Friday, February 14, 2020

Day 804 Redemption

Humanity has been on a course that it itself has set. We have done it. We have created this life through acceptance and allowance. The ones who are most disenfranchised, the ones who suffer in poverty and under the heel of the system: when they do rise out somehow from that torture, are they dedicated to changing the system?

What is the Character of Humanity? Yes we have created and abusive system, but how many of you enjoy being apart of it? How many of you enjoy the possibility that you too could win the lottery (both literally and figuratively), how many of you enjoy the fact that you could open up a business, expand like crazy and become a millionaire? How many of you revel in the possibility that you could live with so much money that no one could tell you what to do, that you have that absolute freedom, where you could even hide your money offshore, and manipulate politics and steer the course of humanity? How many of you want that power, and so how many of you thus are complicit to the system, a sycophant of it, a worshiper of it, and shower it with praise saying its at least not communism!

How fucking idiotic, selfish, and lost you are. Pure evil that is. That is the darkness that is in each one. That point that if you had the money and power would actually give up your own power and money? Would you actually throw the ring into the fire like how Frodo failed to do in the Lord of the Rings movie? Is it really because they have the power and you don't that this is why the system is the way it is? Or is it something much deeper and much more real. They represent you, and us, meaning that they are doing exactly what we have accepted and done. We accept the system, We accept how things are, We don't get involved in Politics, We don't strive to make a change to the rules of the system.

Are you willing to dedicate your life, your time that is left to everyone, to making sure that change comes through? All your time, all your talent, all of your potential to that point? Do you treat this physical World and thus the future lives of people as Real, and Holy and Worthy of doing so?

The answer is only yes or no, so please don't pretend it could be otherwise, but if you truly desire to somehow stand and find a way, then its here. The way is through yourself. Even if humanity rips itself to shreds, if you stand as your example of what we should be and do, that will gift them a door in the future. Because that Integrity, and that message that we are all one and equal: that is the only way. You can tie your hopes into what will become of it, or how it will affect others, all you can trust is in the point of integrity beyond any consequence, beyond your personality, beyond your individual life or your individual experience. Because pain, torture, is nothing in the grand-scheme of things, its only temporary. You will die, yet what you do and what you give will have an effect. That is all of our potential. And no one can stop you if you don't let them.

Will you live your Redemption?

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