Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy New Year!!!! Changes to my Blog for 2019 update

Hello World.

I have added a Blog Timeline as a Tab!!!! See above. Should make random skimming through my blog easier.

I will be reworking/adding to my blog to make it better/easier and my supportive/useful. New Links, Maybe restructuring layout.

I will be resetting my blog count in the opposite direction, which means for 2019 I will start with the actual full count or correct # day for my blog. But to explain myself, I have over the recent years, stopped adding the Day of my blog, and had then restarted the count to 1. The reasons I gave was that I was walking a new cycle, a new phase of my life. And indeed the blogs in those counts were unique/different as a whole set. Anyway, now I am choosing to be more STRUCTURED, and promise to STICK to the Structure, of the days. To not fuck around and to ENJOY the structure. Only with this promise will I allow myself to do this new venture, of sticking to the actual count of the day.

It's a point of Integrity. I can't fuck around with the day count or stop once I start it. I want it to stay on path like this forever.

I will be exploring other ways and I am open to ideas to improve my blog to make it more user friendly, navigateable and usable. So Please Share!!!!

That's All Folks!!!

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