Monday, March 26, 2018

Sexuality as a Man

Right now, neither the vast majority of men or women are fully living their sexuality. This is something difficult to understand. As a guy, the normal orgasm ejaculation seemed great. Though in comparison to actually expressing myself sexually, it was puny, like nothing. And if you haven't lived it yet yourself, you won't understand. Though I did it, so its possible to do.

In the beginning I followed the basic Desteni principles. Do not react. So I did self-forgiveness on all reactions I had, which included with sexuality. If i reacted to seeing a big breasts of a woman, I would do self-forgiveness. And so on and so forth. Every single time. Then I started practicing masturbation while still doing self-forgiveness on any sexual thought. Without relying or using thought, I relied on the physical, my physical body. I found that the natural liquid secretion from my penis was enough for creating lubrication and it just felt good physically. I didn't need to think of anything. I could just feel the physical... and then I started naturally just expressing myself in rhythm, in sequence and movement. No thought, just me, and my body. I didn't need someone else or something else. It was just me. And I would breathe, and move, and my muscles would work and it would involve my whole body, like a workout. Then I found I had control. I could stop and take a break. I would have multiple orgasms. The ejaculation was not the orgasm. The orgasm was my expression with my body.

Here is a point that if we all master it, that it would radically change things. What I applied would surely help women in the same way, because its a known statistic that many women cannot reach orgasm. Of course I cannot know if what I lived will work for woman, cause I am a man, but I would bet it would apply just the same.

Imagine if no relationship/marriage ever is based on the other providing your sexual needs... maybe we will start focusing on the actual person, and what we are actually getting ourselves into.

Saturday, March 24, 2018


 You Can be Friends with ANYONE. And Anyone can Be Friends with YOU!!!

This wording is specific. Because currently we view Friendship as something that either Exists or doesn't. We don't view Friendship as a VERB as an ACTION. We tend to make ourselves POWERLESS when it comes to the Friendships that we have or have had. I was like this too. I believed I only connected with certain people and that's it. That it wasn't my fault that I didn't have control.

So here we are going to open up the misconceptions we have with Friendships and open up the Potentially best way to live when it comes to the people in your everyday life.

In our days we tend to have jobs and are stuck with certain people for certain amount of time. And in other times of the day we are free to choose who we spend time with. HERE, we will not be discussing at all about these dimension of choice, that is up to you to arrange your time. We are here focusing on what you DO when you are WITH someone for some TIME whether by choice or FORCED to, it doesn't matter for what we are about to say here.

So imagine being stuck in a room with a person for 10 minutes. Its not a trap, you both know you will be let out in 10 minutes. So in that time you do have, what do you do? What can you do? These 10 minutes represent your entire LIFE. Because the Life TIME is really just RELATIVE, it can be compared to a blink of an eye. Quick. So for our example its the same.

The reason why ANYONE can be FRIENDS with ANYONE, is that there is nothing preventing ANYONE from being OPEN. This is the basic premise. Open means sharing. Sharing means talking. Sharing as talking means talking about yourself. And if the other person takes their turn then you have intimacy! Its that simple.

This basic simplicity, and basic truth that ALL of our complex relationships, and complex hierarchy, complex groups, clubs clicks, complex social rules, sophisticated societies, cultured intellectual status, etc... is just air, hot air from a fresh fart. You can't grab air. It goes right through your fingers.

An intellectual sophisticated smarty pants and a Neanderthal loin cloth wearing idiot can be Friends. Yes they can!  Adolf Hilter can be Friends with an Orthodox Jew. Jesus Christ can be friends with the most depraved sexual assault man who raped hundreds of kids. Because realize these limitations we hold onto so dearly is not real. The only reason that these statements I make have any significant meaning is because of how you have defined these words to mean something contrasting, something opposite, something problematic, something insurmountable, and impossible.

 Yet the basic truth is that ANYONE can change. If you can accept that truth, then you must be able to accept the truth that ANYONE can be friends with ANYONE, otherwise its not logical.

And if you ask how do you ignite the spark of friendship, the answer is to open up, to share, to be vulnerable, to express yourself. A person who CAN be friends with anyone can change the world completely. Here I say CAN, because it doesn't mean it will be. But it also means that you do not say its impossible. Can means that you say its possible. Can means that you CAN do it. Only someone who CAN can change the world.

Do you remember your childhood clearly? Do you remember how you initially approached every person? Were you open to friendship? Hmm?

Everyone alive now is either a child or adult, or somewhere in between. What matters is that if everyone is not a child now, they once were. Everyone was once but a newborn. Imagine you being that ugly little newborn weighing just a pound, that can be held in your own arms right now. That is how you were. That WAS real. That WAS really you. That is truth. You didn't have any idea of limitation, of what was impossible. You could become anything. LOL

That potential is here right now within you. That potential is here and will always be here. You can CHANGE. You CAN BE something other than you are. You can remake yourself, reinvent yourself, rebirth yourself. You can be friends with anyone. It doesnt mean you will, but you KNOW it will not be because you COULDN'T SEE the POTENTIAL. Cause you KNOW that if you are open and ready, then all it takes is for the other person to be READY, to ACCEPT IT, to JOIN YOU!  That is the basis of friendship. 

So scoff at all limitations, and statements of being lesser than who you CAN BE!!!!

Monday, March 19, 2018

I will recreate Myself

I am in the process of Recreating myself completely.

I was stuck in a place. And so I either stay stuck here or recreate myself.

So far, the road that brought me here to being stuck was one where I uncovered myself, my secrets, and what I am good at and what I enjoy doing in this world. I found, you could say, exactly what many people look for in this life. Yet knowing who I am, knowing my being, it was not enough. Because this world system, this environment, I cannot live my being, live my creativity, live my expression as who I am right now. Because this world rejects it.

So here is my stuckness: I am not able to live my being in this world system in a harmony, in an equilibrium, in a balance, in stability. In other words, I am not able to be me. Many people have suicided when they reach a somewhat similar point. Or they make other compromises, for example they stay simply stuck forever...

They never change... because how can they? This is who they really are, in their soul, their being, their personality, their preference... This is them... This is who they were born to be and do.

Imagine you were born to be an artist but can never be an artist in this world, and survive... You have to get another job because you can't make any money...

So that's one example...

It goes deeper than that though. It goes into the very fiber of your being, your sense of self and who you are. Where who you are, is not accepted by anyone in this world, and cannot stably live or exist as that. What can you do then?

So I have an answer...
I have a way...
Which is what I am the starting the process of doing right now.

Recreate yourself. Completely remake yourself. Recreate yourself on the level of your being, your soul. The idea that your being, your soul, your presence, is simply FIXED and is ALL that you can BE, and ALL that is REAL about you, and is your REAL self, is bullshit, because its a limitation. The very NATURE of LIFE is CREATION. You are a CREATOR by the simple fact that you are an extension of LIFE itself. You can create, recreate, make, remake yourself in any way, shape or form, including on the very deepest part of who you are. It doesn't matter your history, or your past, or any excuse...

We ALL have a being right now, and we ALL have a story of that being, A HISTORY, a PAST, a record of past events and memories that determine, define, and shape who you are. The very nature of a SOUL is a collection of memories, that come together to define that personality of a person. The PAST did exist. Though why in hell do you have to be limited by that? Why do we each have to have like a BEING, like a HISTORY, like a PERSONALITY, that is like who we are, like our REAL SELF, or real INNER BEING, or real identity, and our REAL EXPRESSION????? Why does that have to exist at all? Like its an idea, a living idea that we are living!!! Cause we are doing it, but we don't have to!!

Its like a color!!! Imagine you have your own color that describes you, lets say blue!!! It's like why are you BLUE??? Why not be Green, yellow, red, or ANY COLOR!?!? You can be!!! So its like why is your being just like the color blue??? Why only that?! Isn't that a limitation? And can't you NOT create yourself in any way, shape or form, because you are the creator and director, determiner, decider, maker, shaper?

SO you can be ALL colors and all being signatures, and all personalities, and be anything!!! There is nothing sacred or special about the YOU that you have been so far, that makes it worth protecting, and limiting yourself to BE ONLY that!!!

So because this world rejects this being that is me, I will recreate a new one, and not only for like some sense of stability in the world system, but to fucking LIVE!!! to laugh, to play, to enjoy myself. To be able to create things in this world that I Can be Proud of. To be so much more, and do so much more than just this one being, one dream, one idea, one personality that I have been so far. None of that matters. What matters is who I am as creator, creating this moment, and taking responsibility for what I create, and simply exploring, and following the guiding principle of what is best for all.

I am a Creator.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Everything Matters

Every single person matters equally. Abuse does exist. And the abusers matter just as much as anyone else. People who are pedophiles need support. People who are murderers need support. People who are greedy and corrupt need support. People who are racists and promote genocide need support.

To vilify people is to not support them. It is unsupportive to vilify people. Vilifying people is an abusive act itself.

Abuse happens all the time. It is continuing to be accepted and allowed. We can end abuse through supporting the abusers to change. Change happens in many ways, including prevention. Prevention means supporting everyone, because anyone can abuse. Support means education, money, attention, and guidance. Being a part of people's lives.

Support is something we all can do.

A world that kills all abusers, is a world that cannot exist. Because killing abusers is abuse. Doing everything you can is support.

Everything Matters, Everyone matters.

Everyone was once a child. Every single pedophile was once a child. Every single murderer was once a child. Every single corrupt and greedy person was once a child. We all changed since childhood, and we can all change again.

Don't give up on anyone.

This world is not an evil place. We choose whether we see no potential, or we see potential everywhere.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

What?! Did you really expect you could just be happy and F!@# around and that's it?

Many of us want to have a good life. To find happiness. To live well.
One of our dreams is to be just happy for no reason. There is a problem with being happy for no reason.

In religion, if we connect with God or if we attain enlightenment, we are in bliss. We are happy for no apparent reason, needing nothing more.There is a problem with this.

If we somehow simply discover a way to just be happy whenever we want for no apparent reason, because we can choose to, there is a problem with this.

There is a phrase that exists: There is nothing wrong with being happy, but...

So here I am saying that there is something wrong with being happy, if you do not include oneness and equality, or everyone/everything in existence at the center of your life and living.

Because look at what happens: someone who attains the god-like state of bliss, of being one with God, of having their soul attain enlightenment, will literally just sit there and preach for others to do the same, and say that this physical reality is not the real reality, and God is the way!!!

So literally sit on their ass and do nothing.

The same goes for the more normal form of happiness: You make money, have a good life, get married, have a partner, have kids, go on vacation, have friends, and that's it. Where you do not place everyone and everything as one and equal at the center and focus of your attention.

Its like literally going after your own happiness, what makes you happy and that's it. The thing is that when I say it, it sounds like that is normal, we have just accepted that there is nothing wrong with going after your own happiness. The reason why is because we are ALL DOING IT. Each of us is placing our own happiness first. So when I say something like a person lived their life going after what makes them happy, it doesn't sound bad at all!!!

So here I have to roll up my sleeves and see if I can show you the reality. Right now, if all of us continue to go after what makes us happy in the time we have left in this life, then all the poverty in all the various countries, all the suffering, all the physical diseases that could be prevented, all the starvation, all the wars, murders, rapes, abuses will continue to happen to those who are not as fortunate and lucky as you. Because realize your PARENTS did exactly what you are doing now. THEY went after their happiness. THEY made a life with money, security, where they didn't die in starvation or wars. So you will do the same in your protected bubbles, while the rest of the populations that are in war zones, in poverty, in places with no money, no ability to build good homes, good access to water, sanitation, electricity, and they will have to fend for themselves.

So by having kids, and living the life your parents lived, your are teaching your kids to do the same. Or you can do something radically different.

Okay so this is the part where I say what's the other way to live.

If you place everything and everyone as the focus of your attention, of your life, you will try and find a way to bring balance to the world. Because the world right now is imbalanced. There are no villains here, no bad guys, we are all in this together. And you will speak and write about oneness and equality. And you will challenge your beliefs and views. Because much of what prevents you from taking actions and seeing solutions is your very sight. You are not able to see that which you blind to. If you see others as stupider than you, or inferior than you, that will define all the rest that you see. The truth that we must see is that all is one and equal. Americans are not superior to anyone. Money does not make you better or more trustworthy. Beauty is not something to value. Fame is not real. The ideas we keep in our heads that we superimpose on reality is preventing us from working with reality. We believe that we can't change reality because it is bigger than us, when the truth is that we are one and equal to this reality. So the change that must take place is within you, within your sight, within your belief, ideas and thoughts. You will then subsequently bring forth changes in your daily life, like how you eat, how you sleep, how you live your day, and how interact with others. Living as oneness and equality, and see all as one and equal, that will radically and fundamentally change your life, and the lives of others for all time to come.

And if you have kids, you can raise them as this version of Life. Version 2.0. Cause version 1.0 sucked. Kids naturally are aligned to oneness and equality. So its much easier actually to raise them in this way. The main problem is you, the parent, cause you are just like your own parents. This fact of kids being naturally aligned to oneness and equality BEFORE parents corrupt them, is a form of proof that this is the way life is SUPPOSED to be, and this is who we ALL were meant to be, and also how this is who we will all HAVE to be, because existence will either get destroyed or we will become the solution. Happiness is NOT the solution.

When you live as oneness and equality then you will gain access to the expressions of life. You will gain access to living words that reflect the nature of life as oneness and equality. You will become like a child again, and become like a God. You will have access to strength and authority through having oneness and equality as your base, as your focus of your life. It cannot be any other way. All forms of expressions that are divorced from oneness and equality will remain in separation until you reunite yourself with the fundamental truth of all forms of life, that we are one and equal.

Take a look deep inside. What do you see?

Oneness and Equality
How many of us speak and live within oneness and equality?

What is oneness and equality you ask? Well, its something you live, where you are aware of how everything is one and equal. So when you take a sip of your drink, you are aware of how your drink is one and equal to you, how the cup is something you are one and equal to, how you body is something you are one and equal to, and the breath you breathe is something one and equal to you, etc...  The word "etc" here means the entirety of existence. So literally etc... to the max.

Living as oneness and equality is nothing that any religion has preached or realized. Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Taoism, or Atheism etc... Usually in religions, or atheism, people follow a set of rules of behavior that defines what you should do or not do. They are quite explicit, like don't drink alcohol, don't have an abortion, or pray a certain number of times a day etc... Though what is the overall arching goal here? What is the master rule, master motivation in all of this? Is there any logical framework behind all of this? Atheism is not excluded from these questions. In atheism, each person is still following rules of behavior, about what is good and bad to do.

Perhaps the best answer people can give is to do good by each other. Yet this is very murky, because are we doing good to everyone? Like between Russia and the United States, are we doing good to each other. And also the rest of the world, are we as citizens doing good to everyone in the world? Is that our goal? It seems very obviously not. Cause we do good FIRST to our friends and family, before strangers. Sometimes in some religions, people do charity work. Though what's the motivation here? Why do it?

Often it is said that helping people is Good. That charity is good to do. The same way that helping your friends and family is good. Its like saying that everything good is on the same level. If you do some good to someone, you are a good person. A good Christian. A good Citizen. A good person in the eyes of God, Allah, etc...

But why? What's the master rule? What's the motivation? Why do good?

Is it because it makes you feel good? Is that it?

Is it because that's what God wants you to do?

Is it because that is what is good and right?

So the reason why I'm bringing up oneness and equality is because it has nothing to do with what is good, or doing good. There is no good or bad. It is fundamentally seeing everything and everyone as one and equal. It doesn't give you a good feeling to help someone. You help someone because they ARE you. Do you see what I mean here? Helping someone else would be the same as helping yourself, because you are one and equal to the other. This way of living is satisfying and much different than how we live, and see things right now.

If everyone were to live this way, to live within and as oneness and equality, Life would become much better, much simpler, and much pain and suffering would be prevented. Because there can be no such thing as wrath or vengeance, or punishment that is motivated by desire to see a sinner or law-breaker suffer. Forgiveness becomes natural. All grudges can't exist, all memories of pain and suffering are released, forgiveness becomes the norm. The balance of power in the world and the balance of money in the world becomes reset. Life becomes about building each other, and building a world together. Wars, fighting, arguments end. All of us become the center of attention.

 In order to embrace everyone and everything we need to let go of our own stories, and much of our own identity. For example, the identity that I am a Muslim, I am a Christian, I am Jewish, or I am American, I am a citizen of my country... this weighs us down, this prevents us from seeing everyone and everything, and prevents us from hugging or embracing everyone. And there is a difference between only saying what I am saying as words, and actually willing to do something about it. Committing your money, committing your life to everyone, to all as one and equal, that is a base requirement. If all is you, then you can't just stand by and watch and do nothing. Understand that what I am saying is not pretty words but actually who you become and how you live forevermore.

If you have resistance to embracing someone, if you have resistance in standing as another, in their shoes, then you are holding onto limitation in the form of some definition, some idea, some thought somewhere within you.

What you typically find in most people, pretty much all people, regardless of their religion, or lack of religion, or background is a degree of selfishness. Selfishness being the desire to have a good life for yourself. To have a family for yourself. To have a partner for yourself. To have kids for yourself. To have a house and money for yourself. That is what you find throughout the cultures and history of humanity. So even with these great religions, and great religious figures, or these great Atheist, or great Atheist figures, it comes down to nothing more than being happy and finding happiness.

For yourself of course.

Oneness and Equality is about everything, everyone, and the entirety of existence not excluding a single item, particle, thing or person.