“…simply make things better for someone else, as if I were to be born again, and that someone else, and it doesn't have to be me, but it could be someone like me, that they would have a better life than I had, that everyone was better. There is something seriously wrong with everyone, and that is something I observed when I was very young. We are the problem, and we need to become better, because we are fucking everything up.”
“So this is who I am. There is something seriously wrong with everyone and we need to fix it, if not for us, then for the future generations."
"Everything I have done in this life, and everything I will do, is for this purpose.”

Friday, September 23, 2016

Conversations on Oneness and Equality 5

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Today we are looking at the oneness and equality of physical matter. Which is the potential for physical matter to take on any shape, form or expression. To start, lets consider what has been tested and shown in the physical sciences. This includes chemistry and biology. So in chemistry you have the periodic table which describes all of the atoms that known to exist. These atoms together make up all of the substances we perceive with our senses, like woods, metals, ceramics, air, water, fire etc... What is interesting about the substances that we interact with is that they can change shape, form and expression. For example, consider the miracle of fire. If you had no knowledge of fire, would you have really expected anything to occur if you continuously rub two sticks together? I mean, even heat. Would really expect that if you rub your two hands together that it would cause the sensation we now call warmth and heat? It's amazing really. I'm sure many of us forget, but there was a time where we discovered this for the first time for ourselves. That is why its so amazing to be born ignorant and discover the world for the first time for yourself. Everything is a discovery.

So with substances, they can change. Nothing is completely and absolutely resistant to change in some way. Like water can freeze, or it can be a liquid, or it can be heated and turn into steam. It changes shape/form/state. You can burn wood, and it will change state into smoke and cause heat. What is interesting is what Einstein wrote in E=Mc^2. That is that energy is interchangeable with mass. That means when you burn wood, that energy is not lost, but is an EQUAL transformation of the wood. So theoretically you can take raw/pure energy, like heat and create any substance. This is the oneness and equality of the physical, evidenced by all the shape and forms substances can take.

Now, if we reflect on our own bodies. When we experience an emotion or feeling, we feel something. It can even be called a heat, or vibration. And if you consider what heat is, it is in essence a vibration of the atoms or the substance. The more hot something is, the more it is vibrating. So what is interesting is that the physical form/shape changes with that heat. What do you expect happens when you are experiencing an emotion like anxiety?

That anxiety is having an effect on your physical substance, which is your body. It is taking substance away from your body to produce energy. That energy is used to experience the emotion as something real and  something physical. But it doesn't serve any purpose. It doesn't help you run faster, or move quicker. And it is not the same energy that your body needs for movement. The energy of emotion is a production produced from your body's real energy for movement. So what's the purpose of emotion. Simply to create an experience.

It has been shown by Desteni over the years, and it has always been shown in various different science studies, and I have seen it throughout my own personal life, that over a long period of time, the production of emotions, thoughts and feelings causes a deterioration of the body, leading to illnesses, diseases and cancers. Through our minds, we are consuming our bodies, to create experiences and a simulation of reality. We create complex personalities and structures within ourselves that are self-definitions, and memories that we call who we are. When in fact, we are ignorant of the scope of what we are doing and how we are really doing it, and what we do to ourselves.

So remember, E=Mc^2. The energy you produce in your mind's system of who you are is taken from your body. Everything you think and feel is derived from your body. Your mind also operates on the oneness and equality principle, since everything in existence has to in some way. But the result of that is enslavement and control. Every interaction, including enslavement and control, operates within oneness and equality. And indeed, your relationship with your mind operates within the principle of oneness and equality. So you are one and equal to your relationship with your mind as it exists right now. If you change who you are, and your relationship with your mind, the equation changes. And as per the oneness and equality principles that is the fundamental to the existence all relationships, if you change, then your mind changes. If you change, your life changes. If you change, your world changes. Everything is an extension of you. You are the starting point. That is how oneness and equality works. It is the fundamental rule and law of all of existence. It is not good or bad, it simply just is.

Thursday, September 22, 2016


Fairness, what is it?

It is certainly a word. It certainly has a definition. Based on how the word is used, the word fair is often used to express an emotional protest to something, often in the contest of another receiving something more than you. Hence the phrase: "That's not fair!!!"

What is interesting is that the word equal can be used, instead of fair, and equal does not have an emotional meaning. What is equal is equal. So you can say that those people and myself are not equally receiving the same thing. Naturally, anyone who is quite stable and seeing things rationally would ask why? Why is this person receiving more than me?

The answer will depend on the actual practical physical context. Maybe its a game, where the winner receives a prize. So they receive the prize cause they win. It can be grades (or marks ) where a person receives a higher grade (or mark) if they answered more questions correctly. It can be many answers. What is interesting is that when you become emotional and accept that as who you are and embrace it, then you will react, and scream and say "that's not fair!!!" and you see other people as evil. Evil does not actually exist. Its just an emotional perception, that is completely absolute. In reality, it's not so. But to begin to see in reality requires to be stable and see what is here first before making a decision about what is here.

The best step is to understand, and then to create the best world for everyone. Emotional protesting to a lie you created is simply wasting your time.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


If you look at the size of populations of animals in an ecosystem, you notice an interesting thing. Balance is always achieved through time. This is something I learned in my biology class. You can probably find this for yourself by searching for animal populations and Biology online. Basically, you will see if one population is larger or smaller, it will affect the other populations. Let's take an example.

You have a predator like a Lion, and you have a herbivore like a Gazelle. So lets say that there are very few Lions. How does this affect the Gazelle population do you think? In case you didn't know, the Lion's eat the Gazelle for food. What biologists have observed and recorded is that the population of Gazelle will increase when there are fewer predators to hunt them. But later in time, what happens is that the Lion population will grow because the Gazelle population has grown so much. Presumably this is because it is much easier to catch a Gazelle because there are so many of them. So what happens is that the Lion population with flourish and increase thanks to the large quantities of food available. However as the Lion population grows, they start to eat more and more Gazelle's. Then it becomes harder for the Lion's to catch the Gazelles. So then the Lion population decreases as the Gazelle population decreases, essentially due to starvation or simply lack of food to allow for more birthing and survival of new offspring. At some point the Gazelle population will increase again because there are less Lion's hunting them. This cycle continues forever like an balancing act. There is always a balance.

If there were not any predators the Gazelle's would still be limited by their environments. If they overeat, then the plants won't be able to grow back fast enough. Thus they can cause their own starvation and decrease in population. Their population would decrease and then again the food would grow back. The plants themselves can go through such balancing cycles.

Something interesting that Biologists have observed is that when you have large population, there is a higher risk of diseases spreading. Thus the bigger the population the higher chances of catching a disease. Thus diseases are a way to maintain the balance in populations as well.

Balance, you see, is quite a practical and physical thing. I am learning to live Balance in my own life in practical ways that support my life.

Snowden (2016)

When I watched this movie, which is about a true story, it gave me a new picture of the world. This new picture is that the world is not a fixed or completely controlled placed. That you can indeed, to put it this way, cause the giants to bleed. In this case the NSA and United States are the giants. Where we do live in a physical world where every government and every department of government like the NSA are compromised of individuals, of people, and workers that are willingly complicit in doing their work/job. And so its possible for such individuals to decide no, to dissent. Snowden was grappling with a moral point of right and wrong. Where the government was doing something without the consent of the citizens. It is a natural thing to feel bad to do something to someone or involving their things without their permission. Privacy is one of those things. But we shouldn't call it privacy, but instead the right to be asked permission to use your property. Because with information, you can manipulate people, threaten people, coerce people, and lie to people.

When I looked at how the media reported the information that Snowden exposed, it showed me that people of the media, reporters, have a career that they risk and put into jeopardy and that they are not completely controlled by the governments. That they have their own say and willpower. And that indeed perhaps the only thing that unites people is money. Because it is a business. I used to see the world as being completely controlled and you don't have power to change things in the world such as through media or government. Or that they are too powerful. But that's not the case. In fact we are just all human beings with human powers. No one is completely committed or a slave to anyone else. We all have motivations and points where our buttons are pressed. We all have desires. And perhaps the one unifying desire is money. And perhaps the one unifying integrity is what is best for all.

Often what is best for all is placed in contrast with money, where the two forces are incompatible.I see now that people in government, in media and in any part of the world, they are motivated by money or by integrity, or a mixture of both. There are journalists with integrity. There are government employees with integrity. There are government with integrity. There are media outlets with integrity. There are also people in all field with the desire to make money. And be honest, do you really think people do things in government because they are evil? No, they are doing it for the money, or because they want to serve their country. So this new vision I have for the world is that we can build a place of integrity and money. Where the two grow together.

I no longer believe that the entire government is evil or media is evil, and that it is completely controlled by evil and what is not best for all. It's not. Its simply filled with people who have the same motivations as everyone else. I mean look at your life, do you really think there is some secret brainwash center where people are absolutely loyal to a certain entity like the government or media? Or are they loyal to something that serves them directly, selfishly like money? People are selfish, and this isn't a judgment. We do things because it serves us in some way. This includes living principles like what is best for all. Living what is best for all is a selfish thing. It serves you selfishly.

So this is my new vision of the world and how things work. I see a potential for a new future, and a way forward. I actually see it that the people in most control want you to believe that you have no control and that the government and media are absolutely controlled and you can't do anything. But this is just a way to keep control. People are not evil, they are just selfish and have selfish desires. We just need to work together to meet everyone's needs and find a place where are motivations are met. And money as a motivation is the biggest and easiest point to focus on. I have a plan where it is possible to grow integrity in this world, through money.

Stick around and ask me questions. Now seems a good place to pause.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Conversations on Oneness and Equality 4

Previous: Conversations on Oneness and Equality 3

Last time we concluded with the idea about enslavement. It was mentioned that the fact that we can enslave ourselves is evidence of oneness and equality. And a question was posed as to whether it is possible for another to enslave you. Let us discuss this further today.

What is enslavement? One answer is when another has more power over you, and can control what you do. So let's imagine such a situation for ourselves: I am physically weak. Another has access to all the food, and water. If I listen to this person and do what they want I am fed and receive water. They are stronger than me, so they would over power me if I decided to fight back. So is there anything stopping me from fighting back? Yes and that is me. There are also the conditions that I can see and understand like how they are stronger than me. But I am still the one that makes the assessment and decision to not fight back. Equally so, I can decide to fight. Does this person have control over my decision, ultimately? No. They can at most manipulate the environment and situation which can influence my decision. Now in all honesty, all of humanity does not have full power over their ability to decide what to do. Where they could equally decide to fight or not to fight, where it is not a reaction. A reaction is where you don't decide, but you react to the situation. You can call a reaction as a pre-made decision, because it is in a way a decision that has already been made in the past. So when a person is in a situation they react.

So what have we learned so far? We have looked at how humans have the potential to decide what to do, and how some humans react. We can see that it is possible for someone to keep their decision intact, even in adverse conditions. This ability to decide is your power alone, and only you can deny yourself the power to decide. And we deny ourselves the power to decide when we react. Because to make a decision we need to assess the moment. I would like to distinguish a reaction from a commitment. Because a commitment is a decision one had made within their ability to reason, see and understand a situation and where one stands in relation to that situation. In contrast, a reaction is emotional and not based within full understanding and taking responsibility for the outcome of reaction.

Now, oneness and equality lies within who we are, which at the core is the ability to decide who we are, and this is always present even in situations when we call ourselves as being enslaved or disempowered. Just like how it has been pointed out in previous posts, oneness and equality is always present, just like our ability to decide who we are is always present. This is not something that can ever be erased or removed from existence. It can be not utilized yes. It can be suppressed, ignored and denied, but still it will always exist and the potential for us to use our decision will always exist, no matter what we may do or what we may go through. This is an intrinsic part of being alive and existing. We have the choice. And choice entails responsibility for that choice by the very definitions of the words. Because we are responsible for whatever choice we make, which includes the omission of making a choice, or denying that we have a choice. We ALWAYS have a choice. You can make a bumper sticker out of that. Responsibility can NEVER be escaped.

We always create the perception we have of our situation. We can align that perception with falsehoods or with truth. We can create a lie or we can see what is real. That is our choice and responsibility. We can either empower and expand ourselves or we can limit and belittle ourselves. Whatever we do, we are One and Equal to what we decide and create for ourselves. We are always one and equal with and as ourselves.