Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Day 785 Can you stand in the shoes of someone you Feel Anger towards?

Standing in everyone's shoes would necessitate that all fear and anger end. Because how can you be angry at yourself? Or how can you possibly fear yourself? Doing so would be absurd.

The statement: I stand as all as one and equal, is specific. Imagine a person saying that they stand as everyone: All the people across the world, all the people you know or have heard of or encountered and of all the countries, and places, and parts in the world. To stand absolutely with all that exists: there can only be one meaning or one interpretation.

Standing as everyone challenges your own point of separation: it challenges your anger, and your fear and your judgment and blame. Because you will resist standing as someone who you judge, blame, fear, or feel anger which you direct at them.

Standing as everyone would support peace, harmony, and simply being supportive, constructive, present, warm, and gracious.

I am working with Fear and Anger when it comes to what I see on the News and Facebook. What I need to do is to correct myself by being able to say and stand as all of the Abuse, and the Manifested Consequence of the World. All of the slavery, all of the Pornography, all of the Exploitation, all of the Violence, all of the Lies, All of the Con jobs and Deceptions, All of the Mining and Destruction of the Human Body.

The Fight of Good versus Evil is not real. It only perpetuates what is already here- because Good will use Anger and will Use Fear, and so that point never stops or changes. And that is the one point that needs to change and the one point that hasn't been done. No one has been taking responsibility for themselves and taking the steps to truly end the abuse.

People have accepted and allowed this reality to be what it is, and they have accepted and allowed themselves to be who they are. And there is a consequence that has been manifesting that will bring people down to their knees, so that they it will end one way or another. Because who people are is standing in separation from this reality, from other people, from the world, from everything. They are like pure Egos in their own Bubble reality. They live in Fear and Anger and will resist any point that threatens their bubble.

The Solution is to Stop: the Fear and Anger and other emotions/reactions. And how you Stop is by taking Responsibility for accepting and allowing those Fears, Anger, emotions/reactions. Take responsibility for you Manifested Consequence. This is a minimum 7 year process of constant application to truly change. See DIP and

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