We are walking a Journey to Birth Life from the Physical, and so live as One and Equal with and as this Existence

Friday, November 30, 2018

Day 73 Being a part of the solution, instead of being part of the Problem

There are many things that one can say is wrong with the world.

But one thing that happens is that people complain about what is wrong, and they only take it to there, just words that are complaining about the problem.

But what is needed is sacrifice, commitment of your Life and your Time in some positive way that is practical that will inevitably bring about the end of the problem with a solution. It can be long term stuff. It can be where you spend your money. It can be saving your money and using it wisely in supporting people that are voices of changes. It can be directly volunteering, becoming a politician, starting a business, making a plan to work a certain job that provides you security and use that security to support others, uplift others. We each have strengths and inheritances. We are not all born equal or have access to equal opportunity. BUT we can BE equals, and SEE each others as equals, and so give this life all that we got, and we utilize our strengths and advantages to change the world, uplift people, support the voices of change. Some people will be better at being the voices than you, and that's okay. We each have our talents and so our best roles to play. We will do this together, and make it through together, as soon as we join in and start rowing as a team. The team of life. The team of humanity. The team of the world. It will take sacrifice. It will take time. It will take your life and commitment.

Don't be a complainer. Join in the Revolution. Play your part. Do it. Solve the Problem.

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