Friday, January 4, 2019

Day 682 My Perspective on the Principle of what is best for all

The Desteni of Living -

Declaration of Principles

1. The Principle of What is Best for All

Guiding myself in thought, word and deed to always, in all ways, direct all things to the best possible outcome for all.
Taking into consideration the effects of my thoughts, words and deeds on the world around me (people, plants, animals, environment) and ensuring that the thoughts, words and deeds I am living honour the best potential of myself and all of life on Earth, to the best of my ability.
Standing unconditionally in the shoes of all people and all things, and being able to at the end of the day say that I have fully considered all within the context of creating the best possible outcome for everyone and everything – that I have honored and considered them in the way that I would like to be honored and considered. 

(There are 13 principles in total, click the link to read them all on the Desteni Website.)

For me, what this principle practically means is like the Jesus Message, do onto another as you would have them do onto you, except that it applies to every single being, or person, or thing that exists simultaneously. Where it requires expanding your consideration to include the Earth, all the animals, all the plants, all the people everywhere across the globe, including the future people/children that don't exist yet. It includes everything that can be considered life itself, where a rock is alive even, as that very dust of rocks can form the minerals of your human body. Looking at it this way, life isn't about preventing death as death is inevitable, and a vital part of Life, as it simply recycles what is here and reuses it to create new forms of Life. What does matter heavily is the quality of Life and our interactions and treatment of each other and each thing that exists. It should be obvious that making sure that the planet is well as a whole, and nature is healthy and balanced, including all the humans that exist, all human populations in all parts of the planet, in all the countries, no matter where it is. To have one country very well off, and rich in resources, while others suffer, and everyday continues as normal is NOT acceptable. Because to do what is best for all IS to do what is best for ALL. Without exception. No one can be excluded from the ALL. And sometimes killing is what is best for all, like an animal that is suffering from a disease or injury that cannot be realistically/practically fixed/remedied. Sometimes the same is with a person. So the strict morality of good/bad is not what is best for all.

What is best for all, is what is best for all. It is what is best for the group known as existence. It is what is best for everything that exists, without exclusion. It is viewing things from a global perspective. Practically it may be best to start with people in you everyday life, to see what it means to be your best and do your best by them. Here, you don't have to be a hero that joins the Peace Corps tries to save every poor person in Africa, but you can still do that. You can even by just focusing on your current Thoughts, your current state of being, your current consideration in the smallest of things, like whether you are present here within saying Hello. Whether you take responsibility to clean something even though you won't be recognized or paid to do so, simply because it has an impact, it is best for all. Working on all these little habits and behaviours are important. Because if you just change just yourself in all the ways you can so that how you are, how you live, what goes through your head is best for all, than that there is taking responsibility for your part in creating and being a part of the All. Because you are part of All. Don't exclude yourself from the group of All, of existence. You are part of existence, you exist!This was one of my early mistakes to exclude myself from the All, in what is best for all. So you do want to make sure that you are well off!

Focusing on yourself, you do want to make sure you are financially stable, that you tend to your physical needs and physical health. You do want to make sure that you care for this body and this you that is part of this very Life and existence. I mean how can you care for anyone else or support anyone else if you cannot even do that for yourself? Whether it comes to your mind or your body? So it is to be practical. This is not a mission of self-sacrifice or suicide. This is about you being a reliable person that is a reliable building block that forms the structure of the future of Life itself. Because inevitably, what is best for all will start manifesting on a more global scale. And yes, your word has impact, what you say online can support others. That is why blogging and vlogging is so important as it is one way to interact with people across the internet, across the world. It is just as important as an interaction with a person in everyday life.

A phrase that helped me early in my process was to give myself the same life that I want everyone else to have. Which means a life full of expression, and responsibility. Because I obviously wanted other people to stand up and change! To be the voice! So I have to do that as well. And I obviously I would want to live well, with full of expression. And so focusing on my self-expression, my self-enjoyment through physical self-expression is part of living what is best for all. Because we ALL have forgotten and have difficulty in just enjoying ourselves in simple self-expressions, that we seek to do things and activities for fun, or we seek PEOPLE to be our SOURCE of fun, instead of being fun and enjoying WITH people in your reality, and inviting them to join you! Imagine all the problems with ADDICTIONS, and feeling depressed, and bored that can be solved! When you become the very expression and source of fun in your life, where you create. That is part of a balanced life and part of what is best for all. Again I say, GIVE yourself the same life you want others to have as well. 

Living what is best for all will radically change your world, and this very world itself.

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