Thursday, August 30, 2018

Day 34 Fundamentals of the Mind

Have you observed that with just the words THOUGHT, EMOTION and FEELING, (where emotions are the negative energy you feel and feelings are the positive version) constitutes most if not all of the human experience. Look how in your mind that in ANY given moment you are either having a Thought, an emotion or a feeling. Besides that the other option would be to have you awareness be placed within the body, such as in Breathing. Now, breathing fucks with the Mind. Because while you are breathing purposefully there is no space for your awareness to entertain a Thought.. So Breathing Fucks with the mind because no Energy is created. This is why the Physical is Key.

But look how with these three words thoughts, emotions and feelings, you already describe any given moment of you life, past or present. So bringing your awareness and attention to THIS moment always you can STOP the thought, emotion and feelings and radically change yourself. ANYONE can do this.

If you can prove to yourself that you can do SOMETHING without thought, emotion or feeling, then you can already prove that you don't need the thoughts, emotions or feelings to FUNCTION. You are able to make your own decisions.

With dedication and consistency you can prove how much you really don't need your mind at all to live. You can observe your mind and observe this moment and see deeper into reality, and how things worlds. You can SEE the TRUTH of reality automatically. You start to see how things really exist for people. You can see a better way.

TO STOP requires an act of will, and is supported through self-forgiveness. Self-forgiveness is about taking responsibility in a clear and understandable way. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to think a thought about... Do self-forgiveness empowers you for a moment. You take that empowerment and you act on it. You prove to yourself that you deserve to change, and you deserve better than this. You can show that you are much stronger and capable than you believed possible.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Day 33 Creativity! Music, Art, Dance!

There are many ways to be creative, not just with art, music or dance. Though this blog for today is dedicated to just those areas of creativity.

Leaping into the air and dancing like you just don't care! Feeling your body as it moves, the wind, the air, the breathing, the rhythm, the sound of the music or the sound of the room.

Taking something that didn't exist before and bringing it into creation. It can be WORDS that were never written or expressed before! The jolly Giraffe soared on roller blades under pink flamingo skies! Art is just that! Creating forms and shapes that never existed before. It is a part of you that is expressed into something new.

Music! Creating a sound a moment that is an extension of yourself into the environment around you! Playing a piece of music spontaneously freestyle where you lose track whether you are creating the music and rather the music is creating itself and you just have the honor of bearing witness to it.

Doing something, expressing something unexpected, unplanned. Doing something funny, knowing it will be funny, and seeing the moment unfold just as you saw it before you moved to create it.

These are real moments of living. And there is more.

That's it for now. Just reflect on these moments for yourself, and practice MOVING yourself to LIVE them as yourself. Initiate it! Move yourself! Create the moment!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Day 32 The Attitude and the Strength of the Masculinity

Now, before I talk about Masculinity, I want to say first that in the grand scheme of things, on a very deep level there is no distinction between masculine and feminine, it doesn't exist. That being said, working on it on the everyday level is what is practical and using these words have their value, but by no means is man or a woman, or any person limited from LIVING these WORDS or EXPRESSIONS no matter what their body is.

So lets get started. The strength of the Masculinity is something I have been living and applying thanks to a physical labor job I have had. Now, before starting the job, I already had the attitude, though my living and practice expanded within the job. Essentially it is pushing past all excuses, and all pain. Its about getting the job done. Its using your muscles. And I can see the difference between people who have it and who don't. The phrase,  "never worked a day in their life" applies here. Because people who aren't living as the masculine strength as expression essentially LOOK like that. How they move, how they do things, their attitude, the awareness, their perception is limited and small. They LOOK like they never worked a day in their life.

Again, anyone can be this way or live this way. Emphasis on CAN, but it doesn't mean people WILL, because WILL requires a choice or willpower to chose to move as that expression. Now within this expression there are multiple expressions that are tied to what is PRACTICAL to get the JOB done. It CAN include following the leader of the project even if they are wrong. Because as long as the goal is clear that the job needs to get done, the job WILL get done. And the fastest way is still MOVING forward towards that goal in mind. Another dimension is RESPECT, where one must Respect each of your coworkers or teammates no matter what. Any disrespect or infighting is destructive towards REACHING that GOAL of finishing the JOB. This is what mature MEN do. Admitting when you are WRONG is very important, you can sum this as the word HUMILITY, and as well as INITIATIVE, because you need to ACT in the moment and say right then and there you were wrong. You can also add the word RESPONSIBILITY to that moment. Because in the end its about getting the JOB done even if there are DETOURS.

Expanding on INITIATIVE you need to be willing to MOVE and ACT FAST. Its in your attitude and in your movement. At the same time you need to be we WILLING to do the JOB WELL. Whatever the JOB may be, you need to be willing to do it. In terms of coworkers or teammates you need to COMPLIMENT THEM, and adjust yourself so that you find the common ground, and be patient when needed. Patient in this context can be being quiet and fully listening to the person even if you disagree or they are wrong, and seeing IF its the right time to share or WHEN it is the right time, which there may not be because YOU could actually be WRONG. So essentially as long as its clear within yourself and the other person that what matters is getting the JOB done, then it doesn't matter if you do it ONE way or ANOTHER way, as long as it gets done. If the other person isn't clear about this point, then YES say something because they are not doing their job so that is unacceptable.

Another dimension is Personal Safety, well being and Responsibility. Each one is responsible for making sure what they do is safe. You can blame anyone else all you want, Making sure you are safe is your responsibility. At the same time, you don't want to be over cautious. Being a Man means knowing when to STOP something and when to PUSH past your limits, and knowing the difference between that, and taking responsibility for that, and standing in that point EVEN if others disagree. Its a thin line, but your attitude and commitment to doing it RIGHT, within yourself, is achievable.

This is what I have learned and been living with and through my body. I can see in various people who never really worked a job in this way, I can see their weakness. I can also see their potential, and have even had SOME success in helping others get it. This ENTIRE physical reality is based on this Masculine energy of BUILDING THINGS, FIXING THINGS, Making things happen in the physical, Using your bodies. So essentially its learning how to use your body to the fullest, in conjunction with others in a teamwork context.

I notice a trend of people who only use their MINDS in their jobs and so NEVER got to integrate using their bodies in their job and fully OWNING it, get lost and become very weak. That's not to say though that the issue of your THOUGHTS, EMOTIONS, and FEELINGS are all solved and can be ignored. Because it can be these very points of the Mind that prevent you from fully integrating and living with your Body in the moment to Create with it and AS it. For more about the mind visit and all the various websites. See links to the Side ------>

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Day 31 Innerverse its a Room!

So this blog is inspired by the both the processes that others are walking and the process I have been walking. Its all under the umbrella of Desteni, the desteni process. Here are various links to the various websites that all cover various dimensions of this Process of becoming Self-aware as the physical, taking self-responsibility for oneself, one's mind, one's thoughts, emotions and feelings, and which collectively changes this world.
Mind Body Innverse Youtube Channel with Sunette
And many more groups on Facebook, Youtube Channels, and the Individual blogs from desteni members like mine that your reading right now! There is also the desteni forum where you can ask questions!

So for today's blog I'm going to be ASSUMING something. I'm going to assume that you can CHECK and SEE your INNERVERSE, your inner self, your inner reality at any time! I'm going to assume that you always had this ability and capability! I'm going to assume that everyone that exists has this ability! Because maybe its not so special an ability at all! And maybe this isn't so much an assumption but an observation.

So assuming this, this is what I'm seeing as what is a happening. You sometimes check you innerverse, and lets say its is like a ROOM. You check your innerverse which is your room, so you look inside and its a MESS, its CHAOTIC, and for the split second you check it you SLAM the door and run away.

So the reason why its a mess is because you have been dumping stuff inside of there for so long.

Now, where is this room located? Its located right here in your body! And how do you even see or check your innerverse? By checking inside your body! So what do I mean by innerverse is this. You stop for a moment and just feel the insides of your body/self. Its like you feel it all or you SEE it all, or you SENSE it all, your awareness GOES THERE. In the typical average person or moment, I assume it will be just a MESS, because that's what I found in myself.

Now here's the thing, if you spend the TIME cleaning up the mess bit by bit, piece by piece, what happens? Eventually, with enough TIME and consistent cleaning, it will be what? CLEAN! The mess will have been taken care of.

When you clean up this mess it becomes a SPACE you can utilize. Just like your room!

So using the desteni tools, you can clean up the mess. the MESS is all your emotions and feelings. Now I can say these words but they have no meaning if you have no context. The way for you to get context is to go ahead and check right now, yes right now!!! See inside your innverse, your inner self, your body space. Look at it, you can do it. What does it feel like, what goes on in there? is it pleasant positive? Is it negative? Is it painful? Is it a rush. So the trick here and the first step is to start getting acquainted with it, and so start NAMING IT! Find the word word/name that describes it.  Use your memories, use your cross-reference. EVERYTHING and i mean EVERYTHING is specific inside of you. Its no accident. Its all calculated, and even scientific. Its precise, accurate, and acts in such the same pattern way that its mathematical. Through time and checking your memories of past experience you can reach a level of certainty that you KNOW what anger feels like, so much so that you can taste it and distinguish so clearly, that you SEE it in your body DEVOID of context. You don't even need to know what is happening in your outside world, you can see anger based on the FLAVOR of it when your awareness is aware of it in your BODY. It is that precise and specific.

What is interesting to FIND is the UNEXPECTED. Because realize you NEVER really ever spent time inside yourself have you? Like honestly! No you haven't cause you will be SURPRISED to find out how emotions and feelings actually FEEL like. The labels of positivity and negativity can be just completely WRONG. What you THINK something feels like and how it actually exists inside of yourself can be completely mismatched and many times its just like that. So really you literally need to let go of all your preconceptions. However, to do that you actually need to spend some time writing down your preconceptions and doing self-forgiveness. Because beliefs are so powerful that they CHANGE what you SEE, they CHANGE your awareness, they are like colored glasses which changes how you see reality BOTH outside! and INSIDE yourself! So its really important. That is where the Desteni process typically starts. Your initial beliefs, ideas about emotions and feelings and thoughts/beliefs. Because how the hell can you be self-honest about what you really THINK and really FEEL if what you are thinking/beleiving is preventing you from doing that! So its a conundrum, unless you target the very ASSUMPTIONS you have about reality.

These assumptions, beliefs, and thoughts have no concrete evidence. like REAL evidence, like REAL confirmation, so clear, so KNOWING, like it mathematic, scientific. The problem is when you back UP what you think with what you FEEL. Like a raving lunatic your feelings come up to DEFEND themselves, their first line of defense, your beliefs about FEELINGS! can you believe that! Lol. That is the point of make it or break it. Will you succeed in challenging what you think and feel, to even get the chance of REALLY seeing inside your innerverse, your innerself, and see how things actually exists inside you or not!

What I'm doing different though in this blog is challenging you to see past all of this, and check in your room!!! See it right now! See how your thoughts move, see how your emotions move, feel it inside your body! And stop it! All at once! Like you shall not PASS!!! Gandalf style! Or Part the River in the Red SEA! Stop it! With your might! With your self! Do it! Like how Shia Labeouf says just do it!!!

It can very well be the case that we can all do this right now and we had this ability since forever. While you were a baby. Stop for a moment, and really check inside you. Start understanding, start investigating, and start cleaning up the space. Because the end result is like a clear space within you, which gives you so much more than you ever knew possible. A new reality, a new future for all of us. The ability to CREATE, be creative. the ability to see solutions, be practical, be level-headed no matter the emergency. The connection to this physical reality that is reliable, your physical body!

The proof here is perhaps your room is  mess. So what happens if you clean it? Lets see!

Friday, August 24, 2018

Day 30 Untangling Intimacy, living Self-acceptance

I had the chance to open up intimacy as an expression within myself, and something interesting opened up within that. So I had recognized that what I was experience was Intimacy and I had a question about what is this? So I decided to look inside myself and check. As a TIP, when I look inside myself if I have trouble what I can do to help me is to tilt my head down with the intention of kind of like looking inside me. So in this moment I saw that I felt good in my torso area and i felt pain in my arms and legs. It took me a little bit of time to double check and keep rechecking because it was rather strange to see how I felt something negative as pain in my arms and legs as energy, and I felt good in my torso, starting from where my legs and arms end meeting the body. So the torso includes the waste, chest area, head too. The Intimacy experience in my torso didn't fluctuate as energy so much, whether it actually was or wasn't didn't matter in the moment, because I could clearly see that my legs and arms had energy as pain as negative emotion. So I spent my time where I knew I could find results. Within doing myself forgiveness a point opened up in my solar plexus as an emotion with a name. I saw at the same time both how I felt good within being accepted by people in my life, my friends, family, and how I felt rejected by people for not accepting me. I knew then that this was the point!

Self-acceptance. First though I had to make sure i don't get confused with Acceptance. Because Living self-acceptance can sound like, I accept everything about me and so will never change I am already perfect. So there is something wrong there because I know with every self-forgiveness I forgive myself for ACCEPTING and allowing myself to be certain ways. So what I did to define self-acceptance was to look at intimacy.

This is what I found Intimacy to be like: Sharing yourself openly, completely, doors open, and reliving the moments in your memories, reliving it in your body, seeing it, sharing it, describing all the details, embodying it as yourself. And so being intimate with someone else, would already be that understanding that they are supportive, they are listening, they are here within you in the moment, present, listening. So what it means to live self-acceptance is to be SUPPORTIVE with oneself in this exact way in this exact context. Here to support you no matter what, no matter what is said, to be your best, to listen, to understand, to walk with 100% of the way.

So what is interesting is that with Living Self-acceptance, you can always be happy, well, enjoying the moment. Because the mind program is like you are looking for your family and your people that will accept you for who you are. But living it yourself, you have it already. You can just be happy through living it already with yourself, Self=acceptance. I realize the words I wrote aren't enough to know or understand what I'm living. Though perhaps the best way to understand is bring it within yourself, within the INNER self, the INNER you, and See it as you living it, being it, and so that requires doing the self-forgiveness and sorting out the energy. Remember stop all ENERGY, all emotion, feeling and thought. Then you can start creating/living/being what is REAL.

 This doesn't cost any money, its free to do.
I learned the tools I used, Self-forgiveness, writing, self-responsibility, how the mind works, how energy works, emotions, feelings, thoughts and much more through
I am deeply grateful for the work they do, and hope to continue showing/sharing my findings in my self-change and growth. All of this occurred this week!

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Day 29 Reflections on Personal Economics

Based on my preliminary calculations, the most of the money I spend goes to where I live, the house/apartment, food and then transportation. Where other minor expenses goes to things like cell-phone, parking, gas. Otherwise if I get a higher paying job, like twice the amount I make, and I live with the same expenses, everything else I make will be profit, will be unhindered by my living expenses. I make about 25,000 $ a year before taxes. And each month I have about 500$ That I have after my living expenses. In a year that is $6000. . So If I make 30,000 a year that will be 11,000 $ profit in a year. And if I make 50,000 that is 31,000$ in a year. If I rented my own apartment that live by myself that will cost at least 500 $ more a month. That will make living expenses to 25,000 $. Though if I have roommates and rent rooms that will be back down to what it was before.

If I were to crash my car and wreak it that will set me back by 9000$ at least. If I get some sickness/disease that can also be expensive. Otherwise if I am not raising a family, or supporting another person than it seems easy to make a profit. It would be cool to buy up land across the world for purposes of protecting it. See Earth Haven

What is interesting to observe about the flow of money is how much stuff we rarely buy or use. Like the majority of where our money goes is to these basic survival things I pay for. House/home, gasoline, car, food, electricity, water. If we invest our time to improve these things, so that everyone can have access to them make sense. More people growing food, more people improving infrastructure. Sharing transportation, Cleaning water by hand. Just finding innovative ways to make it better for everyone. Buying land/houses and letting people stay for cheap, where the money goes to maintain the building.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Dy 27 The Bestest, most, fullest, greatest FULL,

Its ike I fel guilty to ask for what I want. Traumatized. Scared, Intimidated. I can't ask for . I can't ask for more. Its like I am bad for asking more. Its like I am the devil for asking more. ITs like how dare I ask for more! I feel guilty to ask for more. I am wrong to ask for more. I shouldn't ask for more. I am a bad person for asking for more. I won't ask for more. I was wrong for asking for more. IT's my fault. I feel better.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel better to stop asking for more and say its my fault.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel guilty, bad, ashamed and blame myself when/for asking for more.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not ask for more, inhibited, unweighted by emotion/energy and thought.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to accept and allow less, a lesser reality, a lesser humanity, a lesser existence for myself and others.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to live a lesser life, accept a lesser life, be okay with less, be happy with less, be happy with just a few, instead of seeking for the most, for being full, for more, within what is best for all, and as what is best for all.

Looking at the point, what is best for all, will be an ALL, will be a MOST, will be a BEST. So best for all is the MORE, and MOST, and LOTS for ALL. LOTS of FOOD for all, LOTS of TIME for ALL. LOTS of RESPONSIBILITIES, and LOTS of ENJOYMENT. LOTS OF MOVEMENT. LOTS OF LIFE, of A REALITY THAT IS GREAT, and MANY, and FULL of LIFE of EXPRESSION, of LIVING.

So this program of being happy with a few, with a little, with a barely, with some, is preventing this expression, expassion, movement, growth to the MOST BEST for ALL, as MANY POSSIBLE, and BESTEST.


Through self=forgiveness you can change yourself like how I do here in blog.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Day26 Listening to the sound of my own written word

When I write something, there is a sound to it. I mean this in a really practical sense. Even though I am not using my vocal cords, or "speaking" with my voice, I am speaking, but through written words. So there is a sound to what I am writing, as if I am speaking it. And I can hear this sound. Not with my ears but inside of me as I speak/write the words. Doing this, I can tell things about me. Listening to how I sound when speaking as these written words is just like listening to me when I am speaking with my voice. I can hear the hidden things within me, well they aren't really hidden because I can See it!

Listening to my sound when I am communicating I can tell who I am in the real time moment. I basically can tell when I am not clear within me, and saying something tricky, or nasty, or dishonest. And I can hear when I am standing as what is best for all. I can hear when I am standing with clarity, and self-honesty.

What I notice is that my body responds or more like it stands in synchronicity with my sound in the moment. When I sound what is best for all as a standing, as a loud voice that is clear in where I stand my body is in sync with the sound, like my heat in my body, my blood pressure, my breathing, my activation of my body is in sync. When I am standing in a particular reaction, my body can get sick, it feels cold, weak in my muscles, irregular breathing.

Now what is my experience in my body when standing as this sound of what is best for all. So my body has more heat. There is a slight pain, though it feels like a natural pain from just the body being the body. Meaning that as the body heats up, there is a certain movement of the cells which causes something that feel like pain. So its not enjoyable per se, nor is it painful, like unbearable pain. It is a strength and empowerment yet its a calmness and relaxness. I am not overexerting myself. I am not pushing past my limits, like I would with feeling anger. In feeling anger as an emotion I feel empowered and that feels good. The difference is that with anger it feels like overexerting and feels like I am pushing past the limits of the body in a bad way, or unnecessary way. While standing as what is best for all there is a natural resting state yet also strong and empowered. It doesn't make me feel high, it doesn't feel positive or good in that sense. Though it feels good in the resting sense and empowered sense, yet not needlessly pushing or doing things. It is much more clear, calculated, channeled and focused. How love feels in the body in comparison is that love is unbearable pain throughout the body, like little knives or daggers stabbing me throughout the body, a true torturous experience. And its needless, and its there just motivate me to act, to move, in the way the program wants me to, which is to act out the love.

I found is that the sync between the sound of me communicating and my body is an important cross-reference. It can reveal much to me in real time. Because if its not sync then there is a disconnect, something is off, I am lying to myself, I am hiding, suppressing something, I am not living fully here or communicating fully here. For example I can try and communicate, yet I can hear it in my voice when I am not standing fully within myself, within my empowerment, within my stand as what is best for all. And I can see it in my body, as being weak, sick feeling, tired. Like I can actually feel it/see it as my body's state, and its my body actually changing in the moment.

The voice inside of me is the real me. The sound I make. So when that voice is absent, that means its being suppressed by me. And so I have to investigate this suppression. I also notice is that I can stand up as this voice while the suppression is here, and then I can see the suppression in my throat. So while speaking like this, even silently in my head, or written in paper, or typing on the computer or however way of communicating I can do it, and then I can see the suppression in my throat which feels like a tightness, and a pushing of the voice down.

Understand what I am saying here in the above paragraph is something that is like you are alone in the dark with nothing, no support, no one. And you try to look for yourself but you so no inkling anywhere of yourself. So from there you must be able to stand and find yourself and your voice. Within that I can find myself without having any indication or cross-reference from the body or anything else within me. I just KNOW that this ME that I find within me is the real me. I know because I know this me stands for what is best for all and will do so no matter what, no matter the challenge, no matter if I am sick or diseased or old, or weak, or poor, or hungry. And so from that knowing I can act/move without the cross-reference of the body, and within that I develop/create the strength, the power, the empowerment, the heat of the body. And then from there the voice naturally arises. That is what is like when I am facing a suppression that is quite strong.

What I notice about suppression is that it is silent and it is about keeping everything silent. Its about silencing the voice that dares to say what is best for all. Its about keeping everything quiet, nothing moving, nothing sensed, seen, or heard. Suppression is about stopping the change that changes the mind, and self that is the mind that must be changed for you to live what is best for all. Its mind-defense mechanism to prevent changing the mind. And its you who does it. Its that part of you that supports the mind, supports it because of all the enjoyment you get out of it, the entertainment, the positivity, the love you get from it.

There is nothing good about oneness and equality. Because there is nothing in the Good of this world, the positivity of this world that supports oneness and equality. The positivity and good of the world wants individuality as specialness, as the more than, as the less than, as the winners, as the perfect romance relationship, as the wealth, and rich, as the spirituality, as the heavens, as the soul and god, and the after life, as the meditation, enlightenment, gurus, drugs, non-stop sex, and parties. The positivity of the world doesn't include the world with it, it doesn't include everyone in it, it excludes. So there is nothing good about oneness and equality because oneness and equality includes everything and nothing in what is good includes everyone. Exclusivity sucks yo~!

Oneness and Equality includes everything and everyone. If you resist this then you are part of the problem, because this is the solution. When we take shortcuts, when we take the easy way out, we do so at the expense of something or someone, and that can include yourself. Having that equal value and regard for everything and taking that action to make sure everything is cared for, that is oneness and equality. That isn't practiced or lived in this world. The most highest good and positive things in this world don't include this world as everything even. The problem is the positivity itself, because positivity is about division and self-interest. Self-interest is a problem as long as you resist oneness and equality and living it. There is nothing entertaining or good about oneness and equality, it is hard-work. It is responsibility, it is honesty. The Good and Positivity is the problem, because we defend it and we are addicted to it. We shape/form our personalities and thoughts around the Positivity and the Good. These are just words, if you look at the behavior and the real inner experience of people participating in the Positive and Good there you see the Truth! Look within your body and you will see the truth of who you are! Its not pretty at all.

It takes a lot of mental effort to create fantastical illusion of positive and good in whatever form it takes. Because its not real and it doesn't exist in your body. It only exists in your head and your body suffers for it! Seeing it for yourself is the only way to be sure. And knowing how to tell the difference between the body and what you make up in your head is important. That is what must be practice. The practice of breathing, of looking inside yourself, of sensing your body and feeling what goes on within you and questioning what is causing it, finding the source of your experiences inside you and reaching the point of self within you where everything is clear and you understand all that is happening within you in a moment. And being able to recognize yourself when you are standing for what is best for all, and what that sounds like within you.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Day 25 Love, what does it feel like? Self-forgiveness

Women, Girlfriends, Crushes, Secret Admirer

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to love all these women throughout the years.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to love some women because of how they looked.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to love women because I believed I needed a lover, a wife, a partner.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to love someone because its what I am supposed to do.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not see the unbearable pain within me while I was in love.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to act out within this unbearable pain as love, and act on this unbearable pain.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to put my body through hell because I wanted Love.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to myself to hold my body ransom through unbearable pain as love, in order to force myself to go after someone like I am supposed to, as love is supposed to be this and be the best thing ever.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to see Love as this positive thing without seeing how it actually feels like in my body.

As humanity, I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to love my partner so much, which means I was in unbearable pain, that I would yell at them in anger, and trick them, manipulate them, push their buttons, because of how I accepted and allowed myself to exist as love as unbearable pain.

This includes children too, where as parents we love our children so much, which means we are in so much unbearable pain that we do completely retarded things that are plain abusive because of how we accepted our bodies to be in such unbearable pain, and so we imprint this and lash out on our kids as what is acceptable for them to do when they love someone, so that this pattern and this reality of unbearable pain as love is never questioned and never changed, so much so that we stop becoming aware of how love actually feels like in our bodies.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to rather pretend and believe love is something positive and good, which is what my parents tell me, and my tv, movies, shows, people tell me, that it seems impossible that love could be anything other than a positive experience.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to create an alternate mind reality of belief and thought where I can simulate a positive experience in thinking, through thought, that I can pretend is what love is, while separating myself from the experience of my entire body.

I realize that all forms of Love exists like this. You see it with Love with your dogs/cats or other pets. Love with your children. Love with your family. Love with your friends, Love with your partners/romances/wife/husband. Love with anything. Love with people. Love with groups. Love with countries. Love with Religions. Love with God. Love with Ideology.

I realize that humanity will have a hard time seeing how love exists, because Love is hailed as the One Good Thing in this Existence. I realize that all humans have been born in families and that Relationships are everywhere and so Love is something present within every human in some way. I realize that through focusing on this one point and correcting it will have a major impact on  Life.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Day 24 How I Handled Panic in a moment

How would I describe Panic?

Its something that takes you over. Its much stronger than just fear or worry. Panic really becomes you. You see through the eyes of panic. I noticed how even the taste of my tongue just resting in my mouth change and almost like the flavor of the air changed. I don't think the air really changed, what probably happens is that my perception changed through me being within the emotion.

How I stepped out of panic was through my assertiveness and strength within me. I access it through my writings and speaking on what is best for all and oneness and equality. Its a point where I can stand absolutely and become very strong. Though this isn't the end of the story.

I made a plan then to handle the situation that lead to the panic. Because you see, there was a situation that occurred that was very unfortunate, very surprising and unexpected. And I had to accept that it is happening. After stopping this reaction like I said above, I went into investigating it. I saw there was an initial reaction where its like I wanted to run to mom or dad, some parent to ask them to fix everything. This reaction is based within memory and past reality, where indeed this is what I did sometimes as a child and it sometimes worked in the sense that the parent fixed reality for me, and sorted out the situation. Now in this present moment though there is no parent or person to run to fix things. So my initial reaction was one of hopelessness and powerlessness. Even frustration.

So Panic is what I overall felt and then this above here was like a reaction within a reaction. Layered within it. Like a burrito.

So initially within this hopelessness and powerless I just saw myself literally just accepting the situation I was presented within, with no creative solutions or possibilities for me to improve WITHIN IT. Kind of like working with my own layer within this Burrito.

But after applying myself within my strength/stand of stopping all energy within me, I saw I could come up with a plan to improve my situation! Essentially with this plan I have even forgot I felt panic in the first place. I was completely collected at this point and still am. Even though there is a deadline around the corner, still cool as a cucumber.

Panic is an emotion, meaning that its a negative experience. What kept it in place was me feeling helpless and hopeless through having sought out other people to resolve it for me. Through stopping the energy thanks to the Desteni tools, I went ahead to sort out the situation. Stopping the energy is key, no matter how strong it is, or how it feels or whatever excuse or reason given no matter how it sounds. Like Justice is one such excuse, Survival is another.

Panic is easily tied to survival. And survival is easily tied to a "justifiable excuse" for feeling emotions or feelings. Becoming strict though in stopping emotions and feelings is key. 

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Day 23 What does Love Feel like in the body?

What I learned today was that Love and falling in Love isn't actually a feeling(as defined as positive). Its not something positive. Love is something you feel that is negative, it is an emotion(as defined as negative). The word that best describes it is unbearable pain. Within the context of Romeo and Juliet its easy to see. The caricature of a Romantic is someone who is in constant pain when separated from their loved one. It is torturous, it is unbearable pain. Its like the stereotype of the teenage girl who is in love for the first time. They are moody, overall dramatic in their  love. This unbearable pain is what it would actually feel like if you stopped and really felt what the body was feeling.

Instead of feeling this unbearable pain we are so focused in our thoughts and beliefs, which is how and why we think Love is a positive experience. We think we are in love, I am have boyfriend/girlfriend, and I am loved, and so we believe we must be feeling positive. When in fact we are feeling a negative experience of unbearable pain in our bodies and that is what is motivating us to be with our loved ones. What is interesting to observe is that when the relationship ends or in some moments in the relationship, all of this sudden rush of negative energy erupts within us. This negative energy was building up over time. And Love is the unbearable pain. 

How I know that love is this unbearable pain is because I am stopping and checking how the body feels with this energy. I can see in my body, in my arms, legs and generally throughout the body. There is no positive experience really. There is just this negative experience of unbearable pain. Though when I enter into my head and in my thoughts, I think I am feeling love, and I think I must being feeling good and positive because I believe love is something positive and good. Though its just the belief. In reality its a negative experience in the body. My body is my cross-reference.

Previously I found that Anger was a positive experience of feeling empowered. And now I am finding love to be a negative experience of feeling unbearable pain. It seems that everything is in reverse. We think and believe anger is something negative, and we think and believe that Love is something positive. So because of this conflict between what we think/believe and what we actually feel we are powerless to really change the experience and actually stop it. The key then is being able to stop and feel with your body, and be here one with it. That is how you know. Developing that trust, connection, and awareness with your body is how you will be able to change for real.

The desteni process is how I developed this connection with my body. This required using self-forgiveness and breathing purposefully to stop emotions and feelings, and thoughts in the moment. This is how I proved to myself that I can direct me in the moment without distraction, without being influenced.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Day22 I am a Human. I am a Piece of this Earth and of Life itself

What was discovered through the Portal was that the entirety of the Heaven existence, including all the beings that had passed over, lived in separation of this Earth existence. Basically not concerning themselves at all with what was happening on Earth.

The same thing is happening on Earth. I am a HUman, I am a piece of this Earth and of Life itself. To care about everything, to care about all that is happening right now on Earth is my responsibility. All the problems that exist is my responsibility. All the war, the strife, the violence, the poverty, the pain and suffering is my responsibility. All the people who live in ignorance bliss is my responsibility.

My generational history, my genetic history, my appearance, my education, my past, my money, doesn't excuse me from being responsible for all that exists all across the world. It doesn't matter where in the world. I am a piece of Life. This doesn't stop at the borders of any country. This doesn't stop at the threat of violence. This doesn't stop at my death. I am a piece of life, and life is my responsibility.

What is going on right now across the world, can change and can stop. There are solutions available for everyone. But we cannot see them if we are wrapped in our own emotions. Instead of blaming, who is going to take responsibility? Who? Are you going to take responsibility? YES, YOU! Right there you know the answer to why things not changing or whether they WILL change!

Through people taking responsibility for life, we have a solution to any problem. No longer will we just watch from the sidelines while people suffer. Suffering in their blame, in their anger, in their ignorance, in their suppression. We are our own worst enemy. It is through the Self, reforging self, remaking, recreating, reforming, reshaping Self that we will bring forth the solution we need.

Through discipline, hard-work, commitment, any problem can be solved. Solutions are just waiting to be uncovered. But the ability to BE disciplined, hard-working and committed to solve a problem no matter how long it takes, no matter the great effort is required, no matter how much consistent focus is needed and insistence that you must find solutions... THAT is the point! Everything within you that is holding you back, the anger, the emotions, the thoughts, that all sabotage that beautiful living expression which benefits ALL life, everyone! That is where the real work needs to be done, where your attention be placed!

This Life is just so ready to be Lived. This entire existence is right here. Its in your hands.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Day 21 Proactive Mental Health and Superior Self

Much of the Mental Health system is about the Reactive side of things. So like you won't be going to a mental health counselor to get the pointers to maintaining a good mental health. Some synonyms here in this context for good mental health could be: greater self-understanding, more directive in your life, a more stronger self, more perseverance, more courageous, not letting emotions/feelings take over your life, not falling into addictions, being more physical, enjoying the simple joys of life more, enjoying your body more, being more here and attentive to your life, have a deeper more intimate relationship with yourself.

So in general, how we define mental health counselors, psychiatrists, and psychologists is that we go to them when we are really sick or really messed up in the head. We don't go to them for advice for proactive ideas for improving ourselves, but for reactive solutions to problems that took years upon years to create, or problems that arose from a traumatic event.

So this blog is about, you guessed it, the PROACTIVE Mental Health, which is basically what Desteni has all been about, and what I have written on for a long time. But not just writing about it, actually doing it. Actually describing what I have been looking at within myself, what changes I have been making, describing my experience of myself etc... going into the details.

Now, to be fair, their are some general proactive advice that exists in society, like eat well, exercise regularly for example. But that's not enough. Because it just isn't it. It definitely helps though.

Now here the wording is important. I chose to mix around good mental health with things like being self-aware of what is going on within you, being here with your body, because well I don't know. Because they aren't the same. Good mental health would mean that as long as you feel good and nothing is seriously feeling bad or like off or different, you are good. But being here with you body is more than just that. It is like a great deep satisfaction and connection with your body. Its a much deeper and expansive awareness than just being in your mind, where you can have good mental health. So there's a difference, and its difficult to explain that difference and transmit that awareness through words, because you can't! you need to live it and see it for yourself.

I could go on and on, but to cut to the chase here, proactive mental health needs to be continuously growing, meaning not just shooting for good or okay, but continuously getting stronger. Maybe we should just get rid of the word mental health. And like use Self-awareness, because lack of self-awareness does lead to mental dysfunction, but the goal isn't to just avoid mental dysfunctional, the goal is self-awareness, and to take self-responsibility. Something that can be deepened continuously and strengthened.

How about Superior Self! or the best version of self possible! That should be the aim, the goal to shoot for.

So the reason why I'm looking at this, is because research in psychology in science, tends to be limited by what we think is possible or what our goals are. So if the goals is to help really sick people, then we are too much focused on that, and we missed out on questions like how to help myself to become the best version possible. Because such goals actually prevent the major sickness in the first place! no? Because its about the proactive, the positive, the discipline, the constructive, the promotive, the better, the more of life.

This then requires focusing on the smallest of moments and smallest of problems, because to be better means to resolve even the smallest of moments/problems because that makes you better!So instead of focusing on the big problems of others, focus on your/our everyday small ones. How to stop anger in the moment? How to resolve an emotion/feeling? How to really release something within you? How to really change for 'good'?

So focusing on real everyday life moments of people and what goes on within us.

I mean its commonsense that if you focus on what happens in the moments, and making those changes, those betterment in the moment, then over time, eventually, those moments accumulate into some very noticeable and great! Thus preventing problems in mental health! Psychology though hasn't really done that as a discipline as a focus. Though it works! Cause that what I have been doing and Desteni has been doing! And it takes a long time, years to get some pretty amazing results that are noticeable, but it takes time and dedication, consistency. Which works the exact same way for mental health problems, it all occurs through the moment, through a long period of time. So focusing on the moment is the key.

The tool Destonians use is Self-forgiveness in the moment. Self-forgiveness is done with emotions, where it stops it. It is done with feelings which stop it. It is done with thoughts which stops it. It stops it through understanding and through taking self-responsibility. It stops it because self-forgiveness is saying that I am creating this and I am accepting and allowing it.

See for yourself! 

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Day 20 From Self-forgiveness to Living Words

So I have an observation to share today. I did work on an emotional reaction today that came up due to unique, unpredicted moment. I felt panic and it was in relation to scarcity of something I needed. Context is like you need something to do your work but they don't have enough for everybody and by chance you don't get it. And there is nothing you can "do" really to protest it. So you have to make due with the hand you were dealt. Its a really unique emotional signature and I remember it existing way back when I was in another situation that had to do with scarcity of something I needed and them not having enough. Back then it had to do with school lockers and I got stuck with one that was so far away from my classes that I had to run/rush to get to it, and I for a while couldn't find a single locker, and that was the very last one left in the school. This feeling has a very unique signature.

Anyway, so I did self-forgiveness, but it wasn't enough really. I also couldn't really see anything more than just what I wrote here. I started feeling sick from my emotion, and so what I decided to do was just end it completely because it was going to affect my health. So I called upon my strength to just remove it completely. That point of stand, strength, power within me doing what's best for me/all. I notice pretty much immediately how I was free to express myself, because it was gone, out of the equation.

What I see to be the case is that my strength was developed over the many years I applied self-forgiveness in all sorts of circumstances and challenges, as well as breathing. I had a insistence and persistence when it came to what came up in my mind. This translated into my being able to stand in this way, with this power. So you can say that through self-forgiveness I was getting access to living words. Through how I used self-forgiveness and who I was within it. Not only that, its like this strength and power leaves the space for my to play around and explore the garden so to speak. Because I know I have my stability set/secure I can freely play around now knowing I have the security and foundation.

This is why doing self-forgiveness is so important. Because over a long period of time you create something within you that is you, that you can call upon. And that's another thing. I have to call upon it. It is not something magical that possesses me. I need to move still. I will always need to move still. There will never be a time where I won't be moving myself, if I am to live real and here.

Having something possess you is how our relationship to the mind is now. So what we are doing now, as something new, as an evolution is to move ourselves always. And that will always be the case. No more just sitting back in the back seat and doing nothing. Time to Move!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Day 19 Passion, Tenacity, Motivation

A Passion, a Anger, a Need, an Action, a Doing, a Tenacity, a Commitment...
something like your very soul stirring within you...
the agitation, the inability to sit still and do nothing.
The Strength, the Call for action.

This thing I am describing doesn't necessarily have to be here. I don't have to access it. I can just not call upon it, and it won't be here. Simple as that. As long as I call upon it, as long as I bring it here, live it here, it will be here.

It takes my action, my initiation, my awareness, my movement for starting the fire, igniting the flames. It otherwise won't just happen most likely on its own.

To live this everyday requires a decision everyday to live it. To write this blog everyday requires a decision to write it. To access the best of myself and the strength of this body requires me to call upon it. It won't happen otherwise, everyday.

I can feel my heart beating faster. It has a physical effect, a physical activation. I am more aware, more alert, quicker, wittier, sharper in my mind/attention. I push past any resistance and fear. I cannot be stopped unless I stop myself.

This is proof that motivation/passion, is inspired by what you see in the world, but you need to live it here as yourself, you must call upon it within yourself, and you do it and live it within yourself, not out there in the world. You live motivation/passion here. Doing so shows it doesn't really come from anything outside of you, except as an initial spark to understanding what it is and how it works.

With most people, and most often the spark comes from outside. From a certain person, certain people, certain events, certain moments that drive you to passion and motivation. Though it falls flat eventually because the truth is not learned, the lesson, that you must call upon it everyday if you want to live it everyday. Instead of waiting for circumstances to drive you.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Day 18 When Expectations overrides Reality

Feeling the feel of your feelings/emotion to get to whats real.

A Global Community - One World -

The world that is out there, and the world that is right here around our heads are the same. We are creating the world out there through the world we keep right here. This includes our thoughts, feelings, emotions, even the secrets ones, even the ones that pop up for a moment and then we suppress them. We don't really know how to work with our emotions and feelings effectively. We are very good at suppressing them, yes we can do that. This skill of suppression allows us to do our jobs, come home to our families, and wake up each day, but it has a price to pay and it has to come out eventually. It affects our health, it slowly pops up unexpectedly and in this worst possible moments in our relationships and workplace. We would be much better off if we knew how to really work with our emotions, feelings, and thoughts well. We would have more control, we could do much better.

The other thing is our disconnect from life. We have become very selfish and very self-centered in our lifestyles. We hold fashion-like ideas, beliefs, and opinions, that gives us an identity. We choose sides and pick which groups to be our allies and friends because how it serves us personally. We think that this world owes us something, and we have the right to be an individual that goes after whatever makes us happy or what we think is right in world, without actually consulting the world. We aren't asking: what would be the best thing for me to do for the world? for everyone? I have been gifted this life, how do I give back?

We think that we are right to fight for our country or our people. We fight for people who look like us, who we grew up with. We fight for ideas that some people out there are just bad people, evil, corrupted, unsaveable, villains, just completely full of sin, and there is nothing you can do to help them. We think that our lives are in jeopardy, our identity, our jobs, our livelihood. We think somebody is to blame. We care so much about money, the economy, and the right economic policy and political policy, yet when was the last time we asked what can I do for Life? for Everyone? for People? for Nature? for the Animals? for the Earth?

Do we really care about Life? Or do we just care about what I think is right, what I believe is right/good, what I know to be right/good. But if you look at your actions, where have you spent your money on? your time? your words? your thoughts? your emotions and feelings? What do you speak and spread out there in the world? Do you speak of unity? Do you speak of togetherness? Do you think about the world being whole, One, a Community? Do you think about embracing people? Talking to people? Listening to people from all across the world? Do you think about how you can use your money to help people? Feed them? Create a future for them? Create a means for everyone to be well off? That everyone is healthy, can provide for their livelihood, are protected from harm. Do you think of all the children all across the world of all colors, sizes, shapes, cultures, languages? Do you hear how they all laugh the same and sound like children?

How much of what goes on inside of you is just bullshit, and fakenews. How much of your thoughts, ideas, beliefs opinions are fake news opinions, just destructive, divisive, distraction? How much of it just feeds your ego, feeds your image? How much do you really care for life and how much do you actually do anything about it? Where do your thoughts go? Where does your mind go? What do you do in your free time? Where do you spend your money?

The world that is out there, and the world that is right here around our heads are the same. We Create this world through what we accept allow in here, inside ourselves. In our mind, in our thought, emotion, feeling, spoken words, written words, and actions. We share this one world. We share this one reality. We each create this reality together. If we take responsibility for this reality, we are powerful. We can change this reality. We must better it.

It all starts with understanding what goes on in Here, inside. Understanding what we feel. Knowing what we feel. Feeling what we feel. Being able to let it go takes practice, its a skill. Changing who we are is a skill, it takes time to learn. Through time, through patience anyone can change who they are. It just requires consistency, and commitment. Imagine, if all it took for the world to change was for people to have commitment, consistency, to try, and to practice. It is certain that the world will change.

Everything you need to know in order to start is already being lived by many people for many years. Its called the Desteni Group. The tools are here. What you need to do. What you should expect. All sorts of descriptions and knowledge on specific emotions and feelings, thought patterns, challenges, resistances, difficulties are found across various websites, including facebook groups,, journey to life blogs, the desteni website, the DIP courses, the desteni forums,

Good Luck

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Day 17 "I don't know what I'm doing"

Hi So,
I had this recurring thought of
""I don't know what I am doing"

and I had done self-forgiveness for thinking this and for feeling BAD.

So today it happened again, because I haven't really resolved it or let it go. This time though I let myself feel it, and I asked myself did I feel Bad or Good? Positive or Negative? Essentially I was asking whether it was an emotion or feeling, but this time not based on knowledge or belief. I say this because I believed or thought that the state ""I don't know" Is a negative statement that it means I must feel bad. Though when I did this new thing today of just letting myself FEEL it. I say I felt positive/good. The specific word was Relief. I felt relieved as a positive feeling with not knowing and being ignorant, I felt I was free of responsibility and blame because I didn't know.

Here I did self-forgiveness on believing that if I don't know something I am free of responsibility, because in truth I can do something to find out and make sure. I can take action to learn, to find out, to see the reality of thing. So even when a person doesn't know something they are responsible for what they do or don't do. They are not less responsible if they don't know, because they are responsible for making sure and doing everything they can to find out, and act based on that.

I also stopped the positive energy within me. This released the point, and I was able to breathe better and be in my body more fully.

I realized that this phase of my process is about all the feelings I have accepted and allowed, through not really being here and feeling it and calling it what it is. Essentially this shows how I am responsible for it because it exists here within me, where I know it or don't know it, it doesn't matter. It's still here.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Day 16 Using Eqafe to answer my question

This Eqafe interview:

Helps me to understand this 'Passion', this 'Anger', this 'intensity' that is not a positive experience within me, where I am focusing on Existence, on what is best for all, on the problems in the world and the solutions I see we can do. By focusing on the ALL of Existence, I am not looking for my positive experience, my energy, my mind, my thoughts to participate in them.

How I found this interview was by going to the Eqafe search bar and typing in what I was interested in, in what question I had. So I searched for 'Anger' to find perspective on this Anger within me that was not positive and it relates to when looking at the World, the best for all that can be done.

The way I would describe it is that I am putting myself into action. I am writing my blogs, I am doing what I can online, I move and act and contribute to bringing forth the world that I want to see. Within this the Anger is instead a passion. It is my body turning on, like the ignition key of a car. I am ready to go. I am working. In the Interview it talks about compassion, and looking at something Greater to live for, other than just your self. This is what I think is happening within me.

I suggest you try doing the same. Go to the eqafe website, whatever question you have about your mind, your experience, your innerverse you search for it in the search bar. Type in the main word or words that describe what you want to learn about or get perspective on. Read the titles of the interviews that show up on the search results and pick the one that make sense, or pops out, or that closely relates to your question. Click on it, and read the description, if it sounds like it answers your question then get the interview and listen to it. Use that as a support.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

EXTRA: Anger is complicated

So in the following voice clip I talk about the Positive Energy behind Anger, and its worth listening to, However there is more to the story.

Today I learned that when you feel angry and you feel good while angry, which involves you smiling slightly as a tell, or you are blaming someone, its just bullshit. Its unacceptable completely. Now, when you feel angry and you feel bad, its something different. Its a sign that you need to SPEAK UP. Why do I say this? Because I feel a kind of anger that I feel bad within. I feel I must speak about oneness and equality and the injustices in the world. I must speak about how we can all change and how we all have a responsibility. I must speak about and point out our flaws and problems. This is like a shameful anger, an anger about suffering in the world.

I feel this same kind of shameful anger when I have been teased and bullied. I didn't speak up then. I should have spoken up and stated my truth. I know who I am, I am THIS WAY. And set the record straight. So I know that this anger then is like I knowing that I need to speak up, I must, to make things right for myself, for life, equally.

And yes, I sound loud, I sound passionate, I must be heard when I speak in this way. And it is right and it is what is best for all. And how I know I am not lying to myself or fucking around is because I do not feel good while doing this, I do not have a slight smile on my face, I do not blame anyone. I am stating the responsibility we all equally share and I am stating who "I am" and where "I" stand.

I rather not even call this Anger, however when I interpret it in my mind initially, that is what I called it. So for practicality sake I called it anger so that when you observe something similar in yourself you can tell the difference. I could call it a NEED to SPEAK, and an ANGER at myself for NOT speaking. 

When I do speak, I do resolve the point within me, and I make clear where I stand within myself and within my life.

Day 15 Broken Wages Broken System

Here's a simple observation about the economy and free market system. In order for you to hire someone to do something for you, lets say a gardener for example. You would have to meet a certain number of conditions. First you need to be making more money than what you need to survive. Because you won't hire someone else for something if you cannot even eat. Secondly if you would pay someone a certain money per hour that is more than what you make per hour, than you would obviously just do the work yourself instead of paying the person, assuming you can.

Often what happens is that a person who makes $30 per hour will pay someone who make 8$ an hour to do the work. I know the math may be difficult to get but look at the fact that someone is making $8 an hour, and someone else who makes $30 an hour is paying them just 8$ an hour. Assuming that all jobs would pay the same rate lets say $100 an hour or $10 an hour, than why would you ever hire ANYBODY to do anything you can do yourself?

You wouldn't unless certain conditions are met, you are making MORE than what you need, more than your survival. If everyone on the planet made a certain amount per hour than is more than what they need, and it is all the same, lets say $50 an hour (though relatively speaking it doesn't really matter the amount) then yes people would still hire other people because they don't have to worry about survival. Commonsense math.But how much you can hire someone will be limited to a certain amount that is equal for everyone. This is an example of equality, as well as taking responsibility for the environment and use of time of people and resources of the Earth.

Currently there is no limit in the system. People are constantly trying to break the system's rules in their favor. And when they make it to the top, they used the fact that the system didn't give a shit about them when they were poor as an excuse to not give  a shit about anybody when they finally make it. Its a barbaric system.

There is no love, care or regard for life. The only regard for is self-survival, survival of one's own family, survival of one's own country, survival of one's own ideology, religions, beliefs, nationality, identity. etc...Whatever word you want to pick that creates a small sub-group from the entirety of life, you can insert it there. Because as long as you separate from the whole of Life, of existence = You create the problem: you create poverty, war, starvation, murder, abuse.

Everyone has the same equal responsibility for this existence, to do everything you can for what is right for everyone for all. You know what is right, you know what kind of world would be right. It is a world where you could place yourself in the shoes of everything that exists and know that is best can not be any better. Its commonsense.

The mere fact that people make so many different wages show the problem in the system. Especially since the wages dip below poverty line.

For those who are ready, we can create a new way. What matters is what you as an individual pledge to do. And what matters is that you understand the limits of your mind, your self and how you operate within yourself, because as well intention as you are, that doesn't mean you will complete your pledge or commitment. Changing this world will involve changing the individual self, changing what you believe to be possible, changing what you believe you are capable of doing.

You don't have to wait for anyone else. Alone you can already change the world. Alone you can already change others. Alone you can stand as the starting point that future generations stand upon. You can create the way for others to walk. Live the way and show the way.

In the deepest depths of yourself and the darkest points of your mind is the key and the place that you must be able to see, understand and change. This is why people are corrupted so easily, because we already accepted the rottenness within us. Inside us is the world that exists right now, which means there is the problem here within us.

To Fix the wage system needs to start with fixing the individual. You can't force a change through the system through dictatorship, and to vote in a new way requires democracy and a large number of individuals who already changed their inner self. Teach your children what you learn and pass on what you wish you learned before. Pass it on.

 Eventually a place can be created for those that are ready. It can be a town, maybe a city, a district, several cities, a whole large area, a state, a country. Through living the example for real, being disciplined, caring, aware of the environment, aware of how things are made, hard-working, helpful, good attitude, giving, sociable, connecting with the community and people. And most importantly placing all life as equally important, this includes the environment, the humans, the animals, the habitats, plants, bug life, everything... The end goal of such communities is not  Money but LIFE, and whether that includes money as a form or not it doesn't matter. Even within the current system of capitalism LIFE can exists because every human agent is making a constant CHOICE to do what they do and SPEND their money how they do. We can spend our money to support LIFE. So the only limit is within SELF and the MIND of the Individual. That is the key and that is where we will change once and for all of time. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Day 14 Anger as Positive Reinforcement

Something I notice from the recent years in Trump being president and the liberal left and conservative right is the amount of anger there is on both sides. What is interesting to observe is how people believe that Anger is a sign of caring. Because Trump is Visually angry people believe he really cares about America. On the left side, with Bernie Sanders, he too was outraged and people believed because he was so upset he must care.

In my observation of everyday life, people who are angry about things are deemed as people who care about things. In all truth though this can just be a ruse or trick. Being angry doesn't necessarily mean you care, however because of what people believe, this becomes what people see to be a sign of of caring.

If you are deceived by someone who pretends to be angry, its your responsibility for believing that anger means people care. It doesn't mean anything.

Anger itself feels good. It is self-rewarding and so self-reinforcing. It becomes an addiction. I notice this as well, that anger feels self-empowering, and if you don't have anything else good in your life you particularly focus in on anger, and blame. Without stopping oneself one expresses/lives anger as feeling as energy more and more.

What I notice how suppression works here is that suppression makes you think and feel that anger is something bad to feel. That is suppression. That is different than actually stopping anger and so feeling nothing. Suppression just makes you feel bad when feeling angry, so it just adds another layer of judgment and separation.

The way that anger works, because it feels good and it is self-reinforcing, this is how and why angry mobs form so easily, and how people can get swept up in anger so easily. Anger makes you feel empower, or like you have power. It gives you a high. It makes you feel better. Being honest how anger actually feels is how you can start stopping it. This is what I have been applying in my life.

Through self-forgiveness one takes self-responsibility for what one feels.

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