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Self is the Key. You are the Key. You have the power. You are the power. You need to know the power. You need to know yourself. You need to know who you are right now in this moment in what you are thinking and feeling. And you need to start stopping whatever it is that is not best for you. You need to start stopping that which is harmful to Life.

Be the Self that is Free from all limitation, pain, abuse, destruction, and full of creation, ability, and potential. You start becoming through self-forgiveness.

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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Going deeper down the rabbit hole: the secrets of the Positive 225

Okay so today I reflected on the past mind possessed state I wrote about yesterday.
There is a lot more insightful and specific information. My plan is to share all of the details, because knowing the details I believe will greatly assist everyone, because I see already how it is going to assist me greatly. I can tell that this is going to be an unstructured blog simply because I am in the middle of digesting it, and structuring for me, so pardon the mess.

One of the points about positivity that is very important is Forgetfulness. I found that specifically I am more forgetful about positive experiences. Have you ever notice that its easier to remember the ways someone has wronged you, instead of the ways they have helped you? Its that similar principle in play within me. It took much more time for me to remember the positive experience I had, versus the negative experiences. There seems to be something about the positive feelings which I just fell into in such a way where I was forgetting the very experience itself. To describe it, it makes all the positive experiences seems similar, unified as one, and thus appearing simplistic. However when I actually wrote out the positive experiences, there are many, and I mean MANY such positive moments and so it is more complex and extensive then what I perceived, mainly because I wasn't aware or didn't remember all of the positive experiences. They kind of don't stick out, as how negative emotions do, you know? So that was one important lesson.
Regarding this experience this EQAFE interview speaks to this very point :

So this dimension is particularly interesting because I grew up self-identifying with the word sensitivity as a description prominent adults used for me. So when I was reflecting on my hours of possession, I notice something. Me, my mind, the content of my thoughts, reflected that I was scared of challenges, that I was sensitive to harshness, that you can say I was being overly emotional, and reactive especially to circumstances that before I was able to direct myself through in times where I wasn't possessed. So its like being in a state of a High, essentially, as Positive, and Happy, I became soft, or comfortable, or so accustomed to that, that leaving that energy into the Negative emotions became Extreme. I can attest that growing up I was a happy child and for the most part happy, and now it all make sense why I was sensitive. So this dimension explains a lot for me. So this Sensitivity is one of the consequences of participating within Feelings of Positivity because then I become scared of challenges and failures, I emotionally react to them, which as my night of possession showed, was rather consequential, as I was not effective in directing myself. I see this is important to understand what is really going on within the positive, and how it is actually effecting me, myself, my being and mind.

Specific Negative Emotions
So it turns out there are a specific set of negative emotions associated with this Happiness and Positivity. These included for me sadness, depression, downtrodden, deflated, melancholy. What I notice about these emotions is that they are part of the construct meaning that they are part of the desire for energy. So when I leave the high and happiness, I feel these specific emotions as part of desiring energy and so missing the energy I felt, and so is supposed to motivate me to again search out my triggers for the feelings of happiness and contentment, excited, high, thrilled etc... These emotions are not inferiority, which would include feeling scared and nervous, which are part of another construct or package that I have already looked at in other blogs these past weeks, as it relates to anger, resentment, and self-worth. So it is very important to see and realize that the emotions tied to this Happiness and Positive mind point is specific to it. This helps me to identify when I am in which construct.

The Experience
So the overall experience was like wearing rose-colored glasses as the expression goes. I literally see and viewed the world as positive as perfect. I looked at and picked out normal, ordinary things and made them positive. I felt like everything was going my way. For instance, I saw little acts of kindness that people did, and felt positive. When people talked to me, I felt positive. Simply walking outside in nature, and breathing I felt positive. And by positive I mean happy, content, excited, thrilled, warm, and stimulated. When I girls looked at me, I felt that they could be the one. So I was ready to fall in love and develop crushes.

The Consequences
So what are some of the consequences I noticed? So to add already what I have mentioned so far, I also felt dumb, like slow. I was perceiving time slowly, like I was moving slow within it, and so very much unaware, at least more so than usual. So I couldn't move very fast or very well. I was frozen in time, and I didn't want to stir up the water, like create any conflict with others. I didn't want to add anything new, ask questions, interact, move. I notice I would look for the easy way out, and I was soft, sensitive, and not confident.

Small moments of Positivity in Everyday life
So while I have been opening up this point I have been noticing more moments of positivity. Here I would like to list them, and explain them briefly, because they do appear small, yet together they would accumulate through time into a great mind possessed state.

-Thank you, Acknowledgment
So like in the mind construct on the relationship I wrote in yesterdays' blog, when I receive attention, and so acknowledge from everyday people, not just potential partners, I also enter into positivity, and in one form that this occurs is in receiving a thank you or acts of gratitude.

-Play Games
So throughout my life I have played all sorts of games. Simply playing, and play, I become excited, and thrilled, full of energy and stimulated.

Watching Shows
So watching shows and movies, performances, comedians, entertainers, are a trigger. It is something related more to watching, as I also watch Nature, or my own breath, and these two also served as positive triggers. So like Play, the word Watch, as a verb is more important to note.

My name Yogan
 So when I hear, speak, read, or say my name, I react positively. This interacts with people's interactions with me, when they use my name in conversation or in writing.

Judging Inferiority
So this involves me judging someone as less than or inferior, and me becoming superior and feeling positive.

The Future
So far I have been stopping these feelings experiences by stopping participation in them. I identify what is going on, the triggers, and the construct it is, and then I stop. So I am utilizing what I learned and took from my self forgiveness, self correction, and self commitments from yesterdays blog, and extending that knowledge to these everyday moments of positivity, and so far it works, because the principle of the positive is the same, to desire energy. Unlike inferiority, where I feel not so cool, within positivity I feel great, which is why it is so simple, direct and clear in what I am standing for while within it, the desire for energy. The consequences will also be the same, it would just take many moments to get there, but it is guaranteed. So of course I am not an idiot, where if for some reason it is not enough and I need more, then I will investigate and look for more, but I also wish to test what I have because I am looking for the quickest way to correct myself, and thus the shortest way, not the longest. I certainly wish not to extend my process any longer than I have to. Okay so here we go!

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