Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Day 57 The Self-Reward Process within Desteni Process and All Moments of Challenge[0]=68.ARDLdOTRGPu6Rx9s_w0dHBYDxjtxa1IyiRUFf-35vvlKFVlAZ7E4iDqdW4tLmtjAgW1f9rs-ys_jNp-2LWqLv12Ox9k941Gbd3F7zYVPRON4Rs_XnJ36or--b3BmGktWIHI0OpqFR6ZC1kMz6sR2x9PxwXnIOYGXVf_W_7nq9x2qo1iHSGl-g8aqsmkA4giqgK5k4XBnfifDH3qY5Ztmpg56maJ0n3IIph2QTAE&__tn__=-R

So dog in this video above---- Click the link---- is living how destonians or anyone should walk their process.   Process is a challenge, a challenge with a reward for when you successful face and walk  moment's challenge. If you are not actively walking your process you are stagnant, you are not walking! you are not successfully facing the challenging, not successfully SOLVING it!!!

There is  natural enjoyment and REWARD with solving your moments challenge. Remember this.

This dog is the perfect example of how we should all walk our process. DON"T WAIT!

Go for it!  Solve your problems, solve your issues!  Face your fear! when you do that you get a reward, a natural enjoyment a natural positive reward within yourself!!! So within so without. Everything gets rewarded!!!! Nothing goes unnoticed.

If you have no fun, nothing good in your life, nothing positive, well your probably not going after the challenges in your life, not solving your problems!!! You got to solve the puzzles!!!!  Every self-forgiveness is worth it!  Every self-change is worth it!

Remember this, and remember that you are worth it!

Monday, October 29, 2018

Day 56 Faces of Change: No more Energy

I took a look at my photos of me across the years. I posted an album of such photos on facebook. I can see the change in me, in my very face. Before I was scared to express. I had trouble expressing my face. Then I started practicing. I did things. Like I shaved my head. I did it because our water supply is getting polluted by hair products and I wanted to bring attention to that. At the same time, I face my own perception of what i think others perceive as me. I freed myself through challenging myself. I sought challenge. I expressed my face. As I walked process, the desteni process, where I STOPPED emotions and Feelings, the negative and positive, and I started to EXPRESS myself through the physical, there are changes in my face that happened, changed in my expression. My expression has become more fuller, more confident, more settled. I know who I am. I like who I am. I like my face.

I am going to miss this body after I die. I realize I will die, and that life is a gift. I realize that I have made my purpose settled on what is best for all, that I will achieve it. I will make sure that others understand the process works and I am evidence of that. That stopping feelings especially, and positive feelings is necessary in order to create expression. So many hold onto the positive and then they miss out on living.

So make some faces!

Part of my time with me has been to simply make faces in the camera. Have fun. Try new things. Try new faces. Play with yourself. And share it, love it, own it.

Walk the depths of your mind. Have no mercy for the mind. Bring forth only the physical and physical expression. No mind needed. Your self, your being, and the physical is enough. No more energy. No more positive, no more negative. No more good, no more bad. Just what is real.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Day 55 Moments where I love myself through

actions, and gifts, or opportunities i gift myself with or take. Or moments that I gift myself with.

It can be a moment of sitting down in front of a natural view of nature, rows of trees, while people nearby talk/play.

It can be a moment of going out to dance the night away, no matter what others think or may being, just dancing by myself alone, not needing permission or approval, just doing it for me.

It can be a moment of laying down, and breathing, being quiet.

It can be just giving me something, like cooking a well made meal or dessert.

It can be giving myself something I need like water or sleep.

It can be giving myself the time to do something, all the time that I may need, plenty of time to work through something.

Loving myself is a verb, is an action, is a gift I GIVE to me. That is when its real.  You don't think it. You do it. You live it.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Day 54 Don't give up!

Giving up on someone...

I have given up on many people. I shouldn't have done that.

Giving up on someone else, means I'm giving up on myself.

Giving up on myself is the greatest failure. The only failure is giving up.

Oneness and equality, if I give up on someone else, I am in fact giving up on myself, and in fact living Failure.

I regret giving up on these people in my life. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to give up certain people in my life in becoming better, learning and changing.

Giving up on someone, believing they cannot change, saying they cannot change, is the worst thing you can do to yourself.

Leaving someone within the intent of giving up on them vs with the intent that it will support them is different.

Giving up on someone is never okay.

Because anyone, everyone can, will, and must change.

People may enter and leave your life. That doesn't mean you can give up on people. Someone can be halfway across the world, and you don't have to give up on them be better. Never do you have to give up on someone. And you never should give up on anyone. We all can change. No matter who you are, what you have done. That is what self-forgiveness is, anyone can forgive themselves. Self-forgiveness is in YOUR HANDS!!!!!!!!

Anyone can.

Giving up on someone means you are giving up on yourself.

Never give up.

If you want a definition of love, here is one, never give up on anyone, including yourself.

You may need to leave someone, stop seeing someone, but that can be done within support of the other, not within giving up on them. KNOW the difference!!

You don't have to allow abuse. But you also don't have to give up on the abuser changing, because being an abuser is a mask, a definition, it is NOT WHO they really ARE.

Evil is not real. Evil is a mask. It is a self-definition. Good and evil is a game. What is real is the being, the person behind it, who is not those self-definition. Life is here within each, the potential, and seed of life is covered up with definitions of Good and Evil.

Realize everyone can change!!! Realize everyone will change either in death or now in this last lifetime!

Realize you access your own life, and love, when you give it to others. Recognize the life that is in Everything, everyone! and then you can recognize it within yourself!

I shouldn't have given up on anyone. No matter what.

I paid the cost. I've learned my lesson.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Day 53 When you need Love, Be Here

What to do when you need love?

Understand that love is an energy. Because anything you need, is not something that is your expression. Energy is something that fluctuates that rise and falls. Energy is part of the need. This is the nature of energy. This is fact. Its not something you can wish or imagine to be different and it will change reality. You cannot say that energy is something stable, consistent, reliable and causes no need, no lack, no rise and no fall. I mean I can write out the sentence that it is a certain way, but it would be a lie, like an imagination. Here I am a scientist, I am relying on empirical information, I am relying on observations, investigations, and questionings that I have done for a long time now, 8 years, along with a group of people, desteni, who as individuals walk their processes and share online, and thereby providing more points for me to look at and consider.

Without a doubt energy is not stable. And without a doubt the physical is stable. If you bring your awareness from your mind and energy to your physical body and physical reality you see that the physical reality is stable. You have a consistent sense of your physical. It is not an imagination or fiction. It is real. Energy is like an opinion, it is an imagination, one which you do not fully control. Energy controls you. You cannot just be high all the time, and feel love as energy all the time, it is impossible. You can try it but it won't work. Energy is not stable, because the true nature of energy is not high or low or positive or negative. The true nature of energy is the consumption of your physical body creating an illusion of positivity, negativity, and ups and downs. It is ever fluctuating. The one consistent point of energy is that it is derived of the physical matter of your body. Your body is consumed/destroyed for the mind energy. The ups and the downs, the positive and negative experience of energy is like the flavoring, the sugar in the tea or coffee, that motivates you to continue participation in it. In order for the sweet to have a continuous enslavement of you, it needs to bring you into the negative. The nature of energy is enslavement through temptation. But its all through your choice and your participation. You DO NOT HAVE TO accept and allow energy. You don't have to go into the positive and negative of the energy. It is tempting you, but it is not MAKING YOU or FORCING YOU to do it. You choose to. You are the one that holds the CHOICE and the POWER.

The nature of energy is all of these things. Compared to the nature of the physical, your physical body is there for you consistently, it doesn't force you to join it. There will however be consequences that put pressure on you. Consequences that are mathematical and inevitable. As the energy consumes your body, or rather I should say that as you consume your body through indulging in the delectable energy,  your body will start to fail. You will have health problems. This is not the body punishing you. It is literally you destroying a certain part of your body, and this leads to a malfunction in the body. You literally did it through your actions. Your body is not punishing you. You did it. Understand? The body is through for you consistently. Your body is here to support you, and your body is here, READY for whenever you are ready to stop indulging in the energy and start living physically without energy. Living as the physical, living without energy is key. That is where you find true expressions that are real and consistent. That is where it is possible for humanity to find peace, and relax and enjoy life. That is where life can be born and begun in a new way. That is how and where you can find satisfaction with your daily life, and where you can just enjoy the moment.

That is where you can enjoy the moment without past, present or future. Just be here. Be in the body. Sense the reality. Let go of love, let go of energy, let go of the mind. Just be here. Be satisfied, be at peace.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Day 52 Inside your Greatest Weakness is your Greatest Strength

When you use the Desteni tools, and properly face and walk your greatest weakness, by understanding why you have accepted and allowed yourself to be this way, you can then walk out of there stronger, knowing that you just faced your greatest weakness, that you just faced and walked out from the point you have feared going into, and you can talk about it and blog about it, and understand why you let it happen and you know how to stop accepting yourself to be that way.

You also see and understand that you can walk the same process of change, of self-awareness, self-understanding with anything inside yourself. You learn that anyone can use these tools that you have been using to change themselves. You see first hand that human beings can change, you are proof of that. You realize our fate, our destiny as humanity is within our own hands.

When the individual changes, that is an individual part of the world changing and that has ripples across the world. We are interconnected. Your process is of utmost importance to the entire existence.

The desteni tools, self-forgiveness, self-responsibility, self-writing, self-application, self-movement, moving as the physical as self-direction, being the self-author, directing yourself, breath, and many more such words become you. What you write and speak in blogs and vlogs become you. The actions you take in the moments in your daily life become you. It is an entire integration. You literally decide who you are in the moment. You only ever have this moment, that's it. What are you going to do with it?

Monday, October 15, 2018

Day 51 - ending chronic Anger

Chronic Anger is a problem. It is infectious. You ever notice how anger is one of those things that spreads so easily? If someone in a room speaks in anger, it immediately, readily and easily passes itself along to everyone else? Its so infectious. Other kinds of emotions don't seem to work that way. Happiness? doesn't spread so easily. Sadness? doesn't spread so easily. Fear? I think fear actually spreads pretty easily. These are just my observations.

So there is something about Anger and Blame. It jacks up your heart, and hits you where it hurts. It gets you going. You act on it, you feed on it. You retaliate with it

So easy to do it.

Taking the high road. Being professional. Doing your job right. Requires not acting in anger.

Being open, intimate, vulnerable, goes in the opposite direction of anger. Whereas with anger you are throwing stones, being intimate, open and vulnerable, is to be bare naked almost inviting attacks on yourself, because you won't fight back. Being so intimate, vulnerable can shock people back to reality to see the violence they are inflicting. Its like punching a child in the face, some people can't do it. I would like to say that no one would do it, but the sad truth is that yes, there are people that punch children in the face, and they are so possessed and so trapped in their abuse. So this is not a magical solution. Being vulnerable and open won't magically change people. But it supports them in making the better choice. Because if you RETALIATE in ANGER, then you are simply inviting them to further into temptation.

Gandhi proposed No Violence. Not ever.

Its difficult to do. Though true lasting peace requires such actions. Sacrifice your beliefs and ideas of what is RIGHT. And then just do what is BEST for EVERYONE.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Day 50 - Make the MOST of what you GOT!!!

Even Einstein had a mother, had people in his life. He was born in a country that had stability. He had school, he had teachers. He had food. Now, I didn't look up these facts, but its logical. Its logical because of how things work. The point is that in my life everything I have done and have achieved, everything I will do and achieve, everything is due to many many people who have been there for me and supported me in some way or another. These include parents who fed me. Now, even if your parents were alcoholic and abusive, they also did things that supported you, even if it was just food. The point here is that no man or woman is an island, no man or woman does it ALONE. Your literal body was born into this world through two people, and your defenseless helpless as a baby. You somehow got raised. Not everyone makes it that far. So yes there are bad things. There are wars, and instability. Your country may not be safe. And these are all bad things. So when you look at someone like Einstein, know and remember how the multitudes of people involved in creating that moment. Because a person's life is like just a moment in the grand scheme of things. Yes you have free will and free choice, but even to have that choice to even do certain is NOT a GUARANTEE. Nothing in this world right now is Guaranteed in terms of living. There has to be People/persons that have to make it a guarantee, that make it a stability. And yes there is bad things lots of it. There is stability born out of the domination and slavery of others. Just like how its possible to create stability NOT born out of abuse of others.

So i guess what I just want to say is THANK YOU!!!

thank you to everything and everyone that makes my life, as this moment in time, possible. Not everyone has this opportunity. Not everyone has what I have. Not everyone has this chance. This is my chance and I don't want to blow it, and mess it up. I want to make the most of it. I want to create an impact on the world, for life, and I have a plan to do it. So, I'm going to do it. I probably will face unexpected challenges and difficulties that I can't predict, but I will find a way to make my aim happen anyway. I will find a way. I will be creative about, smart about it, and succeed somehow, even if it takes a little longer or it takes more out of me, or takes taking some chances. I won't let fear stop me from going after the best result and so making the most of what I got. I got this, I know I do. I will make it happen.

That's all I got to say, thank you for listening.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Day 49 The Secret you Know

The purpose and meaning of Life is Friendship and Love. Right!
It's like tackling someone you love and kissing them! Love is a verb.

Love isn't all that mushy nervous emotions. Love is fun! Love is grabbing someone by the hand and telling them CMON!!! yanking on them with enthusiasm. Follow me, lets go!!!And you start running together hand in hand. You climb some trees. You lay down on the grass and just smell it. You chase each other. You play hide and seek.

Friendship is telling your friend that you appreciate them. Is telling them that you don't want to go and want to stay right here.

Friendship is not something you have, it is something you ARE. Love isn't something you have its' something you do.

Your friends don't have to be smart or beautiful. That is not what makes a friends. Being a friend just takes kindness, care, respect, being there for them, sweetness, being understanding, being supportive, that's it. Nothing to do with compatibility, or how smart you are or how talented you are. You guys can be complete opposite it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter your similarity, or how many interests you share together. It doesn't matter how different in skills you are. It doesn't matter the money you make. Being a friends takes kindness, gentleness, caring, sweetness, thoughtfulness, respectful, understanding, supportive, being there for the other. It takes a smile on your face. It takes living fun.

Living this way as yourself means you will never have a boring day ever again! Everyday will be fun and full of enjoyment, excitement, thrill!

I'm going to write an imaginary moment, buts its so much more real than so many real everyday moments people live. So its it really real? is it really imaginary then at all?

In the mountains at the top of the peaks. Breathing in the fresh air as I close my eyes and turn my head slightly from the right to the left, all in one motion. Grabbing a blanket and it turns into a sled and I slide down the mountain giggling and hollering in laughter. I feel the bump of the stairs on my bum. We land on the bottom of the stairs. We had covered the stairs in blankets and made a slide out of it.

I grab your hand and we run into the fields, we scream and yell FREEDOM!!!!!! and laugh. I push you to the grass and start running. You chase after me. I am laughing hysterically. I slow down, look at you and let you catch up. I let you grab me, and I grab you. I sit down. And just take a deep breath. Ahhh!!! Lay back on the grass and just enjoy this moment. I grab the grass with my hands. I feel it, pull on it a bit, without pulling out the grass from its roots. I close my eyes.

I feel the swell of the water. Cool to the touch. I jumped in a pool of water. I swim underneath, holding my breath. I go up again and take a breath. I lay back on my back and just breath, just floating.

Lets go paint a mural! We paint the same mural, putting whatever we want. We walk slowly backwards, one step of the time, in public. 

We just explore the city, no idea where we are going, no plans, just exploring and getting lost!!! We walk for hours!

A moment of silence. A nurturing for my soul. Hearing truth. Hearing people sing/say truth. The absolute truth. The relative truth of the times. The opening of the soul into words. Speaking, breathing the truth. Saying, sharing, writing, hearing, listening the truth. Seeing deep into reality. See deep into a man's soul that he opens up for all to see. Raw, tender, sensitive, Here for all to bask in the sunshine of the innermost truth. Nothing of you hidden. Completely here, bearing all for all to see.  A nurturing for the soul.

The words the person spoke/sang was specific and unmistakable. The way they said the words, the order of it, their tonality, is specific. It is undeniable. Its certain. Its not an accident and completely on purpose. It is known, it is lived. It is real, true. It cannot be faked. Its deep. It goes deeper than anything.

C'mon!!! Yeah!! Let's start running!!!

We know bringing about the end of Poverty, starvation, murder and rape is what a real Friend and real Love would do. So we will do it. We'll end it. Everywhere! Forever!

To actually do what I'm writing here, is as simple as doing it. But its all the shit inside you, that you allow to block you from doing that. That's what desteni can help you with. It will take a minimum of 7 years of application to change from the old self into the new self. One day children can be shown how to live into the real self from birth, but that's only possible in a world full of adults already living that. Master you mind, your self, and the process.  You can do it!

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Day 48 I believe in the Power of Self-forgiveness

I believe any person can forgive themselves for anything they have done, and take responsibility for it, and then change who they are. I believe the soul, or the spirit, or the being of the person is powerful enough to overcome ANY situation or challenge. I also KNOW that people will fall and stumble, include fall into old habits, fall into mistakes. And I KNOW that people with perseverance can recommit to their change and get back up again, until a point where they just won't fall down anymore. I know that it DOESN"T MATTER how many times you fall, its about whether you PICK YOURSELF UP AGAIN that matters.

I believe in the human spirit, soul, being. I believe in you. No matter what you have down, or who you have become in this life... you can change and become someone different. You can become your highest self, your fullest potential, your god-like self. The self that is truly best for this entire existence.

Anyone can apply self-forgiveness. Anyone can. Anyone can live the self-responsibility to change who they are, to full live out what their self-forgiveness entails of them. 

The people of Desteni have shown that people can change through self-forgiveness. So that means you can change!