Monday, March 9, 2020

Day 810 The Greatest Purpose to Live for

The greatest purpose that you can live for is life. And the greatest kind of person you will ever meet is someone who lives for Life, and understands that intrinsic value/nature of all Life.

Too often has humanity fallen. Individual people and groups fall. Societies fall, nations fall. Ways of living fall.

There is always consequence for that. There is always a price to pay for everything you do and choose, no matter how small or how big you may name it.

The greatest value and worth that you can own in this life is who you are, and it is the only thing that exists after death. All your memories, all your money, all of your good times, bad times, all of the suffering/pain/abuse, al of that will end at death. You don't take any of that with you. What you do take, the only thing is Who you Are.

And nothing and no one can affect that, determine that or decide that but you. And you will live for eternity with that point of who you are.

Everything you do, everything you say, everything you write= matters. All of it.

This a scary realization for many, because they know what it would mean. That they believed that they could get away with it, that they could abuse/lie/cheat, that they could harm, including harming themselves, including giving up on themselves and giving into addictions.

There are so few of us who will initially be the ones who can actually lead others, educate others, and show others the way. Very few. But for the first time there is a real chance for everyone. We have always been responsible for who we are, that can never be changed. But to really create the world as a socialistic utopia, that is pure equality, purely democratic, purely Good and Pro-Life, that is finally possible.

Life was always going to have the last say. There are many ways it can happen. Who we are, and what is going on now, is simply us. We are the ones that will leave a legacy, leave the seeds, pave the way for many more. Its not how we could have imagined it, its not stupendous or glorious. It is simple, mundane, ordinary and humble.

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