Sunday, January 12, 2020

Day 787 The Truth is Sweet

I won't accept and allow being Kind and being Fake about it, so Smiling at someone, being courteous, yet when it comes to actually being supportive: the support isn't there.

Because what really matters is being Real, and so really supportive of each one. No matter their situation or who they are: we can support them within their position.

Because we can push for the best from each one. To give more, to be more, live more, apply more, create more.

Because the point is to bring all points here, all people here, all application here so that we may grow and create more, and stand as one and equal.

But Kindness, Positivity, Friendliness, and Smiling means nothing if its not backed by real supportive actions by the person, or real supportive and practical words.

The following must end: Hypocrisy, Being Fake, Anger, Fear, Jealousy, Comparison, Ego, Hiding, Pretending, Lying, and so basically any other point that is not aligned with standing in Everyone's shoes as equal: Where we must live in a way such that with every breath we take and every step we make that we are breathing in and walking as this entire existence: all people, all of reality as Us, as One and as Equal.

For how can you fear yourself? How can you feel Anger at yourself? How can you be jealous of or compare yourself with yourself? How can you Hide from yourself, or lie to yourself or pretend or be fake with yourself? How can that be when you are standing as all as one and equal. So there is no choice or debate. There is only one right answer. And how can you possibly fight and resist this message of oneness and equality, that is one, that is the same and will always be repeated and stay the same for eternity?

We are in Plato's cave where yes, only a few will realize these points actually and then they have to back into the cave and pull people out, just like in the Matrix Movies: you simply cannot just live your own happy life while leaving others stay stooped in ignorance. Because lies are lies, and at death its too late.

And this moment is always a new moment, a new opportunity to stand and change. It will never end this journey, its just that at your death, its too late to actually give to the physical change of Humanity, at least to the degree that is possible here. And you will still have to face yourself and walk the change you would have made. And the regret is immense.

So understand, its normal to resist this message, its normal to hate this message, to combat the statements that Anger must end, that Emotions must end, that We have to walk in every moment standing in the shoes of everyone. That is where all of us are at as all of humanity, we resist the truth. But this is the truth, and you're welcome for giving you the opportunity to hear it and have a chance to do more, apply more, and really change and reach the potential of Life on Earth. Because your life will be meaningless otherwise if you simply live and die like everyone else: never realizing the potential of being a One and Equal Creator of themselves, being aware of every part of yourself, of your body and of your environment and of people around you and THIS is only done through stopping your mind consciousness system and seeing directly here with physical eyes.

And if you resist this truth, may you suffer enough and face consequences fast enough so you may be forced to face the truth. Cause nothing is sweeter than the truth.

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