Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Day 811 Economics/World

This is an economic/world system post.
So I read this article that interviews Chomsky.

So Chomsky is pretty old now, and he along with several others figures I can name: Bernie Sanders, Chris Hedges, are all old together. And they all throughout time fought for the truth: not for money or fame, and not for conspiracy theories.

So basically I am saying I trust them because of their life long commitment to the truth and you can see it in their actions. There are not many people that I can say I trust to deliver on their word/promises and with what they say being true.

So in the article he touches on and briefly introduces the point of what has been happening in the world. There is a class warfare as he called it. Or a corporation warfare or business warfare, where corporations and businesses have actively fought to suppress workers and to remove the already existent social supports.

This is all like a giant chessgame and it is about being ruthless and greedy. The problem extends fairly far into every home and person. Apparently the last major reform: 'the new deal' where social security was introduced, happened because people were super aggressive, 'militant' as Chomsky put it. People were organized and they demanded policy changes. In addition some of the corporations, the technological ones, supported the movements. And all of this rose out of the Great Depression. People lost confidence in capitalism and corporations, which makes sense given the market crashed and people were desperate. They realized they couldn't depend on businesses/corporations, for even basic survival.

Now if we look at this globally. America is filthy rich and so workers are definitely placated currently.

But it goes deeper than that. Specific groups of people are placated, and specific groups of people have been brainwashed to fight on behalf on corporations. So really, what will be needed to ignite this fire of change will be a crash of the economy, like how coronavirus is doing.

There are other solutions besides that however.

Currently the human being is easily brainwashed, but what happens if they aren't so easily brainwashed? What if its on a spectrum? What if they could be helped a little bit? What if they can be slowly pushed to develop the skills/techniques so that they do reason more, they do hear more, they do pay attention more?

Because in the end the Brainwashing occurs through Words/Images/Content, and but finally it starts with the moment energy is formed in relation to the Words/Images/Content. If you teach someone to even have a mild amount of control over Energy, it can have an effect to an extent. If anyone were to apply it absolutely, they would be free, 100%, but that is another journey that will be specific to the few people that can actually do it.

Money makes the world go round. Its time to make money equal the value of Life.

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