“…simply make things better for someone else, as if I were to be born again, and that someone else, and it doesn't have to be me, but it could be someone like me, that they would have a better life than I had, that everyone was better. There is something seriously wrong with everyone, and that is something I observed when I was very young. We are the problem, and we need to become better, because we are fucking everything up.”
“So this is who I am. There is something seriously wrong with everyone and we need to fix it, if not for us, then for the future generations."
"Everything I have done in this life, and everything I will do, is for this purpose.”

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Where I am now

I have been through a lot. To write it all out or to speak about it all to someone would take too long. So here is just a snapshot of what is relevant right now and here. I have found a point within me that I am keeping open and is stable. This is accessed through using the words oneness and equality, reminding myself of a committing to make money as a contribution/investment in the future, and through me seeing my design of desiring people and whatever new dimension that opens up in my day that relates to that.

Each of the 3 above points deserve a blog topic of their own to explain fully. The bottom line is this, however. That, I have a path forward in my life, that is my creation, that is me, and that is real. It isn't fake. It isn't for someone else. It isn't a lie to myself. I can state and say what I am doing to someone else or anyone else. I am not ashamed of it or hiding it. I am committed to making money for our future as humanity, to change this world, that I live austerely and use my money well for this purpose. I am standing with, for and as oneness and equality. I am seeing and stopping my design of desiring people, which I am learning more about and discovering new dimensions about.

That is basically the point I want to share, which is where I am now.

Monday, August 22, 2016

The Best Way to Learn

Ever notice how in every single class, like the majority of what is taught comes straight from a textbook, or collection of books? I mean, what does the teacher do what interpret what is says in the teacher's edition of the textbook and shares their interpretation to the class. Yet the class is required to read the textbook anyway. So what's the point of the teacher really? I mean, why can't we just read the textbook and learn the material that way? That is what many people have done throughout history, learn by reading.

So reading is essential. But the other essential thing is a good book, that is written well and explain what it is teaching very well. If you have a bad book or book that is plain wrong then you are wasting your time. Remember books are written by people, so a person is literally writing down their knowledge for you to learn. I mean the teacher isn't the one who wrote the textbook. All they did was read it and learn it too. So do we really need this KIND of teacher? What would be useful is a teacher that helps you learn to read very well. Once you can read well then you have most of the power needed to learn anything through books. And what would be useful is that those who are discovering new things, and learning new knowledge, and are experts in fields that have knowledge that haven't been written down, to then give lectures and teach what they know. Because then you are teaching a process of doing, which is an investigation and is a skill that can be taught. Just like how reading is a skill. So skill is the most important thing to teach. Once you know how to read the basics of a language you will progress and utilize things like a dictionary and introductory textbooks to learn any new field you choose.

If we focused on everyone having the best reading skill from an early age, we wouldn't need teachers for the rest of the subjects. All we would need to do is to provide access to books, as well as test and exercises. The book has all the knowledge needed to learn. Instead we could focus on writing good books. This would free so much more time, because reading can be much faster than speaking/listening, given your skill and experience reading. The greatest teachers then would be the ones that write the greatest books that explain their knowledge the best. And so the only needed role for classroom teachers would be to teach reading, that's it. And guess what, you learn how to write through reading how other people write, which you get by reading books! So you copy and learn to write like the best books you read. You simply speak your voice and your mind, which is you's view, which is developed by simply being exposed to the best of the best through reading the best books. Simple and natural learning.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Your Awareness Awakens

Becoming the most valuable person in existence starts with a decision. This decision is to become someone who sees every single thing that exists as no more or less than yourself, where how you live reflects that. Where when you speak to someone, it is like you are speaking to yourself, and that what you say is of the highest regard, consideration, and respect. This doesn't mean always speaking nicely or kindly, because sometimes respecting yourself means being tough on yourself. Respect, regard, and consideration is to realize the value of life that is here and to honor that and preserve that. The only value that exist is life. So you are either in life, living your utmost potential in this moment, or you are not. You either decide to live you utmost potential in this moment or not. For example, I decide to live my utmost potential in this moment. To do what is best for all, there is no greater aim. Is there anything other than everything? No. So to do what is best for everything is best for everything.

To create a future where everyone rejoices and benefits, where everyone is counted and cared for, where all is included and eat at the table, where all join together. A future where our broken systems are fixed so that they do what is best for everyone. Where we carry out and make this world exactly what is best for everyone. We make sure of it, so that is how it exists. Where we realized the power we have always had in our hands. The power to create this world how we will it. The power of a commitment. The power of a decision. The power of an individual.  The power of your responsibility. The power of knowing that if you do not make the commitment to do what is best for everyone that it will haunt you and follow you because you would have become someone great, someone that is needed, someone that serves the highest aim possible.

What are we living for if not what is best for everyone? Just best for some or a few? Just best for me? Are you able to look yourself it the mirror and say I live only for myself and a few people, and I turn my back on everyone else? If you are able to say that then you lie to yourself.

The power is in your hands. You either destroy your potential for life, or you nourish it.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Living words to the extreme

Using the extreme as a tool for living words.

Something I stumbled upon yesterday was using the extreme living of a word as a clear indication of what it means to actually live a word. The reason why I say clear indication is because it wasn't really clear what it means to live a word. So perhaps you can see why it would make sense that the extreme version of living of a word would make it clear. Because its extreme, it is obviously is what it is.

First though, I had to be clear about what is my mind programming. So when I am clear about that, which I can see and understand thanks to my experience of practicing, then it occurred to me how I live and create something like I had in the past. When reflecting on my past, I saw how I indeed lived the word fully, or you can say extremely. Let me share some of my personal examples.

One example is when I would play like a prank involving sneaking up on someone. I would go all out with the full intent and purpose on sneaking up on someone. It's like I know it was all out, because it involved my whole body and my presence. I was fully committed in that moment to sneak up on someone and make it happen. I was a silent stalker, lol.

Another example is waiting, where when I decide to just wait for something, it's like a decision that shifts me within myself to simply be here fully with my body, with no rush or care to rush in the world. I am just here fully. I may lay on the grass, and I observe everything around me, taking interest in my environment. I am just here.

Another example is cooking, where I go full out, and make something perfectly. I have fun doing it, where my movement is like fun, like a dance. I move with synchronicity, in rhythm, and I just play, with precision, and exactness. I fully live the words: I cook.

So all of these I have done in the past, and I have a clear reference of memories for them. So what I am seeing is perhaps how this is the best way for me to live words. It is certainly the most enjoyable way. And it seems to me that I just enjoy living any word to the extreme. Because it involves me. Me living a word is always fun and fulfilling. No matter the word. That is what is becoming apparent to me. I am enjoying my own expression.

I observe that Bernard Poolman was extreme in his expression, in the extent that I knew him through his online content. It was not always the same, though it was always extreme and fully the expression he took. It was holding you by the hand and explaining something fully, and also telling you exactly how it is, and always supportive for everyone's life.

So perhaps extreme is actually normal. Because otherwise any person's expression wouldn't be really clear, because it is not well defined. So perhaps you can use the word clear or extreme to describe this. Though for me as an individual, extreme helps more and explains more than the word clear.

So I am going to be practicing living words in this way. It also can be something I do within writing or within video recording, where I can decide to live a certain word for the blog or for the video.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Money can change the world now.

What do you think of a life of a person who works to make the most money he can make with his skill and ability, but then lives a very modest and austere lifestyle, and uses the money to support change in the world? I would think such an individual would be a great individual. Because they are committing their time to the fullest, and they are using their dollars to the fullest, because they are careful with money, and they use what money they can to support change in the world so that it will impact everyone. What do you think will happen if everyone does this? Or even a few more people today and each day? What if we all really value our dollars and spend it wisely?

One investment is to spend your money to support the needs of a person who is dedicated and committed to daily create content to change people's awareness and support them to change themselves. This is a good investment because it is a investment in the change of people, who in turn can support and contribute to the change, which will multiply and build over time. The greatest change needed is in the individual. So spending your money in the change of the individual is the greatest investment.

Every dollar is the same. Have you thought about that? Meaning that any dollar can be used to pay for something like bread or any food. So you can potentially use all your dollars to pay for food. So you can feed people that are focused on the goal of changing this world. This would be you supporting them, who are supporting the change in the world. So in fact, in a way, it starts with you spending the money to buy the food. Because otherwise, they would have to spend time to earn money to get the food. So they wouldn't be spending that time changing the world. So you see, this is the power of money. It can change the world. It all depends on how you spend it, and WHO you are spending it in.