The most important thing that I can offer existence is to show that its possible to live and exist without thought, emotion and feeling. To show what its like to no longer feel insulted, intimidated, scared, worried, love, hope, sadness, excitement. To show what it is like to smile for real, laugh real, spontaneously in the moment, unplanned.Like live words for real like openness, intimacy, bravery, sharing, caring, hereness, strength, standing firm, listening, considering, walking with

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Day 60 People and Animals

So I have been watching the videos from DODO that share videos on facebook, that I see while scrolling through facebook. Its all about animals. Its hard to put in words.
There are people that care about animals, that GIVE UP their lives and self-definition and money to take on a NEW self-definition and Life that is about raising, caring for the animals, to the utmost degree. You can call this real Love. real Care. This is something I would do. And this is the BEST of Humanity, and the human spirit.[0]=68.ARDxH-SH1CSRhDgwSC_7AU3P6b5Vr42GnyvReMxOLUmFPJdcK7AAvifRiTgJw_XEbqfXcIeKyADbKKC7oO7vvYa4tbaDPh8UTKzn2xtEjIEjIeqAyx8s6TvlWbvUafJeT0L_XUJmAWu6cN00eeiovQC0wgGhtWrZ90GytVyQLN9w-dGunPL48abcFqxnsBY7aTaXfFkuGM5HQyMvJUoStFYZdaVWHyMHIOdCnw8&__tn__=-R[0]=68.ARCEY943k6BB42k5tK1X_y8ucFiis9sCOiuUfiC1k-9i67Px1wX9dhn7816DeRKp_xMUe-kQVOpc7rQrddG_QdYP8-pAhW7Tzr0pnCeR-kXcfMdzsqrPj7YZ10mA6VZeIjR5bsEJ_yjo9VcFFj0hm9-8Sool6k1xvdyXbBhceplAqQqQsuToStl1cP-KqMzuciWkREx1cby74QItFRIfwvfDgbelbvDiZI2NXgs&__tn__=-R[0]=68.ARD8fgr6wv0dnykmLhlBJBkj-h_xgoPWrmuS688WSZ6EKUD-hrGqhBZhYvgnareIu73qpv0nViSVvCTPop3rmu5mhjuEI7qCBt-D5Tds1bMFmZCW53Qj2VmfkFXLWGTcSPekPV5zo6hW3Wrx0tPgUqAiKZeuns9xHpf461ZZnCroTGdnkv8Z8IUDP0zrJIbaZBx1YnKr0-3qoMQdPKgOY3KQ3czQEi1ERX2ux0Y&__tn__=-R[0]=68.ARDEWSGJcOQ-IK09cKKenT9OssY4OESTrKF7F_ShqupsvIxNyYaRJNqofg9NqoDwcszxnOms9sbxucJxxi_2QaJB-BEEFH1cS1LHV_0iThvTlTTaF4L0aVfDP-3CF6cjwEyKwj3ibZmg5aaRMLJQCHOmTH-OJjn2jI5iaG_2yo1wGmYYuIfiTAEHmzUPCS7wI8qBGJ9TxFNzz8d9QBZAomGAwkNKTGNtlGIIa58&__tn__=-R

Real Happiness and Joy comes from the service, and caring of life. To give yourself. And all I want to do is my part in that. I'm going to go after what I can do best which is making money, but I'm going to use that money to support Life. Watching these videos make me cry and feel good in the happiness of people living real lives. Watch these videos. There more awesome videos like this, because there are more such awesome people out there like this. Imagine if these videos were never created.

These people KNOW who they are and they have PURPOSE. And it serves LIFE.

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