“…simply make things better for someone else, as if I were to be born again, and that someone else, and it doesn't have to be me, but it could be someone like me, that they would have a better life than I had, that everyone was better. There is something seriously wrong with everyone, and that is something I observed when I was very young. We are the problem, and we need to become better, because we are fucking everything up.”
“So this is who I am. There is something seriously wrong with everyone and we need to fix it, if not for us, then for the future generations."
"Everything I have done in this life, and everything I will do, is for this purpose.”

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Investigation Continues... The Eyes are the window to the Soul.

I have noticed something interesting about me. I have ability to express with my eyes and face that really embody my presence, and is enjoyable for me, and I communicate with just my face/eyes using no words.

It is very much a presence of myself here. I am present inside my eyes. I present with the images of this world that I see. I am here within my own presence. It is me, I am being me. It is natural and comfortable. It is real and expressive. It is deep, yet silent.

It's like an extension of myself into my environment. It's like I am moving out into my surroundings and holding it within me. This causes a slight smile on my face. I enjoy being here with what is here. I enjoy my own presence.

This is something I am investigating and testing out in moments. What does the eyes reveal about me, myself, I?

If my eyes want to shut/close, is that because I am closing down or shutting off?

If my eyes are strained is it because I am strained?

If my eyes are open and natural, is it because I am open and natural?

The investigations Continue

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Children: Afraid to be Myself

For the past 2-3 Weeks I have been making vlogs. So check out my Facebook page under my videos or See my Youtube Channel:

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Today I did a vlog that relates to my early childhood.

Children: Afraid to be Myself

Saturday, October 1, 2016

The trap of doing what you like to do

There is a saying of do what you love to do. That if you career is something you love to do then you are lucky. That if you had a choice, you should choose what you love to do. That you have to follow your natural talent. That whatever comes easy to you, is what you should do. Etc…
The above is a trap. It is a trap because look at how it limits a person if they follow this and don’t allow themselves to do something else. What about if there are things that need to be done? What if these things that need to be done are not what you love to do most? What if these things that need to be done are things you don’t like? Let’s say you do do them but resist them still because internally you want to do what you love to do. Wouldn’t be it better if you would be free of this resistance, and simply do what needs to be done?
Yes it would. The commonsense is that you would be accomplishing what needs to be done, and you would do it to the utmost of your ability which includes not resisting it, but embracing it.
In the world we have today, I say we don’t have the luxury of choice. For those that want to change the system, we need to choose whatever is needed and what will work. We need to choose so that we have the highest chance of success in changing the system. We need to play it like a game, and we need to go for the win!
This needs to be done.
Praise the people that do what is needed! Praise the people that commit themselves to changing the system! Praise the people that make the choices that will bring us to real equality and oneness! Praise those that sacrifice a life of pure selfishness for a life that will lead to a state where all may sit at the table and enjoy the fruit of Life! These are our heroes and the ones that will lead us to a new world.
Investigate Desteni.org

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Video Games about managing money and the economy

Video Games about managing money and the economy.
Tropico 4 and Simcity were games I played that taught me aspects about our economy. How people in charge need to make sure there is a positive flow of money. What is interesting though is that as the population of a city increases the number of jobs need to be increased otherwise you will have unemployment. If there are people without jobs, they won’t receive money. And if they don’t receive money, they will turn to a life of crime. So the best way to combat crime is to make sure everyone has a job. In the city though, the population is always increasing because people are moving in and people are having children. So in the game, I am forced to continuously make up jobs for people to do, even if there is an overflow of money already. It would be great in this game if I can have people share in doing the same jobs that already exist, and equally receive the same amount of money for less work. Because in reality, the money produced was more than enough and stable enough for everyone to enjoy.
Does this happen in real life? No, which is why the creators of the game probably didn’t put in such a feature, because they were drawing references from real life. Though in reality I found that I was able to make more than enough money for the island. And if I see our world today, there is more than enough money in all of our major corporations. So we could structure our whole system differently.
Because if I were to just meaningless create jobs for an ever increasing population, I would run out of space on the island and I would destroy the islands beauty with its forests and landscapes. Why do that? Just for the sake of making more money than is needed? Just for the sake of creating jobs that aren’t needed. Look at our world today, how many jobs are needless or pointless or provide no real value? Salesmen, saleswomen, entertainment, sports, news, teachers, the army?
Why do we need people selling to other people? Why can’t we just educate and show the truth behind a product or business?
Why do we need to pay for entertainment?
Why do we need to pay to watch sports?
Why do we have news people that give opinions instead of facts, and try to sell a story?
Why do we have teachers if most people who graduate hate school and fail tests, that the school system had to be made easier for everyone to pass?
Why do we have people that kill other people?

All of these things show how brainwashed we all are, and we don’t even know it. Because right now there are people that are unemployable, and are in poverty, and so they are suffering and dying, while we have multibillion dollar industries in Sales, entertainment, sports, media, education and the army. We are literally screwing our own assess with money, and are drowning in it. And this is what is happening now, on a collective level. We have literally been brainwashed since birth to not see what is literally right in front of our eyes. Our parents were brainwashed, our teachers, our friends, literally everyone is. We are all blind to how incredibly stupid our system is. Which means we are incredibly stupid. Our world literally does not have to be this way. We don’t have to be this way.
The only way forward that I can see is that people need to educate themselves and be self-aware of their own biases, limitations, thoughts, and beliefs that hold them back. Things such as fear for example. And we need to develop commonsense. This will take years to do, but it is the only way. Because to try and change how things work, like in the media, education, army, sales etc… which are multibillion dollar industries, by only changing the rules of the system, it won’t work. Because the human beings are the rules, its your own brainwashing. It’s the rules in your head that tell you what is right and wrong, and what you can and can’t do! See you don’t even pay attention to the fact that your own head is telling you what you should be doing. That is brainwashing from your childhood.
You need to change yourself, by firstly becoming aware of what is going on in your head. Be aware of what you are feeling and thinking. Question your self why you are thinking that or feeling that. Understand the history and origin of that programming and release it, so that you can decide who you are and create who you are.  This is what the role of the parent should have been for the child, to empower the child to create who they are. Instead we have parents who program their children to be just like them. And parents have for many years known their own faults but have not corrected themselves. So it is a willful selfish act to bring forth a child to have them be programmed like little robots to fulfill the parents own selfish desires. It’s just like a porno. No one who does a porno is free, it is all forced through enslavement of money.
Money is the ultimate representation of our own brainwashing. All of our brainwashing is circled around free choice, freedom to be whoever we want, to go after any desire and chase happiness. While we can fuck over the entire planet, and society and everyone that stand in our way. Just take a look at what is happening in sports, media, the army, education, parenting. It’s all just a fucking joke. The holy pretenders.
There is and can only be one way to exist for anyone. That is what is best for all. Otherwise it is a fuck you to everyone. Saying: “Let someone starve to death, who the fuck cares. Who cares if they are in poverty, I have a job, I am comfortable. I worked hard to get what I have, I deserve it!”   Pleaseeeee, this is your fucking programming. You didn’t fucking create this first, you fucking picked it up from someone and made it your own. Do you really think that is what you would be saying if you had grown up in a world where everyone is equally cared for and supported? Noooooo. You are the representation of the system. You don’t even exist as a real person. You’re just a system. Just look at how you act, and what you do, what you care about, who you care for.
The only hope for all life are those that will stand in the principle of what is best for all and walk out of their own preprogrammed brainwashing. This is a simultaneous process. You choose/commit to what is best for all and you walk through your resistances and excuses and justifications, and anything and everything that pulls you away from that point. And you stand as your decision until you are so resolute and absolute that you are the only thing that is telling you who you are. You can then create yourself, and so create this world, which you are already starting to do when you take your first commitment. The greatest power you have is to create who you are, and it is the only thing that matters. This is what determines our world.
Investigate Desteni.org The only people I have known who are committed to what is best for all and walking through their preprogramming. 
 Investigate Social Engineering which is about brainwashing societies to be a certain way. 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Conversations on Oneness and Equality 5

Previous: http://yoganjourneytolife.blogspot.com/2016/09/conversations-on-oneness-and-equality-4.html

Today we are looking at the oneness and equality of physical matter. Which is the potential for physical matter to take on any shape, form or expression. To start, lets consider what has been tested and shown in the physical sciences. This includes chemistry and biology. So in chemistry you have the periodic table which describes all of the atoms that known to exist. These atoms together make up all of the substances we perceive with our senses, like woods, metals, ceramics, air, water, fire etc... What is interesting about the substances that we interact with is that they can change shape, form and expression. For example, consider the miracle of fire. If you had no knowledge of fire, would you have really expected anything to occur if you continuously rub two sticks together? I mean, even heat. Would really expect that if you rub your two hands together that it would cause the sensation we now call warmth and heat? It's amazing really. I'm sure many of us forget, but there was a time where we discovered this for the first time for ourselves. That is why its so amazing to be born ignorant and discover the world for the first time for yourself. Everything is a discovery.

So with substances, they can change. Nothing is completely and absolutely resistant to change in some way. Like water can freeze, or it can be a liquid, or it can be heated and turn into steam. It changes shape/form/state. You can burn wood, and it will change state into smoke and cause heat. What is interesting is what Einstein wrote in E=Mc^2. That is that energy is interchangeable with mass. That means when you burn wood, that energy is not lost, but is an EQUAL transformation of the wood. So theoretically you can take raw/pure energy, like heat and create any substance. This is the oneness and equality of the physical, evidenced by all the shape and forms substances can take.

Now, if we reflect on our own bodies. When we experience an emotion or feeling, we feel something. It can even be called a heat, or vibration. And if you consider what heat is, it is in essence a vibration of the atoms or the substance. The more hot something is, the more it is vibrating. So what is interesting is that the physical form/shape changes with that heat. What do you expect happens when you are experiencing an emotion like anxiety?

That anxiety is having an effect on your physical substance, which is your body. It is taking substance away from your body to produce energy. That energy is used to experience the emotion as something real and  something physical. But it doesn't serve any purpose. It doesn't help you run faster, or move quicker. And it is not the same energy that your body needs for movement. The energy of emotion is a production produced from your body's real energy for movement. So what's the purpose of emotion. Simply to create an experience.

It has been shown by Desteni over the years, and it has always been shown in various different science studies, and I have seen it throughout my own personal life, that over a long period of time, the production of emotions, thoughts and feelings causes a deterioration of the body, leading to illnesses, diseases and cancers. Through our minds, we are consuming our bodies, to create experiences and a simulation of reality. We create complex personalities and structures within ourselves that are self-definitions, and memories that we call who we are. When in fact, we are ignorant of the scope of what we are doing and how we are really doing it, and what we do to ourselves.

So remember, E=Mc^2. The energy you produce in your mind's system of who you are is taken from your body. Everything you think and feel is derived from your body. Your mind also operates on the oneness and equality principle, since everything in existence has to in some way. But the result of that is enslavement and control. Every interaction, including enslavement and control, operates within oneness and equality. And indeed, your relationship with your mind operates within the principle of oneness and equality. So you are one and equal to your relationship with your mind as it exists right now. If you change who you are, and your relationship with your mind, the equation changes. And as per the oneness and equality principles that is the fundamental to the existence all relationships, if you change, then your mind changes. If you change, your life changes. If you change, your world changes. Everything is an extension of you. You are the starting point. That is how oneness and equality works. It is the fundamental rule and law of all of existence. It is not good or bad, it simply just is.