The Self is the key. You are the key. If you want to make things better, focus on yourself. Do you have a relationship with yourself? Are you able to hold yourself and know yourself? Do you know what you are feeling? Do you know what you are thinking? Are you here with yourself? Do you Know yourself?

Self is the Key. You are the Key. You have the power. You are the power. You need to know the power. You need to know yourself. You need to know who you are right now in this moment in what you are thinking and feeling. And you need to start stopping whatever it is that is not best for you. You need to start stopping that which is harmful to Life.

Be the Self that is Free from all limitation, pain, abuse, destruction, and full of creation, ability, and potential. You start becoming through self-forgiveness.

Would you like to have a relationship with Your self?

Friday, January 9, 2015

Virus Free Mind Book Review 230

So I read the Virus Free Mind Book, written by Bernard Poolman, and published around 2000, I believe. I found very useful insights, and explanations, on various topics and points. There were certainly many positive points and perspectives I haven't considered before.  I certainly recommend everyone to read it.

The book is very well flowing. Each chapter follows one another quite nicely. The illustrations were insightful. I found the exercises quite practical and well-explained. I enjoyed the play on words that Bernard utilized in a constructive purpose. There was obviously some of Bernard light worker side coming through at times, but that were limited to a few sections. Keep in mind that this was written before the portal opened. All in all, I give it 5/5. 

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  1. Thanks for the review Yogan. I've heard some cool things about the book and have been wanting to check it out.