Saturday, April 13, 2019

Day 711 I chose to Live more Passionately

I choose to live more passionately in my blogs and vlogs, like how I used to.

I have held back for different reasons.

I have decided though that its worth it to do it, to live passionately in my words and expression as what's best for all and that whatever may come of it, I can manage it. Its worth it.

So lets start:

What is best for all and oneness and equality.

What is best for all is stopping every single thought. Every emotion. Every Feeling.

The Mind itself is based on Energy, and it relies on these points in the mind.'

The Mind mines its energy from the body. Yes mines. It harvests its energy from the physical matter, and destroys the cells/tissue and harms it in the process. Participation in the Mind feeds off the body and accelerates aging.

Stopping your mind is the utmost priority.

To change this world is to change yourself. To take responsibility for this world is to take responsibility for all that is happening in it. And everything in your minds is reflected in the world. You have conflict inside you, there is conflict in the world. You have desires/fantasies based on abuse, there is abuse in the world. You wish to be rich and powerful, there are those who are living that point. When we equalize power, we are all equally powerful.

The world is us and we are the world.

If we are to recreate this world we need to recreate ourselves.

We need to make way for the future generation of children. We need to put the message out there about what is best for all, about the mind, about energy, about self-forgiveness, about how to change, about the proof of change as people, about how anyone can do it, about for fucking ONCE have real reliable information about the MIND and how to CHANGE... for once in humanity, in existence we have access to that information. Finally.

Living Passionately, Speaking Passionately is important. It is real, and it is me. I know something, I have lived something and I need to communicate that and share that with everyone. It is important. It is very important. It is the most important thing that ever existed. Too many people believe they are a drop in the ocean, meaningless... too many people believe they cannot affect the world, that it is too big. Too many people focus on just living and getting by and finding another way to help...

Why do we settle for small actions, small gestures? Why do we settle? Why?

Lets do more, be more, do the most we can do.

The mind is something we can stop. We can stop a belief, a thought, an opinion. We can change the mind. We can say NO, and STOP!!!!!!  We can do it.

The Mind isn't real. It was never real. The physical is real, and will always be real. Emotions are simulations. You can't touch it or taste it or see it. You can only see and touch and interact with the physical.

When we drop the mind in existence, then we are left with existence. We have dropped the conflicts, the wounds of the past, the revenge, the ideas, the personalities... we are left with each other and this earth.

Realize that with anything of the mind, just breathe and be here, be here within and as the physical. That is the key to showing to yourself that you can stop anytime and that you are responsible for who you are. You can't blame others now for who you are. You are responsible for your reactions.

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