Saturday, February 1, 2020

Day 798- Our Home in the Universe

There have been years of my life where I felt at home with myself. Where no matter where I would be, or move to, I know I would be at home because I had me. And there were years of my life where I wouldn't be at home with myself, where I felt lost and disconnected. During those times I knew something was off and I had to find a way again to be at home with me again. There's always a reason why I would have an issue being at home with me. Anyway, I definitely think that we should aspire to have that point and/or develop that point for ourselves.

So to describe this in further detail, its having that oneness and equality connection with everything that exists. Where in this moment, no matter where you are, or what you were doing: you connect with and understand that the true nature of Life is that we are all one and equal. So when you see someone super confident, or successful, or smart, or talented = you see yourself one and equal with them. When you see someone who is suffering, who is confused, lost, etc... = you see yourself one and equal with them. Because its not about any of these words: confident, suffering, smart, lost, talented, confused = its about the person. The person is what you are one and equal with, and so you are equal and one with both persons. No matter the person, no matter their history, no matter what they have done, no matter what they have said or lived etc... you are one and equal with them.

That point where that statement is true within you, is the point I am talking about. Because I know that people look at how its not true. So I ask you to look at how it is true, and the DAY that you see that like that, then you will realize that is the actual truth, and purpose of who we are, and what Life has the potential to be/become. Bernard said Life doesn't exist yet, and its true. At the same time though, what you are seeing is yourself. You are seeing yourself making the decision to see all as one and equal. That is you that is doing it. Its not coming from outside you or your external environment. You are the one making the decision to see how we are all one and equal. And so through you, Life can be born/start.

And this is where I feel most at home. And with this is where I have myself, I like myself, I see myself, and I am proud of myself. This is where I have integrity, this is where I have the foundation of where to start and how to live.

For eternity, man has been lost, and it will continue to be lost for eternity until we stop and start this one process. Self-responsibility, Self-forgiveness, Self-trust, Self-honesty, Self-correction. Through you life is possible and can be born. What do you choose to do about it?

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