Saturday, March 7, 2020

Day 809 To Do List- Grand Scheme

So here's a bit of a to do list. These are major projects. I will outline what they are, what they would do, their intended effects, and obviously its all tied here to Desteni, What is best for all, oneness and equality in some way.

If anyone wants to steal these ideas, go for it. Make it happen

A fictional Book Series
Its a series where it describes that utopia where there is some other kind of system, could be basic income, living income, or Equal money system (maybe a different book for each one?) Basically its a novel, and so you are following a character, I imagined her as female and fairly young. Maybe 13. That age is always such an interesting time period of life. Anyway, the structure I have is that there is a point where the utopia world she lives in is described by her living her ordinary life, and so the details are there, they are hinted at and alluded to so that you can get a sense of how the world/country/place works. It may not necessarily be the whole world, at least in one version of the story: it could be a country.

But in the in original version of the story I had was that the whole world is sorted out, and it is that utopia. Notice how much this contrasts with the common themes of today of 2020s where you have apocalyptic stories and dystopias etc... How can anyone have a vision of anything different if this doom and gloom is all there is? That is how and why this book would be handy.

Anyway the plot of the book would be she somehow finds a time machine or gets sent back in time to our present day world, and the first encounter I imagined was imagining this young girl get transported like in the alley of some city, like New york, and she sees people walking by a homeless person, and she makes this terrible cry/shout, the most dreadful sound of sorrow of like expressing: how could this be? All of these people walking by ignoring this person who is decrepit, physically suffering, Expressing what kind of world/people is this? ALl in one shout, like ""OH NO!!" I have the vision clear in my head, but the sound should make your gut wrench, and you feel the guilt and the purity of a child seeing one homeless man through her eyes, and we realize how cold, numb, we have all become in present day, here in real life. We all should be expressing like this girl at the horrors of the world, and at ourselves for becoming this way.

A video Game with Basic Income/Living income or an Entirely new/different money system
So video games are powerful, and if it reaches a lot of people, just like a fiction book, it can make a difference in giving that different vision. So I imagine some kind of game that involves some economy or flow of money, and so it could be something like the sims, where you are living a life/job and could have a family etc... So its just like what it sounds, you see a different way how many could operate. And you introduce some of the challenges and questions like how do you deal with crime or other challenges/troubles.

A 2nd related idea is having something like simcity where how do you work as a public official, in such a system, what would politics be like in that? Obviously I envision them as servants more, and they aren't rich, just smart people following the orders of the people within what is best for all.

Other themes to explore above would be Wars Military, how a country could exist as Living Income while others aren't= the interaction of imports/exports and a countries currency. How money works/flows. The importance of democracy and the will of the people. 

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