Thursday, March 31, 2016

What is Power?

I am walking a process of defining words. For context, and explanation for why I am defining words, and the importance of the definitions of words that you do in fact have, please read the previously written blog post You Are Words!


What is real power? Real power is the physical. How? Why? Because anything imaginary and fictitious like PAPER money, or metal coins, or currency based on a mineral, is stupid. You can't cook with money, you can't eat money, you can't do anything with money. You can only trade this paper with someone who is stupid. Thankfully we are all stupid and we gladly accept the money over the real substance that is food.

WHAT IS REAL POWER???  Real power is the physical body. 80% of people on the planet earth are earning and using LESS than $10 US. Can you imagine yourself living on just $10 US? ........ you would be freaking poor and starving. Goodbye organic foods.

The physical body is what moves. The physical body is what builds. Do you think paper money built the empire state building? No it was physical hands, and machine, with human sweat and blood. Do you think it was paper money that held the guns and dropped the bombs? No it was the soldiers that were flying the planes, driving the cars, and pulling the triggers. Do you think it was paper money that cared for your child, fed your child, cared for your family? No it was you with your body, your sweat, and tears. It was YOU and it was THEM, but it was NEVER and will never be MONEY. Humans are the creators, Not MONEY. Money is a creation. It is paper. It is numbers on a computer database. How the hell have we become less than our creation? How has money, our creation, become our master? This must be some sick prank, seriously. It is you the Human that is real, that Creates this earth exactly the way it has been, how it is now, and what it will become. You are creating the experiences of all the lives collectively.

What is real power? It is the physical. It is not the imaginary, the idea, the thought, the feeling, the emotion, the imagination, the fantasy, the imagery, the picture, the lights, pixels on a screen, or story. The physical is the power, the blood, sweat, tears, flesh, muscle grinding, twisting, and tearing. That is what is freaking real. YOU have power. It is your body, your PHYSICAL body. You can create and shape the world in your image and likeness. You have everything that you need RIGHT here. The illusion that blinds your eyes like a shrouding curtain... just freakin drop it and see what you have right here! The power is at your finger tips. Access it, hold onto it, and never let it go!!! Create an existence that is worth living for 100% of the population of earth, including the animals and plants too. Don't be an asshole.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

You are words!

Each person actually has their own definitions of words. To make this apparent, consider how two people define the word love. What constitutes love? How do you love someone? What does someone have to do to show that they love you? Is love limited just between two people or can it include more? What is love?

There is no way these two people have the same definition of the word Love. Which is why people that usually form relationships together end up fighting or being confused and miscommunicating with one another, because they have different expectations for how they partner should act and behave, and how to show that they love them, and so show the the relationship will work.

But it is not just the word love, it is every word. Each person has their own definition for every word. And what is interesting is what ever the definition that you have, for all of the words... this completely and absolutely effects your perception, understanding, behavior, personality, actions, decisions in every possible way. In essence the definitions you have for words is EXACTLY what you live and become. It is WHO YOU ARE. You are the definitions of the words!

We have already looked at the word Love as an example, but to make this point further, let us consider another example. A word like purpose. So imagine person A, who has a definition for purpose that is very bland, meaning for him purpose is doing your job everyday and doing it very well. For me this is a very bland definition, which is because I have my own definition for purpose and in comparison the one I just wrote is bland. Now, imagine person B, who has a definition for purpose of making sure that everyone, everywhere is considered and regarded so that there physical forms is cared for and that their self-development is supported so that they become the absolute best beings possible that reflects the true nature and purpose of life. So that definition is much closer to mine, and this definition is grand! And this definition in person B will drive, will motivate, will give meaning and purpose to him where he will fulfill his own destiny which is the definition he has and lives for purpose!

Now, on a practical realm, what does it mean to have a definition for a word, and actually living it? So living it, is actually living it, which means it is here as yourself within your awareness, present, fluctuating, resonating, existent in real time, now. Simply having a definition is having it as knowledge stored in your head somewhere, that you access sometimes. So in that case you are not actually living the definition which would be something in every single moment. So its just knowledge, which is like a fact that you don't care about.

What is interesting is that living words affects your physical body. Living the definition of the word purpose that person B has, would actually activate your body, and create a fire within him or her as a motivation to move, to act, to accomplish, to succeed, and realize his vision, his purpose. Living the definition of the word that person A had would actually be quite boring, and meaningless, and purposeless, which is something you can clearly see in many people today, who do in fact just live their lives daily, just going to work, living a boring, average life, just doing what they are told, and not striving to make some great change or betterment for life everywhere! So when you live a word, it is also on a physical level.

Another dimension to consider is your mind. Living a definition of a word changes your mind. it changes what you SEE and PERCEIVE. It literally reveals a completely different world in front of you, just like putting on a pair of glasses. Living the definition of person B, would sharpen the mental capacity, and heighten the awareness of the physical surroundings. It would bring your attention to the physical reality, and so integrate the mind into a level of equality and understanding with what it means to be physical and so be practical, which is how you will accomplish your goal, which is a physical goal, and so it is attainable and creatable. You must create your purpose. In your mind you become sharp.

 is an online community where people who are interested in discovering and developing their utmost potential can come together and share their insights, experiences and realisations. We host free weekly interactive webinars that are focused on the power of words in living change - this stems from the realisation that everything of ourselves come from our understanding, definitions and living of words.

Life Creation through Words


Terrified of Living

So I had a dream last night... a nightmare, which reveals something quite relevant and true which we all as people today may be going through in some way or another throughout our daily lives even if it may not be apparent or obvious at first. So how can a nightmare be something in my daily life?

In my nightmare, there was this gigantic robot that's sole purpose and desire was to freeze human beings using his ice cold freeze ray. To essentially kill. Throughout the nightmare I was escaping the robot. This went on for a while. I was hiding in different locations and running into various people. I felt terror. I was running away trying to go to the least likely location that the mad killing robot would find me. At the end of my nightmare, he does find me when I expected to finally be safe. If felt like no matter how hard I tried or what I did, there was nothing I could do to run away, to change my fate, to give myself a different life, a meaningful life. I didn't have control or power.

So in real life, this is something I see as being a very real emotional experience people go through today. Where we feel powerless, and we fear being powerless. We emotionally believe we lack control or power over our lives and our fate, and we react with fear. This being reflected in our poor decisions: we rush, we run, as if we are being chased by a mad killing robot. Our decisions in daily life become compulsive, become reactive, based on an instinct of fear.

Things couldn't be farther from the truth. In reality, we do have power and control. Over the one thing that influences all things in our lives. That is ourselves. Who we are, what we are in the moment determines all else. What we are thinking, what we are fearing, what we are believing.... that determines everything. The most important point of focus should be on who we are in the moment, not what we are doing. As a wise man said, it is not what we do, but who we are in what we do that matters most.

So if we are within fear, no matter what the object we are fearing may be, what is created is more fear: decisions of fear, actions of fear, perceptions of fear, and thoughts of fear. Fear leads to more fear. And fear... is stupid. Stupid actions, stupid decisions, stupid perceptions or beliefs, and stupid thoughts. Fear is stupid.

The answer to fear is simple. Stop. That is the only appropriate response to fear. Unless there is a train hurdling towards you, fear is not relevant. On a rare occasion, once in a blue moon, fear is relevant, but even then you still want a sound mind and sound self. So take control, take directive principle of yourself. Don't just be the result of fear. Be a creator of yourself.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A recipe for satisfaction

A moment that is truly amazing, completely satisfying and undeniably empowering, is... a moment where you look at the situation, you see the people in the situation, you see beyond the people that are in the situation to see the support base that allows for Human beings to exist, you see the depth and layers of the setting of the situation, which is the Earth, and with such a clear picture of everything that exists, you see how each point, segment, part, morsel, is no greater, or lesser... no more important, no more essential... no more integrated, no more special.... than any other point, segment, morsel or part. So in fact, each is equal, and one within the whole, big or small. 

Monday, March 28, 2016

Everyone dies, but how many lives?

With certainty, everyone single one of us were once pure and innocent. This was at birth. We didn't have the personalities we live daily today. We didn't have a stressed personality, or depressed personality. We weren't running around trying to accomplish the work of the day in stress, or laying on the couch within depression. None of the emotions we participate daily existed at birth. At birth we just felt our bodies, we just existed. We just looked around, expressed ourselves through gurgling sounds. We moved and touched. So, our personalities were developed and created. They also didn't magically appeared as they are today in the version we have them right now. They evolved, they developed, they grew. They were built through moments of participation.

So right now, we are alive and we have our personalities. And with equal certainty, just as you were born pure, I know that you will die. What I don't know is who you will be when you die. I can't say you will die pure. I can't say you will die as someone that is responsible, caring, understanding, a visionary, a pioneer, a reliable individual, an example of the best of humanity, an amazing individual, a person that took the reigns of their life and made something that uplifted everyone, a person that stood by the value of life of every single thing and person. In contrast with a baby, babies are born pure and innocent, but they also are not born complete or finished. They aren't born with responsibility, or understanding, or being the absolute best that is possible to be. That is something that is created during this life. Thus, we are all born as creators.

We create ourselves, and so by doing, our creation as ourselves has an influence and effect on others that ripples across many lives. Who you are is your creation. That is your canvas, your clay, which you paint, shape and mold. The point that is missed is that we are creating ourselves in each moment, within each thought, within each internal experience, judgment, opinion, belief and reaction. Thus what you see within the depths of yourself, in your mind, is influencing and determine who you are in daily life and action. So that is you. And as a creator, you can change yourself.

Death seems scary. But in reality, who you are when you die, that is what holds substance and definition of your life and your death. Death equally happens for all of us, just as birth equally does. Who you are when you die though, that is your decision, that is where your power lies. And who you are is determined and created through years of participation in each individual moment of life. Thus life is your power, and death is just the signal of the end of that stage. Therefore attention should be placed on Life and living, not on death. It should be placed on Who You Are.

Fear of death actually is revealing the fact that you know you are not living life to the fullest and making the most of your time, where you live a life of value and purpose, where you add to life and making it more expansive and better for yourself and everyone. Fear of death reveals that a part of yourself knows that you have been accepting your own limitations and allowing them within excuses and justifications. Because at death it is too late to change or do anything about your life, as it has ended. And you fear facing your limitations, weaknesses, and flaws. As a creator you can transcend your fear, and you can change and create your life into your direction and decision. You can release and stop fear.

SOUL – The School of Ultimate Living is an online
community of people interested in
discovering and developing their utmost potential – Invest in a wide range of Interviews and Support yourself to Self Perfection
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Self and Living – Practical Living Support To Live to Your Utmost Potential
DIP Lite – Free Online Course to get you started with learning the Tools of Self Support
DIP PRO -A Desteni Course for those Ready to Walk the Journey of a Lifetime

SOUL – The School of Ultimate Living is an online
community of people interested in
discovering and developing their utmost potential – Invest in a wide range of Interviews and Support yourself to Self Perfection
Journey To Life Blogs – Read the blogs from those walking the 7 year journey to life.
Self and Living – Practical Living Support To Live to Your Utmost Potential
DIP Lite – Free Online Course to get you started with learning the Tools of Self Support
DIP PRO -A Desteni Course for those Ready to Walk the Journey of a Lifetime - See more at:

SOUL – The School of Ultimate Living is an online
community of people interested in
discovering and developing their utmost potential – Invest in a wide range of Interviews and Support yourself to Self Perfection
Journey To Life Blogs – Read the blogs from those walking the 7 year journey to life.
Self and Living – Practical Living Support To Live to Your Utmost Potential
DIP Lite – Free Online Course to get you started with learning the Tools of Self Support
DIP PRO -A Desteni Course for those Ready to Walk the Journey of a Lifetime - See more at:

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Creating Your Future Practically

I am looking for myself at the process of practically creating my future through planning and specifying. So, I have in the past worked with planning my future. And I am sure most people have made plans before. But one mistake that I have made is daydreaming about my plans, where it is not grounded in reality and has more of an air of fantasy, like a movie. Which in movies, you tend to feel excited, and good or positive. Which is a mistake. Because as my experience revealed to me, such airy plans don't come to fruition and are easily challenged and broken down. Why? Because they were never grounded in reality. So if you are someone that tends to make a lot of plans for yourself, but very few if any of those plans actually are realized then you can look at this point for yourself that perhaps your planning was more emotional and fantasy-like than actually practical, supportive, and real.

Now, when I looked at planning or creating my future, there is a real depth within me that opens up. Because to really create or plan my future my real self needs to step forth which by nature has a depth. This substantiates the plan and so my future. It makes the future real within me. In comparison to before with the daydream, I was more within my mind and what I felt and thought. There wasn't a depth.

So from this depth I am recognizing what is valuable, what will surely be part of my future. These include people, because people are valuable. So recognizing the people that will surely be part of my future. And how I will expand and include them more in my future. Where the relationships will expand. Where I see the value of expanded relationships, and how that is taking my further into my future, and who I will become.

Future becomes myself, an extension, a reflection, a decision and statement. It becomes my plan, my script, my agenda, my future. Planning your future is a deeply intimate act with yourself. You need to be honest and delve into the depths of yourself to access who you are for real, and so what you will do with your life. How you would like to change and who you would like to develop into. Your future is your seat, your place of self-creation. And Yes, such things as career choices, responsibilities, jobs, people, location, moving, hobbies, exploration, and money are part of that future. So all of these points are considered yes, but they are considered within the context of WHO YOU ARE, and that is essential. Otherwise who or what are you planning a future for if not you? So being real with yourself and being intimate with yourself is the only real way to plan a future for yourself. And perhaps the only real way to produce actual results as well.

So listening to yourself, accessing yourself is where to start living for real.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Disney's Frozen 2013 Meaning and Lessons

The movie Frozen was made by Disney. It is an animated musical. There are some really interesting and different elements and story points that were present in this movie that actually had a greater depth and groundedness in reality than most films.

The most palpable story element is how Elsa's ice power are directly influenced and affected by her emotional state, especially fear. As well, if she is grounded and clear within herself her ice power also reflects that. So overall, depending on who Elsa is, her power and so her ice CREATION is determined by this. This is a very true theme, because in real life our 'who we are' influences and determines our own creations, whether it be a work of art, a wood crafting project, or something like making a speech or presentation, or simply having a conversation, if we are feeling a certain emotion or trapped in a certain thought, that will determine the outcome of who we are and what we produce. Movies have the power of story telling so they are able to make metaphors quite apparent, and so show their meaning very obviously. So Elsa's creation is an obvious reflection of who she is in the moment. Furthermore the movie reveals how when she is in emotional turmoil and fear, she creates consequences, which in this case meant hurting her sister Anna, and also creating a snow storm.

There is another story element that is equally palpable, and maybe more. When Elsa runs away from the town to hide in the mountain she feels free. But this is a false freedom. It is false because she is still creating consequences through her acceptance and allowance of fear of hurting others, and what others will say about her. Simply hiding and being alone is not the way to address the fear, it is running away from the fear, it is a reaction to the fear. But Elsa feels good and free, because of course she is temporarily free of the fear. She is feeling free of responsibility. That is a dangerous feeling for anyone to participate in. Freedom from responsibility is an illusion, and it is a basis for a feeling. No person can be free from responsibility, because everything you say and do has an impact. To be alive, exist is to hold power, and thus responsibility. Freedom as a feeling, is an illusion. We are all bound to each other, through the power we all share of being able to create a moment, which is shared amongst us.  At the same time, however, freedom from fear is possible, and is realized in the movie by the end. Elsa protects her sister and realizes that she can stand up and make a decision about who she is and what is the right decision and what is the best thing for her to do. This clarity and stance of who she is and what she will accept and allow means she regained directive principle over who she is and what she will create. Thus she ended the winter storm and she could express her power with precision and purpose by her hand.

An important lesson then is that freedom from responsibility is never possible, and is only consequential. However freedom from fear is possible, which simply means not allowing fear or any other element or part to determine and decide who you are, and what your creation is, that is both yourself and an expression of yourself that is an outflow of you. Another perspective is that freedom from yourself, absolutely, isn't possible, because you can't cut yourself off, or runaway from or separate yourself from yourself. That is also an illusion or lie. You can however understand yourself and reconcile parts of yourself where you recreate yourself and align yourself within a new aim or direction. There is nothing bad or evil about yourself, those are simply judgments. There are parts of yourself that are not understood, and so apparently bad, but within understanding you see how they are simply not directed and aligned to what is best for all, simply because you haven't taken responsibility for these parts and made a decision about who you are, and so actually created that part of you. Thus theses errors in self simply reveal what you need to look at within yourself and what requires your responsibility and direction.

In the movie, Elsa's parents weren't self-aware beings who stood within their own directive principles of themselves. Because if they were they could have assisted Elsa to take responsibility for her fear and direct herself, not only with the ice powers, but with her entire life. In the movie her parents actually guided Elsa to suppress her fears, and simply gave her reassuring lies to make her feel better. This is also something that is currently true in real life, because it is what happens most of the time. This is the result of us as human beings not being aware of how we are creating our own lives daily in each moment by what we accept and allow to come up within what we think and what we feel, including what we feel about what we think. Including such things fear but also all of that which is present in our minds and selves. For the most part we don't make a clear decision to become who we are, we for the most part just accidentally become who we are, and simply step into our lives as a predetermined path. To actually create our lives and be deliberate in deciding who we are is something that simply doesn't  happen, but should be happening. Unfortunately our decisions are usually made within believing what someone told us, or with what feels right, instead of a true investigation into what is really best for us and others.

There are more element I could discuss, but I will leave it to you to see what they are. Many movies and stories you can see and read several times and each time see something new and learn something new.

The greatest act of Love

What is the greatest act of Love?

To answer this question, it seems logical that the greatest act of love would be an action that addresses the greatest amount of suffering. Addresses it in such a way that the suffering is eliminated. And not only eliminated, but replaces the suffering with what should have been there before: support.

So in our quest-ion to find the greatest act of Love, we must find the greatest suffering. I have an answer, so let's see what you think. I found a statistic that says 80% of people live on less than $10 dollars a day. So that means that 20% of people on the planet earn more than $10. I know for myself, as someone who lives in United States, that it would be impossible to live on just $10 dollars a day. I earn much more than $10 each day. So the same is true for people in United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan. That we all earn more than $10 a day. When I think of other problems, maybe disasters, health problems, lack of food, lack of education, abusive parents, crime... they all have something to do with money, don't they?

If you are earning only $10 each day then you will be unable to afford many medical services, and pay for a school for your kids or for yourself. You also may have to resort to crime to make more money. And you wouldn't be able to prepare very well for any natural disasters, by stockpiling food, water, a generator. Children of course usually have no access to money, and they are considered a property of their parents so they wouldn't be able to really leave their parents and be on their own.

So Imagine, if the 80% of the world population earned $100 dollars each day. They would make in 1 year, what would have taken 10 years to make. Literally it would accelerate the progression of their lives by ten-fold. They could address for themselves problems they face, because they can afford healthcare, afford schools, and not have to resort to crime. They could be prepared for natural disasters. And imagine if we extend money to children unconditionally. Imagine if children learn from an early age how to manage money, how to pay for their own food, pay for their own healthcare, and pay for their own education. It is a radical idea. Children would be prepared and ready for life, and have an understanding of money that most people simply don't have until they make many grave mistakes at a much older age.

They say money is the root of all evil. It makes sense then that the lack of money is leading to suffering, and so ensuring their is plentiful money alleviates that suffering. Remember love addresses suffering. So Money is the root of the greatest love. And remember, it is not simply eliminating suffering, but replacing that with support. And money supports the expansion and growth of the various physical aspects of a person's life, furthering their own progression of who they are as a person.

Do you know the terrorists in the Middle east? Did you know that those countries are poor? That those people are poor? That they live harsh lives in poverty? Imagine if we as countries that control the money supply decide to channel our money so that we support the lives of the people everywhere in the world including the middle east. Imagine if we set up a system where they continuously receive money and funds, including the people in our own countries. Where money flows like the blood of the human body nourishing all the parts of the cells. That would be quite a healthy human body. Do you really think terrorists could exist? Do you really think anger, hatred or desire for revenge would exist? Terrorism is the result of suffering. It isn't the result of care, support, nourishment. Place yourself in their shoes and their lives. Understand them. Understand what they need, what they lack, and what they see when they look at us.

Perform the Greatest Act of Love, for yourself, as a statement of what you will and will not accept and allow.


One road to bring money to everyone:

Friday, March 25, 2016

A Violent Person

Where does violence come from? How is violence created?

When I had acted violently, it was either in a blackout, which means I wasn't aware of what I was doing,  or it was in awareness where I felt angry, pumped, energetic, rage, and I made sweeping movements and gestures that were not precise or exact but done to make a point or statement that I am not to be messed with. So it seems fair to say that violence is based within what you have thought and felt beforehand for a long period of time, because it both cases I was provoked by certain individuals over a long period of time of months or years. The exception to this rule is when violence is made purposefully, with cold calculation and precision. I haven't done this, myself, so I can't speak from my own experience, however when it is a very well known fact that soldiers that come back from war, who have killed people, are traumatized. They have deep emotional experiences, thoughts, and vivid memories that revisit them. In addition, soldiers have to go through bootcamp, which is also by design and is well-known to be brutal so as to prepare the soldiers to kill. To suddenly, and instantly gain the ability to kill a person, in one moment is simply not possible and doesn't happen. A baby isn't born with the ability, or capacity to kill or act violently in any way. So violence is something that is learned, and is created through time, through an accumulation of experiences that allow an act of violence to occur.

Looking at the case of insane individuals, even they were once babies. So they were not insane at that time. However it is possible that some defect or problem in their bodies affected the development of their minds that allowed for the insanity to develop. In addition, it has been well documented that in the case of a young girl that was chained in the basement, and abused physically, and sexually by her father, since presumably birth, that when she was rescued as a young girl, that she had thoughts of violence and aggression towards the members of her foster family. However, through time she eventually changed and felt embarrassment about the thoughts of violence she had. You can google : "the story of Genie" to read on this story. It is also well known that individuals that were physically abused as children will go on to physically abuse their own children. I am fortunate that my own father broke the cycle in his family, where he had been physically abused as a child and made the decision to not do the same with his kids. Thus proving and showing the Human person can change.

Looking at this evidence of change that my father made, something is very apparent. That Violence is a decision. Violence is a decision you make, every single time that you think about acting violently, that is the decision to act violently. You act on what you think. Violence then, comes from where? From your mind and thoughts, and what you feel about what you think or imagine doing, or to what you feel or think about what you see. In fact, the nature of what you feel is violent. That just makes sense. The aggression, hate, jealousy, rage, irritation, frustration, is violent to yourself, and your physical body, as well as your Who You Are. That is the nature of those emotions, and that is what resonates in your actions, and so into your environment, through your body. Your facial features become tight, your fists clench, your teeth clench, you become rigid and tight, and your heart rate increases. Violence shapes your body. It shapes your attitude, your perception, your entire self. Violence is an accumulation of individual moments where you accepted and allowed violent thoughts and violent emotions.

This is apparently not a secret because the military prepares their soldiers for acts of violence. The methods and training regime indicates that they are aware that you must change and shape a person into someone that acts violently. Violence isn't natural and isn't present at birth. It is learned. It is created over a period of time.

Even though the military is aware of how to prepare their soldiers of violence, the general population isn't aware of how one becomes violent. Because in society we have beliefs existent that say a person is a violent person, that they are who they are, and they cannot change, and also assuming that they have always been this way. But this simply isn't true, and the evidence is within how we are all born as babies as innocent, pure, without a history, and within people who have changed their violence to some degree. The ignorance about HOW people create Who They Are is the problem. Where for the most part we haven't been aware of how we Became the person we are today. That deliberate and calculated decisions were not made to become the best individual possible. Instead we sort of just became who we are, like being on a game show or at a casino where you simply get the prize that you get. That this is simply who you are and there is nothing you can really do about it. Apparently the military doesn't think so, otherwise they wouldn't have any soldiers because no one is born a soldier. Soldiers are made.

To me, spending time to uncovering Who You Are, and from that newfound awareness, making changes to Who You Are, so that you become better and more improved, continuously, daily for your entire life seems to be a completely natural and essential way to live as a Human Being. That is what it means to live, to actually create your life! And Who You Are is the most influential factor in your life! So, other people have realized this and so they have been working on this for years now, and they are helping others by sharing the how they have been doing what I have been talking about. Uncovering who they are, and actually changing who they are. This is their websites:

SOUL – The School of Ultimate Living is an online
community of people interested in
discovering and developing their utmost potential – Invest in a wide range of Interviews and Support yourself to Self Perfection
Journey To Life Blogs – Read the blogs from those walking the 7 year journey to life.
Self and Living – Practical Living Support To Live to Your Utmost Potential
DIP Lite – Free Online Course to get you started with learning the Tools of Self Support
DIP PRO -A Desteni Course for those Ready to Walk the Journey of a Lifetime

Thursday, March 24, 2016

You were once a Child

Here is a fact: take the most badass, meanest, toughest, scruffiest, harsh person on the planet. A person so harsh and violent that they would kill a child or baby just for fun.

You take that person, and realize this simple truth, when they were born they were just a baby, and they were innocent and pure. This is true for all of us. This is true for the strongest of us, the smartest of us, the dumbest, the most "evil" and most "good." We were born equally in this way/regard.

It is true though however, that we are not born the same. Some are born with mental or physical handicaps. Some are born with diseases. And our genetics do have an influence on us in some very unimportant superficial ways, and in some more consequential visible ways. Yet we are all still born innocent and pure. The concepts or character of being a badass, mean, tough, scruffy, or harsh doesn't exist in anyway whatsoever, at least apparently so.

Any person that will murder, will be "evil" or do harm of any kind, be it through financial abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, violence, abuse of power, position or status, and even abuse through inaction.... all such people would have been but a child, and so in 20 years, any one that will be 20 years old, their future is being created now.

I do believe that there is a free choice. But I am not stupid to believe that somehow the experiences and history of a person is what that person draws upon when making their decision. So based on what they are already aware of, and based on what emotional patterns and patterns of thinking that have been dominant in their life for their 20 years on the planet, that is what will determine their choice. And the only way they could ever make a decision that is contrary to what their life experience dictates for them to choose, is if they would have an awareness that they have merely been acting out only what has been their experience thus far, which is limited, and so they could be misinformed. To have that awareness within oneself, which is like a space and breathing room, to reflect and see the basic truth that I am sharing with you today in this blog post. That the vast majority of us have simply been acting out our personal history of experiences, and so what thoughts we thought and what feelings and emotions we felt about our own experiences. And that doesn't equate to us being right in what we think, feel about something, and so what we decide based on what we think, feel and believe. That just means we have been irrationally justifying our own actions and decisions.

A clear example is someone who acts out violently. Hurting someone for pleasure or out of fear, is irrational. It is an emotionally based action. And it is self-justifying. It is not based in all the facts, and all the perspectives of everyone. It is based on one's own singular perspective, and so limited, and separated. It is based in the logic: because that is the way it has always been or how I have always done things: or that is just who I am.   The funny thing about this logic is that it is not true. It is a lie. Because as I have pointed out in the beginning, we are all born innocent, and pure. Proving that that was part of who you are. Also proving that whatever you may become will be a change, manipulation or shift from who you are. Therefore using the past to justify is actually irrational in itself.

So the same that goes with the violent man, the same goes for any many that says they are simply the way they are, because they have always been so. That isn't true. And the evidence is right here in this blog. Each of us had to go through a process of change that has spanned years, as well as occurring in every moment of every day. Where what you thought, felt and reacted about the situations you were in, about other people, and about yourself, and even about what you felt and thought.... that is what created the Who You Are that stands before you today, from when you were initially born as a baby, without any history.

One question is, are you able to change Who You Are, which essentially requires stepping out of your entire history of what you think, believe, and feel regarding what is right/wrong, what is good/bad, etc... The answer is yes you can. But you certainly can't do it without facing personal resistance and fear, because for some reason we all feel that way when it comes to changing who we are. Except that we didn't feel that way initially when we did in fact change constantly, daily, in each moment for our entire lives. The difference between now doing it, and having done it through our entire lives since we were an innocent baby, is that we weren't really aware of what we were doing... it kinda of just happened. We kind of accidentally stepped into Who We Are and created this life. Thus explaining why the prospective of actually creating and deciding who you are, outside of what you have always been, to appear so daunting and scary, because it is in fact New. It is something you would be doing for the first time ever, despite the fact that you are an adult.

And all of this is evidently true because of the simple truth that I presented at the beginning of this blog, that we are ALL born as innocent, pure babies without any history, and thus we have all developed and become individuals we are today. And given how crazy, and mad we are, this isn't a development that was done with careful awareness and calculation to create the absolute best person.

Part of the reason why we didn't become or develop into the best person is because our parents, and the people in our environment including friends, family, and general adults, are not the best people. Here I say best in terms of your real best self, not simply in comparison to other people, no. No one is achieving or have realized the best version of themselves, yet. And it just makes sense that children who lack all experience, are not receiving the proper role models. When you have kids you are merely creating another copy of yourself. Do you really want another you walking around on this earth? The problem is that the adults don't know how they created who they are. So how could they possible assist any child to create who they are? The numbers just don't add up. What we need are people that are aware that they are creating who they are, constantly, in every moment, with what they say, think, feel, and act upon. These people would be revolutionary because they are literally stepping out of their entire Earth History. They are literally going against everything that their history is telling them to do. They are making a different decision, that is to actively with awareness, create who they are, which requires being aware of who they are Now, so they can change it. That is not part of the vast majority's lives.

And I do recognize that children are more aware that adults, partly because they haven't been yet developed the Who They Are yet that will blind them as they are doomed to repeat the same thoughts, decisions, and beliefs. Lacking experience is actually more useful than having experience, the contrary to what adults believe. Because it is the lack of experience that brings forth candidness, clarity, genuineness, and so the truth! To be able to look at a situation without your mind's eye, meaning without biases, without preconceptions, without judgement, is to look at the situation as it really is, which is what children do, and so by definition you have done before! Remember, we were all children!

As an adult it is possible to look at situations for real, like a child. You have to however face your own beliefs, judgements, superstitions, fears, emotions and feelings about situations. And make the decision that they do not determine what you see, but that you choose to see the situation for yourself and conduct your own investigation into what the case is. If a child were to live in such a way, with such awareness, then they would never develop the problem that all adults face today. They would in fact completely avoid the entire problem and difficulty, and work directly in simply creating who they are, and so who they will be in this life. That is something so many adults have yet to start doing. So until the adults start doing this, it is unlikely the children will do it. So adults everywhere, please, the future generations are waiting on You to step up and take responsibility for what you have accepted and allowed.

Support is here, and adults have already started walking this process of self-discovery and self-change for many years now. They are experienced. See for yourself if this future is one you would like for yourself. See who they have become and see who they are becoming, as well as who they were. And take the course to learn how they are doing it.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Buy the World

What if we all come together and pool our money, and then buy the world?

After we buy back the world we can distribute it amongst ourselves. How does that sound? It seems smart to me.

Because together we have more purchasing power, and the world is really the only thing of value that you can buy. So why not buy it?

Let's buy America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and don't forget Australia. Let's buy the oceans. Let's buy the sun. With all the money in the world I am sure we can do it.

So obviously this is a ridiculous thing to consider doing. But it does reveal something important. That is money currently is just a way to decide/determine how the world is split up among the people. That's it. Right now the world isn't divided evenly, is it? It's not fair right? Well... shouldn't we divide everything evenly, what do you think?

Perhaps a thought may come up that certain people don't deserve to have the same as everyone else, that some deserve either more or less. Well, that is certainly what we have today, am I right? Where some who are said to be smarter, or stronger, or more clever, savvy or witty are able to get more, so they do so. They make the choice of getting more, and they succeed. They choose the higher paying jobs, they choose to be entrepreneurs, make businesses. They choose and take a risk, and then they succeed. So they earned it. And people who earn less either made the choice to earn less..... or they failed when they tried to earn more...... or maybe they can't choose to earn more because they are physically or mentally inadequate and unable to earn more, so its not even a choice for them.

Also if you inherit wealth it is not a choice, but you do have the choice on how you spend your wealth, what you DO with it. Money gives you a choice, on how to spend it.

Do you want to have more than everyone else? Were you even aware that by choosing to have more money, this automatically means others will have less? I bet you weren't aware of that. But have a look for yourself. For you to have more, someone else must have less. Its basic math. It is the point of balance. Whatever you own, is something someone else can't own. To have more than someone else, means that they have less than you. It's very basic.

And there is no such thing as a fair competition because we are all different. Some of us ARE smarter, ARE stronger. That's just plain true. And some of us are very dumb and very weak, which we call being mentally handicapped or physically handicapped. Would you really deprive someone who doesn't have the same chances as you, assuming you aren't handicapped, the ability to live well, to have access to good food, clean water, a safe and secure home? No you wouldn't, it would be embarrassing to deny such basic points of living to someone who has no means of acquiring themselves through having a job or earning money through the system we have today. Yet that is now how things are. Today, you are not given or guaranteed anything. Some social programs do exist, but none of them are a full guarantee, they are simply a little help. What would happen if we did guarantee all the basic points of living. Owning a home, receiving money to cover ALL of your food expenses, electricity expenses, water expenses, clothing expenses, hygiene expenses, and access to internet and television for education and entertainment purposes. Include with that anything else which is considered normal to have for a middle class family. If that were real/true then we all would live well, we would live comfortably no matter who we were, no matter how smart or dumb we are, or how weak or strong we are. We wouldn't pick any jobs that would compromise our bodies, or our health. We would spend time in activities which don't earn money but bring some sense of fulfillment or enjoyment including volunteering for community development or helping those in need such as the elderly, disabled, single parents, or orphans. Also volunteering to improve the community through enhancing the earth, natural environment, parks, or conservation of the natural habitats. We might even work for free in jobs that normally pay an income! Perhaps being a farmer, a firefighter, a police officer, a social worker, a gardener, a babysitter, a nanny, a teacher etc... For the first time, you have a real choice, and you have the power to say no to any abusive situation, because you can just leave the situation since you are not dependent on them for an income: these include bosses, or abusive coworkers, corrupt individuals, dishonest or deceptive/manipulative individual, or even physically abusive people. Your complaints would be heard, and they would be all be backed up by the fact that you can leave at any time. This would be a wonderful world to live in. So let's buy back the world, together!

 It's a sound investment, trust me *Wink

SOUL – The School of Ultimate Living is an online
community of people interested in
discovering and developing their utmost potential – Invest in a wide range of Interviews and Support yourself to Self Perfection
Journey To Life Blogs – Read the blogs from those walking the 7 year journey to life.
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