The most important thing that I can offer existence is to show that its possible to live and exist without thought, emotion and feeling. To show what its like to no longer feel insulted, intimidated, scared, worried, love, hope, sadness, excitement. To show what it is like to smile for real, laugh real, spontaneously in the moment, unplanned.

Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy New Year!!!! Changes to my Blog for 2019 update

Hello World.

I have added a Blog Timeline as a Tab!!!! See above. Should make random skimming through my blog easier.

I will be reworking/adding to my blog to make it better/easier and my supportive/useful. New Links, Maybe restructuring layout.

I will be resetting my blog count in the opposite direction, which means for 2019 I will start with the actual full count or correct # day for my blog. But to explain myself, I have over the recent years, stopped adding the Day of my blog, and had then restarted the count to 1. The reasons I gave was that I was walking a new cycle, a new phase of my life. And indeed the blogs in those counts were unique/different as a whole set. Anyway, now I am choosing to be more STRUCTURED, and promise to STICK to the Structure, of the days. To not fuck around and to ENJOY the structure. Only with this promise will I allow myself to do this new venture, of sticking to the actual count of the day.

It's a point of Integrity. I can't fuck around with the day count or stop once I start it. I want it to stay on path like this forever.

I will be exploring other ways and I am open to ideas to improve my blog to make it more user friendly, navigateable and usable. So Please Share!!!!

That's All Folks!!!

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