Sunday, February 23, 2020

Day 806 Love

I grew up in a household where God is Love. I do believe that for every single person, we have that point that is our absolute potential of who we can be and thus what we would do (because doing flows from who you are). And that potential is god-like, divine, because you are an amazing fucking person. Strong, Courageous, fearless, Expressive, Fun, Creative, Giving, Committed, Impassioned, you Know who you are, Disciplined, Understanding others and your Role, Owning up to your Responsibility, Deep, Flexible, Saying/Doing exactly what is needed, Owning up to your issues, weaknesses, Patience with yourself and others, Diligent, Consistent, Forgiving of yourself and others, honoring your relationships, honoring yourself,  taking the initiative, taking the first step, trying and failing, trying and succeeding, Living. And more.

That is all of our potential: every single one of us. How we may live these words may be unique, and has its own flavors: yet here the words are and they are all the same for us, because there is only one point that exists as what is best for all, because it stands in everyone shoes, and it stands in all dimensions, and it isn't limited by anything. Something that transcends all limitations. That is godly/divine like.

I knew that that is what Life is supposed to be, and who we need to be, and who i need to be. Yet How to do it was always the question. If you are committed to a task, to a journey: you will always get to your destination. So in the family I grew up in and the culture I grew up in, it allowed me to have the seed/vision, but it didn't have the method/way of how to do it fully: something proven that anyone can do that is practical, scientific, and rigorous and replicable. So that is how I found desteni. And that is where it describes in detail how we work, and what the process is, and what the tools are that will get you there, if you have the will and the decision to see it through. 

Because the essence of what we are doing, and what needs to be done is to align with the point of self-honesty where we know that all life is one and equal, and we have to honor all life, and be the guardians of all, and take the responsibility of all points. We all know we have this higher potential within us. So why aren't we doing what at least we can see we can do to get there? Because surely we must understand that we can teach others, and we give to the next generation the ways and the keys to walk better, farther, and deeper than we were able to. Life will always continue and flourish, if we nurture it today, and give our all. We receive according to what we give, and there is nothing more worth doing and giving than this work of Self, and becoming our utmost potential.

And if we stand together, and we help each other in this common purpose, if we are open, and we are direct that this is what I am doing and committed to doing, and I am honest, open, and real about it: then you become really strong and you have a strong group. Life isn't a gift, you have to give yourself the gift by putting the work, time and effort in. Make the choices, and the sacrifices. Its only a choice. So choose. 

A song:

Nancy Sinatra - "Let It Be Me" - Original Mono LP - Remastered

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