Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Day 35 Follow up on The Biases Toward Women

So in a previous post I did forgiveness on my beliefs about women. In this blog I wanted to do a follow up.

So, within rereading my blog post I have new insights. So, basically imagine one of those women groups or female groups that believe women are powerful, and believe women hold some special power, that there is something sacred about women, and that believe the world would be better if ran by women. Like some special female spiritual empowerment group thing.

Imagine the above. Now, would you say that you want YOU to be let's say all these things: Powerful, DEEP, Strong, Compassionate, Caring, Insightful, Intelligent etc...   just because you were a women?

Look at this point here. Would you want to BE anything JUST because you are a WOMAN????

If you look at this point in self-honesty you will see it is incredibly limiting and incredibly insulting to yourself and to everyone, including the female body, to think that WHO YOU ARE, what you LIVE, the words you are like Strong, Deep, Compassionate, has ANYTHING to do with the fact that you have a woman's body.

I mean like really???

Because if you believe you ARE these things BECAUSE you have a woman's body, then that means that YOU ARE NOT THESE THINGS. Simple. You are not these things, your BODY is the reason why you are these things, BUT in fact YOU ARE THE THE REASON for being lets say Strong, Independent, Compassionate etc...

I mean that's utterly ridiculous.

Instead if you form a group, let it be a group for the points of Compassionate, Caring, Strong, Deep, Insightful etc...  Meaning its about WHO YOU ARE, and not about your body, your vagina, your penis, or your appearance. I mean that is common sense.

Female empowerment is Stupid. PEOPLE empowerment, LIFE empowerment, EVERYONE living what is best for ALL, makes sense.

If you are supporting FEMALE EMPOWERMENT, or ANY group that is individually EMPOWERED separate from the Rest of Life, then know you are not supporting what is best for all, and that you are creating war, conflict and separation. You are on an EGO trip. You are riding the waves of energy.

Expression is not limited by Gender, SEX, appearance, skin color or culture. ANYONE can LIVE ANY EXPRESSION.

It is in our MINDS that we believe separation exist, that we create a perception of separate groups, separate cultures and separate expressions. These borders don't exist in reality. Just like country borders. It is all in our heads.

We are stronger together. The truth is that we are ALL in this together. We are ALL equally alive. We all Equally Exist. We are Life. We just have to stand as Life, as ALL as ONE and EQUAL. This is the only truth. This is the only one reality. We exist together. So let's Live it and Be it, let's be what is best for ALL. 

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