Sunday, March 29, 2020

Day 816 My Perspective Coronavirus

So, to explain my background, I stick with science, and physical evidence. Anything that you can see directly and observe is trustworthy especially if you test it rigorously and repeatedly. That is how Bernard did things too. And its the only natural way to determine what is true. Rigorous testing.

So. This video is the best one I saw so far explaining the coronavirus from a medial perspective.[0]=AZUa26G0nI3l6pWC-sYtz2v2QwiGQWrMzLcyR4AoKoVHrYpBzrGhyXxq_aq6wLBaHKJ9PUYy0HwX_zJjC-KcNQFCY8dSV3_Vjj1TpzAsM3K-eF9qy3es1usGcuaVRPTujS8&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

So the key points is that the virus moves quickly, way too fast. That is what the doctors in the front line are saying. The progression is quick from when a person should be put on a ventilator. And the current numbers/guess is that even on ventilators 50% of people are dying. It is true though that most people will be fine, but you have to consider the elderly, your parents, your grand parents, and people with underlying conditions. My personal perspective that I would add onto this is that if you know anyone who has had trouble with Pneumonia in the past, that that is a sign they are at risk.

Trust the physical evidence and work with the practical information.

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