“…simply make things better for someone else, as if I were to be born again, and that someone else, and it doesn't have to be me, but it could be someone like me, that they would have a better life than I had, that everyone was better. There is something seriously wrong with everyone, and that is something I observed when I was very young. We are the problem, and we need to become better, because we are fucking everything up.”
“So this is who I am. There is something seriously wrong with everyone and we need to fix it, if not for us, then for the future generations."
"Everything I have done in this life, and everything I will do, is for this purpose.”

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mother and Father series P2- Momma's Boy

So I am a momma's boy. By that, I fear things, just as how my momma taught me. By its not just my mother, it is all of society, and how all mothers are currently accepting and allowing themselves to be. So its in the teachers, and educators, both paid and unpaid- hell, its in all of the adults. We educate fear and we all for some reason have the same rough approximation of what is SUCCESS. And for me I lived that to the T, while growing up. I lived what it was that I believed to be right, to be successful, that will give me a good life, that was what I should be doing. But who was it that decided all of this, like what I should be doing? was it me? really? or was it something I learned, and accepted so totally and unconditionally as myself? And I remember feeling a burning sensation within me, that I was right, that I was living the righteous path. And I would judge harshly those who were not living the right way. But, hell, I didn't even have a clue, how I worked, how my mind worked, how we worked. You know, I never once, really sat down and question what was the right thing to do, like really, question, it was as if I already knew. Now that can't be trusted, because no effort went into understanding how I should be, how we should be. It was only until someone told me, a different point of view from the usual list of excuses of how we should be, that I realized hey there is one answer, and it is simple and straightforward. WITHOUT ambiguous Bullshit!!! wow. That's amazing. So here I am. Still have programs of a momma's boy. I still have fear. Because I need to specifically question myself and call myself out when ever i accept such a fear as myself. Remember, no one, not your educators, nor your parents, know what it is that you really, actually, whole-heartedly, the god's honest truth should be or do with your life. If they say they do, then that's just bull. If you want to be free, join us. lite.desteniiprocess.com It only takes your time and effort.

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