwashing. All of our brainwashing is circled around free choice, freedom to be whoever we want, to go after any desire and chase happiness. While we can fuck over the entire planet, and society and everyone that stand in our way. Just take a look at what is happening in sports, media, the army, education, parenting. It’s all just a fucking joke. The holy pretenders.
There is and can only be one way to exist for anyone. That is what is best for all. Otherwise it is a fuck you to everyone. Saying: “Let someone starve to death, who the fuck cares. Who cares if they are in poverty, I have a job, I am comfortable. I worked hard to get what I have, I deserve it!”   Pleaseeeee, this is your fucking programming. You didn’t fucking create this first, you fucking picked it up from someone and made it your own. Do you really think that is what you would be saying if you had grown up in a world where everyone is equally cared for and supported? Noooooo. You are the representation of the system. You don’t even exist as a real person. You’re just a system. Just look at how you act, and what you do, what you care about, who you care for.
The only hope for all life are those that will stand in the principle of what is best for all and walk out of their own preprogrammed brainwashing. This is a simultaneous process. You choose/commit to what is best for all and you walk through your resistances and excuses and justifications, and anything and everything that pulls you away from that point. And you stand as your decision until you are so resolute and absolute that you are the only thing that is telling you who you are. You can then create yourself, and so create this world, which you are already starting to do when you take your first commitment. The greatest power you have is to create who you are, and it is the only thing that matters. This is what determines our world.
Investigate Desteni.org The only people I have known who are committed to what is best for all and walking through their preprogramming. 
 Investigate Social Engineering which is about brainwashing societies to be a certain way. 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Conversations on Oneness and Equality 5

Previous: http://yoganjourneytolife.blogspot.com/2016/09/conversations-on-oneness-and-equality-4.html

Today we are looking at the oneness and equality of physical matter. Which is the potential for physical matter to take on any shape, form or expression. To start, lets consider what has been tested and shown in the physical sciences. This includes chemistry and biology. So in chemistry you have the periodic table which describes all of the atoms that known to exist. These atoms together make up all of the substances we perceive with our senses, like woods, metals, ceramics, air, water, fire etc... What is interesting about the substances that we interact with is that they can change shape, form and expression. For example, consider the miracle of fire. If you had no knowledge of fire, would you have really expected anything to occur if you continuously rub two sticks together? I mean, even heat. Would really expect that if you rub your two hands together that it would cause the sensation we now call warmth and heat? It's amazing really. I'm sure many of us forget, but there was a time where we discovered this for the first time for ourselves. That is why its so amazing to be born ignorant and discover the world for the first time for yourself. Everything is a discovery.

So with substances, they can change. Nothing is completely and absolutely resistant to change in some way. Like water can freeze, or it can be a liquid, or it can be heated and turn into steam. It changes shape/form/state. You can burn wood, and it will change state into smoke and cause heat. What is interesting is what Einstein wrote in E=Mc^2. That is that energy is interchangeable with mass. That means when you burn wood, that energy is not lost, but is an EQUAL transformation of the wood. So theoretically you can take raw/pure energy, like heat and create any substance. This is the oneness and equality of the physical, evidenced by all the shape and forms substances can take.

Now, if we reflect on our own bodies. When we experience an emotion or feeling, we feel something. It can even be called a heat, or vibration. And if you consider what heat is, it is in essence a vibration of the atoms or the substance. The more hot something is, the more it is vibrating. So what is interesting is that the physical form/shape changes with that heat. What do you expect happens when you are experiencing an emotion like anxiety?

That anxiety is having an effect on your physical substance, which is your body. It is taking substance away from your body to produce energy. That energy is used to experience the emotion as something real and  something physical. But it doesn't serve any purpose. It doesn't help you run faster, or move quicker. And it is not the same energy that your body needs for movement. The energy of emotion is a production produced from your body's real energy for movement. So what's the purpose of emotion. Simply to create an experience.

It has been shown by Desteni over the years, and it has always been shown in various different science studies, and I have seen it throughout my own personal life, that over a long period of time, the production of emotions, thoughts and feelings causes a deterioration of the body, leading to illnesses, diseases and cancers. Through our minds, we are consuming our bodies, to create experiences and a simulation of reality. We create complex personalities and structures within ourselves that are self-definitions, and memories that we call who we are. When in fact, we are ignorant of the scope of what we are doing and how we are really doing it, and what we do to ourselves.

So remember, E=Mc^2. The energy you produce in your mind's system of who you are is taken from your body. Everything you think and feel is derived from your body. Your mind also operates on the oneness and equality principle, since everything in existence has to in some way. But the result of that is enslavement and control. Every interaction, including enslavement and control, operates within oneness and equality. And indeed, your relationship with your mind operates within the principle of oneness and equality. So you are one and equal to your relationship with your mind as it exists right now. If you change who you are, and your relationship with your mind, the equation changes. And as per the oneness and equality principles that is the fundamental to the existence all relationships, if you change, then your mind changes. If you change, your life changes. If you change, your world changes. Everything is an extension of you. You are the starting point. That is how oneness and equality works. It is the fundamental rule and law of all of existence. It is not good or bad, it simply just is.

Thursday, September 22, 2016


Fairness, what is it?

It is certainly a word. It certainly has a definition. Based on how the word is used, the word fair is often used to express an emotional protest to something, often in the contest of another receiving something more than you. Hence the phrase: "That's not fair!!!"

What is interesting is that the word equal can be used, instead of fair, and equal does not have an emotional meaning. What is equal is equal. So you can say that those people and myself are not equally receiving the same thing. Naturally, anyone who is quite stable and seeing things rationally would ask why? Why is this person receiving more than me?

The answer will depend on the actual practical physical context. Maybe its a game, where the winner receives a prize. So they receive the prize cause they win. It can be grades (or marks ) where a person receives a higher grade (or mark) if they answered more questions correctly. It can be many answers. What is interesting is that when you become emotional and accept that as who you are and embrace it, then you will react, and scream and say "that's not fair!!!" and you see other people as evil. Evil does not actually exist. Its just an emotional perception, that is completely absolute. In reality, it's not so. But to begin to see in reality requires to be stable and see what is here first before making a decision about what is here.

The best step is to understand, and then to create the best world for everyone. Emotional protesting to a lie you created is simply wasting your time.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


If you look at the size of populations of animals in an ecosystem, you notice an interesting thing. Balance is always achieved through time. This is something I learned in my biology class. You can probably find this for yourself by searching for animal populations and Biology online. Basically, you will see if one population is larger or smaller, it will affect the other populations. Let's take an example.

You have a predator like a Lion, and you have a herbivore like a Gazelle. So lets say that there are very few Lions. How does this affect the Gazelle population do you think? In case you didn't know, the Lion's eat the Gazelle for food. What biologists have observed and recorded is that the population of Gazelle will increase when there are fewer predators to hunt them. But later in time, what happens is that the Lion population will grow because the Gazelle population has grown so much. Presumably this is because it is much easier to catch a Gazelle because there are so many of them. So what happens is that the Lion population with flourish and increase thanks to the large quantities of food available. However as the Lion population grows, they start to eat more and more Gazelle's. Then it becomes harder for the Lion's to catch the Gazelles. So then the Lion population decreases as the Gazelle population decreases, essentially due to starvation or simply lack of food to allow for more birthing and survival of new offspring. At some point the Gazelle population will increase again because there are less Lion's hunting them. This cycle continues forever like an balancing act. There is always a balance.

If there were not any predators the Gazelle's would still be limited by their environments. If they overeat, then the plants won't be able to grow back fast enough. Thus they can cause their own starvation and decrease in population. Their population would decrease and then again the food would grow back. The plants themselves can go through such balancing cycles.

Something interesting that Biologists have observed is that when you have large population, there is a higher risk of diseases spreading. Thus the bigger the population the higher chances of catching a disease. Thus diseases are a way to maintain the balance in populations as well.

Balance, you see, is quite a practical and physical thing. I am learning to live Balance in my own life in practical ways that support my life.

Snowden (2016)

When I watched this movie, which is about a true story, it gave me a new picture of the world. This new picture is that the world is not a fixed or completely controlled placed. That you can indeed, to put it this way, cause the giants to bleed. In this case the NSA and United States are the giants. Where we do live in a physical world where every government and every department of government like the NSA are compromised of individuals, of people, and workers that are willingly complicit in doing their work/job. And so its possible for such individuals to decide no, to dissent. Snowden was grappling with a moral point of right and wrong. Where the government was doing something without the consent of the citizens. It is a natural thing to feel bad to do something to someone or involving their things without their permission. Privacy is one of those things. But we shouldn't call it privacy, but instead the right to be asked permission to use your property. Because with information, you can manipulate people, threaten people, coerce people, and lie to people.

When I looked at how the media reported the information that Snowden exposed, it showed me that people of the media, reporters, have a career that they risk and put into jeopardy and that they are not completely controlled by the governments. That they have their own say and willpower. And that indeed perhaps the only thing that unites people is money. Because it is a business. I used to see the world as being completely controlled and you don't have power to change things in the world such as through media or government. Or that they are too powerful. But that's not the case. In fact we are just all human beings with human powers. No one is completely committed or a slave to anyone else. We all have motivations and points where our buttons are pressed. We all have desires. And perhaps the one unifying desire is money. And perhaps the one unifying integrity is what is best for all.

Often what is best for all is placed in contrast with money, where the two forces are incompatible.I see now that people in government, in media and in any part of the world, they are motivated by money or by integrity, or a mixture of both. There are journalists with integrity. There are government employees with integrity. There are government with integrity. There are media outlets with integrity. There are also people in all field with the desire to make money. And be honest, do you really think people do things in government because they are evil? No, they are doing it for the money, or because they want to serve their country. So this new vision I have for the world is that we can build a place of integrity and money. Where the two grow together.

I no longer believe that the entire government is evil or media is evil, and that it is completely controlled by evil and what is not best for all. It's not. Its simply filled with people who have the same motivations as everyone else. I mean look at your life, do you really think there is some secret brainwash center where people are absolutely loyal to a certain entity like the government or media? Or are they loyal to something that serves them directly, selfishly like money? People are selfish, and this isn't a judgment. We do things because it serves us in some way. This includes living principles like what is best for all. Living what is best for all is a selfish thing. It serves you selfishly.

So this is my new vision of the world and how things work. I see a potential for a new future, and a way forward. I actually see it that the people in most control want you to believe that you have no control and that the government and media are absolutely controlled and you can't do anything. But this is just a way to keep control. People are not evil, they are just selfish and have selfish desires. We just need to work together to meet everyone's needs and find a place where are motivations are met. And money as a motivation is the biggest and easiest point to focus on. I have a plan where it is possible to grow integrity in this world, through money.

Stick around and ask me questions. Now seems a good place to pause.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Conversations on Oneness and Equality 4

Previous: Conversations on Oneness and Equality 3

Last time we concluded with the idea about enslavement. It was mentioned that the fact that we can enslave ourselves is evidence of oneness and equality. And a question was posed as to whether it is possible for another to enslave you. Let us discuss this further today.

What is enslavement? One answer is when another has more power over you, and can control what you do. So let's imagine such a situation for ourselves: I am physically weak. Another has access to all the food, and water. If I listen to this person and do what they want I am fed and receive water. They are stronger than me, so they would over power me if I decided to fight back. So is there anything stopping me from fighting back? Yes and that is me. There are also the conditions that I can see and understand like how they are stronger than me. But I am still the one that makes the assessment and decision to not fight back. Equally so, I can decide to fight. Does this person have control over my decision, ultimately? No. They can at most manipulate the environment and situation which can influence my decision. Now in all honesty, all of humanity does not have full power over their ability to decide what to do. Where they could equally decide to fight or not to fight, where it is not a reaction. A reaction is where you don't decide, but you react to the situation. You can call a reaction as a pre-made decision, because it is in a way a decision that has already been made in the past. So when a person is in a situation they react.

So what have we learned so far? We have looked at how humans have the potential to decide what to do, and how some humans react. We can see that it is possible for someone to keep their decision intact, even in adverse conditions. This ability to decide is your power alone, and only you can deny yourself the power to decide. And we deny ourselves the power to decide when we react. Because to make a decision we need to assess the moment. I would like to distinguish a reaction from a commitment. Because a commitment is a decision one had made within their ability to reason, see and understand a situation and where one stands in relation to that situation. In contrast, a reaction is emotional and not based within full understanding and taking responsibility for the outcome of reaction.

Now, oneness and equality lies within who we are, which at the core is the ability to decide who we are, and this is always present even in situations when we call ourselves as being enslaved or disempowered. Just like how it has been pointed out in previous posts, oneness and equality is always present, just like our ability to decide who we are is always present. This is not something that can ever be erased or removed from existence. It can be not utilized yes. It can be suppressed, ignored and denied, but still it will always exist and the potential for us to use our decision will always exist, no matter what we may do or what we may go through. This is an intrinsic part of being alive and existing. We have the choice. And choice entails responsibility for that choice by the very definitions of the words. Because we are responsible for whatever choice we make, which includes the omission of making a choice, or denying that we have a choice. We ALWAYS have a choice. You can make a bumper sticker out of that. Responsibility can NEVER be escaped.

We always create the perception we have of our situation. We can align that perception with falsehoods or with truth. We can create a lie or we can see what is real. That is our choice and responsibility. We can either empower and expand ourselves or we can limit and belittle ourselves. Whatever we do, we are One and Equal to what we decide and create for ourselves. We are always one and equal with and as ourselves.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Conversations on Oneness and Equality 3

Previous: Conversations on Oneness and Equality 2
So the last post we ended off with the statement that emotions were substantiating a lie of a comparison between two things. Let's take this opportunity today to explain more about how our emotions influence oneness and equality, if it does at all.

So from the previous posts, it may be apparent to you that I am asserting that oneness and equality already exist in some way. That it doesn't really depend on what you think about it. Indeed it is like the sun, the moon and the earth. Each exist, and you know this because they have always been there for you throughout your life, yes? Now what is interesting is that it is possible for people to deny things that are true. One question is how does denial work and how can I tell and know when I am in denial?

Let's take a more controversial example than whether the sun exist. How about whether it is wrong to kill someone. Is it true that it is wrong to kill someone? What is wrong? To kill someone is a physical act and it is quite clear when a person does something physically to kill another physical body. But what is wrong exactly? It's not a physical thing right? You can't taste, smell, touch or hear wrong in your reality. You can't hold it in your hands.

Before we try to answer the question what is wrong, let's consider some practical examples with some context. Is it wrong to kill an animal? Is it wrong to kill a plant? Is it wrong to kill a human? And is each of these things that you can kill: a human, plant or animal equally wrong to kill? Have you ever considered this question before? If you haven't why not? I won't attempt to answer that last question, though it would be good for you to self-reflect and answer that for yourselves. Now, how about the question, is it wrong to kill an evil human, or is it wrong to kill a person if it will save many more people?

Based on what I have studied on people, which primarily includes studying myself and observing the answers of others, is that when it comes to what is 'wrong,' we become emotional. And that we tend to answer the question about what is wrong based on how we feel in the moment. And that if you are able to change how someone feels, you can change their answer. This is the basis of all political campaigns essentially.

The actual answer about whether it is wrong to kill someone is not important. The point that is important to understand is how our emotions play a major role in our decision, and how this tends to fall apart when we really test the system out, and reveal to ourselves what is really going on within us. This is in essence, denial, self-lie, self-deception, and self-delusion. Because when you ask yourself the question, why do you feel the way you feel, the whole design falls apart. There really isn't any real reference to reality or what is actually beneficial for everyone.

Now, what happens if you were to stop your emotion for the moment of making a decision about what to do in a given situation? You can start to analyze and rationalize based on the variables and factors before you in the given situation. Because that is all there is in any given situation, the physical facts and conditions. Any emotion involved isn't something physical. Just like with what is wrong, wrong isn't something you can taste, smell, or touch. You can't hold it in your hands. And it just so happens to be the case that everything physical are things you can taste, smell, touch with your body. These things are real, and they are physical things.

So when it comes to emotions and oneness and equality, emotions are our way to deny what is real, and to deny seeing the oneness and equality that is part of everything real. Ironically we use what is real, which is this body, which is already oneness and equality, and we delude ourselves with emotions. In a world where we can deny, lie, and delude ourselves, it is necessary that oneness and equality already exist. Because you are one and equal to what you create, and what you create is you. So the fact that emotions exist as way to delude ourselves, proves that we already are all one and equal. Because oneness and equality means that we have the power to even enslave ourselves. I can explain this further in the next one. Cheers.   (you can reflect on the question for next time: can another enslave me?)

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Conversations on Oneness and Equality 2

Previous: Conversations on Oneness and Equality 1

It has been 11 days since the last post, but here we are continuing on topic. So let's take another angled look on oneness and equality. What if we have a scenario where you have two objects or things which are exactly alike in substance, appearance, smells etc... In other words, a perfect copy. Let's take two examples. For the first lets look at atoms, specifically hydrogen atoms. For the second example let's take two human beings. So if you have two hydrogen atoms, would you say the atoms are exactly the same? According to science, they possess the exact same qualities, and behave exactly the same way in the same environment or conditions. And if you have two identical people that are exactly alike in their appearance, their bodies, their voice, their thoughts, their history, and their experiences, would you say the two people are the same? For me it is clear that the atoms are of the same type, because they are both hydrogen atoms, but they are still unique and individual. It is also clear to me that the the people are unique and individual even though they are exactly alike in every way. My main evidence and observation for both cases is that even though the atoms and person are exactly alike in what seems to be every single way, the atoms and persons still have their own individual unique body that occupies a position in space that cannot be occupied by something else. So given this evidence and observation, along with my conclusion, I claim that every single thing and person is equally something real, alive, and present because it exists. Let's take this to my individual life to explain this better.

If there was someone that was exactly like me, or someone that was better than me or worse than me, the fact remains that I am still me. I exist. I occupy a space. No one is able to replace my space, because only I can fulfill it. So I can be the worst person ever, but I still have myself. So I can always create and do something with my life. This is what I see and draw from my above examples about the atoms and two identical person. Because indeed, every person and thing occupies a space. So because this is something that is absolutely true about everyone and thing, then this is a point of oneness and equality. We all, as one and equal, exist. We all exist. How we exist though is different. But the fact remains that we exist. This is evidenced by our bodies here.

So we can further see that our oneness and equality exist even though we may look differently, or behave differently. If we take it further, there is actually no basis for any comparison where someone is better, or worse than someone else. That is because we each equally exist. For example any statement that says I am better than you. Like I am better than a mountain, or I am better than a dog, or I am worse that Bill Gates etc... The actual semantic meaning of such comparison is a lie. And this lie is often substantiated by our emotions.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Conversations on Oneness and Equality 1

What is Oneness and Equality?
Oneness and equality, or equality and oneness, is the basic formula or equation of life, and of our entire existence. It is sometimes called the law of balance or karma. But it goes deeper than that. It is the fundamental part of Life.

For example, take a monkey and a human. Are they one and equal? They are not the same in appearance, no. They are not the same in smell, no. But is one of their appearances, better than the other's? Or is one of their smells, better than the other? I am talking here, fundamentally, objectively, undeniably better? Because I am sure you can Imagine a person having an opinion and say that one smells better or looks better than the other. But that's just an opinion. What is the TRUTH? The truth is that you cannot say as a law or a fact that one IS better or more than the other in any way. You can say however, than one may be stronger than the other in terms of what they can lift or move. You can say that one has certain abilities that the other doesn't have. That can be truths or facts. But is ONE objectively more than the other, in the sense of value, worth, or importance? No, you can't. What will happen though is a person will come along and have an opinion, or will be so blinded by their need of one's ability for a purpose, that they regard that purpose that is fulfilled by one's ability as sufficient enough to say that one is more important or of more value, usually because it serves their interest. Selfishness is a bane to Life and oneness and equality.

Yes, indeed, selfishness or self-interest is a common point where we justify and claim that one living being is more than another because it serves our self-interest. Completely disregarding the actual nature of Life, and its actual state of existing in oneness and equality. There is no life form that is MORE or LESS than another. People will believe that one is more, though the only justification is that they believe it to be the case. You cannot find scientific evidence or anything factual or physical that says one being is more than another.

Let's take a closer look at abilities and appearances. You have the color of the skin as one indication of value. And you have intelligence or retardation as one indication of ability. Tell me, is someone more than another if one is white and the other is black? Or is someone more if one is retarded and one is a genius? What do you say? Based on the knowledge I have of the functioning of the human mind, I will predict that for some of you that have your own knowledge and history, that whatever that was taught to you about the color of one's skin and about intelligence and retardation will be accessed automatically in your mind, no more different that opening up a computer program on my computer. That information becomes you. So your response is entirely based on the information that is stored within you regarding the subject matter. Let me ask you this. What if the information you have has no basis in reality? Meaning that it is not true because it is not based in reality. The question here is how do you determine what is true and what is real? My answer is that you must look into reality and see objectively without influences or biases.

Once you look at reality with such discerning eyes will you be able answer the previous questions correctly, about whether a person that is white is more important than a person that is black, or that a retarded person is more important than a genius.

Perhaps the greatest difficulty, and the greatest skill to acquire for any human is to see with REAL EYES, which means seeing things for how they really are exist without preconception, biases, judgements or belief. Because, it is indeed possible to see a red car and believe you see a blue car, simply because you believe it, as crazy as that sounds. Yet such similar occurrences are so common and so rampant that it becomes unquestionable due to the the large number of humans beings that believe the same lie. Indeed, it can become even dangerous to even pose the question that what someone's believes is not in fact so. Or at the very least it can be construed by a person as insulting, which is another belief in itself, you see?

Indeed, the greatest challenge you will probably face is yourself. Because it is your own beliefs and conceptions about what is right, what is true, what is fact, that limit you. And all this because you haven't thoroughly tested what you hold as true by seeing what is real through testing it out in real moments. Instead what happens is a life of givens, where we take all knowledge spoken to us for granted as the truth. It is the extreme gullibility or cowardice of humans. Why do we dare not question? Why is it insulting to question? Or what do we fear will happen? Punishment, for questioning? This fear alone would beg a change is needed in human everyday life.

One cannot begin to see or understand oneness and equality if one is not honest with oneself. Is all Life one and equal? No one is More than or less than another. That is the first step. The next step is how to practically do this, and live this in your world and reality. This I will continue over the course of this series of blogs. I will go slowly and surely through examples and tests, that I have used for my own collection of evidence which I can trust. Whether you join me on this little journey is your choice. See you in the next one. 

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Where I am now

I have been through a lot. To write it all out or to speak about it all to someone would take too long. So here is just a snapshot of what is relevant right now and here. I have found a point within me that I am keeping open and is stable. This is accessed through using the words oneness and equality, reminding myself of a committing to make money as a contribution/investment in the future, and through me seeing my design of desiring people and whatever new dimension that opens up in my day that relates to that.

Each of the 3 above points deserve a blog topic of their own to explain fully. The bottom line is this, however. That, I have a path forward in my life, that is my creation, that is me, and that is real. It isn't fake. It isn't for someone else. It isn't a lie to myself. I can state and say what I am doing to someone else or anyone else. I am not ashamed of it or hiding it. I am committed to making money for our future as humanity, to change this world, that I live austerely and use my money well for this purpose. I am standing with, for and as oneness and equality. I am seeing and stopping my design of desiring people, which I am learning more about and discovering new dimensions about.

That is basically the point I want to share, which is where I am now.

Monday, August 22, 2016

The Best Way to Learn

Ever notice how in every single class, like the majority of what is taught comes straight from a textbook, or collection of books? I mean, what does the teacher do what interpret what is says in the teacher's edition of the textbook and shares their interpretation to the class. Yet the class is required to read the textbook anyway. So what's the point of the teacher really? I mean, why can't we just read the textbook and learn the material that way? That is what many people have done throughout history, learn by reading.

So reading is essential. But the other essential thing is a good book, that is written well and explain what it is teaching very well. If you have a bad book or book that is plain wrong then you are wasting your time. Remember books are written by people, so a person is literally writing down their knowledge for you to learn. I mean the teacher isn't the one who wrote the textbook. All they did was read it and learn it too. So do we really need this KIND of teacher? What would be useful is a teacher that helps you learn to read very well. Once you can read well then you have most of the power needed to learn anything through books. And what would be useful is that those who are discovering new things, and learning new knowledge, and are experts in fields that have knowledge that haven't been written down, to then give lectures and teach what they know. Because then you are teaching a process of doing, which is an investigation and is a skill that can be taught. Just like how reading is a skill. So skill is the most important thing to teach. Once you know how to read the basics of a language you will progress and utilize things like a dictionary and introductory textbooks to learn any new field you choose.

If we focused on everyone having the best reading skill from an early age, we wouldn't need teachers for the rest of the subjects. All we would need to do is to provide access to books, as well as test and exercises. The book has all the knowledge needed to learn. Instead we could focus on writing good books. This would free so much more time, because reading can be much faster than speaking/listening, given your skill and experience reading. The greatest teachers then would be the ones that write the greatest books that explain their knowledge the best. And so the only needed role for classroom teachers would be to teach reading, that's it. And guess what, you learn how to write through reading how other people write, which you get by reading books! So you copy and learn to write like the best books you read. You simply speak your voice and your mind, which is you's view, which is developed by simply being exposed to the best of the best through reading the best books. Simple and natural learning.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Your Awareness Awakens

Becoming the most valuable person in existence starts with a decision. This decision is to become someone who sees every single thing that exists as no more or less than yourself, where how you live reflects that. Where when you speak to someone, it is like you are speaking to yourself, and that what you say is of the highest regard, consideration, and respect. This doesn't mean always speaking nicely or kindly, because sometimes respecting yourself means being tough on yourself. Respect, regard, and consideration is to realize the value of life that is here and to honor that and preserve that. The only value that exist is life. So you are either in life, living your utmost potential in this moment, or you are not. You either decide to live you utmost potential in this moment or not. For example, I decide to live my utmost potential in this moment. To do what is best for all, there is no greater aim. Is there anything other than everything? No. So to do what is best for everything is best for everything.

To create a future where everyone rejoices and benefits, where everyone is counted and cared for, where all is included and eat at the table, where all join together. A future where our broken systems are fixed so that they do what is best for everyone. Where we carry out and make this world exactly what is best for everyone. We make sure of it, so that is how it exists. Where we realized the power we have always had in our hands. The power to create this world how we will it. The power of a commitment. The power of a decision. The power of an individual.  The power of your responsibility. The power of knowing that if you do not make the commitment to do what is best for everyone that it will haunt you and follow you because you would have become someone great, someone that is needed, someone that serves the highest aim possible.

What are we living for if not what is best for everyone? Just best for some or a few? Just best for me? Are you able to look yourself it the mirror and say I live only for myself and a few people, and I turn my back on everyone else? If you are able to say that then you lie to yourself.

The power is in your hands. You either destroy your potential for life, or you nourish it.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Living words to the extreme

Using the extreme as a tool for living words.

Something I stumbled upon yesterday was using the extreme living of a word as a clear indication of what it means to actually live a word. The reason why I say clear indication is because it wasn't really clear what it means to live a word. So perhaps you can see why it would make sense that the extreme version of living of a word would make it clear. Because its extreme, it is obviously is what it is.

First though, I had to be clear about what is my mind programming. So when I am clear about that, which I can see and understand thanks to my experience of practicing, then it occurred to me how I live and create something like I had in the past. When reflecting on my past, I saw how I indeed lived the word fully, or you can say extremely. Let me share some of my personal examples.

One example is when I would play like a prank involving sneaking up on someone. I would go all out with the full intent and purpose on sneaking up on someone. It's like I know it was all out, because it involved my whole body and my presence. I was fully committed in that moment to sneak up on someone and make it happen. I was a silent stalker, lol.

Another example is waiting, where when I decide to just wait for something, it's like a decision that shifts me within myself to simply be here fully with my body, with no rush or care to rush in the world. I am just here fully. I may lay on the grass, and I observe everything around me, taking interest in my environment. I am just here.

Another example is cooking, where I go full out, and make something perfectly. I have fun doing it, where my movement is like fun, like a dance. I move with synchronicity, in rhythm, and I just play, with precision, and exactness. I fully live the words: I cook.

So all of these I have done in the past, and I have a clear reference of memories for them. So what I am seeing is perhaps how this is the best way for me to live words. It is certainly the most enjoyable way. And it seems to me that I just enjoy living any word to the extreme. Because it involves me. Me living a word is always fun and fulfilling. No matter the word. That is what is becoming apparent to me. I am enjoying my own expression.

I observe that Bernard Poolman was extreme in his expression, in the extent that I knew him through his online content. It was not always the same, though it was always extreme and fully the expression he took. It was holding you by the hand and explaining something fully, and also telling you exactly how it is, and always supportive for everyone's life.

So perhaps extreme is actually normal. Because otherwise any person's expression wouldn't be really clear, because it is not well defined. So perhaps you can use the word clear or extreme to describe this. Though for me as an individual, extreme helps more and explains more than the word clear.

So I am going to be practicing living words in this way. It also can be something I do within writing or within video recording, where I can decide to live a certain word for the blog or for the video.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Money can change the world now.

What do you think of a life of a person who works to make the most money he can make with his skill and ability, but then lives a very modest and austere lifestyle, and uses the money to support change in the world? I would think such an individual would be a great individual. Because they are committing their time to the fullest, and they are using their dollars to the fullest, because they are careful with money, and they use what money they can to support change in the world so that it will impact everyone. What do you think will happen if everyone does this? Or even a few more people today and each day? What if we all really value our dollars and spend it wisely?

One investment is to spend your money to support the needs of a person who is dedicated and committed to daily create content to change people's awareness and support them to change themselves. This is a good investment because it is a investment in the change of people, who in turn can support and contribute to the change, which will multiply and build over time. The greatest change needed is in the individual. So spending your money in the change of the individual is the greatest investment.

Every dollar is the same. Have you thought about that? Meaning that any dollar can be used to pay for something like bread or any food. So you can potentially use all your dollars to pay for food. So you can feed people that are focused on the goal of changing this world. This would be you supporting them, who are supporting the change in the world. So in fact, in a way, it starts with you spending the money to buy the food. Because otherwise, they would have to spend time to earn money to get the food. So they wouldn't be spending that time changing the world. So you see, this is the power of money. It can change the world. It all depends on how you spend it, and WHO you are spending it in.

Friday, August 12, 2016

I want to be free VS. I want to take responsibility

I want to be free VS. I want to take responsibility

Some people say they want to be free from their mind. You can also say, free from the burden of my mind, free from haunting thoughts, free from guilty memories etc… These are all similar to saying I want to be free from my mind.
If the above example is not easy to relate to, you can try others, such as I want to be free from my problems, or free from this annoying person etc…

Now, compare the above examples of wanting to be free to wanting to take responsibility. Because you may say to me that you want to be free of all of these bad things that are happening in your life, but then I have to ask you are you willing to take responsibility for your life? At that moment, a person will hesitate. Why is this?

This is because the person in some level of themselves know that they haven’t been taking responsibility for themselves in these situations. And the real solution to their problems IS to take responsibility for themselves and for directing the situations. So if they are genuine, honest in really stopping the problems in their life, what they are after is not freedom, it is responsibility. Because responsibility is the solution not freedom. Why is this? Take a look at the following example.

Imagine that magically all of your problems disappear. All of them. Imagine that you do have your freedom. Now, would the person, you, actually change in any real way? Because if I now bring back your problems, wouldn’t you act the exact same way as before when you complained about your problems and wanted freedom? Yes because nothing has really changed, except what is on the outside, in the environment. Compare this to someone who takes responsibility for the situation and changes it. That person wants to take responsibility and looks for solutions. They want to develop themselves. They want to change themselves, and become stronger. They want to direct their life and make the decisions regarding their life.

If you could only take one phrase with you, only one, which one would you take? I want to be free from…  OR I want to take responsibility for…
Have you decided? I know its silly because you can take both statements with you. But the decision you make, if you can only take one, makes a difference because you will in the future face moments with problems, with things that need directing. What phrase of words that you live will be your decision and who you will be in those moments. So in fact, you do make a choice to live one phrase or the other phrase. It’s best to pick now and make that decision now. This decision determines your quality of life and your future.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Share what you know

There is a responsibility for those that have access to life experience to share it. If you have experience, knowledge or training that protects you from harm, you have a responsibility to share that with those who don't have it, so that they are protected. If you see someone who is naive, and lacking the knowledge, you have the responsibility to support them to learn so as to protect themselves. IF you have knowledge or training that helps you to do something faster or better, you have the responsibility to share what you know with those who don't know so that they can do something faster or better. Otherwise, they won't know and they maybe will learn after making many mistakes, maybe. So if they harm themselves because they didn't know, it is your fault/responsibility for not sharing the information. If they choose to not listen or apply the information, you have the responsibility to insist, and even to protect them from themselves. If you allow them to harm themselves, it is your responsibility. You have the responsibility to make sure that they are okay, healthy, well, and know how to take care of themselves. If you don't know about how to do something safely, or that something is dangerous, then you don't know. The fact is you don't know what you don't know. And if you ask for help, someone may not even know, but they can say they know.

If you don't know or have no training, the best is to find someone who you is actively trying to train you and show you how to do something, and explain everything to you. The best is someone who is watching out for you, for your safety and well-being, and isn't going to leave you in harms way. The best is someone who cares for your safety, and is helping you to become the best by sharing everything they know, that they have applied and know for themselves. The best is to work with someone who actually knows what they are doing and have been applying what they are teaching you. The best is if they embody certain words like safety, caution, respect, regard, consideration, effective, efficient, healthy, well, easy, simple, careful. 

My advice is to watch out for those who are looking to take advantage of you, that will leave you in harms way, that will allow harm to come to you because it is better for them, it saves them time or money or effort. Watch out for those who are being very friendly to you and very kind so that they can make you feel better, so that you drop your guard and trust them. There are some people in those who do this to gain advantage. It could be so that you will help them and give them favors, or that you work for them and make them money because they are the boss. It could be even that they want to have your company so that they don't feel alone. Essentially any case where they are being selfish to gain an advantage for themselves, at your cost, and they are using your naivety, innocence, or willingness to see everyone as "good." The fact is not everyone is good. Some will take advantage of you and abuse you.

It can protect yourself by watching out for signs of someone who is not respecting you as a person. And one sign of this is making sure you are safe and know what you are doing. Someone that is watching out for you. Someone who shares what they know to make sure that you know. Someone that does everything within their power to live their responsibility of making sure you are well.

People that are easy targets are people that are innocent and don't know. So know now, to protect yourself, from people who are looking to take advantage of what you don't know. Watch out for people that are looking for you to trust them, that use kindness to seduce you. Watch out for yourself, protect yourself.

Tell the difference between someone who is doing their utmost for taking responsibility for themselves and those in their life, and someone who is not doing their utmost. See the difference between someone who is watching out for those around them, and someone who isn't. Don't pretend everyone good, or that no one is out there abusing and taking advantage. There is no one who taught me this. There is no one who watched out for my back. I can tell the difference now between someone who watches out for me, and someone who doesn't. I know that utmost potential. I know what it would look like. The difference between someone who cares and someone who doesn't. You and I have the responsibility to share what we know and what we realize for those who don't know. This is what you would have wanted for yourself. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

I have value

I have value for being alive.

The most valuable thing I have is who I am. Not my possessions, skills, abilities, or experience. The most valuable thing is who I am in the decisions I make. When I am presented with a situation, the decision I make is a reflection of who I am. So if the world is hell, the decision I make is who I am. If I lose all memory, experience, and ability, the decision I make is who I am. The most valuable I have is who I am.

I could lose my body, its strengths, appearance, ability, capability, but i always have myself, who I am. When I die, all I have is who I am.

I am valuable, and have value in who I am. I will always have this value no matter what happens, or changes in my world, environment, or situation, or with my body. My arms, legs could be chopped off, and I still have who I am. My eyes, and ears, nose and mouth can be destroyed, but I still have who I am. What I do with what I have is my decision, and that is who I am, that is my power.

Are you recognizing your value and power? Are you using it?

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

How to see through illusion

This is a mental exercise for seeing through illusions that are created through thinking about people and things.

Imagine that you can see yourself before you. Make that image be the complete representation of who you are. Now, take that image of yourself and bring it to your physical body. Through your body embrace yourself.

Repeat the above process with other images. Imagine your greatest enemy, villain, horror, or just someone that pisses you off. With your mind, take their image and bring it to your physical body and embrace them as yourself through your body.

Do this process until you completely stand with and as everyone and everything as what is best for ALL. Decide that your relationship with everything and everyone is that of what is best for all, standing as one and equal.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

My standards for a partner

So I decided to write out what person I would accept and allow as my partner. I am sharing it here and I will break it down and explain the parts. However, to really understand each part, really and fully, would require you to actually walk it and live it. Knowing something only through knowledge and knowing something through living it are different.

"They would need to be, walking self-forgiveness in writing and speaking. They would need to take self-responsibility. They would need to be self-honest. They would need to be committed."

1. Self-forgiveness
Because that means they can change, through letting go and becoming the solution to the problem that is them, which is all done as a movement of themselves. 
2. Self-Responsibility
Because it means that they accept that they are responsible for everything they do and say, absolutely. 
3. Self-honest
Because it means that they can be honest with themselves about who they are now, what they know, what they have access to, when they are wrong or right, when something of them needs to change. 
4. Committed
Because it means they are committed to everyone, to themselves, to all life, until it is done that all are free, and stand as the point of oneness and equality. 

I am not interested in anything less than this, and there isn't anything more that you can look for in a person than this. 

Friday, July 29, 2016

Voting with Open-source Computer Programs

Every computer program has a source code. The source code is the instructions and building blocks of the computer program. A computer program (including its source code) that is open-source means that anyone can freely use it, so everyone is like the owner of it.

The advantages of open-source include that no one can keep the source code secret, hidden or sell the code. This can be particularly useful to prevent manipulation or lying, since the source code is openly exposed. For example, when people vote using computers, the votes can be manipulated. One way to check for manipulation is to look at the source code. If the source code is private then you can be denied permission to see the source code. However if the source code is open source, then any person at any time anywhere is able to check the source code to look for any manipulation of the votes. Not only that, but people can actually contribute to make the code cleaner, organized, faster and simpler. For example, if you have a messy and disorganized computer code, it is very easy for someone to hide their manipulation of votes. But if it the code is simple, clean, and organized it is easy to detect a manipulation. It is also important that the source code is available all the time, because a person can sneak in a manipulation code when no one is looking. Thus for elections it would be best for people to check the computer source code, before, during, and after the voting process.

Because of the possibility of manipulating votes through private hidden computer programs it is a priority that for voting we use open source computer programs. See the video below:

This video was found online. I uploaded this video to prevent a broken link. I found it by googling: "computer programs that rig elections"

Thursday, July 28, 2016

How Desires *really* work

How Desires really work

Desires are things you want, for example a desire for a romantic relationship with a partner; Link:The Desire for a Life-Long Partner Test. It seems that when you a desire you would surely get what you want, right? Let's self-reflect on this question shall we? Have I fulfilled my desires and how long have I had to do so?

In my life, I have had the desire for having a partner, and I am 26 years old, and so I have had 26 years to fulfill this desire. What I have seen when it came to my mind and my desire, is that who I am and how I am, is not actually built in such a way so that I would attain this desire. For example, being afraid of not having a partner, which itself prevents me from being comfortable and confident which would in theory attract a partner. Yet my fear of not having a partner is a manipulation of myself to push myself to go after a partner. And so what ends up happening is that I end up thinking about a partner, and imagining what it would be like, and desiring what I imagine, yet when it came to actually being what I believe would attract a partner, I would fail. Why is this? I mean this is really interesting how my design of myself around desiring a partner, is not constructive for actually attaining a partner, and furthermore keeping a partner. In fact, it is actually perfect for keeping me from having a partner, yet continuing in the same position of always thinking, imagining and so desiring a partner. I conclude that desire keeps you in the desire, and it does not actually create what you desire, as if that is foreign to its purpose or ability.

The perfect word to describe how desire works is self-sabotage. Desire is a self-sabotage and a self-deception, because you never actually get what you desire. A question is what are you actually getting out of the desire? I would get an experience out of thinking and imagining a partner. It was an entertaining for me, like a movie I was watching, and it made me feel good in those moments. So again, I am 26 years old and I have this desire for 26 years. I have completely given myself to this desire in so many ways. Is anything of this desire real, or of this experience? No. So it seems clear to me that the desire for a partner is a facade or smokescreen the real purpose or activity. Let's put this real purpose and activity into words shall we?

Thinking, Imagining, and feeling good, feeling high, loved, great, fantastic... This is the reality of what we do when we desire. Desire is just about thinking, imagining, and feeling good. Let that sink in.

So, imagine a person that is only interested in living life through thinking and feeling and imagination. So that this person, when he or she gets a partner, that they immediately go into thoughts, imagination and feeling. That when this person looks at their partner they will be thinking and imagining and so feeling. When this person looks at anything, a tree, their food, their own image in the mirror, the first thing they do is to think, imagine and feel. So basically this person's first response to everything is to think something about that, and imagine something and to feel something. So this person is unable to, and has no desire, to simply just look at things, and be here with the things and people that are here, and to not think something. For this person to Live Life to the Fullest means to experience great and wonderful feelings, that the highlight of their entire life will be those moments when they experienced the greatest thoughts and the greatest feelings. That is his or her purpose for living each day. So if given the choice to be able to always experience the most absolute best greatest wonderful thoughts and feelings for every second always into infinity, they would say YES. If all they did were to simply sit in a room and experience these thoughts and feelings forever, they would say YES. So what's the problem living this way?

The problem is that it is completely separate from everyone else and anyone else. There is no concern for others. There is no care for others. That even when it comes to having a partner, you only care about what you feel and think. You don't care about them. So your life is so completely separate from others. You couldn't be any more separate, or have any less concern for others.

The problem with being separate from others, is that the truth is other people exist. You are not alone. You are surrounded by so many people, and not only people but also other things and life forms. You are not alone. That is the truth. So its a problem when you are separate from everyone and everything, because then you won't intervene, you won't support, and you won't take responsibility for yourself, which has impact on everyone and everything else. What you do or don't do has impact, and you are responsible for your impact. Link: What is Responsibility?

So, if you pursue a life of desire, which means thinking, imagining and feeling great while doing so, you are completely responsible for what you did or didn't do, which has a physical impact because you live in a physical body. So by merely being alive you are having an impact and so have a responsibility. Everyday you eat food, drink water, and use a toilet. Each of things has impact on the lives of others. How food is grown has impact on the lives of others. How water is treated and used, has an impact on the lives of others. No one alive can escape responsibility. So are you alive? Are you honest?

We live on a planet where not everyone is able to eat food each day, or drink safe water each day. You will always be responsible for what happens. What you do though is in your power to decide. It is your responsibility whether this world becomes what is best for everyone or it stays exactly how it is, good for a few people. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Will you forgive yourself?

This is a mental to test how far would you actually go when it comes to forgiving yourself.
Think about all of the most horrible things possible for a person to do. These actions would be the most evil possible. Bring all of these evil actions, behaviours, habits to your attention.

Imagine that you are the most evil person, and have done the most evil things. Imagine you have done these things many times over a long period of time. Imagine you are the most evil person that ever existed. Now would you forgive yourself for all the things you have done, and so change who you are, and so what you do so that it is better, and so best for everyone? In short, would you forgive yourself, which implies actually changing?

Your answer to this question says something about your relationship with yourself. If you say yes you would forgive yourself even when you are the most evil person ever, it means that you are willing to forgive yourself and become better, so to change. If you say no that you won't forgive yourself, then that means you won't change and you will keep holding onto who you are.

It is important to be able to forgive yourself, because there will be moments in life where you will be faced with your own evil, and you are at the point of change which is a choice. The question is are you willing to forgive yourself, to let go of your old self, and become better, more - to change. If you are willing to forgive yourself no matter what, then you are on the path of change.If you are not willing to forgive yourself, take a look and see how it is the path of evil. Evil stays the same, and won't become better or more.

Watch out then for any resistance to not look at yourself, to not self-reflect, to not self-investigate, to not check who you are, to not forgive, and to not let go. Bring all of yourself to the light, and face who you are in totality with the tool of self-forgiveness where you embrace who you are now, so that you can better and change who you are.

Sound is Stronger than Thought

Sound is more powerful than thought. Because, when I have a thought like: "I can't do this" and then I speak aloud "I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to think I can't do this"; which I say in a certain way, then what I am doing is creating a sound that permeates my body, which I can sense, and because of this I know that I have the upper-hand on the thought. So therefore I say Sound is more powerful than thought.

Here is another point of proof that Sound is more powerful than thought. When you speak your thoughts like "I am stupid" or "I can't do this, this is impossible," then thought has become more powerful now, because you spoke the thought. This I can sense within myself. Once I get to the point that I speak my thoughts, that thought is more powerful than it was before when it was just a thought in my head. This is why I realize that it is important that I speak aloud either Self-forgiveness, or another command/direction such as the word stop. Because I am speaking on the same level that the thought is on, which is at a sound level.

When I am successful in using sound/speaking in the correct way to stop a thought's location within me, I observe that there is an absence of the thought's presence within me. I can sense this absence, as well as sense my own presence as sound, which occupies the location that the thought is absent from. By me occupying this position within myself as sound, I have the advantage or upper-hand over anything that would try to occupy this space.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

You are a Person

When I am working through my thoughts and desires, something that helps me is to remind myself that I am a person. That I am not a thought or a desire, instead I am a person, that I can move or do things, create things. Saying this helps and empowers me.

I am not a thought because I am a person. I am not a desire because I am a person. I can move, do, and create. And so I can decide who I am and be that. I can self-forgive and stop thoughts. I don't have to accept and allow any thought or desire. I can create. I am a person.

A thought can only be a thought. A desire can only be itself. So I know I am not a thought or desire, because I am a person, I Am the one that creates, moves, does and can be many things. While a thought can only be itself, a thought. So I am not a thought, I am a person. To say I am a thought is a lie. A thought is something I have accepted and allowed within me. But I can create, move and do things. This is who I am, I am a person.

Monday, July 25, 2016

The Best For Everyone

Politics describes any situation where a group of people come together to make a decision. The group of people can be any size: a household, a neighborhood, a town, a state, a country, a continent, or a planet. It can be any decision.

Politics should be aligned with doing what is best for everyone. This is because doing what is best for everyone is the best way for everyone to live.  This is because if everyone does what is best for everyone, everyone receives the best possible things, actions, gifts, support, and so opportunity to live the best possible life. And if everyone receives what is best for everyone, then that means you also receive what is best as well. 

Through politics we can create jobs that serve what is best for everyone and change existing jobs so that they serve what is best for everyone. For example, where integrity is the highest principle in a job where honesty, respect, regard, honor and consideration come first above all, so that all may receive what is the best outcome possible. Imagine a world where through politics we can make sure that greed, lying, and manipulation are not rewarded, but are considered as a mental problem that needs support to change. Imagine that through politics wars end, and we support people across the world within our capacities. Imagine that through politics that we cooperate and come together to pool our resources, talents, and abilities and share our technology, experience, and knowledge.

Imagine what it would be like if politics creates education that is best for everyone, jobs that are best for everyone, teachers that are best for everyone, an economy that is best for everyone, a mental health system that is best for everyone, doctors that are best for everyone, cities that are best for everyone, houses that are best for everyone, supermarkets that are best for everyone, farms that are best for everyone, parks that are best for everyone etc... This would mean that shortcuts wouldn't be taken, that negative consequences that affect people would be prevented, that inferior results wouldn't be accepted and allowed, that behavior and performance that is less than one's abilities wouldn't accepted and allowed, that stifling and suppression of expression and individual self wouldn't be accepted and allowed, that self-imposed limitations wouldn't be accepted and allowed, that we would push for the absolute best potential results and creation from all of us. 

I decide that the purpose of politics is to make the absolute best life possible for each person, animal, plant, or any other life form, including the earth, environment and the physical world. The truth is that we need each other so that we can coordinate and manage our time and resources to solve our problems, for example: our mental problems, financial problems, health problems, war problems, and food problems. And we need every person who’s goal is to do what is best for everyone, which will require for them to do the work of asking questions, sharing their views, and listening, processing and testing new and old information. The best way to act is to dedicate time in our routine for politics, as well as giving special time for decisions that need to be made immediately. We can engage in politics right now through vlogs, blogging, in-person conversations or online chats, and participating within groups.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

What is Responsibility?

Let's consider the following scenario. A person lies to another person that there is a sale going on in a store. So if the person were to get emotionally angry, physically yell, and think to themselves how this person is an asshole for lying to him, would he not be responsible at all for himself just because his friend lied to him? Who is yelling, thinking and acting? He is. And what is responsibility? It refers to the one that is doing, deciding, moving, and creating.

Is there ever any situation where you are not responsible for what you do, say, or think? Is there any situation where any person is not responsible for what he or she does says or thinks? I claim that every single person is always responsible for what he or she says, does and thinks. For example, when someone lies to you, that person is responsible for what he said, for what he thought and what he did. And you are responsible for what you said, thought, and did with their lie. So in every moment, every person is responsible for his self.

Consider another example where someone takes what you said and makes a bad decision based off of that. You are responsible for what you said and he is responsible for what he did. So both you and him are responsible for your individual selves. The same applies in a group context. For example, in a group of ten people, each one is responsible for what he says, does and thinks, even when one person says something that someone else takes and then speaks the same to another person who also takes it who then makes a bad decision using that information. Each person is always responsible for what he says, does and thinks.

Now let's consider the opposite. Are people responsible for what they don't say, what they don't do, or don't think? If a person sees something but decides to do nothing, they made a decision to either not say anything or not do something. Therefore it is clear to me that responsibility also refers to the one that decides. It is a decision to act, to do, to say, to think, as well it is a decision to not act, to not do, to not say, and not think. So for example, when a person is thinking a thought "I am stupid" whenever they make a mistake, and then they decide to stop thinking that thought, they are the one responsible for making the decision to not think that thought. So here is evidence that one is responsible for what one decides not to do.

 If one is responsible for what one does as well as what one does not do, I claim that one is responsible for everything that exist. The reason why is because one makes the decision to either change things or not to change things. Therefore each person alive right now has made a decision about whether they will take action to change or to not take action to change. You can call "not taking action to change" the same as accepting and allowing.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Todos Somos Dios

Spanish Translation for http://yoganjourneytolife.blogspot.com/2016/07/everyone-is-god.html

Todos nosotros somos Dios. Este dice que hasta el dia cuando cada una persona cuida y apoya a cada una persona, que Dios no existe. Porque como puede ser a otra manera, si cada una es Dios? Tu no puedas excluir la bienestar de una persona. Nadie es mas or menos que ti. Entonces, es mandatario hacer todo posible para que todos estamos bien. Este es obvio. La otra opción es poner tu necesidades y deseos antes que los otros, y poner un selección de personas especiales y sus deseos y necesidades antes que los demás. Entonces no tiempo, esfuerzo, ni dinero es dan para crear un mundo donde todos los necesidades de todos son cumplidos para siempre. Porque la actualidad es que hay personas que están muriendo de hambre aunque hay cantidad de comida suficiente en el mundo. La actualidad es que, si cada una persona quisiera, cada una persona podía tener ropa, comida, una casa y una educación. Imagina ahora, si hay un Dios, que piensas que él Diria a ti si vivía la decisión de no hacer que es el mejor para todos nosotros? Yo predico que él te tirara insultos y estará decepcionado en ti, asumiendo que a el le importa de los demás.

Porque en serio, y este es una pregunta, tu estas encontrando valor en tu vida cada dia, en tu empleo, en tu familia, en tu educación, en tu relaciones? Estos están cumpliendo a ti? Si la repuesta es no, puedo sugerir el siguiente: ves si en tu vida, empleo, familia, educación, donde tu no estas considerando y viviendo que es el mejor para todos. Y ver como puedes hacer, decir, vivir que es el mejor para todos. El siguiente párrafo tal vez te ayuda entender que dice vivir para el mejor de todos.

Yo soy Todos. Esto está hablado como una decisión. Pues, yo decido definir quien yo soy, como una persona que es igual en valor a cada una, incluyendo su bienestar y sustento. Esto también significa que ni una persona (no yo, ni otra individual) es mas que todos. Por ejemplo, si haya una situación donde una persona dice lo que quiere debe tener primero que la bondad de todos, entonces este persona ha pierde temporalmente su estado de ser parte de los demás. Entonces, puedes ver que la palabra todos está usado aquí como una estado mayor que requise de uno su propio identificación y participación en la palabra. No está definido absoluto sin restricciones, porque si no tenemos restricciones, entonces lo que es mal para todos serian aceptado y permitido.