Thursday, February 27, 2020

Day 807 Being Silent about what you are Working with

I have been applying a practice of being Silent with points that I am working with, when I know that speaking about it would compromise me in some way.

Its like I know or can tell that if I were to share this thing I am working on with someone or certain people, that it would disrupt me in some way. How I know? I suppose its the deep intuitive knowing. You just know. So the difference is that now I am doing that on purpose, I am listening to that knowing. And so I am being quiet about certain things, certain projects, with certain people.

We could analyze here the practical reasons and the playouts of why and what happens sometimes. But I think I will leave that to you the reader to figure out and see for yourself.

So how I see what i am doing is that its a technique, and its a way of living/doing things. And that it makes me strong/stronger. Because its about me implementing and creating points for me. And that very success matters. And taking responsibility for my word, my words, my speech, my voice: matters. Everything I say and do is a decision, and that decision can have consequences. So its my responsibility.

I am not all-powerful, I am not free of my limitations. But within those limitations I can create, and I am responsible for what I can create and do, and that it reflects what is best for all. 

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