Sunday, April 14, 2019

Our Fundamental Human Rights

Fundamental Human Rights

We all have the right to live well. Currently our system is a free for all bull-pen. Anything goes. We have some laws to control, but even the laws are hijacked. It is not at its very core a system of benevolance of love of care of life. It is a system of domination of advantage of exploitation of quick schemes, of cash of power.

Our current system will implode, devastatingly unless we change it. Unless we change what we believe is possible, and change what we believe we should do.

Its all based on belief. Money is also a belief. It wont have any power if no one believes it does.

If we start seeing LIFE as valuable, and start changing ourselves through our words, what we express and write, and what we do, so that we express the value of Life, then we can make it so. We can successfully change the system for real.

At the fundamental level we have to change the system. At the very levels describe here in this video.

We can invent new ways to relate, new ways to live together, to slowly and surely change the system. A true interconnected movement based on the principles of life.

You can start today, do a vlog or blog on this point. Speak it. How things should be, who we should be, and the value of Life itself.

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