Friday, January 10, 2020

Day 786 The Importance of my relationship with myself

So my relationship with myself is one of the most purest of things that can exist because with myself there is the clarity of knowing exactly what I mean, and so not have miscommunication with me, and complete honesty is possible. No need to worry about bias or the right words, or considering/interpreting another.

With me that is the one relationship that I can be really honest, and really get me, and really communicate without all that bias, interpretation, judgment, reaction or distraction.

I can have a realationship with myself where simply by saying 'myself', that I have comfort and I see myself here and I hold myself, where I stand with me, I support me until the end of eternity. This is the one relationship in my life that I can depend on that won't have the judgment or misinterpretation, or leave me.

Where when I speak with myself or as myself I am not thinking about how other people are going to interpret it, I don't have to wash it out or change what I say, because I know that I mean.

And for that realationship is what I am greatful for.

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