Saturday, January 4, 2020

Day 783 Remembering Me

I am going to be making some absolute statements here:
First, what matters more than anything is this one process I am walking for myself. Meaning that I have these ideas and pressures of needing to give something to the world and to many people, and that I need to have success or leave an impact. So I'm saying absolutely that my individual process is more important and it comes first. So who I am here in the body is what matters. My fears, my emotions matter in that I must direct them, and that any excuse or reason of wanting to leave an impact through career or money or something in the world is unacceptable.

So what comes first is this Self process, and so the Truth of me. Who I really am in the moment. What fears I am accepting and allowing? What anger? What emotions are here?

If I die and no one knows me or remembers me. If I leave no legacy. If all I do fails.
What I am saying is that none of that matters and what matters is this one thing: Self, and my process of stopping the mind and birthing life from the physical. So I do this here with me, with my body, with my life. So what I have is this fear of not being remembered, of not having an impact, of failing in all that I do out there in the world. And so what I am saying is that none of that matters. What matters is Self, and who I am, me taking responsibility for me, and me living real physical expressions here.

For me to walk my process and do it, that already is a miracle. So what I am saying is that that should come first and be my priority. And the rest will flow from that point. Where I am supposed to go, or what I am going to do, will all flow from that point of Me, and Self.

Fear is the point to stop.

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